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The Sunrise (Sirius Black x Hufflepuff!Reader)

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Part 2
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Request by Anonymous: Hey, so I know you mainly focus on Newt Scamander imagines but I was wondering if you would consider doing a Sirius Black x hufflepuff reader imagine? Like where he stereotypes hufflepuffs as lazy and boring and stuff? K LOVE YOU THANKS

Word Count: 2, 004

Warnings: None

A/N: Don’t judge, I’ve never written Sirius before.
This is a shorter imagine.


Sirius had to admit, Hogwarts was creepy when it was silent. He glanced at his watch; 5:57am. Four minutes since he had decided to sneak out from the Gryffindor dorms. He had lain in his bed since 5am, unable to fall asleep again. He didn’t know why he had woken up, perhaps by the joint force of James’ and Peter’s snores. He was so bored, he had to go do something and he knew he’d feel bad if he woke up any of his friends, so he decided to go break some rules and sneak out, still in his pyjamas. The sun hadn’t risen yet and the school was shrouded in darkness, the only light coming from the tip of his wand. He made sure to be quiet as he walked down the many hallways, and to keep the wand away from the paintings that lined the walls, so as to not wake them up.

He was walking down a hallway to go prank a particularly nasty teacher in his classroom, when he heard a cheeky giggle he knew all too well. He mumbled a curse under his breath and turned into the courtyard, dashing behind a tree. That damn poltergeist. Apparently he didn’t take any break from causing trouble, even in the small hours of the morning. Sirius knew that if Peeves saw or heard him he’d run to tell the Bloody Baron and Sirius would be in a world of trouble for sneaking out, so he held his breath and kept perfectly still. As much as he liked to make people believe that detentions didn’t bother him, he’d prefer not to get one. He stayed in his spot until the silence reassured him that the poltergeist had gone and he breathed a sigh of relief, his breath fogging up in the chilly morning air.

“Peeves rarely comes down to this part of the castle.” A voice said, making him jump. He looked around for the source of the voice and his eyes landed on you, already in your Hufflepuff robes, sitting under a tree with a book in one hand and your lit wand in your other, your eyes still on the book. “Something or someone must have lured him here.” You said, looking at him now and raising an accusatory eyebrow. He was confused as to why you were sitting on the cold ground when there was a perfectly good bench a few feet away from you, but he shook it off and gave you one of his signature smirks.

“Couldn’t have been me. Though Hufflepuffs aren’t exactly known to be stealthy, must have been you he followed.” He said, enjoying how he made you grit your teeth in annoyance. He already knew he’d enjoy bugging you.

“It couldn’t have been me because I’ve been here since 5 and I come here often and he’s never found me.” You said, trying to keep your calm. You were usually a nice, calm person but the second someone insults your house, your temper shortens by a half. Sirius was surprised anyone woke up that early to sneak out and consequently break many rules, especially a Hufflepuff.

“What’s a Hufflepuff doing out of the den before noon?” He asked, now leaning on the tree, arms crossed. You pursed your lips angrily.

“Wow, in the space of 10 seconds you’ve managed to insult both me and my house twice.” You said.

“It’s truly a gift.” He said, grinning at your annoyed expression.

“Truly.” You grumbled sarcastically, turning back to your book. He took this time to properly look at you. You didn’t seem too bothered by the cold air (and the cold ground you were sitting on) nor did you look tired, even though you had woken up pretty early. The light from your wand was making your H/C hair shine and E/C eyes sparkle, though that may have just been your irritation. Sirius had to admit, you were pretty and he wondered why he’d never seen you before. He had quite an eye for pretty girls, and that you hadn’t caught his or vice versa bewildered him. You looked around his age, which stumped him even more. “Stop staring at me.” You said, not looking at him. His heavy gaze making you feel uncomfortable.

“How old are you?” He asked out of nowhere. Your gaze turned to him at his random question. You decided not to comment on it.

“Sixteen.” You answered, deciding to just answer his questions without much conversation. You really didn’t feel like talking to him, for multiple reasons. The great Sirius Black was known for his trouble and he really didn’t seem like a nice person. So, he thought, you were the same age as him, same year, so how has he never noticed you?

“What’s your name?” He asked. You sighed at his continuation of this strange conversation you were having.

“Y/F/N.” You said.


“Y/F/N Y/L/N.” He stayed quiet for a moment, making you gaze at him suspiciously. “Ok, what?” You finally asked.

“I don’t remember you.” He said, looking genuinely distressed. He prided himself in his knowledge of everyone, something he frequently used to his advantage when he wanted something. You snorted, typical Sirius Black, sitting on his little throne, completely oblivious to others. You didn’t really know what you expected though, from a person who finds amusement in teasing others and flirting with girls without it actually leading anywhere.

“I’m not surprised.” You said, giving him a disapproving look. The corners of his lips quirked upwards, completely unaffected by your words.

“And why is that?” He asked, walking over to you and plopping down on the ground across from you, a little too close for comfort. You narrowed your eyes at him and placed your book down.

“Well why should I not be? I really can’t imagine you paying any attention to someone who wasn’t fawning over you or who wasn’t your current victim.”

“A little teasing doesn’t do anyone any harm, Huffles.” You clenched your jaw at the nickname.

“Tell that to the first years crying in their beds because all the older kids just find it so funny that their textbooks keep running away.”

“You’re such a Hufflepuff.” He said, rolling his eyes.

“And you’re just an arrogant Gryffindor. Always the centre of attention, hm?”

“It’s not my fault I’m popular.” You gave a frustrated sigh.

“It’s pointless arguing with you.” You replied. He grinned widely at you. Despite your obvious attempts to drive him away, Sirius was thoroughly enjoying his time with you. You were especially feisty for a Hufflepuff and different from anyone he’s spoken to before. Most girls were flirty and giggly around him and the few that weren’t interested in him, he’d never felt drawn to. “Stop it.”

“Stop what?” He asking, smirking.

“Stop doing that with your face.”

“What? Smiling? I thought Hufflepuffs were all about the smiles.”

“Not when they’re creepy.”

“You offend me, Huffles.” He said, pouting. “I’ve been told I have quite a nice smile.”

“The people who told you that didn’t know how to let you down easily.” You quipped, flashing him a smirk of your own.

“You’re mean for a Hufflepuff.” He remarked, making you groan.

