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Heal - Enoch O'Connor imagine - request - part 1

request: Have you ever done a writing about Enoch were there’s someone new in the loop and they have the same peculiarity as him but with slight differences and he’s a little curious about them but he end up liking the person? (You needed some ideas so he I am! ring me up)

a/n: here it is! i like it, i am proud of it and i hope you like this, too. i will be doing part 2 ayeyayeyayeayeeeee

y/n was still dazed by everything around her, she asked for her room and privacy. miss peregrine led her up the stairs, her room was across the hall from a door that was a paler white than all the others. y/n furrowed her eyebrows at the weird door, but got into her room and closed the door after her.

she sighed. the room was spacious. there were empty shelves, a desk, a bed and a closet. there was also a large window with a wide-enough windowsill to sit on from which the bright summer sun light shone down from.

y/n placed her suitcases down on the floor and sat on the bed with flowered covers. this was all a new start for her, a new life. new people, new things happening, new secrets, anything new.

she had been asking for something like this, but did she want it now? she didn’t know. god, she needed to go back, get out of here.

but mother had said this is the safest place there will be. i wonder - what did she mean by that?

there was a knock on y/n’s door. she sighed again. “come in.” she called out.

the door was hesitantly opened by a teenage boy with dark hair. he partly came into y/n’s eyesight. he also had dark eyes, but his skin was pale as paper. his face held a gloomy grimace, the one that makes you feel sorry for the person even if you don’t know the reason.

y/n stretched her dress out and looked at the boy. “hi.” she said with a sigh.

“hullo.” he said. “i, uh-i’m enoch.” he introduced himself. “you must be y/n.”

“yes, that’s me.” y/n said.

“n-nice to meet you.” enoch said. “i heard that you, uh… that our ‘peculiarities’ are very similar.”

“oh.” y/n said. “who did you hear that from?”

“miss peregrine, of course. she knows everything.”

y/n opened her mouth to ask how did the lady of the house know everything, but then left that question for later. she had a tiny bit more important one on her mind.

“how much exactly are our… powers different?” y/n asked enoch.

“well… miss peregrine didn’t tell me what you can do.” enoch stated. “but i can take one’s life and give it to another.”

“oh.” y/n’s eyebrows raised. that’s a creepy… peculiarity or something. “so you can make… the dead alive again?”

“you could call it that, sure.” enoch grinned a little. “but what can you do?”

“i can…” y/n sighed. she had never told anyone about her power this directly. “i can heal anything, anyone, if i want to.”

“how exactly?” enoch squinted his eyes as if to see and know more about y/n.

“with my… hands.” she furrowed her eyebrows.

“can you show me?”

“is there anyone hurt?”

“hold on.” enoch said and went out of the room. where was he off to? he returned a few minutes after with a bird in his hands. “here.”

enoch walked over to y/n and stood before her while giving her the bird. when it landed in her hands, she saw its wing was broken. her face saddened.

enoch sat next to y/n on the bed, a little too closely for y/n if she would notice, and looked at her. she examined the bird and then took it closer to her face.

y/n held the broken wing between her fingers and closed her eyes. she placed a kiss on the bird’s head, her eyebrows furrowed in concentration. a few seconds passed with y/n healing the bird and enoch intently and curiously watching her.

y/n took the bird away from her and brought it before her enoch, a little further up in the air. the bird shook its head and swung up into the air. it was flying again.

y/n smiled and looked over at enoch. “that’s how i do it.” she was proud and it left enoch still curious, but also amazed.

“that’s… amazing.” he said. y/n blushed a little.

“thanks.” she said.

enoch cleared his throat as the tension between them became awkward. “anyways, there’s dinner in a few minutes. we have to go. miss peregrine doesn’t like anyone being late.”

y/n watched as the bird flew out of the window and then looked back at enoch. “yes, of course.”

that ask i got the other night REALLY inspired me to make another gif!! 

i did this one pretty quickly, so i went back and added some smaller details to try some things out. this scene is one of my favorite parts of the movie to be honest, gives their romance a little dimension yknow

the colors i chose for ariel were based off of a lovely fanart that someone did after seeing one of my other edits, it really excited me so i always meant to do a human ariel edit so i could use it!

