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A Throwback to my Tumblr Life

Since Tumblr throwback is trending in facebook thanks to buzzfeed, here is my fair share of my personal experiences here in the early years of Tumblr. I have been using tumblr since 2009 but looking at my archives, my blog started in june 2010. Well it has a story behind it and to make the story short, my blog was hacked and got deleted, that’s why I restarted it from 0 in june 2010.

Let’s move on with my throwback stories in my young tumblr years. Since it’s December and I started being active in Tumblr in December 2009, this post is also an anniversary post. Cheers to 6 years of my Tumblr life!

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Banat muna bago  next topic. haha

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someone wrote a post asking what men’s rights activists are doing for black men and mr-cappadocia’s response was a long response that amounted to “mras only concerns are men’s issues, fuck you” and i wasn’t surprised or upset about the response–it’s mr-cappadocia what else to expect?

i wasn’t even shocked that people reblogged him thinking he’d defeated yet another feminist CHECKMATE SJWS

what made me stop and just stare was the sheer hypocrisy on the rebloggers’ part; you would think with mras and their supporters’ favorite talking points against feminism being its lack of intersectionality and prioritizing of white women’s issues over more oppressed groups in and outside of the country, they’d be able to rub two braincells together and realize they’d be doing the same exact thing, but of course not.

hell, i’ve seen more mras willing to exchange dialogue on homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia against men, and ableism before they’ll even poke at something race related. not unless it’s some “we all bleed red”/“racism goes both ways!” colorblind bullshit or “debunking” of something mocking concepts they haven’t the slightest level of understanding on. then again, it makes sense, doesn’t it? what do those “touchable” issues have in common?

they all affect white men.

white men and women first. the primary victims who suffer the least.

but you’re better than feminists, right?