“Stop with the Hufflepuff shaming.” You exclaimed. “Hufflepuff is a great house.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it is. Wasn’t it Helga Hufflepuff who literally said ‘and I’ll take the rest’ when the founders where creating the houses?” He asked, raising his eyebrows at you. You glowered at him. You were actually starting to have an okay time until he said that.

“Helga Hufflepuff wanted a house where everyone fit in without having to prove that they’re the smartest or the bravest or the most cunning.” You said angrily. “Hufflepuffs are supposed to be kind and brave and loyal, nowhere does it say that they’re boring or lazy or push overs. We are smart and brave and kind and the only area we’re lacking in is producing dark wizards. And the second someone insults us, we protect fiercely.”

“Well, the last part is definitely true in your case.” He said. You gave him a small smile, embarrassed by your outburst. “Nice speech by the way.”

“Thanks, I’m actually considering being a motivational speaker.” You said sarcastically, pretending to be thoughtful. He smirked smugly at you, noticing that you were becoming more comfortable with him.

“You know, you haven’t actually told me what you’re doing out here so early.” He asked. The playful look on your face was suddenly replaced by a bashful one.

“I like to watch the sunrise.” You said quietly. The smirk fell from his face at your genuine response. He lowered his head, his hair falling to hide his face. You bit your lip nervously. “I know it’s stupid, I just-“

“No, no-” Sirius cut you off, reaching for your hand. Your mouth shut, surprised by the sudden sincere emotion. “I mean, it’s not stupid. I-“ He hesitated and paused for a minute. You gave his hand a light squeeze. His gaze flickered away and his hand slipped out of yours, making you miss it’s warmth. You scolded yourself. No, you don’t want Sirius to hold your hand. You don’t, you don’t, you don’t. Sirius cleared his throat, his signature smirk coming back. You frowned, you knew what that smirk meant and you didn’t want it. You liked the genuine Sirius, the one that you didn’t think many people saw. “So do you come here often?”

“Just on Wednesdays. I find that sunrises are prettiest on Wednesdays.” You said. He looked at you amusedly, raising a questioning eyebrow. You just shrugged in response. Suddenly you saw the first rays of light appear over the walls of the courtyard. You shushed Sirius, despite him not actually saying anything, making him chuckle, and pointed behind him. He turned around, scooting next to you and leaned his back on the tree,

You both watched the sun rise, watched the vibrant colours of orange and pink softly spread across the sky. You both saw how the light chased the darkness of the night away and welcome the new day with brilliant hues of red. You couldn’t help the smile that grew on your face. Watching the sunrise always filled you with a certain hope. You turned slightly to look at Sirius, his eyes on the sky. You were surprised to find a look of awe on his face, mouth slightly ajar. He looked open and vulnerable, you had to bite your lip to stop your smile from growing even more at the sight of this Sirius. Expression not hidden by a smirk or a witty remark.

He turned to look at you, catching you looking at him. You didn’t mind though when you saw him reciprocate your large grin. No smug look, no teasing words, just wonderment. You admired how the sun made his dark eyes and hair shine, a stark contrast to his usual ‘dark, bad boy’ look. What you didn’t know was that he was marvelling at you too, how your beautiful smile lit up your kind and passionate face and how your hair swayed slightly in the cool morning breeze. He snapped out of his trance and looked away, deciding to rest his gaze on the sunrise, the other beautiful sight before him.

“You know, Huffles,” he said, “you’re not so bad for a Hufflepuff.” You laughed and nudged his shoulder slightly. This time, he was grinning in triumph for making you laugh. He also didn’t try to push down the way his heart squeezed at the gentle sound.

“Prick.” You retorted, making him laugh at your weak insult. You sat in silence for a while longer. “You’re not so bad for a Gryffindor yourself.” You said, keeping your gaze on the sky despite you feeling his eyes on you.

“I’ll accept that.” Sirius said, giving a deep sigh.

“Nice PJ’s by the way.” You said, glancing at his dark blue pyjamas and making him burst into laughter.


Aaaah, I don’t know. How was that? Was it good? I’ve never tried writing Sirius before. Did I do ok? I don’t know, please tell me. Part 2 maybe? If you want? I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading.

Constructive criticism is welcome.


Mmmm…..if you were to ask me which novels were my favourite series, I’d tell you without hesitation that it’s Farseer and Stormlight Archive.  But.  But if you lean in a little, you’d probably also hear me quietly whisper, “Dresden Files.” I was baited in with promises of a wizard riding a t-rex to battle, and I was not disappointed.  One of the things I’m overly biased in favour of with Dresden Files is how much metaphoric and comparison/simile language is used in it.  As someone who memorizes things and records knowledge in exactly that way, it’s a comfortable read :P.

Things to hurdle over just in case you’re contemplating trying the series:

- The first three books are generally considered serviceable, good, decent, not bad.  Personally, Summer Knight (Book 4) was probably the book where it really started to pick up for me, but the scene that got me was the one in Grave Peril where he basically has to be picked up off his shower floor because he’s too messed up and sobbing his heart out over possibly having accidentally-on-purpose murdered a bunch of innocent people.  To be honest, Grave Peril still gives me a sick feeling to the stomach because Ugh.  Red Court Vampires.  eugh ick.  Harry won’t even talk about what they did to him years later :/

- Your Mileage May Vary:  Dresden is sexist.  To me, Dresden is what I’d consider an acceptable and understandable amount of sexist, but going into the why would take an incredibly long, rambly post.  Let’s see if I can summarize:  Has past traumas that probably factor into why he tries to save every other woman out there to make up for someone he couldn’t save, didn’t really grow up learning how to interact with anyone properly, let alone women – the guy has all of what..five friends at the beginning of the series, two of which are a talking skull and a cat – has a saviour complex – the list goes on.  For me, this flaw of Harry’s just makes him that much more human, and the thing is, he can’t help his thoughts, but his actions are always reined in by an extremely disciplined morality.  Plus, whatever he thinks, he knows Murphy’s always got his back, and being female doesn’t even factor into that.  Also, the guy changes.  He grows up and perspectives change.   In any event, Dresden remains one of my favourite fictional characters due to <way too many reasons that may be expounded on in some other post>, despite any notable flaws in him, so make of that what you will.

- Dresden Files is dark.  It’s not dreary or depressing or dystopic, but in some ways it’s horrifying.  I mean, it’s hilarious, but it’s also dark.  Be warned.  :D     

Moonlight pt.2

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader, The Marauders x Reader.

Words: 3,049.

