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101 Q&A

If you had a sister, which trainee would you want to introduce her to?

Daehwi: What, really? No one! 

Sungwoon: Will he even like my sister? I’ll go with Minhyun?

Jihoon: Lai Guanlin or Jinyoung.

Jaehwan: Minhyun.

Woojin: Minhyun-hyung.

Seonho: Minhyun-hyung. He looks chic but he takes care of you well.

Hyeongseop: Dongho is manly and seems like he can can take care of girls well.

Dongho: Jung Sewoon trainee.

Youngmin: Jung Sewoon trainee. He’s very affectionate and kind.

Sewoon: I don’t want to introduce my sister to any of them. I won’t introduce my sister to someone who dreams to be in the entertainment industry.

Jonghyun: Did my name come up?

Guanlin: Jonghyun-hyung or Minhyun-hyung.

Jonghyun: Wah yay! Don’t know who it is but thank you~

Haknyeon: If it is my older sister, I want to introduce her to Ong Seongwoo-hyung.

Jinyoung: I’ll go with Ong Seongwoo-hyung! It seems like he would be humorous and make a fun atmosphere. I think he has all the qualities that women want from a boyfriend.

Minki: I’ll go with Ong Seongwoo too.

Daniel: It’s Seongwoo.

Minhyun: He has the kind of male face that I like a lot.

Daehwi: Seongwoo hyung and Daniel hyung are dangerous. They just look that way; can’t you tell just from watching their solocams?

Haknyeon: I won’t do it if it is a younger sister.

NCT as random text messages between 2 idiots #2

felt like doing a part 2 of this (*find the first one here*)

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“*casually singing ‘might just die’*”

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“Language skills boih, SUBA A BORDO!”

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“I love it”

“but at the same time”

“I want to cry”

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“What a sad turn of events lol”

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“I feel like a proud mother” (this gif makes me want to cry btw pls help)

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“here are my goggles i like to swim ((((:”

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“WHAT DID THE WORLD DO TO DESERVE HIS FACE?!” (im so thirsty for jaehyun sry)

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“Just squeeze it in where it fits” *SM squeezing mark into literally every unit comeback and collab in existence–*

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“That little sausage… ill f*ck em up”

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“That makes sense (???)”

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“Are you gonna use ™ all the time now or-”

“Yes? Is there a problem™ with that?”

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“so fab”

“so fly”


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*sends picture of someone elses dog*

“my new dog yay :)”

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“Ok bye”

“is that how you say goodbye to ME?”

“oh sorry”


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write 2 trans best friends coming out to each other! it can be whoever you want; otabek and yuri, or phichit and yuuri, or anyone whose friendship you like! Either one character is out and the other one isn't, or they're both closeted and its a moment of "im trans" "me too!" (bonus if you have them diff. genders and they end up helping each other with stuff like lending clothes)

Alright here you go, genderfluid Yuuri and trans guy Phichit:

“Yuuuurrriii,” Phichit stretched the two syllables as far as he could. “We should do something fun tonight.”

“Phailin-chan, get your feet off my poster,” Yuuri said in response.

Phichit winced slightly at the name but said nothing, he was used to hearing it. “I am comfortable.” He was lying on Yuuri’s bed with his feet up against the wall and his head dangling over the edge while Yuuri sat at his desk.

“You could do this in your own room you know, you don’t have to ruin my poster,” Yuuri commented.

“Yes but you don’t have a roommate, I do,” Phichit said. “And I don’t think you’ll be at a loss if one of your precious Victor Nikiforov posters gets a little crumpled.”

“There was an uneven number of males when the dorms were assigned,” Yuuri shrugged. “Otherwise I would have a roommate too. And no, there were only 1000 prints made of that one,” he pointed at the poster Phichit’s feet were almost resting on. “It’s special.”

“You think Victor is prettier than me, don’t you?” Phichit pouted. “I’m sorry I’m not good enough for you Yuuri, I’ll leave so you never have to see my ugly face again.”

Yuuri laughed and turned to face him. “You’re the second prettiest girl I know Phailin-chan, don’t be jealous,” he teased. “I thought you were trying to convince me to do something fun.”

Phichit sighed at the compliment, he wanted to correct Yuuri but he never did. “Yes, you need to get out more. Let’s go to a party.”

“Not this again,” Yuuri groaned. “Haven’t you taken me to enough of those, why don’t we doing something more subdued. We could go grocery shopping,” he suggested.

