someone come take him from my town

Bittersweet [j.j.]

Jughead x reader in which Jughead gets a bittersweet surprise.



Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, and Archie Andrews all turned around as they heard Kevin Keller call out to them. They were standing around Archie’s locker, chatting, until they were oh so rudely interrupted by the sheriff’s son.

“Guess what,” Kevin said, out of breath as he approached his friends, “Oh we don’t have time for guessing. There’s a new student in town.”

“A new student?” Veronica asked. Kevin nodded. “Great. I’m not gonna be the ‘new girl’ anymore.”

“Are you sure there’s a new student Kev?” Betty asked. “I haven’t been assigned to show anyone around yet.”

“Well of course I’m sure Betty. The reason you haven’t been alerted is because the new student refused the tour,” Kevin replied.

“So when are they arriving?” Archie asked.

Kevin smiled. “Tomorrow.”


Ok (Y/N), you can totally do this’ the young (H/C) haired girl nervously thought to herself as she sat in her mother’s car, just outside of Riverdale High.

“Are you nervous?” her mother asked softly.

“Just a smidge,” the girl replied.

“Honey,” her mother began. “Be confident. You’ll be perfectly fine. Not much has changed here.”

“Yeah, except for Blossom getting murdered,” (Y/N) muttered under her breath.

Her mother shot her a hard look. “You’ll be fine (Y/N). On the bright side, they probably won’t even recognize you.”

“You’re right mom,” (Y/N) replied. Taking a deep breath, she quickly kissed her mother’s cheek and exited the car, stepping into the high school just as the tardy bell rang.

“Shit,” the young girl cursed.

“Hi!” a voice exclaimed, causing (Y/N) to spin around in shock. There, standing in front of her, was Betty Cooper. (Y/N) froze.

“I’m Betty Cooper, and although I know that you refused the tour, I though you might like some help.”

“Uh…sure,” (Y/N) replied hesitantly. ’Good. She hasn’t recognized me.’


It was now lunch time and so far, Betty had not recognized the girl she had been spending her day with. When she had asked (Y/N) for her name, she had simply given her a nickname.

“Well (Y/N/N),” Betty had replied, “You can sit with me at lunch, if you’d like.”

(Y/N) had agreed. Now, as they approached the lunch table filled with all of Betty’s friends, (Y/N) regretted her decision.

“Guys, this is (Y/N/N),” Betty introduced you as you sat down. “(Y/N/N), this is Archie, Veronica, and Kevin.”

(Y/N) glanced around the table nervously, recognizing all of them except for Veronica. “Nice to meet you guys,” she mumbled.

“She’s going to be sitting with us today if that’s alright with you guys,” Betty continued,

“She’s always welcome here with us,” Veronica smiled at the girl.

“Where’s Jughead?” Betty asked. (Y/N) nearly choked on her water.

“He’s walking over here Betty,” Archie replied, pointing behind the girl. (Y/N) tensed up as she felt someone take a seat next to her. Jughead.

“Who’s the new girl?’ Jughead asked, taking some of Archie’s food. (Y/N) flinched slightly as his arm rubbed against hers. Hesitantly, she decided to look up at the beanie-clad boy.

“Jughead,” Betty started. “I’d like you to meet-”

She was cut off as Jughead’s eyes met (Y/N)’s.

“(Y/N)?” Jughead asked in disbelief. All eyes turned to her.

“Hi,” the girl replied weakly, slowly lifting up her hand and waving.

Jughead scoffed and stood up, “Yeah, we’ve already met Betty. In fact, we’ve all met her already.”

“Uh, I haven’t,” Veronica chimed in.

Giving her a harsh glare, the boy stormed off.


“Wait, (Y/N)?” Archie asked. “As in (L/N)?”

The (H/C) girl nodded weakly.

Betty, shocked at Jughead’s reaction, turned to (Y/N). “You came back.”

“Surprise,” (Y/N) whispered, once again tensing up as Betty gathered her in a hug.

“Ok wait, hold up,” Veronica said. “I’m so lost here. What’s going on?”