Warnings: Angst, a little bit of blood and sometimes (mild) cursing.

{ English isn’t my first language, so sorry for grammar mistakes! }

Y/N: Your Name

Y/H/N: Your House Name

Part One


I worked soooo long on this, so I really hope you’ll enjoy it! :)

The moment your heart beated again, and your lungs filled with air something felt wrong. You were in a dark room lying on the ground. You couldn’t remember what happened and why you were here. The only thought that came up was that you weren’t dead. But… why, and how?

You started to hear voices. You quietly listened to them and tried to know who were the ones speaking.

‘My lord, I would n-never q-question y-you, b-but maybe t-this isn’t a g-good idea,’ someone stammered. Not just someone-

‘Wormtail, don’t question me! Why exactly wouldn’t it be a good idea?’ someone else asked. This voice you didn’t know who it was from. This voice was harsh, cold and made you shiver. 

But who the bloody hell was Wormtail talking to? Was this the new headquarter of the Order? Who was the lord? And why were you alive?

‘M-maybe she-she’ll b-be more p-powerful f-for us t-to handle,’ Wormtail continued. ‘How dare you question my power!’ the person shouted. ‘Wormtail I will be the most powerful wizard of all time, don’t question if she’ll ever be above me!’

‘I-I’m sorry m-my l-lord o-of c-course,’ Wormtail apologized. ‘Now, Wormtail! Look if she’s awake, and if she is bring her to me,’ the person said.

Bloody hell, Wormtail was a deatheater you realized. And you were- in you-know-who’s territory. You wanted to run and question everything. 

How much time has passed by? Have you been gone for a long time? Where is the rest of the order? And most importantly, where is Remus?

Loud footsteps were working their way towards the room you were in. You couldn’t think of anything else so you faked like you were still sleeping, or that you were still dead.

Wormtail entered the room loudly and stared at you. He muttered something under his breath and walked towards you. ‘I’m not going to be bloody blamed for this just because you’re not awake,’ he muttered. He bended over to you to wake you. 

The moment you thought he was close enough you punched him in the stomach and kicked his feet away beneath him so that he landed on his face. He groaned and you quickly stood up. You took his wand from the ground that he had let go of and pointed it at him.

‘Tell me what happened!’ you whispered with a sharp voice. He put his hands in the air, ‘What do you mean? About what?’ he asked quickly. ‘Which date is it? I’m sorry what year is it?!’ you asked demanded. 

He was silent and you put his wand against his throat. ‘I know you won’t kill me Y/N,’ he said with a grimace. ‘Try me! I promise I won’t bloody hesitate!’ you said now almost shouting from anger.

‘It’s the year 1995,’ he said after doubting it for a second. You almost dropped the wand as you heard the year. For Merlin’s sake, you have been dead for 16 years. Sixteen years.

‘W-why have you bring me back to life?’ you asked with a, now, trembling voice. Wormtail’s grimace appeared again as he noticed that you were less of a harm than a few seconds ago. ‘I’m sorry I can’t tell,’ he said with a smile. ‘You’ll find out sooner or later.’

‘How did you even bring me back to life anyways?’ you asked with shaking hands. Wormtail wiped the area beneath your lower lip with his right hand and showed it to you. Blood. His hand was covered in blood.

‘What the fuck did you do to me?!’ you asked now trying to clean the blood. You realized that your whole mouth was covered with blood. You could taste it and when you realized that you fell on your knees. 

Your hands were covered with blood and you felt like you couldn’t breathe. The only thought that lingered through your mind was:

‘Did I kill someone?’

You heard other footsteps entering the room and you looked up to face the person. Person…? Well, he was different. He looked more like the monster he had always been throughout the years. You didn’t even had to hear anyone tell you who it was, you already knew who it was anyways.

‘Tom,’ you whispered as you faced each other. He smirked at you, he actually smirked at you while he grabbed his wand. ‘What are you going to do? Kill me again?!’ you shouted at him.

He shrugged, ‘No, it will be much more fun. And this time you can actually be useful to me.’ ‘Hello and goodbye Y/N.’


The voice could be heard through the whole mansion. You didn’t feel like yourself anymore. You felt… different. Used. Any movements or other things you made weren’t your actions. 

You weren’t under control of yourself. You were being controlled.

- One year later-

You were at the ministry of magic. You came here because the famous Harry Potter tried to steal the prophecy. His prophecy. You were sent here as well because, well, after all you were Tom’s most loyal and trusted follower. 

Of course you couldn’t even do otherwise.

‘Ah if this isn’t the famous Harry Potter,’ you heard Lucius saying. You apparated next to him and pushed him away. ‘Lucius be nice, after all he’s famous,’ you laughed. 

You looked at Harry and without any warning a memory came up.

- Twenty-two years ago - 

Hours passed by as more and more snowflakes covered the closed windows in the Y/H/N common room. You sighed, every one of your Y/H/N friends were at Hogsmeade. They had asked you as well to join them, but you had refused. Somehow you didn’t feel like going to Hogsmeade. You just wanted to be at Hogwarts and enjoy the weather.

But now… You were lonely. You didn’t really have anyone to join you on this day at Hogwarts. Anyone but-

A smile appeared on your face. Why not join them? You thought. 

You stood up from the couch you were lying on and hurried over to the Gryffindor common room. You wanted to tell the password as you suddenly realized… What if they were gone as well? Then you wouldn’t only be alone in the Y/H/N common room but also in the Gryffindor common room.

You pushed away the thoughts. At least you would try. You told the painting of the Fat Lady the password and entered the Gryffindor common room.

The common room was empty, but even though it was you walked further into the common room. At the point you wanted to return you heard your name. 

‘Y/N! Bloody hell why didn’t you tell me you weren’t going to Hogsmeade as well?’ a boy asked.

Not just a boy, it was James. James Potter.

You laughed, ‘Why aren’t you at Hogsmeade?’ you asked. He looked at you with a smile, ‘I didn’t really feel like it,’ he said. ‘Or…?’ you asked with a smile.

‘Because I heard you weren’t going as well,’ he said. ‘Bloody hell, why didn’t you go? You just could’ve gone James!’ you said.

‘I couldn’t just leave my beautiful best friend here alone at Hogwarts could I?’ he said as he walked over to you. ‘This is too sweet for me to handle James,’ you laughed. 

He opened his arms and embraced you. You laughed and he kissed you on your right cheek. ‘Wherever you go, I go with you,’ he said with a smile as he looked at you.