“Absolutely not,” Phichit shook his head. “That does not count as fun.”

“We could make Thai food,” Yuuri smiled hopefully.

“Not happening,” Phichit said. “I already picked a party out, I was invited by someone in my photography class. It’s somewhat fancy and there will be a dance floor, show of your moves man!”

“Fine,” Yuuri relented. He almost always did though Phichit never forced him when he could tell it was something that would make him super uncomfortable.

“Yay!” Phichit swung himself into an upright position and grinned. “It’ll be so much fun.”

Yuuri seemed much less enthusiastic than he was. “You always say that, but as long as this doesn’t result in a hamster, a child, or pole dancing then fine.”

“I’m gonna have to dress you up for this, you can’t go looking like that,” Phichit trotted over to Yuuri’s closet and gestured at the exercise clothes Yuuri was wearing.

“I happen to be comfortable like this,” Yuuri said.

“Nope, not happening,” Phichit shook his head and pulled open the closet, quickly narrowing down what was acceptable. He eyed some of the garments with longing and sighed, Yuuri might not have the greatest sense of style but he had some nice clothes. “You need something fancier. What do you want to wear?”

“This,” Yuuri deadpanned. “It’s what I want to wear,” he glanced down. “It’s not like I can wear what I’d prefer today so this,” he muttered under his breath.

“Well what would you prefer to wear,” Phichit turned to him with his arms crossed over his chest. “You can tell me.”

Yuuri looked nervous, granted he always did to some extent, but this was more than his typical look. “Er, well,” he scratched the back of his neck, still staring at the floor. His expression was the one he wore every time he had something important to say.

Phichit walked over to Yuuri and knelt down to be in his line of sight. “If there’s anything you want to tell me you can,” he said.

Yuuri seemed to think about that for a minute. “You’re going to think I’m so weird Phailin-chan,” he covered his face with his hands.

“I won’t judge you,” Phichit promised. “You can tell me.”

Yuuri slowly uncovered his face. “I’m a girl today, yesterday I was boy, somedays I’m neither, somedays I’m both,” Yuuri refused to meet Phichit’s gaze. “I told you it’s weird. But I’m a girl today, so I’d like to wear a dress but it doesn’t matter because I don’t have one.”

Phichit’s eyes widened and he smiled to himself. “You’re genderfluid!” He was happy to hear that. “Should I change the pronouns I use for you?”

Yuuri seemed surprised by the question. “That would be kind of you Phailin-chan. I would prefer you use they when you aren’t sure. Today I would like you to use she,” she bowed.

“Of course Yuuri!” Phichit hugged her. “You’re the prettiest girl I know. I bet I have a dress that will fit you, there’s this sundress in blue that doesn’t fit me too well, you can have it.”

“Thank you so much,” Yuuri smiled. “I’m sure it looks better on you though, you’re much prettier than me,” she looked away again.

Phichit took a deep breath, if Yuuri could say it then he could too. “Actually no. I’m not prettier than you and I’m not the second prettiest girl you know,” he said.

“Of course you are,” Yuuri said. “You’re very pretty.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Phichit raked his hand through his hair. It was a lot harder to say than he thought. “I don’t think it’s weird that you’re genderfluid because um…” he trailed off. Normally he didn’t struggle with words but this was hard to say. “I’m a boy,” he finally got the words out.

“Another reason we get along so well,” Yuuri smiled at him. “I guess we both had something to admit. Is there something you would like me to call you?”

“He pronouns,” Phichit said. “And my name is Phichit not Phailin, please don’t use that anymore.”

“Okay Phichit-kun,” Yuuri repeated the name. Phichit grinned at hearing someone else use it other than himself. “Looks like you’ll be needing to borrow something of mine for tonight, we can have a little trade.”

“You’re the best Yuuri,” Phichit hugged her again. “Seriously the best. I’ll go grab you that dress and then we can try stuff on together.”

Yuuri agreed and Phichit ran back to his room quickly, grabbing a few dresses out of his closet before returning. When he got back he found that Yuuri had pulled out some clothes from her closet as well. “Here you go,” Phichit held out the dresses.

Yuuri’s face lit up as she looked at them. “I love these colors,” she smiled.

“I know,” Phichit grinned right back.

“I’m a bit taller than you, so I’m not sure how well all of this will fit you, but these all seemed like something you would wear,” she offered him the pile of clothes she had selected.