“(Y/N) here was a member of the Riverdale community when she was younger,” Kevin said. “Her dad was the previous mayor of Riverdale and was pretty popular so eventually he decided to campaign in a bigger city.”

“We moved to Salem,” (Y/N) continued. “He won the elections there too and eventually moved up to become senator of Massachusetts. Everybody loved him.”

“Why’d you come back?” Betty asked.

“Brain tumor,” (Y/N) replied. “My dad had one last year. We kept it out of the media. We were told it wasn’t malignant and that it could easily be treated. It wasn’t. It turned out to be malignant and suddenly, the cancer was too far along to be treated. He died earlier this year. My mom packed everything up and we came back here. We came home.”

The rest of lunch was spent in silence, with Betty, Archie, Veronica, and Kevin trying to figure out what had caused Jughead to storm off.


(Y/N) didn’t want to go home. School had ended and there wasn’t much to do at home so she decided to go to Pop’s. It had been a few weeks since her return and her friendships with Betty and Archie had strengthened. Veronica and Kevin had also accepted her with open arms. Jughead however, was a different story. 

Stepping into the diner, she made her way towards one of the booths near the back and took a seat, pulling out her journal and a pen (A/N: I have special journaling pens ngl).

“Well well, if it isn’t the little (L/N).”

(Y/N) looked up to meet the eyes of Pop himself. Smiling, she got up from her seat and ran to hug the diner’s owner.

“I heard that you and your mom were back in town,” he said. “Didn’t believe it.”

“Well believe it Pop,” (Y/N) responded, smiling widely. “We’ve come to stay.”

“Let me get you your usual. On the house.”

(Y/N) knew better than to refuse free food from Pop, choosing to thank him and take her seat again. She had just gotten back to writing when she heard someone speak to her.

“Why are you here?”

She looked up. It was Jughead.

“I’m trying to enjoy my food,” she replied.

“What food?”

(Y/N) simply smiled as Pop chose that exact moment to set her plate in front of her. “This food!”

“Well enjoy it somewhere else. This is my booth,” Jughead grumbled.

“Well I was here first. So either join me or find another seat.”

Groaning, Jughead sat down.


It had been thirty minutes.

Thirty minutes of quiet, writing, and eating. And throughout those thirty minutes, Jughead Jones had not stopped staring at (Y/N) (L/N).

Irritated, the young girl looked up. “What on earth do you want Forsythe?”

Jughead scowled as he heard his actual name being spoken. Choosing to ignore it, he leaned forwards in his seat. “Why’d you come back?”

Closing her journal, (Y/N) picked up her milkshake, taking a sip, her eyes never leaving Jughead.

“We missed home,” she replied, placing her glass back on the table.

“Bull,” Jughead immediately replied. “Why did you guys really come back?”

“I told you Jug. We needed to come back home.”

“Oh really? Then what’s all this news about the senator of Massachusetts being replaced? Why didn’t your dad come back with you?”

(Y/N) breathed in sharply at his words. He didn’t know. “It’s news Jughead. Yes, my dad was replaced. We had to come back to Riverdale.”

Jughead chuckled humorlessly, “ Let me guess, your dad got into some trouble again huh? Did he bribe his way into becoming senator? Oh wait, I know. He probably cheated on your mom again huh? And she finally had enough and decided to come back to Riverdale.”

Jughead was angry. That much was evident. He was the only person who knew the real reason why the (L/N) family had to leave Riverdale. (Y/N)’s dad had indeed cheated on her mom and Alice Cooper had found out. She had blackmailed him and when (Y/N)′s mom found out, it all went to hell. The fighting was terrible and they had decided to leave in order to ‘work things out’.

Holding back tears, (Y/N) got up, gathering all her things.

“You know, you could’ve at least told me you were leaving,” Jughead continued. “But instead, you chose to tell me everything when you were already in Salem. You’re a real coward (Y/N). Just like your father.”

“Shut up Jughead! Shut up, shut up, shut up. You don’t know anything,” the girl cried, running out the door, bumping into Archie and Betty as she did.

Jughead stayed in his booth, arms crossed, as Betty and Archie approached him.

“Jug,” Betty began, “Why did (Y/N) just run out of here crying?”

