someone did my make up yay

ghetttobaby  asked:

06, 07, 53, 62

  • 06: How do you want to die?

probably overdosing or in my sleep. i say overdosing bc that’s probably how i’ll end up killing myself (yikes lmao) but i think dying in my sleep would be kind of peaceful. 

  • 07: What did you last eat?

ice cream :(

  • 53: What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?

had a bong lol.

  • 62: What makes you happy?

a few things! like: my dog, genuine friendship, writing, deep conversations, weed, reading, getting into bed after a long day, having a real mental connection w someone, good music and tv shows, concerts.

yay thak you so fkn much for asking angel, i hope you have a rly rly good day!