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BTS Reaction - “Is he/she really yours?”

you-drive-me-crazy-01 said: HI can you do a bangtan reaction to someone questioning whether their child is their’s because the child doesn’t resemble them so much because their significant other is of a different ethnicity. Thanks and I hope that makes sense. 😊

LOL this happened to my mom once when I was a kid because I looked nothing like her. I can’t stand people who do this, but I do understand their concern. 


“Oh, how cute is she? Is she adopted?”

Namjoon would just scrunch his eyebrows together and pull his daughter back behind him a little bit. “No..she’s not.” He’d say, before walking away with his little girl in his arms.


“Aw, hey there little one. Is this your daddy?” The lady would say wearily, peering up at Taehyung from where she crouched in front of the two year old.

The little boy would step back and hide behind his dad’s legs. Taehyung would be shocked, “Excuse me? Yes, I am, in fact.”


His son would be running around the park area and Jimin would be watching from a bench on the side. 

“Which ones yours?” A guy said, sitting down next to him. Jimin would smile and point out the four year old, and the guy would make a face. “Are you sure?” He’d ask.

“Uh, yeah, I’m sure.” Jimin would say, obviously offended before calling out to his son and leaving the park with the little boy in tow.


“She’s..yours, right?”

J-Hope would be step back and quickly pick his little girl up. “Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean?” He’d say, glancing at the woman who questioned him.


“Aw, is uncle taking you on a day trip, sweetie? How fun!”

Jin would make a face before gently pulling his daughter away from the woman who was crouched down in front of him. “I’m not her uncle. I’m her dad.” He would say, before leaving with the little girl.


“She doesn’t look very much like you. You’re her dad?” The man would say to Yoongi as he was pushing his little girl in the stoller, where she babbled happily.

He’d spin around and shoot back, “Yeah, I am. What business do you have asking?”


“Oh, how cute are you, it’s so nice to see friends helping out friends with their kids.”

Jungkook would make the Jungshook face, but snap out of it before staring straight at the lady. “Um, no, actually. I’ve helping out my wife by taking my daughter to the park because you know, she’s my daughter. My. Daughter.” He emphasized. 

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I think it's important that you know that one/serveral of your groupies almost drove someone out of the kylux fandom today. They sent a person a lot of hate about an au that's the same as one you've written for, getting defensive and horrible that it was your au and your au only. I was asked not to say anything but I'm betraying trust to built bridges. You have to be aware of what some of your fans are doing to other writers. I'm sorry. For what it's worth, you're nice.

Can you give me the hate-sender’s username(s) so I can personally ask them not to do this? Do you have a link to where this happened so I can step in?

If it’s anon sending someone hate I’m not sure what I can do except to say this depresses me and is currently making my heart pound with horrible anxiety. It’s the opposite of what I want fandom to be. What AU are they even talking about? Regardless, I’m not sure what I am I doing to make them think I would care, but I beyond don’t care if someone writes similar stuff to me or even the exact same content with their own take on it…. that’s what fanfiction is. They could post the summary as “this is that thing Holly wrote, only mine is better” and I would not care. Lots of different takes on the same basic content = fandom. No one owns an AU or anything. That’s the fun part for me.

This is really distressing. If whoever is doing this is someone who actually likes my fic: hi, this is the kind of thing that will make me want to step way back from a fandom, so stop doing it. If you’re just invoking my name to make me feel like an asshole… congrats, I guess.

ok I’m not even gonna try to make a proper post but My APHG teacher was discussing religion and he was talking about how Hinduism has a sacred river and one of the guys made fun of it and he said “If it’s not your religion, there’s going to be some part of it you don’t understanding.” And people need to understand that like it’s fine that I might not truly understand why Catholic people have to go through communion, while they might not understand why some of us keep kosher, and some of us might not really understand why some Muslim women cover their heads But just because I don’t understand it and why someone would do it doesn’t mean I can’t respect it