“We had a bit of a fight,” Jughead mumbled.

“Please tell me you didn’t bring up her dad,” Betty groaned.

“Wait, you know?” Jughead asked in surprise. He thought he was the only one she told about her dad’s affair.

“Yeah,” Betty replied. “She told us all during lunch, after you stormed off.”

Jughead chuckled once more. “She willingly told you guys about her dad’s affair?”

Betty froze at his words. “Affair? Jughead what are you talking about?”

“She told you right? The affair was the reason they moved in the first place. I’m pretty sure the reason they moved back is because her father probably cheated again.”

“God Jughead,” Betty cried out in exasperation. “Please tell me you didn’t just insult (Y/N)’s father.”

“So what if I did?” Jughead said

“He’s dead Jughead,” Archie said as Betty groaned and ran out of Pop’s. “That’s the reason they moved back to Riverdale. He died.”

“He’s…dead?” Jughead repeated. Archie nodded. “I fucked up Arch. I really fucked up.”

Jughead scrambled to his feet, gathering his stuff as her ran off to (Y/N)’s old house. It had not been sold and chances were that they still owned it.


(Y/N) looked at her door when she heard knocking.

“Who is it?” she asked shakily.

“Betty. Please let me in.”

(Y/N) stood up and unlocked her door, tears falling as Betty embraced her.

“Jughead shouldn’t have said that,” Betty whispered.

‘It’s not his fault. He didn’t know. I just didn’t expect him to be so bitter.”

“We all changed after you left. Pretty soon Jughead had completely isolated himself from us, especially when he and Archie had this huge fight.”

“You know he confessed to me,” (Y/N) whispered. “Before I left. He told me he was in love with me.”

Betty pulled back, looking at her in surprise. No one had known that Jughead was interested in the (L/N) girl.

“I laughed and told him we were too young. I mean, we were like twelve. I told him to ask me out when we were in high school and he agreed. I left the next day,” (Y/N) looked down. “I never told him I liked him back.” 

Betty was speechless.

“I called him from Massachusetts the next day. Told him everything, except that I liked him. I told him our reasons for moving. He understood and eventually, we just stopped talking.”

“Well,” Betty said hesitantly, “Maybe he was just hurt. I mean, you just left with no explanation whatsoever until you were too far gone to get back.”

“I know Betty,” (Y/N) replied. “I just feel horrible.”

The two girls were interrupted by a hesitant knock. They turned to see Jughead awkwardly standing in the doorway.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” Betty said as she left the room.

“I’m sorry,” Jughead spoke first. “ The things I said…they were out of line and I honestly had no idea about your dad.”

“No Jug. You are completely right. I am a coward.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes Jughead! Yes I am. I was too scared to tell you that I was moving back then. I didn’t tell you that I liked you back. I didn’t want to lose my friend.”

Stepping forwards, Jughead gathered up the girl in his arms. “I never stopped thinking about you (Y/N). I missed you.”

“I missed you too Juggie,” (Y/N) sniffled.

He carefully laid down on her bed, (Y/N) still in his arms.

“I never stopped loving you,” he whispered, afraid of her reaction. She probably hated him now.

“I never stopped liking you either Juggie,” she whispered back.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean any of what I said. I was just angry. You just came back, showed up out of nowhere with no explanation and I guess my emotions got the best of me.”

“I know Juggie, just…please stay with me.”

“You know, we’re in high school now. Please,” he begged. “Be mine.”

“Always,” she replied.

As he held her in his arms, they talked about everything that had happened in the past few years.

And as they drifted off to sleep, they both knew that everything would be fine, as long as they had each other.


My bad! I got pretty lost while writing this so its pretty bad but in my defense I’m hella sick and tired but I really felt like writing today.

Once again, ‘Time Waster Pt. 5′ will probably be up tomorrow and requests will most likely be done this weekend.

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Soundtrack of Us (Part One) - Alone Together

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Soundtrack of Us (Part One) - Alone Together

Word Count: 2300+ words

Pairing: Dean x musician!reader

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam (mentioned), Ellen & Jo Harvelle

Warnings: Language, implied smut, making out (?)