“I’m sure it will be fine,” he said. “And this just means a shopping trip is in order.”

Yuuri nodded and the two of them went about changing into the clothes laid out before them, a feat that was no longer awkward after years of changing in front of others during competitions.

Phichit pulled on a pair of nice jeans that were a little large on him but would fit with a belt, he topped it off with a sweater that gave him a bit of a professor vibe. Yuuri changed into the blue sundress and it looked great on her.

“You know what Yuuri?” Phichit threw an arm around her shoulder once they were both dressed. “I think we’re pretty darn cute.”

“You know what Phichit?” Yuuri echoed his tone. “You’re the second prettiest boy in the world.”

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What lies did your rice cooker tell you? [Also yay gai lan! As a Chinese-American I nerd out whenever someone uses Chiense vegetables because I'm a loser]

Rice cookers SAYS it makes rice in 12 minutes but honestly this thing takes closer to half an hour-40 minutes, and then the “keep warm” setting burns it!

YAAAY!  I grew up in the bay area in CA and my parents were determined to try as many types of food as possible so I grew up eating a pretty wide variety of cuisine.  It’s a problem, because I now live in Fuckass McNowhere, CO, which is somewhat… lacking in the vegetable department.  So anytime something good shows up I gotta jump on it.

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“did they hurt you?” 

you slammed the door to your apartment, breaking down to tears as soon as you closed the door. 

you slid down the wall, knowing your boyfriend wouldn’t be home right now to see you like this. you knew you were about to have a panic attack. 

you had the absolute worst day at uni, mostly because you were harassed by a group of boys you had unfortunately went to high school with. they bullied you in high school and you didn’t think they knew you went to that uni, you definitely didn’t know they went there either.

they caught you off guard, surrounding you. having bad anxiety didn’t help either. 

as your breathing got heavier, you knew you should call shawn since he always knows how to calm you down. you didn’t want to call him since he was probably busy at the studio, or so you thought.

“y/n, baby, what happened? what’s wrong?” 

with your blurry vision you could barely make out his tall figure rushing towards you and crouching down to your level. 

he cupped your cheeks, doing the breathing exercises you’re supposed to do when this happens. 

“hey, you’re okay. breathe with me y/n. on the count of three.” 

eventually your breathing calmed and shawn pulled you into his chest. 

“what happened?” 

you explained the whole story from when it started back in grade 11, to what happened today. 

“oh my god babe,” he sighed, kissing the top of your head multiple times. “did they hurt you? if they did, i’ll kill them. you know i will.”

you lightly chuckled, wiping the tears from your eyes. 

“not physically, but emotionally. thankfully someone got me out before they could do anything though.” 

he stood up, holding his hands out for you. 

“you’re switching to online classes from now on.” he says, kissing your temple as you head up the stairs to bed. “just so i can make sure you’re safe.”

My dentist kicks ass and the weird things I think about when he is working on my teeth.

He’s my age, professional and funny as hell. We joke around a lot and chat about the most random things. We both are misanthropes and once we identified ourselves as members of the “I don’t wanna socialize” club, we became besties.

I had to have a crown replaced and whoever did the work before massacred my tooth. I have a huge screw instead of a post and Dr. N (my dentist) had to spend four hours on my poor little tooth stump. He shyly asked me if he could show his dad (it’s a father and son practice) and I proudly shouted “yes!” His dad was a bit shocked and said that whoever did my root canal must have trained in Eastern Europe, because this method was old school. Side note, this crown is ten years old and was done by someone who grew up in the Soviet Union.

Dr. N proceeded to assure me that he wasn’t making fun of me. He apologized profusely and I had to laugh. I like showing off my science experiment body and if someone can learn something because of my weird parts, yay!

While Dr. N was working on my tooth, I thought the following things:

I hope Dr. N and his girlfriend buy a homestead in Vermont because I want to hug their future alpaca.

I wonder what Dr. N was like in undergrad. I bet he was a bro trying to rebel against his immigrant parents.

How cool is it that Dr. Dad N. can read three different alphabets (Farsi, Armenian and the Latin alphabet)?

It’s decided. I’m going to be a linguist.

How sweet am I going to look with my new crown?

I wonder if I can convince Dr. N to have a rainbow painted on my crown?


I wonder if I’ll get out of here in time to buy feta?

How much longer can I get away with wearing pigtails?

I cannot wait to watch Jeff Sessions sweat before congress.


