someone be punk with me

pop punk gf

if you’re looking for a guy that finger points, eats pizza, gets emo to citizen, loves vinyl, loves cuddling, is super nice and goofy, supports you in every way and never judges you, and tells you bad jokes to make you laugh, I’m your guy, let me love youuuuuuu

Pop punk problem #38
  • Me: *Sees someone wearing a shirt with my favorite band on*
  • Me: *Smiles awkwardly at them, probably making them feel very uncomfortable*

anonymous asked:

I think my fav fact about japanese culture is that blond/light hair is seen as how Americans/westerns see dyed black hair and goths. So like reigen is seen as a troublemaker or dangerous in some way or rejecting authority. Neat fun fact ^-^

Yes!! I honestly love this so much. It’s so fitting for Reigen, considering how he’s pretty much the type who just always does things his own way, and doesn’t really seem to care about following the “norms” of society. I mean the fact he has the consultation/psychic line of work, instead having a more “regular” job.

Pretty much Reigen is actually a huge punk, and it’s honestly one of the best things.