‘Even the bathroom?’ you asked jokingly. ‘If you are too lonely there, I will,’ he said.

The memory got pushed away. Harry looked just like him. And Tom killed James. You fought against the Imperius curse but you couldn’t. It was too strong, it held too tight.

‘Harry, know that we can take care of this very well,’ you started. ‘You can either give the prophecy to us, or you’ll all die.’ ‘And I promise, I won’t hesitate,’ you said with a rough voice while you looked at everyone of them.

You saw Nevile Longbottom, the child of Frank and Alice Longbottom. Your heart dropped as you remembered all the great times you had together. With both Frank and Alice.

You opened your mouth and your canines slowly became sharper. The veins beneath your eyes showed and the hunger of blood ran through your body.

‘NO! Not now!’ you thought in your head. You fought against the Imperius curse but it held even tighter.

Every second of every minute of every day, you fought against the curse. But each time, it held tighter and tighter. You were too weak, and too much under control of it. And you hated that you were too weak.

Harry doubted it and then slowly wanted to give you the prophecy. When suddenly he conjured a spell. ‘REDUCTO!’ he shouted at you. You fell back, but got up quick. 

Harry and the others were running as hard as they could out of the prophecy room. With your ability to run extremely fast now you could get the prophecy in no time. But you tried as much as possible to slow yourself, to give Harry and all the others a head start. But eventually you couldn’t slow your run that much, even though you wanted to.

Luckily, Harry and the others apparated far more quickly in another room. You apparated into the room and looked around you. Bellatrix was standing beside you with Neville holding him tight with a wand against his throat.

A boy with red hair, a girl with blonde hair, another girl with red hair and another with brown curly hair were positioned like this as well. You felt your heart break. How could you take part of this?

Harry was standing in the middle of the circle and was surrounded by his friends positioned like this. He held the prophecy tight and you walked over to him. 

‘Harry, I give you one last chance to give the prophecy to me,’ you said as you held your hand out. ‘Or what?’ Harry asked savagely. ‘Or you’ll regret your choice that you didn’t hand the prophecy over to me in the first place,’ you said. ‘Give it to me,’ you said angry.

You tried so hard to tell Harry not to give it to you. You tried so hard that you could almost say something. It felt like you almost had your body back, including your mind. But you failed, again.

The moment Harry wanted to give it to you, several people appeared. Not just people. They were people from the Order. 

‘They are alive,’ you thought. ‘But… where are Lily and James? And the rest of them?’

The moment you saw Remus you wanted to run over to him and cry in his arms. You wanted to be with him and let all of this go. You didn’t want to think about all the people you’ve killed and, or hurt. 

‘You are a monster,’ you thought about yourself. ‘A cruel monster.’

Remus looked at you and didn’t move. He knew you were part of Tom’s followers. The way you were dressed, the way you stood in front of Harry with your hand out. 

You felt your heart break as you realized that he might hate you now. Might? That he probably hated you right now. 

You suddenly became furious and fought as hard as you could against the Imperius curse, and-

Everything became clearer. To see if you were truly free you wanted to step away from Harry. As you thought so, you did it. You stepped away. You wanted to smile but you reminded yourself that everyone still had to think that you were influenced under the Imperius curse. 

You looked Harry in his eyes and acted like you were about to manipulate him. ‘Harry give me the prophecy,’ you said out loud. While in his mind you told him; ‘Break the prophecy before I nor anyone else can get to it.

You knew Harry doubted it so you continued. ‘Trust me, please. I’m not who you think I am,’ you said in his mind. ‘I am on your side.’

Harry slowly nodded. ‘HARRY NO!’ the girl with the brown curls shouted. ‘It’s not worth it Harry!’ Neville shouted, as well. The moment you held your hand out in front of him, Harry let the prophecy fall. ‘NOO!’ Bellatrix cried. 

You looked with horror in your eyes to the prophecy on the ground. It was divided into several pieces and a bluish fog escaped the broken prophecy. You fell on your knees and tried to act like you wanted to bring the pieces together.

‘You ruined everything!’ Bellatrix shouted at Harry. Bellatrix let go of Hermione and she stormed towards Harry. Harry stepped a few steps back and clenched his fingers tight against his wand and pointed it at Bellatrix.

‘You think you can kill me? ME?’ she cried. You realized she truly wanted that prophecy really bad because at that moment she went madder than she already was. Bellatrix took her wand at Harry and conjured a spell. ‘CRUCIO!’ 

Luckily, Harry avoided the spell. ‘Get away from my bloody godson!’ Sirius shouted at her while he conjured a spell to her. ‘Reducto!’

At that moment, everything went extremely fast. The order started to fight against the Deatheaters. You didn’t know what to do as you wanted to fight together with the Order, but that would draw too much attention. 

So, you tried to conjure some silent and unharmful spells to the Order, Harry, Neville and the rest. One of the deatheaters suddenly conjured a spell that caused the blonde girl to bleed. 

At that moment, you were gone. Your canines became sharper again, the veins beneath your eyes arose more clearly and your body shuddered as the hunger for blood appeared again.

You needed blood but you tried to keep control over yourself. You looked to the people of the order and then to the deatheaters. You winched at the pain your veins caused as they needed more blood. And you fell to your knees.  

You conjured a spell to heal the girl’s wounds. Bellatrix laughed insanely, and slowly walked over to you. Your canines slowly went back to their normal form and your veins became less clearly. The hunger slowly faded away but your veins still hurt like hell.

‘I knew you weren’t under the Imperius curse anymore, otherwise you would’ve gotten the prophecy in no time. And you wouldn’t have hesitated to kill the girl,’ she said with a mad smile. You were still lying on the ground as you looked up to her. ‘Is it wrong to be on the good side? To not want to hurt anyone? To not feel- like hell?’ you asked. 

‘If you were truly on our side, you wouldn’t feel like hell. You would feel better than you would on the good side,’ she said with a smile. ‘I’m not even going to be a little sorry for this,’ Bellatrix said as she pointed her wand at Sirius and conjured the killing curse.


‘NOOO!’ you screamed. Sirius looked at Harry and then to you. After that, his body faded away. You looked at the portal he had just faded into. The pain that rushed through your body felt like hell. You looked at Bellatrix who now laughed.

Harry was screaming and wanted to follow Bellatrix but Remus held him back. You just stared at the place where Sirius once stood. Your vision became less clear.