Summary: Y/N is a local artist with standing gigs at a coffee shop and a bar in a small town in North Carolina. She’s run from some things at home, but life has finally fallen into place in Asheville. Music is her life and her only worry in life, until she meets a pair of hypnotizing green eyes.

Author’s note: This is my very first fic, the very first part of my very first series! I’m so excited/nervous to share this. I’m so new to this, but thank you so so much to @thing-you-do-with-that-thing for taking the time to beta for me. Each part of the series will be song based, so get ready for future angst and fluff!!!

Song used is Alone Together by Fall Out Boy. Lyrics italicized.

You huffed as you stood over the mass of wires and cables that covered the makeshift stage you performed on. The smell of fresh brewed coffee and baked pastries tickled your nose. You took a step back and scrutinized your setup that was surrounded by a mass of metal chairs and dining tables. This was the same situation you found yourself in every Thursday at six o’clock in the evening at none other than Harvelle’s coffee shop. You just finished setting up all of your gear, including your speakers, your mic, and your scuffed acoustic Taylor guitar. This was life. This was all you’ve known and loved; strumming your guitar and crooning to the chords you played by heart. No boyfriend anymore, lived away from family, moved to an obscure, decent sized town. Too small to attract many strangers, but too big to really know everyone who lived in the area. It had been about a year since you drove away and found your new home, Asheville, North Carolina.

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BFF Or Something More (Part 2)

Words Count: 859

Warning: None

Read the first one to understand.

Part 1 , Part 3

You decided (after a look into the Salvatore kitchen) to go get some ingredients to make your signature chocolate lava cake, Damon LOVES them. After a quick shopping trip you walked into the Salvatore house. 

 "Glad to see you up and about.“ You tell Damon as you make your way to the kitchen. 

 "Well if it was up to me I’d still be drinking.” Damon walks after you and watch you as you take the ingredients out of the plastic bags. “Are you making chocolate lava cake?”

 "Yes, but you can go back to the grill and drink the rest of mystic falls alcohol supply.“ You smirk your back turned so Damon wouldn’t see. "I’m sure Stefan would like it." 

 "And leave you here, what? No, you’re the fest here I should stay.” You laugh at his excuse for staying. 

 Are you going to help me or what?“ You ask him as he just watch you.

"Yes but first.” Damon leaves and music started playing so loud that it could be heard anywhere in the house and probably outside too. Damon and you start making the cake, talking about your past together. All the memories you two had. As as you wait for the cake. 

 "Would you like to dance?“ Damon asks in a British accent. 

 "Oh I though you’d never ask.” You two start to move around the kitchen having a good time. When the song ends and a slow song started to play Damon pulls you close and has his hands around your waist while yours were around his neck. You look at him to find him already looking at you. You stop dancing and just look at each other when Stefan walks in. 

 "What’s that smell, it smells-“ he stops when he sees you still holding each other, you step back from Damon let him go. You weren’t sure if it was disappointment or what you saw flash in Damon’s eyes. 

 "We made lava cakes.” You tell him as you walk to the oven to check on them. 

“You’re gonna love them no one makes lava cakes like (Y/N) can.” Damon tells Stefan as you take out the cake from the oven and get some plates.

“Here you go, tell me what you think, and I promise I would break your neck.” You smile at Stefan’s shocked look. “I’m kidding Stefan.”

Stefan takes a bite and Damon and you wait for his reaction. Stefan’s eyes widen and you smiled at the usual reaction that you get, you had many years to prefect your cooking skills. you don’t need to eat but with the time you have in your hands you decided to learn everything that is there to be learned.

“This is amazing.” Stefan says with a mouth full of cake. 

Damon takes cake and starts to eat right away and you do that too. the conversation kept going, it was light and happy, that was until someone stepped into the house we all heard him/her come in our talking fell silent and Stefan went to see who it was, Damon and you stayed in our place.

“Klaus.” Stefan voice say and Damon looks shocked.

“Stefan, just the man i wanted to see.” A British voice slightly familiar said. Damon vamp speed to the polar but you take my time. “Damon, good you both are here, I heard from one of my hybrids that there is a new vampire in town, and that she killed one of my hybrids.”

you know that he was talking about you, yes you killed one of the hybrids but he was trying to feed on you as if you were some human. You walk into the polar to see a man you thought you’d never see again. 