Very random Friday thingys…

—Friday is our customers’ day to clear off their desks in time for the weekend. Which just means my desk gets piled with reports that date back months. Yay. But you go on ahead and have a nice Friday. Bastards.

—I am a dieting failure. Whenever anyone says to me, “oh you could definitely do this one! It works for everyone!” That just makes my body stand up and say, “Hold my beer.” Totally cheating this weekend. Helloooooo ice cream!

—Oh, snap, you did NOT just try to throw me under the bus for your mistake, did you?? Do you know where that can lead when you’re poking someone who hasn’t had a carb in almost 3 weeks??? Sit down, honey, and take your licks, ‘cause I am sooooo not going under that bus. Oh, and Windows 10? You can suck it. *fun things I say at work*

—Daisy just came in from the backyard with her face covered in spider webs. Time to delegate because mommy doesn’t do spiders or potential spiders. Sorry, puppy. But you need to leave the buggies alone if you’re expecting pettin’s.

—Ok, this may be very telling about my need for control, but I get extremely anxious when the cave dwellers go into the closets to “look for something.” I should have them give me a requisition form and I could retrieve any and all items. This thought came to me as I heard a loud crash and several levels of profane language coming from the laundry room. I admit, I am afraid to look for fear of uttering my own profanities.

Hey!!! It’s the weekend!!!!!! Have a good one, my lovely friends!!! :)))

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool) 💛

Aw, thanks @sunshinemgg​! Let’s see…this will be hard, because I have difficulty thinking positively about myself (this will come as no surprise to the people who know me).

1.  I am very sarcastic and love making people laugh. I really enjoy my sense of humor.

2. I am a good listener.

3. I try my hardest to put people at ease in a new group.

4. I can connect basically anything in my daily life/learning to a tv show/movie reference (as my best friend says, I am “unashamedly nerdy”).

5. I’m loyal to my friends and it takes a lot to make me give up on someone.

….This was really hard and my best friend told me I had to start admitting I’m good at things. But YAY, I did it. 

I tag….@dontshootmespence@remember-me-forever-silent-angel @stunudo @cm-drabbles @pierresito @rt8815 @criminal-minds-fanfiction @ultrarebelheart @nolivingunderstarlight and @mishasminions :)

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Imma have to rewatch the stream cause I was real tired when I was watching it live and I can't remember if it ended how I think it did or if it ended differently but all I remember is someone coming into the room and offering you food (pineapple and icecream? I think?) But I can't remember if that actually happened or not so yay for stream rewatching!!

Haha!! I think you’re remembering it differently than I do, although Crutchie would have loved to have someone show up with ice cream - But I hope you enjoyed it last night even though you were tired! Next time make sure you get to sleep earlier! My streams are not NEAR as important as your health. ❤️

Are You Dating Me.. Or Him? [Michael Clifford Imagine]

Your boyfriend’s friendship with another band member makes you jealous.

You were currently sitting in the living room of the house that your boyfriend, Michael, shared with the rest of his band. He invited you over for a night of movies and fun with them since he’d be leaving soon for tour and other things.

It was actually fun at first. The boys are  hilarious and they took you in like you were one of them, which you loved. The night was going perfectly until halfway through one of the movies, Michael moved from his spot on the couch next to you to sit in the chair across the room with Luke.

You couldn’t really concentrate on the movie anymore because the now vacant spot next to you made you uncomfortable. You liked having Michael to snuggle up to so you could feel his warmth, hear his heartbeat when you leaned on his chest and feel his body’s vibration when he laughed. You wanted his arms to be around you, and not Luke like they currently were.

During the rest of the movie you kept glancing over at Michael and Luke. Michael was sitting on Luke’s lap and their arms were wrapped around each other as they watched the movie. You had to admit, it was really cute, but you wanted to be the one looking cute cuddled up with Michael. He is your boyfriend.

The movie finished and Calum got up to look through their collection of movies. He called out different titles as Luke and Michael yelled out ‘no’ until he said one that made Michael say 'yes’. Spiderman, of course. Calum switched the movies then laid back in his spot on the floor, getting tangled in the sheets he’d put down there with Ashton. You then realized that everyone had someone to cuddle with except you.

“I wish I had someone to cuddle with.” you said outloud. This made the boys laugh.

“Sorry, y/n. Michael’s mine for the night.” Luke said before playfully sticking his tongue out at you, making you give him the finger. He looked surprised after you did it so you smiled to let him know you didn’t actually hate him. You were just a little jealous at the moment.