The sound Harry made was unforgivable. The scream was filled with pain you couldn’t even imagine him to have. You couldn’t move. You shivered throughout your whole body. You didn’t even feel anything. 

You stood up, ignoring Harry and everyone else. You took your wand and ran after Bellatrix. She was laughing as she kept saying, ‘I killed Sirius Black, I killed Sirius Black,’. Laughing. She laughed about it. Like it was some game she had just won.

You apparated in front of her. ‘How could you do that?’ you asked with a hoarse voice. ‘How can you live like that?’ you continued. ‘He was your family!’ you shouted from anger. 

‘He wasn’t, I would never be a family together with a blood traitor-’ ‘Don’t call him that for God’s sake!’ you cried out. You grabbed her neck and pulled her up. She tried to catch her breath. Although, she was still laughing at you.

‘Are you going to kill me Y/N?’ she asked with the air in her lungs she still had left. ‘I will never be someone like you, Bellatrix. I could never, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself,’ you whispered to her. 

Even though you said that, you clenched your sharp nails deep in the skin of her neck. Not too far to kill her, but just enough to make her suffer. Bellatrix gasped and tried to catch her breath, she wasn’t laughing anymore.

‘Y/N,’ someone said. You heard from who the voice was coming from, and you let go of Bellatrix who quickly tried to catch her breath. You turned around, and saw Remus standing in front of you.

You couldn’t say anything. You felt embarrassed, and cruel. You knew you had hurt people and you couldn’t live that way while Remus would be there for you. You deserved hate from him. Not love.

‘Y/N,’ he repeated. You shook your head while your eyes filled with tears. ‘I-I can’t do this Remus,’ you whispered. He walked over to you and you stepped back. ‘Please Y/N,’ he breathed.

‘I’m sorry Remus,’ you said. ‘The girl who you loved died seventeen years ago. And-,’ you said. ‘Her soul is replaced by some cruel monster.’

‘Y/N, we can work this out-,’ ‘No, we can’t. We won’t. It’s done, we’re done.’ you said. ‘Are-are you breaking up with me?’ he whispered. ‘We were already done the day I died, nothing has changed,’ you said as you left him alone at the Ministry of Magic. You apparated away from the Ministry of Magic.

What you were about to do? You had no idea. Going somewhere where you couldn’t harm anyone. Maybe eventually return to the Order? Maybe, but definitely not now, you needed someone. 

You needed James.

“Brisé, pourtant vivant” Part I S.B

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A/N: Hello people! This is my first attempt writing fan fiction. So, naturally, Sirius Black it is.(x OC)
I would love to receive any kind of feedback! Feel free to drop by and let me know if you liked it. Also, you can send me your requests. 
[Warnings: Firstly, my English…since it’s not my native language. And then we have triggering thoughts(maybe?) and swearing. (Age gap?) Let me know if there is anything else]
{I don’t own the gif/ Credits to the original owner. Also… to her highness J.K Rowling.}


I looked up at the night sky. Times were getting dark again.
    I was around 8 years old the last time I heard that name. Before today, that is. It has been fourteen years since then. Voldemort is back. And so is the Order.
   I wasn’t aware of Tonks talking to me. I wasn’t paying any attention. My mind was wondering in everything awful I had witnessed. Two bodies. Two innocent Muggles. Murdered by Deatheaters. My “parents”. Poor excuse of a family.
   “Trueblood, are you even listening?”, Moody’s voice said rushing me out of my mind. Of course I wasn’t. How could I be?
Without waiting for an answer, he turned to the others and explained every detail of his master plan to get Harry to Grimmauld Place.
   “Trueblood wait for us there”. After all this time, you would think that I had developed immunity to all the horror my family was spreading. But no. I couldn’t seem to be able to handle it. And that’s why I wasn’t even thinking about rebelling against his words. I was not okay. I just nodded, gaining a few worried glances.
   They were preparing for departure. I turned around, ready to apparate.
“Rose are you alright?”. I turned on my heel and saw a very concerned Remus.
“Yeah”, I simply answered, forcing a small smile. But it was too painful, that it fell almost immediately. Which didn’t go unnoticed.
“It’s not your-”. I did not give him a chance to finish his sentence.
“fault? Yeah”, heard it all before. But it was my fault. So fucking much. I shrugged it off and apparated inside the Grimmauld Place.
   I was greeted by the most awful sounds. Walburga’s portrait was screaming once again.
“Shut up” I spat out, in such a flat tone that I barely recognized as my own. Much to my surprise, she did. And she never shuts up. Ever.
“That’s a first”. I didn’t have to turn around to realize who it was. I felt silly. Like I-
“Hey” was all I could master. I knew that it’s kind of rude to have your back turned on people… Merlin, why was it so difficult? Reluctantly, I faced him. That was a mistake.
   His gray eyes were piercing through mine. But not in the way I wanted.
“What happened?” he asked in a hushed voice so Walburga would remain quiet as he gestured away from the portrait and towards the kitchen. I nodded and followed suit.
   Another unpleasant voice. Kreacher.
“Filthy little blood-traitor. As good as a mud-blood. My poor mistress…” he murmured at me. I just sighed. That was something I could take. However, Sirius… not so much.
“Out” he ordered him. After a hateful glance, Kreacher left… probably to go and adore Walburga.
“I’m sorry about him” he said sincerely.
“It’s okay. I mean, in order to get offended by him, I would actually have to value his opinion. Which I don’t” I simply stated while I sat down.  
   For a brief moment, I felt his gaze upon me. It sent shivers down my spine. But the moment passed.
“So… who killed those Muggles?” he asked casually, while he poured himself a fire whiskey. I needed something much stronger if I was to survive this.
“My beloved parents”. My tone might have been casual but I felt like someone was ripping my heart out, forcing my lungs to shut down and stop working.
   Let me explain. I am a Trueblood. Once, I belonged to the most ancient house of pureblooded wizards and witches. “Toujours sang royal” was the moto I had to keep living up to for so long. The Trueblood line is a blood line of queens and kings. Royalty. Crème de la crème. All of them were always sorted into Slytherin. Always. They also had a tendency to be extremely good at mastering the Dark Arts… meaning that when Voldemort rose, they were by his side. Every time he was on the rise… every time he was in the fall. Unlike a Malfoy, a Trueblood will stand their ground. So damn proud, egotistical and evil. They enjoy torturing innocent people… they enjoy killing without second thoughts. They enjoy being… exactly who they are.
   And then, there was me.
I wasn’t sorted into Slytherin but Ravenclaw, while my best friend was a Weasley. First strike.
I never gave a flying fuck about blood statuses. Second strike.
I refused to become a Deatheater. Third-and final-strike.
  I ran away when I was sixteen. I got disowned. I never wanted to see them again. Yet, here I was, trying to ignore the familiar pain. Even though they had used the cruciatus curse on me many times, I still struggled to recollect myself every time I knew they used it on someone else. Blood purity and bullshit. Why couldn’t they see that we all bleed the same red, sticky substance? What else was there to it?
   I was so lost in my thoughts…which, of course, led me to stare into space. Eventually, I gained conscience, blinked a few times and looked at Sirius, only to find his eyes already fixed on me. I shrugged and tried to look anywhere but near him.
“You do know that this is none of your fault, right?” he asked-stated, his eyes spreading fire inside my mind. I finally found the courage to look at him. It was my fault. It was every bit my fault.
  “But it is. I had a chance to… to eliminate them… and I didn’t” I said in what came out as almost a whisper. His eyes widened instantly. And I looked away once again. It was true. I had a chance to kill them, a year ago… but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to actually do it.
“Rose”. The way my name sounds falling off of his lips… demanding me to look at him. But I- how could I?
“Rose”. I wanted to scream at him to stop. Stop torturing me. Because I was an idiot.
   Out of the blue, a firm hand grasped my chin, forcing my head up. I was electrified by his touch.
“I am weak” I blurted out, keeping my eyes closed. His hold on my face tightened.
“You are not weak. What was asked of you was simply wrong. You are not weak Roza”. My eyes shot open at the sound of my nickname. Well, it was only him, who called me that, anyway.
  I got lost in his eyes. For a split of a second, I almost forgot. And then everything came back in waves. Wave after wave… crushing me. How could anyone see me like that? Moreover, how could he? I had to constantly remind myself that he only saw me as a friend… at best. How could I be so stupid? How could he actually return any of my feelings? He was thirteen years older than me…and he was Sirius Black for fuck’s sake. I didn’t even stand a chance. I never did and never will. And that was going to be okay at some point. I guessed.
  I removed myself from his grasp and stood up, trying too hard not to touch him, even by accident. I must have looked stern, to say the least. But it was better for him to think that than anything else. La douleur exquise… It felt just like drowning but you won’t fucking die.
  “Les rois et les reines sont condamnés à perdre la tête. Tellement pour sang royal” I said, sarcasm dripping from every word, as I made my way out of that kitchen, which all of the sudden seemed too small. I could feel how confused he was but he didn’t do anything to stop me from leaving. And deep down, I wanted him to stop me. Who was I kidding? So much for royal blood, Rose.