“Niklaus.” You say shocked, the man himself turns to look at you and you could tell he was shocked to see you but hid it. 

“(Y/N) Long time no see.” Nik smirked.

“Yeah, haven’t seen you in 823 years, when you left me in the middle of nowhere when a rumor got out of your father getting near.” You frown as you see the guilty look on his face before it disappeared.

“Wait, you tow know each other? How?”

“Well Nik here turned me almost 900 years ago i stayed with him for a 57 years before he left me.” I said still keeping my eyes on Niklaus.

“Darling, look I’m sorry for leaving you but look to the bright side you’re still alive and well, you know staying with me is much more dangerous than not, and you were one of the first humans to be turned.” Niklaus tried to defend himself.

“That is true.” Niks face light up at your words. “But I’m still mad at you.”

“That is understandable.” Nik nodded and moved to the door.

“And Nik.” He turns to look at you. “Tell Your playthings to stay away from me, I’m no human that they can suck the blood out off.”

“I’ll sure tell them that, it’s good to see you again (Y/N).” 

“You too Nik.”

You turn to the Salvatore brothers.

“You have some explaining to do.”

New Girl

Request: oooh stiles request where ur new in school & ur not really friends with the pack (not bc they dont like u, u just don’t really talk to them) & youre just really chill & not really talkative but youre nice & so u become friends w/ lydia & stiles sees you in the halls & thinks youre pretty & when he finds out lydia knows you he starts asking her questions abt u like ur name & stuff & she’s like “why do you care” and he plays it off like “uh she could be apart of that new that new pack in town!” :)

Note: I decided to include Mason as part of the pack in this one because I love Mason a lot. :)

Stiles never really paid any attention to the things Lydia would ramble about during lunch. He used to- even when he wasn’t in the conversation- at least attempt to listen, but it got to the point that it was nothing but insufferable rants about boys and shoes and dresses.

           On this particular Tuesday, Lydia was going on about some bag she had bought with Kira over the past weekend. Stiles nodded along at the right times- he thought so, anyway- and even asked what color it was. When Scott slid into the seat beside him, Stiles grinned. Mason and Liam set their trays on the table and sat too. Lydia sighed loudly, causing Stiles to turn his head towards her. “What?” He asked. “I’m sure the rest of the guys would like to hear about your new backpack, too.”

           “It’s a purse.” She snapped, red lips thinning into a tight line. “I’m just wondering where Kira and Malia are. I could use a little more estrogen at this table.”

           Mason snorted around his spoonful of mashed potatoes. “Why don’t you invite that new girl you were tailing this morning over?”

           “There’s a new girl?” Scott raised his eyebrows in interest.

           “Is she hot?” Liam asked at the same time, earning a smack on the back of the head from Lydia. Chuckling, the boys waited patiently for Lydia to give them the details.

           “She’s pretty.” Lydia stressed, sending dangers at Liam. “Pretty. And too smart to go for you, I’m afraid. Her name is Y/N, and she’s really chill. She doesn’t talk a lot, but she seems to be a good listener.”

           Liam rolled his eyes and stabbed at his mac and cheese with his fork. Stiles bit his lower lip to keep from smiling; since he had started hanging out with them, Liam had shown a keen interest in girls. Lydia shut him down every time. It was great.

           Stiles watched as Lydia scanned the cafeteria. She was one of his best friends. He knew how she operated: Lydia liked to talk a lot, and when she found someone who didn’t, she latched on and talked their ear off.

           “There she is!” Lydia nodded towards the other side of the crowded room. Right as Stiles looked over, a group of students passed by. He only caught sight of her shining hair before she got lost in the crowd. When he looked back at Lydia, he saw her nibbling on her lip. “Maybe you’re right, Mason. I should ask her to come sit with us.”

           “Good luck finding her.” Stiles found himself saying.

