someone come cheer her up

kitsune-isabelle  asked:

Hi~ May I request RFA reactions to female MC dealing with a breakup ^w^

So, platonic RFA with MC, right? Because that’s what I wrote ahhh

Yoosung :

  • He’s never been in a relationship so he can’t really relate to how she’s feeling but he’s had friends who were dumped too, so it’s not the first time he’s trying to cheer someone up in this situation
  • He’ll come over to her place with a bunch of homemade food - he’ll say he’s not the best at cooking but he thinks it’s not good to forget to eat / eat junk food just because you’re sad - he made different kinds of comfort food and will stay with her for as long as she needs, even willing to stay the night if she thinks it’ll help
  • Will often text his sister or his mom to get advice if he doesn’t know what to do to help her
  • But he’s good at comforting others because he likes helping people, he’ll be determined to continue his efforts until she’s able to smile

Zen :

  • Depending on why she and her partner broke up, he’ll be ready to give a piece of his mind to her ex - especially if they cheated on her - he won’t be below threatening them a bit
  • He’s seen a lot of his friends go through that - it didn’t happen to him that often - but still, he’ll be willing to do anything to help her
  • His methods aren’t as “healthy” as Yoosung since he’ll be ready to bring her to a bar so she can drink her problems away - of course he’ll stay and look after her, he won’t even drink much - but that’s always his way of easing the pain when he’s not okay
  • But if she doesn’t drink, he’ll just try his best to make her think of something else, he’ll watch one of his musical with her or better yet, sing and act the whole thing for her - he’s ready to bring Zen the Knight back if it makes her smile

Jaehee :

  • I can’t imagine she’s been in a lot of relationship and if she did, they probably weren’t too “deep” and long because of how much she works - so I don’t think she can relate but she’d be happy to have a girl’s night together since she hasn’t had one in ages
  • They’d talk all night about both of their previous experiences with relationships and make fun of their exes and just talk shit about people - especially men, just because it’s fun and Jaehee has a lot of complaints to share after working for Jumin for two years
  • Lots of self care for the two girls while baking some sweet stuff and just trying to forget about her break up

Jumin :

  • Probably not the best guy to go to when it comes to emotional support but he tries, he really does. He actually does keep himself from saying how pointless it is to cry just because you’re not in a relationship anymore jumin pls
  • When something bothers him, he tends to avoid everyone + his responsibilities and just wander around in his garden with Elizabeth and a glass of wine. He’d invite her to his penthouse so she can do just that. He’ll still have to go to work but he’ll stay with her for an hour to talk with her about anything.
  • He’d ask his staff to research what to do to comfort someone in her situation but he’ll still tell her to call him if she wants to hear his voice.

707 :

  • Doesn’t take much seriously and while he’ll feel bad seeing her like this, he’ll tell her to come over to his place so they can hang out. He’ll do what he can to change her mind off of things; might prank call her ex depending if she’s pissed at them - if not, he’ll just prank call random people to make her laugh
  • Would take her for a ride since he knows a few places where you can drive really fast on long straight roads - doing this always helps him feel like all his problems are just flying away
  • Might take her to a fun place if she’s alright with going outside - like a carnival or a cat cafe