Brisé, pourtant vivant = Broken, yet alive
Toujours sang royal = Always royal blood
Les rois et les reines sont condamnés à perdre la tête. Tellement pour sang royal = Kings and queens are condemned to lose their heads. So much for royal blood 

Part III
Part IV
Part V (smut)

When I See You - Newt Scamander x Reader

 Newt Scamander x Plus size!Reader

 Summary: The reader has always had a weight problem, and an appearance problem. But Newt doesn’t see any flaw that the reader has. So, what will happen when he see that the reader has been acting differently for some reason.

 Warnings: A mean mother, Newt being a cutie. Trigger warning for insecurities. SO, don’t read if you start to feel uncomfortable.

 A/N: This is my first imagine that has been requested by one of you guys. So, I would like to thank you @ totheworldosanima for requesting. I’ll try and do my best with this. And I am now officially taking requests. I am really soory if you disappointed with this, but I tried my best. Enjoy!

 Italics = Flaskbacks

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You were always a little insecure about the way that you looked. Nothing had triggered this in you, you just had always had a problem with the way that you did. You thought that everybody had their insecurities that haunted them without end, and they did. But you weren’t as confident as they were. You couldn’t walk out the door with a skin-tight dress on with nude heels. You couldn’t go on with your ay without thinking of what others are thinking of you. You have tried, but you weren’t strong enough.

 You have even wondered how you were dating another wizard called Newt. You were always bullied by the slytherin girls about the way you looked. You were different. You never had pale, milky skin or long blonde hair. You instead had (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) hair and you instead had (Y/S/C). You met Newt in care of magical creature. He was fascinated by the different species, and by you. You had the same passion for the creature as he did. Meaning that you were liked by someone. That had never happened to you, you thought that no one would be interested with you.

 As soon as you both finished Hogwarts. Well you did, Newt got expelled from the school for endangering a muggle. You teamed up and decide to write a book about the world of magical creatures. You would both travel around the world to different countries and document different species. You thought that if it was good enough, you would see young wizards reading the book in the future.

 But along the way, something happened. It wasn’t back, it was actually surprising. You didn’t think that it would ever happen. Newt had asked you out. You were both on your way to Edinburgh in Scotland when he said it to you.

 “Uh- (Y/N). There is something that I have been meaning to tell you.” He was shifting nervously. You were both in his flat, you were there to help him with the book. “I have been keeping this from you, and I’m just going to say it. I have liked you since our first class of ‘Care of Magical Creatures’ together. I fell in love with your interest with the creature that we learned about. And I have liked you since the first Christmas we spent together in the common room, because both of your parents were busy in their countries. Doing who knows what. So, if you could make me the most happiness man or boy in the world, will you please take this?” he held up a promise ring to you, hoping you would take it. “I promise that I will always love you and be by your side.”

 He gave it to you. He has kept that promise ever since that day.

 But that was over; you thought that he forgot about the promise, despite you always wearing the ring.

You had both gone to America in the early 1920s. You were both in a new terrain. You were in New York, both there to release one of your creatures to their home. His name was Frank; he was a thunderbird. His home was the sandy deserts of Arizona.

 Along the way, Newt’s case had opened and some of his creatures had gotten out. That’s how you both met Tina and Queenie. They were both beautiful, graceful and elegant females. Something that you could never be unfortunately. You still saw yourself something that you were happy with. You looked in the mirror and hated what you saw. When you saw then, you saw them both and started to act differently. But Newt saw that you were acting differently. That leads to where you are now.

 You were in the case when you and Newt confronted each other. But you’re glad it happened when it did. You stared at yourself in the mirror that was in the shack of his. You saw Pickett on your soldier, studying your eyes as they roamed your body. All you saw were your imperfections; you were so entranced by your reflection and your thoughts, that you didn’t hear Newt coming down into the case. You also didn’t notice tears were coming down your face. You only realized you were crying when Newt saw you and spoke up.