“Y/n. Be nice.” Michael said.

“I’ll be nice when I have someone to cuddle with. I feel awkward and lonely and my so-called boyfriend doesn’t care.” you told him.

Ashton got up from his spot on the floor with Calum and sat next to you, lifting his right arm as he gave you a big grin.

“Yay!” you said before snuggling up to him.
“Now I feel awkward and lonely.” Calum said. You laughed.

“There’s room for one more.” you told him. He hopped up off the floor and sat on the couch on the other side of you. Calum laid his head on your shoulder and wrapped both arms around you as you stayed in your position, hugging Ashton’s torso with his arm stretched around your body.  His hand now sat on your lower back because Calum was laying on your side where it previously was. You smiled to yourself because now you had two people to cuddle with. That means twice the warmth and twice the feeling of vibration from their laughter. Who needs Michael when you have Ashton and Calum?

You could finally focus on the movie and you were glad because you loved the Spiderman movies. You didn’t look at Michael and Luke not once after that. In fact, you had forgotten they were cuddling on the other side of the room.

“Y/n.. you don’t want me to come over there?” Michael said in a whiney voice. You glanced at him before shaking your head.

“No, I’m okay.” you told him. You hadn’t noticed but Michael had been staring at you for a long time. He wasn’t into the movie at all knowing that two of his best friends were on the couch cuddling with his girl.

“Keep your hands off my girl, you two! I’m watching you!” Michael yelled to Ashton and Calum. They laughed before snuggling closer to you just to make him mad, and this made you laugh.

You would say you felt bad about this, but you didn’t. Michael did the same thing to you and didn’t budge when you mentioned it. Now it was his turn to be jealous.


(I wrote this in 2011. Mortifying events still occur. They’re part of being a writer.)

You never know how events will turn out. Sometimes 1000 people come, and sometimes no one does. There’s a book called Mortification in which published authors share book event stories that were, well, mortifying. Everyone has them. They are often painful at the time, but become great stories to share with other authors and laugh about later. They are valiant battle scars, like rejections.

Feel free to laugh at my pain, and know that I don’t share to complain. I know how lucky I am to be published at all and have the opportunity to have a book signing no one comes to!

Seven years ago, my very first out-of-my-homestate book event. I went to a regional trade show where booksellers from surrounding states came to learn about the latest releases. There was an evening signing, where my publisher supplied boxes of the goose girl to give away. Yes, that’s right, GIVE AWAY, and they were hardcovers, not even ARCs. Hopefully the booksellers would read this book and then want to order it for their store! Some booksellers came to my table and requested a copy. “Who do you want me to sign this to?” I asked. “Just a signature,” they said. The experienced novelist to my right whispered to me, “When they want a signature only, it means they’re going to resell it.” I didn’t know if that was true, but I became very aware that 90% of them wanted signature only. Long before the hour-long signing was over, my line was over. I smiled cordially but was really panicking. My first book! My baby! And I can’t even GIVE it away!

What did we learn? At book conferences, booksellers get lots of free books. They have to haul/ship them all home. It’s nothing personal, but they just can’t take them all.

Six years ago I am invited to speak at a large conference in another state. I arrive at the venue: an auditorium that seats 2000 people. Exactly 15 people come, most of whom are from my publisher, the rest are conference attendees I met and begged to come in case no one did. I give my talk. I want to die.

What did we learn? To take pictures! My only regret is not taking a photo of that huge room with thousands of empty seats and those few people in the two front rows smiling awkwardly. That would have been such a funny keepsake.

Five years ago, I fly to a far away state to do school visits. At the first school, no one seems to be expecting me or have any idea who I am. Eventually they put me in the library with a class of about 20 middle schoolers, who are mildly happy to be out of class and supremely uninterested in the random adult in front of them. The librarian introduces me, “Here’s Sharon Hall. She writes books.” He then goes over to the couch where he reads a magazine during my presentation. A few teachers on break gather nearby, speaking so loudly I have to ask them to please keep it down because the kids couldn’t hear me. Not that they really wanted to.

What did we learn? You don’t really matter, not that much.