           “Finding who?” Malia and Kira had arrived. Kira sat beside Scott; Malia took the empty space on the other side of Lydia. Stiles sent her a friendly smile. Ever since they called their relationship quits, Malia and Stiles had kept a healthy friendship. There wasn’t really any awkwardness. Stiles suspected that was because they still had the pack’s bond. That would never disappear.

           Scott elaborated. “There’s a new girl in school- you said her name was Y/N, Lydia? Anyway, she’s new, and Lydia made friends with her. We were thinking of inviting her to have lunch with us tomorrow.”

           Kira beamed. “That would be great! I remember how freaked out I was on my first day. I feel for her.” Stiles admired Kira; she was always so sweet and kind. It was hard to believe that she was also a katana-wielding kitsune that could kick some serious ass.

           “So it’s settled then. I’ll hunt her down later and ask her.” Lydia smiled and dug into her apple slices. Liam and Mason started talking about some new Marvel video game. Somehow Scott and Kira got involved- Kira liked superheroes and Scott had recently learned to play the Xbox, thanks to his Beta- and the four were immersed in rapid discussion. Lydia decided to fill in Malia about the new bag she got. Stiles glanced around the table, smiling to himself. His friends were a bunch of dorks.


Sighing, Stiles followed Lydia to her locker. There were a few measly minutes until the start of seventh period, and the classroom Stiles was headed for was always cold, so he was getting his hoodie back from Lydia. She was cheerily chirping about an advertisement for a show she had recently seen.

           “We have, like, two minutes.” Stiles interrupted her, hastily glancing at his phone screen. Lydia gave him a sideways look before spinning the dial of her locker.

           “I didn’t realize that you’re in such a hurry.” She chided, throwing open the door and then shoving the jacket into his arms. “Go. You have a minute and 45 seconds.”

           “Lydia, you know I didn’t mean it like that.”

           “Go, Stiles.” He pressed his lips together, about to apologize, when something caught his attention. She was practically the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her hair looked soft; her eyes were filled with mirth. It was like someone had hit him in the stomach with a fast ball and left him speechless. Wow.

           To his surprise, the girl smiled and waved in his direction. In a daze, he lifted his hand to wave back, only to notice too late that Lydia was waving at her. “Lunch tomorrow, right?”

           “Wouldn’t miss it.” The girl called, sending a small smile at Stiles. His hand was still suspended in the air. Stiles had done a lot of stupid stuff because of pretty girls, but in that moment, he thought that took the cake. He felt like a total dumbass. He didn’t even know her name- why would she be waving to him?

           Lydia slammed her locker closed just as the bell rang. Stiles instantly whirled on her. “Who was that?” He asked, incredulous.

           She raised one neat eyebrow. “That’s Y/N. She’s the girl I was telling you guys about at lunch.”

           “Yeah, well, you seriously need to work on your descriptions. That girl isn’t just ‘pretty.’ She’s gorgeous, like, breath-taking… wow…” Seeing Lydia’s surprised expression, Stiles cleared his throat. “I mean, um, what’s her… school age number… um…”

           Slowly, Lydia said, “She’s in our grade, Stiles. That means she’s a senior.”

           “That’s interesting. Very interesting. What’s she doing at Beacon Hills? When did she move here?” Lydia had started to walk at a brisk pace down the hallway; Stiles was almost having a difficulty keeping up with her.

           “Her Dad is a surgeon and recently got transferred to Beacon Hills Memorial. They moved here over the summer. Y/N goes to the same nail salon as I do, and we ended up talking in the waiting area once.”

           Stiles didn’t pay attention to her cautious tone of voice. He just wanted to know everything and anything he could about that stunning girl. “What’s she like?”

           “Well, if you had been listening when I told you earlier, you would know.” She gave him a pointed look. Seeing his expression, she rolled her eyes. “Y/N’s very sweet. She doesn’t talk much, but she’s really chill. I think she’ll fit in with the rest of the pack well.”

           “Wait, fit in with the pack? What, is she some kind of” he glanced around “supernatural thing?”

           Making a face, she revealed, “No, she’s a human. Like you and Mason. And I’m not saying that we’re going to drag her right in and tell her everything. I just think we should be nice to her. Besides, she’ll be a good dose of normalcy.”