 “What’s wrong love?” You loved it when he called you that. You thought he was just being nice; that was only the half of it though. “And why are you crying?” He came up beside you and took you face in his hands, making your whole body turn around to face him.

 “What do you see when you look at me?” You asked him.

 “I see a strong woman. Why, what do you see?”

 “I see someone who can never have someone else.”

 “You’re being delusional. I see a woman who can do anything, but see who already loved her. Why would you think otherwise?”

 “Because I like someone, but I fear they don’t feel the same way.” You tried to not consider his eyes so he couldn’t see how you were feeling.

 “Well if you can’t see it, I’ll just have to explain it. I gave you that promise ring because I told you that I would always be there for you, and I mean it. And I have fallen in love with you. When I look at you, I see what I have always wanted in a girl, but have never could find. You were harder to find than Dougal. But I have now found you, but I will like to ask you if you could accompany me to dinner if you could?”

 You were taken back by what he had said. You were flabbergasted, you never thought he would feel the same way about you. That didn’t stop you from saying yes though. You both stared dating when you got back to London. You then went on to becoming famous wizarding authors. And now you were waiting for a little someone to make their debut.

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Character: John Laurens X Reader
Prompt: 11:11 wishes are something you seem to do everyday. This time, it partially comes true. Partially.
Word Count: 733
W/T: None
A/N: I know this one is kinda short y'all, I understand that. I’ve just been caught up in some school work this week because it’s midterm, so it might be a little slow on getting requests and imagines out for the week. Thanks for understanding, and hope y'all enjoy!


Slowly turning the key in the doorknob, you push open the front door of your apartment with your shoulder, tugging your F/C suitcase in with you. You have finally arrived back home after a trip to London, and you can feel the jet lag finally catching up to you, your body slowly shutting down on itself from the time zone shift. Eyes heavy with exhaustion, you trudge into the kitchen, dropping any bags you had on you at the front door, shutting it behind you with your foot.

Running a hand through your hair, you pull out a package of F/Fl Pop Tarts from the cabinet, sleepily blinking as you tear open the shiny foil wrapping. Crumbs fly everywhere as it juts open, and you quickly begin to scarf it down. You hadn’t eaten since you got off of your flight, and that was starting to get to you.

Your phone buzzing in your pocket catches your attention, shaking some of your drowsiness for a moment. Glancing at the time on your kitchen stove that shone 11:08, you quickly fish it out of your back pocket, curious as to who was calling you. The lit up screen displays a picture of you and another guy, your cheeks pressed together in an attempt to be in the picture. His freckled face and smiling eyes make your chest feel warm at the sight. Pressing your thumb against the green answer button at the bottom of the screen, you slide the phone between your ear and your shoulder, continuing to eat your Pop Tart.

Through the phone, you hear the same melodic voice you had when you were at the airport, the drowsiness in his voice very apparent. “Hey babe.” He begins, suppressing a smile as he speaks. “Hey John.” You reply through a mouthful of F/Fl filling. “Got home early?” He questions, his tone sounding a bit surprised. “Yeah, I guess I sped back or something. Shaved off about half an hour coming home from the airport.” You yawn, another wave of exhaustion crashing down on you. “Oh… Well how was your trip? I missed you, ya know, Y/N.” He whines, the sounds from the radio in the background drowning him out for a moment. “Yeah yeah, I missed you too, Laurens. And the trip was great. I basically became a Hogwarts student while I was there.” You joke, moving towards your bedroom to change into your pajamas. “Why didn’t you let me come with though? I wanted to see the Wizarding World, and meet the queen, and-” “Woah woah woah, slow down there, buckaroo.” You giggle, shimming off your jeans and pulling on your pair of favorite sweatpants. “You know I would’ve loved to take you, but the Schuyler sisters wanted me to come with them when they went to visit Angelica. I wasn’t about to ask if I could bring someone else, especially if they were paying for it.”

“Couldn’t you have, I don’t know, snuck me on the plane in your luggage or something?” John suggests, the radio in the background becoming quiet. “I know you’re small, but you’re not that small.” “Okay, but what if I disguised myself as the pilot? That totally would’ve worked.” He says again, the background noise from moments ago on his end disappearing. “John. It’s over, I’m back home. You’ll get to see me tomorrow.” You sigh, pulling on a loose t shirt and wrapping yourself up in a blanket, ready to pass out.

“Hey, Y/N.”


“What time is it?”

“Uh, 11:11. Make a wish, silly.” You answer, remembering that you two always do 11:11 wishes together, even if it’s just through text. “What’s your wish?” He asks, his voice becoming quiet. “To go to sleep, stupid.” You laugh, flopping down on your bed. “What’s yours?” “That you’ll open the door.” “What?” “You heard me. I wish you would open the door.” Confused by his wish, you hesitantly stand back up and creep towards your front door, narrowing your eyes at it in the dark. You grab ahold of the doorknob and yank it open, the same guy that was on the phone with you, standing there in the cold, smiling at you warmly.

“Hey! My wish came true!” He exclaims, planting a kiss on your cheek.

“Whatever, John. You got your wish, now I want mine.”

Real-Life Prompts

Anon requested prompts based off of things that have happened to me. 


  • My music teacher said a perfect singer didn’t exist so I showed him a video of (insert favorite singer) and they wrote me an apology letter.
  • My little sibling thinks I’m a superhero. When I asked them what superhero they were, they said that they were a villain. Que the epic final battle between good and evilly adorable.
  • Person A has an amazing friend who always gives them a certain kind of candy. How does the very awkward person A tell before mentioned friend that they actually hate that type of candy?
  • What is person A’s reaction when someone says that they’ve found “wizard clutter?”


  • We’ve been best friends for years. Why are you saying you’ve hated me all along? 
  • We were in love at some point, but now I can’t even remember what color your eyes are. 
  • The age gap between person A and their younger sibling, person B, is very large. What happens when A tells person C about the guilt of not being a part of B’s life?
  • (Reference to second bullet point above), I started acting like a superhero because I thought that I would finally have the strength to save myself, but now I know that I have to save you as well.


  • “Considering that you’re practically a potatoe, you look pretty good.”
  • “Sleep little sibling, don’t say a word. Mainly because I’m halfway through an episode.”
  • “I hate your face” “I hate your life” “I hate your existence” 
  • “Stop comparing people to puppies! PUPPIES DON’T DESERVE THAT INSULT!” 