Falling: Part 2: Joshua Dun Imagine

For some reason it came out really long, but here’s part two! I hope you enjoy it. ):):): -Profane x

“You’re hilarious, Josh.” She laughed. She thought I was joking. “How?” I asked. “Let’s be real. If someone like you actually liked me, the world would explode.” She still thought I was joking. How do I explain to her that i’m serious? “Imagine us together?” I do everyday. “You and Debby are such a better couple.” I was a little drawn back by the comment. “Debby?” I questioned. “Yeah. You guys are back together aren’t you? I saw the infinite screenshots of you from her snapchat on Instagram. The fans are going nuts.” She laughed. God, that laugh i’ve learned to enjoy over the past year we’ve been on tour. It had been two years since be and Debby broke up, but we were just friends. “We’re-” 

Tyler swung the door open with panic on his face, “Uh, Y/N, I kind of knocked over some of the speakers while climbing and the guys don’t know what cables are supposed to go where.” Y/N threw her head back and sighed, “Ty, what have I told you about that?” He pouted at her and she shook her head with a smile on her face. She got up from her place on the floor, “See you guys in a couple hours, stay out of trouble.” She waved as she walked to the doors and I just nodded my head at her while Tyler hugged her and mumbled sorry repeatedly. She laughed and of course, her laugh was just as addicting as her smile. Then she was gone. 

“FUCK!” I yelled as soon as I knew she was far enough. Tyler jumped and hit the door. “What’s up with you?” His eyes were wide and I could feel him looking at me as I rested my forehead on my knees. “She thinks i’m back with Debby. She asked me what the best part of tour was and I told her that she was and she thought I was joking. I messed up my only chance.”

“You’re kidding right? You can’t give up because of a conversation! Did you explain that you and Debby were friends? Probably not! You need to go out there and get her. I’m tired of seeing you staring at her and doing nothing! You need to get your ass up, grow some balls and get your girl instead of looking miserable.” Damn. “When did you become so demanding?” I laughed. “When I saw my buddy look at her every second he got even when we were on stage.”

“How do I do it?” I asked. “Joshua William Dun, you don’t need to do something extravagant. You just need to open up to her. Now, go.” Tyler ran to me and pulled me up so quick that I nearly fell forward. He pushed me through the doors all they way to the stage where Y/N was fixing the speakers on stage. “Are you guys starting trouble?” She said without looking at us. Tyler ran off to hide behind a curtain, “Uh no. I need to talk to you though.” I explained. “About what?” She stopped plugging in cables and faced towards me and smiled. “Come here.” 

I pulled her hand towards the center of the stage and held onto it. She was confused. “Don’t speak, just please listen.” She nodded. 

“God, I suck at this. I know I do, but i’m willing to try though because well, I love you, Y/N. I thought I just liked you, but over the year i’ve known you, every part of you just makes me love you. See how the venue is empty? As cheesy as it might sound, that’s how I feel when you aren’t around me. I want to be the one to hold your hand in public, kiss you every chance I get, post more stupid selfies with you on snapchat, talk to you until i’m tired even though I do that already, but it would be different because you would be mine.” 

Her mouth was open in shock and her grip on my hand was tighter than when I first grabbed it. “What about Debby?” She asked. “Her and I are just friends. She’s one of the people that pushed me to pursue what I wanted. What I want is you.” I felt like I was sweating, but good thing I wasn’t, that’d be kind of weird while i’m pouring my heart out to this girl. “Are you sure?” She asked. “One hundred percent.” 

Then it happened. She kissed me. Her free hand was rested on my cheek and mine was rested on her hip, our other hands still intertwined. I was waiting for this. And it all happened within an hour? why didn’t I do this so much earlier? She pulled back and rested her forehead on mine and again she was smiling, but this one is different. “I’m so in love with you, Josh.” And then I smiled. 

“I kind of knew you liked me though. Tyler told me.” She giggled. My eyes widened and I turned my head to see Tyler behind the curtain recording us. “Tyler Joseph!” He laughed and ran off somewhere. I’d deal with him later. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked her. “I don’t believe things until I see them. I couldn’t believe Tyler until now. Plus, I thought you were with Debby so that made me doubt things more.” I shook my head and kissed her again. And again. 

That night I played better than I ever had. She would smile at me when she caught me looking at her. Looking at her was different because now, I was looking at what was mine. 

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