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In case ya’ll don’t already know, I feel obligated to tell you that Anya has to literally stand on a box to effectively kiss Dmitry in the Anastasia Broadway musical and it’s honestly too adorable for words.

Shiratorizawa Week Day ???:

Sooo, ALL! of this draw is actually Team bonding, they’re having a sleepover in Tendou’s place for the Golden Week, (Holidays week), Kawanishi and Yamagata are playing Persona Q! a crossover of P3 and P4, Tendou is talking about how Tsutomu looks like him when he was a child and that maybe in the future he’ll have his curret hairstyle, Semisemi doesn’t have the heart to deny it, in a previous talk Ushijima promised Shirabu that ‘’Obviously we’ll keep in touch after graduation’’ and Shirabu died, they are just a big family. Save Reon.

Super mega hyper mic drop

Deaths Barry Allen has directly witnessed

In order….

  • Nora Allen
  • Clyde Mardon (Weather Wizard 1)
  • Danton Black (Multiplex)
  • Unnamed man killed by Leonard Snart
  • Bette Sans Souci (Plastique)
  • Tony Woodward (Girder)
  • Farooq Gibran (Blackout)
  • Hannibal Bates (Everyman)
  • Jake Simmons (Deathbolt)
  • Nora Allen (take 2)
  • Eddie Thawne
  • Eobard Thawne (Reverse Flash)
  • Ronnie Raymond
  • Al Rothstein (Atom Smasher)
  • Eddie Slick (Sand Demon)
  • Joe West (Earth 2)
  • Ronnie + Martin (Deathstorm)
  • Cisco Ramon (Reverb)
  • Eliza Harmon (Trajectory)
  • Griffin Grey (no alias)
  • Numerous members of the police force
  • Dante Ramon (Rupture)
  • Henry Allen
  • Hunter Zoloman (Zoom)
  • Wally West (? did he die in Flashpoint? seems ambiguous)
  • Nora Allen (take 3)
  • Edward Clariss (The Rival)
  • Iris West (future)

You know how Hologram Atem just stands there and takes the final attack. Doesn’t say or do anything?

…Did Kaiba not even bother to program in any losing text?

Underrated but excellent Shakespeare trope: that one lord who is lowkey (or sometimes highkey) gay for the king

i was literally so unsure to create this blog because i never believed i could manage a multi muse blog but tbh?? is a lot of fun and makes it way too easy for me to rp many characters i want without the pressure of blog hoping on too many blogs. i also know about how unpopular this kind of blogs are but right now i’m shocked to see many of you here?? like i thought i would never get near 100 followers but to see 500+ of you? that’s impressive and i appreciate your presence on my dash but also i thank you all for giving me a chance to write with you even if i lose our thread or i don’t reply as fast as i used to but i still love every one of you tbh.

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I purchased the official 15th anniversary suitcase!

1-Phoenix Wright

2-Apollo Justice

3-Miles Edgeworth

4-Kay Faraday

5-Nahyuta Sahdmadhi

6-Ryunosuke Naruhodo

7-Sherlock Holmes

Want to guess which one I ordered? Which one is your favorite? (,,・ω・,,)




66 books

So after selling over 20 books yesterday, I decided to clean up my bookcase. And today I sat down and mate a note of every book I’ve vought over the years and never finished, never started or read so long ago I don’t remember… and there are 66. They take up half of my bookcase. And yet here I am reading Deathly Hallows for the upteenth time. Why am I like this?

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*slips the dash five bucks*

beat me into unconsciousness with a blunt object please. 

seventeen in art class
  • s.coups: seungcheol is the kid that sleeps in art. is literally drooling on his desk. if he’s not sleeping, he’s probably eating.
  • jeonghan: he’s the guy that everyone wants to use as their model for their own pieces. can’t get his own work done because he’s too busy posing for others. really good with oil paint.
  • joshua: he doesn’t take art, he takes music. music theory to be exact. and actually enjoys it because he likes composing. works with woozi on their projects.
  • jun: he’s the kid that always asks the other students if they need a model when no one wants him to model for them bc he’s so greasy. he ends up sulking when he gets rejected but jeonghan asks him to model for him and he’s like YAY I LOVE YOU.
  • hoshi: may or may not have started a paint war with dk. he made up an excuse that it was his art project and his teacher believed it.
  • wonwoo: sometimes he’s sleeping, sometimes he’s bothering mingyu. other times he tries to art but gives up when he can’t get proportions right. always has earphones in during class. he likes sculpting better than drawing or painting. 
  • woozi: in music theory with josh. occasionally visits art when there’s a sub bc he doesn’t have anything better to do. always aces his projects with joshua because they work well together.
  • dk: he was the one that threw the paint first at hoshi. constantly talks in class when the teacher is explaining their next project.
  • mingyu: the prodigy in art. is really good with photoshop and sometimes puts his drawings into photoshop and does something crazy with it. always goes above and beyond with his projects.
  • the8: he tries his best to sketch but he always draws his lines too hard. is really good with acrylic. 
  • seungkwan: is always singing while he arts. complains when he draws one eye bigger than the other. sasses the teacher for giving them hard projects. would rather be in music class but he didn’t schedule his days properly.
  • vernon: has a lot of lyrics all over his sketchbooks. his concentration is his little sister with all the projects assigned to him. always in his own world. LOVES watercolor.
  • dino: super enthusiastic about art because he knows he can improve and finally make art for his parents. crayons are his best friends.

more svt scenarios


anonymous asked:

If Fushimi and Yata got married, who would take the other's name?

If they didn’t just keep their names, it would definitely be Fushimi takes Yata’s name. Fushimi’s last name came from Niki and the family that he hates, there’s no way Saru’s letting Yata take on that name too. (Also this would give him an excuse to keep calling Yata Misaki all the time. “I told you not to call me by my first name in public!” “But that’s my name now too, Misaki~” “W-well, yeah but— wait, that’s cheating!” “Hmm…maybe I should just call you ‘honey’?” Cue Yata going bright red and Fushimi has a good laugh at his expense. Then he totally pulls that one out anytime Yata starts complaining just to see Yata blush because blushing Misaki is adorable.)

“All the things I’ve done, Levi. How can I live with all the things I’ve done?”
Dresden by @hedera-helixwriteseruri

Cipher Hunt Thing (Creepypasta Version)

Rated: 14+ (Language, Kind of Violence, Possession, THINGS GET WEIRD)

Note that this is mostly unedited save for going back and putting italics on certain things. I just wrote straight through it.

It was all supposed to be fun and games. After all, Gravity Falls wasn’t real and this was just something to get the fandom riled up. That’s what everyone thought when Alex Hirsch started this whole Cipher Hunt thing. It turns out we were all wrong.

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