           Stiles nearly ran into the corner because of how sharply he rounded it. “Does she like lacrosse?”

           Exasperated, Lydia sighed. “Why do you care so much Stiles?”

           Scoffing, Stiles immediately went on defense. “What if she’s a part of a new pack in town that’s secretly trying to take out our pack because they want to be top dog? Huh? You ever think about that? No, you didn’t. You are just happy to have someone to vent to and take shopping.”

           Smirking, Lydia slowed her walk. “You could’ve just said that you like her.”

           “Psh, what?” Stiles screwed up his face and threw out his hands. “Where did that come from?”

           “Oh, honey, you’re blatantly, blazingly obvious.” Lydia sent him a sympathetic smile. “This is my class.” She gestured towards the shut door they were less than two feet away from. As she turned the doorknob, she whispered over her shoulder, “She’s single.” Then she winked and slipped inside the classroom, leaving Stiles very late and flustered.

The Road Trip │ Chapter 2

Riley is twenty- one years old, who does whatever she is supposed do. She stays in her safe zone never wondering out, until something happens that makes her rethink her life. Riley decides to do something for herself and hit the road for a solo trip. While trying to figure out her life and find inspiration to start writing, she meets a green eyed stranger. Is it possible to feel an instant connection with someone, and know they are the one for you? Riley and the stranger seem to think so, but will something come in the way of stopping them from being together?


I’m sorry about the long wait. Just warning this chapter is really long. Like 7,000 word longs. I really hope it isn’t all over the place and was worth such the long wait. 

I’ve been driving for two hours already, and for the past hour I’ve been listening to my phone ring almost every five minutes like clockwork. It rings a few more time when I’ve decided I’ve had enough. I continue until there is a turn off into a small town in Maryland. About a mile into town, my phone starts ringing so I pull over and answer it without even looking to see who it is.

Hello? I say a but irritated.

Whoa! Riley, are you okay?

Yeah, sorry Farkle. It’s just I swear I’m gone for a few hours and my phone just won’t stop ringing.

He sighs. Yeah, why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?

It was seriously something I decided to do when I woke up this morning. For the first time, me, Riley Matthews, was spontaneous.

What about Devin? Did he propose? Silence fills the air. I didn’t want to think about him. I still feel awful about what I did. Riley?

I clear my throat. You knew he was going to propose? Did he tell everyone?

Just the people that were important to you. He wanted to know what he thought. Everyone was on board except-

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The game (phone call pt. 2)

A/N: I got quite a few requests for a part two, so here it is. Not very long, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

The poem quoted is Love’s philosophy by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Oh, and I need new ideas…

Read Phone call.

Summary: Set almost a month after the events of Phone Call, Sam still hasn’t figured out how he’s going to ask Y/N out. That is, until Melanie decides to butt in. 

Word count: 3039

“Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus –“Sam chanted while the demon writhed and howled in her chair, shouting obscenities at them. “- Terriblis Deus de sanctuario suo –“ As the black smoke finally rose from the lady, Sarah was her name, and her head slumped forward, Sam lowered his voice a little, just enough that it wasn’t conspicuous. Y/N’s breath hitched, and she hummed in delight. Not loud enough for Dean to notice, but certainly loud enough to put a smile on Sam’s face.

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Also man, why are we all like Car Salesman Bill

Why not creepy circus ringmaster Bill

Where is my dark as fuck AU where a circus comes to Gravity Falls boasting strange and mythical creatures, and Dipper and Mabel go to investigate? And Bill takes a liking to this weird little kid and grooms him as a future ringmaster of the circus? And all the freaks/monsters are abducted people from towns, and it’s that Dark Dipper everyone loves slowly losing touch with the importance of human life?

Learning To Fall (Part 1)

Requested: No

A/N: Hi! So I wrote this with my friend Cel from teenage-mutant-ninja-5sos. We plan on making this a series so please stay tuned for more. This is my first time writing a 5sos related thing and I wanna do more of these. If you want you can start requesting and I would be more than happy to use your prompts!

Charlie was a girl with secrets and she knew how to keep them very well hidden. But can she keep them from a certain Calum Hood?

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