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no but just imagine an AU where Dean and Sam are able to see the wings of every angel, and both of them have always wondered why Cas spreads them wide whenever he’s near Dean and not with Sam. And Dean keeps asking him why that is but Cas just ignores the question and blushes like a little school girl. But then one day, Sam enters the main area in the bunker where Dean and Cas are sitting and talking, and he goes “so get this; just read a little something about angels. Apparently they have no control over their wings and they spread wide when they are attracted to a human because it’s their way of seducing them…”

dean spits out his coffee and cas is hiding his face in shame.

I just imagine Dean, 20 something, in one of his years in college. I just imagine him, tired green eyes, messy brown hair, running through the courtyard to his first class of the day, which he’s almost missed completely because of his cheap alarm clock going off at the wrong time. I just imagine Castiel, also 20 something, but older, leaving his fiction-writing class, juggling a cup of coffee in one hand as he shoved his laptop in his bag with the other. I just imagine Castiel, blue eyes widened as Dean runs into him, splattering coffee all over his white shirt, but even worse: knocking his expensive laptop to the floor.
And Dean, he’s so embarrassed, he can’t believe what he’s done. He’s seen Castiel around before, he knows he’s older. He’s going to think Dean’s stupid, immature.
Castiel is angry at first, kind of annoyed, but he understands completely and he’s kind once he’s calmed down.
I just imagine Dean feeling so bad about Castiel’s shattered laptop that he knocks on his dorm door the next day with a wad of cash in his hands. 
And when Castiel opens the door, I imagine him happily surprised, and when he lets Dean in, he tells him he can’t accept the money. 
“It was an accident,” he says. “And I have a warranty, they’ll fix it for free.”
But Dean, he doesn’t care. He wants to give Castiel something. 
So Castiel comes up with an idea: he’ll help him with his writing. 
Castiel was working on something to turn into class, but his broken laptop was making that harder since now he had to go to the library to type. So Dean, he could come with him, read his writing. Give the writer some tips. 
I imagine Castiel in the library with Dean, focused on his work, Dean looking up every once in a while from his homework to read over Castiel’s shoulder. 
Dean isn’t a great writer, he isn’t great at anything involving words, really, but I imagine that he’ll try to be for Castiel. 
And Castiel’s words, they flow like an endless silk string likely to never get tangled, but when it does, Dean is happy to untie the knots. 
In some ways Dean thinks this is all a bribe to get a friend, but he doesn’t care. He can’t believe he doesn’t have that many friends; Castiel is brilliant and beautiful, and so is his writing.
His writing reminds Dean of Castiel a lot, actually. 
I imagine that Dean really likes Castiel, but he didn’t fall in love with him that easy. 
I imagine that first Dean falls in love with his words. His amazing writing. 
Dean subscribed to his blog. 
His writing was the kind that kept you up at night. The kind that could make you cry. 
Dean didn’t even like to read, but he loved to read Castiel’s work, and after a while, reading his work became more and more about reading Castiel.
And Castiel was Dean’s favorite book.
I just imagine that their feelings sprouted like words on paper-and yeah, sure. Sometimes the flow wasn’t smooth, but it didn’t end without some sort of resolution.
Castiel got a new laptop. Dean got a new alarm clock.
And I just imagine that something so simple as a run in on a crazy morning turn into something so beautiful, and I imagine that it happen between Dean and Castiel.

  • JD: What's fun?
  • Veronica: What's fun? Fun is... it's when you... I'll spell it for you! "F" is for friends who do stuff together, "U" is for you and me, "N" is for anywhere at any time at all out here in the great Midwest.
  • JD: "F" is for fire that burns down the whole town, "U" is for uranium... bombs! "N" is for no survivors when you-
  • Veronica: JD! Those things aren't what fun is about!

another seasonal comic commissioned by revengeoftheskelefrog! i had to do something surrounding dean singing that “let it go” song and while i only saw frozen once at 5am a couple months ago, i can admit the song was pretty catchy

so while jensen has a great singing voice, we know dean’s could use some minor…………..polishing………..

I don’t get why people want Sam and Dean to have a healthier relationship. If I wanted to watch a show about healthy family relationships I’d go watch the Waltons or something. Let me see the Winchesters so tangled up in each other that they don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. I want them off kilter and unpredictable. I want to see them dangerous and scarred and on the run, not sitting at home making friends and having fucking brunch, you know?

I just feel that making the Winchesters more “healthy” or well adjusted would be such a fuck up. They’ve lived a life full of trauma, they went to hell, they’ve seen everyone they love die. You want to diminish all that? After the life they’ve been through, there’d be nothing more uncharacteristic than to be be well adjusted.

History Makers

Why, yes, I did just dance with my dog to “History Maker”. Yes, I did just get scolded for playing it too loud. Yes, I did just wake up my sister. No, I don’t feel bad about it.

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The Sock Mishap

Dean was sick of cleaning up after his brother.  Socks in the hall, socks in the living room, there were even socks in the couch, and of course they weren’t clean.  No, for being an adult, and someone that prided himself on being so damn neat and organized, Sam was a pig when it came to his socks.  It didn’t make Dean love him less but it sure ticked him off when he was trying to kick back and relax, only to pull a lump out from under his butt and find out it was another sock.  The things he had to put up with…

“It’s socks, Dean.  Seriously, relax.  It’s not like it’s nuclear launch codes.”

“Put them in the laundry basket!  There’s one in your room AND one in the bathroom!  They stink!  I don’t want them in my couch!”  A vein was starting to throb in Dean’s temple and he could feel a migraine starting.  Sam’s bitchface made him want to punch his little brother right in the damn kisser.

“Fine, Dean.  I’ll put my socks in the laundry baskets.  When you start throwing your used condoms out.”

Dean choked on his coffee.  Sonofabitch!

Castiel sat between the brothers at the table nursing his cup of coffee as he listened to them bickering.  He didn’t understand what the big deal was about socks, or why Dean seemed so offended by such a meager item of clothing.  When Sam mentioned the condoms though, Castiel quirked one eyebrow.

“Dean, used condoms are rather unsanitary.  Placing them in the garbage would be much more appropriate.”  He spoke up, interrupting their argument.  It was apparently the wrong thing to do though with the icy glare he was now receiving from the man.  Sam had a smug smile on his face though which confused him further.

“Dean, I don’t understand why you’re looking at me like that.  Did I say something wrong?”

Sam snorted and quickly took a sip of his tea to cover it up.  The vein in Dean’s temple was now visibly throbbing and Castiel found himself staring at it.

“Cas, you’re not helping.”  Dean’s voice was deceptively calm.  Castiel had known the man long enough to know that the hunter was furious.  What he didn’t understand was how Sam’s inability to throw socks in the laundry baskets or Dean’s unsanitary habits with condoms was HIS fault.

“I don’t understand.  I was simply suggesting-”

“Well don’t!  If you want the condoms cleaned up so bad, then YOU can do it.”  Dean snapped.  Sam made a gagging noise as he grimaced at his brother.

“Dean, that’s gross, why would you even suggest that he clean up your used condoms?”

The glint in Dean’s eye was wicked, and the grin that formed on his lips was even more so.

“Oh, Sammy, who exactly did you think I was using the condoms with?”

Sam choked on his next sip of tea.  That shit burned coming out of his nose.