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I hope Eleanor feels really proud of herself for voluntarily contributing to this bullshit. I'm fucking furious, he doesn't deserve anything but good after the hell he's been through. Really hope she can live with herself cause I sure couldn't.

how. how….can you do that to someone…. knowingly cause them agony and hurt two times just for some money…… i don’t understand

Thoughts that keep me up at night

I try to get away and escape but it never lasts.
No matter how much I try to avoid it it always comes back
And I’m back at square one
A little kid again who has nowhere to run
The tears don’t help alleviate the anger welling up inside
Everywhere I turn to there’s nowhere to hide
From this unending pain
I wish I could just be numb to it in some way
But no matter the case it always stays
It’s like a head on collision but someone cut the brakes
And I can do nothing to stop it the most I can do is watch it
I can only tell you the truth in lies
I can only focus on how cold it gets at night
I cant be everyone’s strength because they’re the ones I’ve come to hate. Myself most of all.
They always told me pride comes before the fall
Now I hit the ground hard but I’m not breakin
I wish I would because of my life I can no longer take it
Ever felt like you were crushed for air and you forgot how to breathe?
Everyone stood by and watched you bleed
I can’t organize my thoughts
But it’s funny how much I remember the things I should have forgot.
How long should I continue to walk
In this darkened valley holding the shadow of death
Can I tell you this isn’t the first time we’ve met.
It happens each time I’m filled with regret.
And yet, I still don’t turn to God
The only one who can help and it’s Him I forgot
Everytime I want to I suddenly stop.
I know this isn’t where I belong
So please Lord hear my cry
Please help me get through tonight
I’m about to give up on this fight
Though I’m met with trials in this life
in the darkness I long see your light

written by: Anonymous

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Hey! Deities? What are they and what do you do for them? I've always been interested as the baby witch I am

Hey! Deities are something/someone you can worship if you feel drawn to do so! There are a lot of different ones you can worship, I’m not the expert on that since I don’t worship anyone or anything in my craft! But there are gods/goddesses/deities/etc in just about every culture. Some of them are open for worship, some are not! People make beautiful altars and leave offerings ans such to the deities they feel most drawn to and worship.

Three decades ago I was welcoming two blessed souls in this universe. Two small bundles of joy I spent the last 35 weeks with sensing them growing both physically and in the Force. And if my pregnancy had been a lovely experience nothing could compared to the absolute happiness of holding them in my arms.

There are not enough words in languages I am familiar with to describe the love I feel for the two of you. If I were to do poetry I would of say that when you came into my life you I finally understood what all those poems were about.

To quote someone “Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with greater love” and I wish I knew this back then. But as for today, away from the past, I can tell you this. I will love every single day spent in your company.

You can never catch back time, it is our burden as living beings to endure the passing of years but every other remaining seconds are ours. The future is new and unbounded and right here at the tips of our fingers,

Moving on is never easy, we share stigmas as a family few people can understand, the hurt, the pain, the loss and fear never truly go away but we have each other to rebuild, and if it is only this then let’s make it our own entirely.

As for myself, If it was all to do once more I would not hesitate for I know where this path would lead me in the end. By your sides, my beautiful sons.

Happy Birthday Thexan ,Arcann.

I love you,


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"Papa why do you have handcuffs in your drawer?" Jeffersons eyes widened when he heard graces small voice "uh I-I have them so.. if I ever need to handcuff someone who's trying to hurt you.. I can do that" grace couldn't tell if her father was telling the truth or not but she put back the handcuffs.

omfg I laughed

Sinful Sunday™

Called out someone on their shit and may have lost a friend but good fucking riddance, I don’t have time for your domineering bullshit.

If you want me to make something for you for free but also refuse to give me free reign on the design interpretation, then you can go pay someone else to do the work.

i cant believe i main lúcio and i haven’t noticed until now 

that the things in his hair aren’t weird beads

they’re speakers