Four years ago, I go on book tour. My publisher hires a car to take me from one city to another, where I am to do a presentation and signing at a bookstore. The car must be expensive. I am already feeling guilty. I hope I sell enough books to make it worth it for them! I arrive. There’s a picture of me on a poster in the window. I enter. There are no chairs set up for a talk. The embarrassed bookseller explains no one has come. She puts me in a chair by the door, where I sit for an hour as customers enter and try not to make eye contact with the leprotic author at the door. One woman comes to me to ask where the DVDs of Curious George are. I’m sorry, I don’t know. She sees the sign, realizes I’m a visiting author, and feeling sorry for me, sits in a chair facing me and talks to me about Curious George for 20 minutes. She doesn’t buy a book.

What did we learn? Well, this example was just one of many. 99% of authors have many such stories to tell. 

Three years ago, a holiday book signing at a local bookstore. In comes, oh let’s call him Alfred. “Alfred!” I cry, giving him a hug. He was a dear friend of mine and my husband’s in high school and I hadn’t seen him since. We exchange info. What am I doing? Mothering mostly, and I write books. He’s a middle school teacher and in fact has come to the store expressly to purchase a graphic novel good for middle schoolers. What luck! I normally am shy to promote my own books, but clearly he’ll be delighted with Rapunzel’s Revenge, a graphic novel perfect for middle schoolers, written by two old friends. He looks it over. He puts it back on the shelf. He doesn’t buy it.

What did we learn? Remember those fantasies about how one day you would show everyone you weren’t really a loser after all? They never come true.

Two years ago, a specialty bookstores invites me and Dean as well as another author to speak at an event. There’s a nice crowd of about 70 in the auditorium. The other author speaks first. We sit in the audience so we can see his slide show. He’s a cool author and we’re so pleased to be a part of it! We’re peers with this great, accomplished artist. Cool! But apparently he didn’t know anything about us, because at the end of the talk, he says, “And now I think we’re going upstairs to the gallery for a gallery talk.” He leaves. The audience stands up and follows him. Dean and I sit there, stunned. The organizer gapes, unsure what to do. I know what I’d like to do–RUN AWAY! But one girl and her father remain in the audience, apparently the only ones in the crowd who had expressly come for me and Dean. So we remain and give our presentation to two people. After a few minutes, three more people shuffle in. One of them later accuses me of stealing one of my book ideas from him, although I have never met him in my life.

What did we learn? I’m not sure, but whatever lesson I was supposed to have learned long ago I apparently didn’t, since such things keep happening.

This was just a random sampling of the common humiliations authors experience. What makes them hard is this expectation. Someone set up an event believing that I could make a go of it, and yet I couldn’t. I feel like I failed the bookstore, the school, my publisher, the organizer. But hey, surely I’m beautifully humbled by now, right? Yay! I am Miss Humility!

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Hey i saw people were tagging you in my post! Seacrest said jungwirth was seeing someone else, & that pending the results of a paternity test, louis is ready to take responsibility as a father. It was treated seriously & painted L in a positive light

Thank you! 

Yes, I think I was tagged because I mentioned just today that I was listening to the station online. I must have gotten up from my desk or something and I missed that segment, unfortunately. : /   Do you happen to recall around what time that was?

Oh and I received an anon message from someone else who heard it as well, so yay! I’ll paste their message here below:

anonymous asked:

Ryan Seacrest did talk about it with his sidekick. Don’t know her name, but they didn’t make a joke out it. They talked about it like it was an actual possibility. The only humorous thing Ryan said was that the baby would be taken care of no matter who the baby turns out to be. I think they also mentioned In Touch as the source. (rec’d 9.4.15)

Insatiable: Teen Wolf (S3, ep23)


Don’t know what to say. They were right. I wasn’t prepared. I knew it was coming and I still wasn’t prepared. (SPOILERS BELOW)

Nogitsune: “Are they saying that Stiles is dying? He is, you know.” NO DON’T SAY THAT

Omg we have another banshee YAY

Eichen House really needs to step up their game I mean it’s so easy for anyone to escape from there

Every Stilinski hug gives me all the feels

Keep reading

So I woke up with a terrible hangover and I barely remember what I said or did last night– not as if I cared. But I guess I went to bed watching UFC or something cause I dreamt that Hoechlin wanted to rip someones head, it was interesting to say the least tho. Didn’t make me feel anything better so you know, violence doesn’t solve anything. Not even on dreams. And to keep on my lucky day, Marlene sent one of her assistants to my house to take me to set by force. Yay? Thankfully Hanna is sort of alcoholic right now so I never felt more in character.