someone buy him a wine factory

Polish gothic - Wrocław
  • Market Square. Suddenly a bunch of children run next to you. They gather in front of a corner full of piss and point at something. It’s them again - gnomes.
  • Night. You can see the light. It’s a gnome. You look away. Another gnome. You look at them, they look at you. No evidence of them the next morning. You talk about it to your family… They know… Oh how they know…
  • Someone asks you at 3 A.M. where the Komuny Paryskiej street is. They’re not from here. They don’t know yet. A lonely teardrop streams down your face. You don’t reply, you don’t want to make his life harder that it is now. Kamienice wait for him…
  • Someone killed their neighbour with a frying pan. It’s not surprising at all. You just want to know where it happened - at Trójkąt or Nadodrze. You take out a frying pun - suddenly you feel like eating scrambled eggs.
  • Let’s meet at embankments! - your friends say. They don’t tell you where excactly you should meet. You’re wandering around Odra river all night, no friends tho. You’re in Psary.
  • A party in dormitories - Kredka and Ołówek. You buy the cheapest wine. Someone brings vodka and beers. Oh, you find money for rum. You steal from your best friend’s bag last cigarettes. The whole bath is full of vomits. You can open a glass factory since there is no floor, only bottles of alcohol. You glance at doorkeeper. You hope that those sandwiches were a good bribe for him.
  • A balcony in Kredka and Ołówek. You smoke a third pack of cigarettes. Your friend tells you an urban legend. Once upon a time, students decided to send someone to Mars. They put him into a cardboard box and wrote on it “MISSION TO MARS”. They threw him out of the balcony. The Police came in time - just before the second mission called “RESCUE MISSION”.
  • Oh, someone wants to give me roses… No, gypsies want to sell them to you. You don’t have money, as always.
  • 3 A.M., Market Square. There is only one pub opened - Kalambur. It feels like home. You stay the whole night there and drink too expensive beer.
  • Someone steals a quill pen from Fredro. Just before the exam session Szermiesz loses his épée. You pass all exams.
  • You go to “Miś” - you meet your professor and a homeless guy. All of you orders sorrel soup for 1,40 zł. You’re all poor.
  • You go to your friend. You’re in the field. There is a canola everywhere. But you’re still in Wrocław. A wild boar runs through. You see a family of storks.
  • An old moat. You stopped counting a rats big as dogs, there is too many of them. Then you see a marten. A crane and heron fly above you. Seaguls.
  • You’re at Kozanów. Only a True Slavic Shaman can get you out from there.
  • LECH POZNAŃ IS AN OLD WHORE TO FUCK! Shit, you think, it’s hooligans of WKS Śląsk. You don’t come out of your house today. You check out the news - you just hope they won’t throw cobblestones at Market Square.
  • Sunday morning. You go to Świebodzki - you need cheap clothes. You don’t buy from Polish people, it’s too expensive. You’ve spent 50 zł - you’ve got shoes, jeans, socks and sweets from Germany.
  • You’ve got 10 zł in your wallet - one beer in restaurant or four beers on Słodowa Island? The choice is an easy one. After the third round of flanki you crawl below the bridge to piss. 
  • Fuck, flood again.