James Potter looked at the ticket he was holding in his hands. He read it twice to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, the ticket actually said 9¾.

“Nine and three quarters. They are kidding right?” asked James to his mother who looked as confused as he was. 

“I’m sure we can find someone to help us sweetheart, maybe you can ask them” pointed Euphemia to a family of four people, one of the girls was carrying a black cat in her arms and the other one had a white and gold feathered owl in a cage. 

James felt a jolt in his stomach as the family approached, the girl carrying the cat had flaming dark red hair and was extremely pretty, especially when she laughed. Her parents looked scary, they were dressed like they were going to a funeral and James would have never said they were the parents of the little girl with red hair, she looked way too much alive to be their daughter.

“James are you going to ask today, buddy?” said Fleamont realising his son wasn’t moving.

“Oh yeah, right.” replied James and hurried off to catch the family. As he approached them he saw the parents get sterner than they were before as if it was possible. Their dad had piercing green eyes and their mother had a perfectly structured face, the little girl was a perfect mix of them with a hint of red however her sister was not so lucky. She also had the structure of her mother’s face but the rest of her was not interesting compared to the read haired girl. James politely stopped in front of them and bowed a little before starting to speak.

“I am sorry, I was wondering if you could help me finding the Platform 9¾” asked James as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He did that whenever he was nervous.

“That’s what happens if you send letters to Mudbloods” muttered the woman with apparent disgust on her face. The red haired girl turned sharply around to look at her mother, James felt like whatever the woman was talking about, it wasn’t a nice thing.

“Isabel dear, let’s go, we can’t waste time with this. Go on girls” instructed their father.

Mudblood, what’s a Mudblood?

The rest of the family proceeded but the red haired girl didn’t budge.

“Lilith come on dear, we need–” 

“I told you to not call me Lilith mother, I prefer Lily” interrupted the girl.

“You will not speak to me like that again Lilith especially in public!” said her mother sternly.

“You have to run through the wall between the platforms 9 and 10, they really should write that in letters for Muggles”, explained Lily and walked away after she smiled at James.


“Thank you” shouted James after the girl and went next to his parents.

“You need to what?” Euphemia was in complete shock.

“Run through the wall between platforms 9 and 10″ said James calmly, this was the fifth time he had to repeat that.

“A-alright then dear, let’s go there.” continued Euphemia as he put a warm hand on his son’s shoulder. 

“Sometimes I feel like someone is making fun of us with all these wizard things.” said James’ father with a grin on his face, James had the exact same grin as his father.

They were standing in front of a wall. James built up all the courage he had, he felt like he was going to crash into the wall but nevertheless he decided to try.

“Alright here goes nothing, come after me if I manage to disappear, yeah?” asked James to his parents and after receiving reassuring nods from both of their pale faces, he got ready to run, there was no way he could calmly walk. 

James shut his eyes firmly as he approached the wall and he suddenly felt a breeze and heard many voices coming from the crowd around him, he had made it. A few moments later he was joined by his parents who looked relieved and confused.

There was a crimson train in front of them labeled Hogwarts Express with big gold letters. James and his parents made their way to the train after James put his luggage in the train, he went back to say goodbye to his parents.

“Jamie, I don’t know how this works but as soon as you get there send us a letter with your address so we can reach you” said Euphemia frantically while trying to fix his son’s hair.

“Euphemia we should have gotten him an owl, everyone has an owl in this place” complained Fleamont as he looked around.

“Don’t worry dad, I really don’t want an owl. They look scary” soothed James and he looked at the clock, it was almost 11 o’clock.

“I need to get on the train” he said guiltily, he felt bad about leaving his parents but this new adventure sounded amazing.

“Be good and kind” said Euphemia as he kissed his son over and over again.

“Listen to your mother and we will see you on Christmas Jamie” added his father as he hugged James earning a nudge in the stomach from his wife for making fun of her.

James got on the train and waved at his parents as Euphemia shouted “Don’t forget to write” as the train started moving.

James had no idea where he was going, had no idea what being a wizard was about but he was sure, he was going to have some serious fun. you can check the fic on AO3.

Draco X Reader: Slytherin Prince V.S. Real Prince

Imagine: You and Draco go on vacation together to a foreign country, where you meet a prince and Draco gets jealous. (Between ages 10-12)

“Woah, Draco, look over there!” I said in astonishment, pointing out the window of the castle. He chuckled at my amusement. He’d been to Orcana once before, but this was my first time here and it was such a new place.

Draco was my best friend, and our families (both held in high esteem in the wizarding world) were invited for a stay at the Orcanian King and Queen’s castle for a couple of weeks. Now, we were standing in the huge Entrance hall of the castle, waiting for the royals to make their appearance. I stared out the window, taking in every bit of pure experience that I could. Meanwhile, I felt someone watching me. I turned to find Draco staring at me almost as intently as I had been looking out the window moments ago. I blushed.

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ToTN- Hogwarts AU

Tales of Two Ninjas

One-Shot 12 (Read on ff x)

Hogwarts AU

Summary: Going to a school of magic only means the growing witches and wizards face the same trouble as growing muggles plus more. They will learn a lot more than magic at this school. They’ll learn to love.

Pairing: Naruto & Hinata

Rating: T

Year One

I’m going to let them down, she thought. I’m going to let them down.

Hinata’s little heart was beating fast under her dark robes as she streamed down large hallways, surrounded by chattering boys and girls of her age.

“How do you think we’re going to be sorted?” she heard someone ask.

“My older brother told me we have to fight a dementor!” she heard another one reply.

The chattering got louder, whispers were fierce as her fellow first years fluttered about, hearts racing at the thought.

“A dementor?” someone else asked, sounding scared. “They wouldn’t!”

No, they wouldn’t. Hinata knew. She was a pureblood from a long line of powerful witches and wizards. She was trained to do her best, to be the best. But she just wanted to learn more about magic, maybe play a little quidditch, and make a few friends. Her family wanted her to be great. To make history.

Hinata just wanted to make it through her first day.

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Fred Weasley Imagine - Schoolgirl Crush

Fred fluff requested by thrauduil - sorry this took so long!  Hope you like it!

Also I don’t have any requests so I’ll be making stuff up from now until someone sends me suggestions!

     My friend Cho Chang and I were walking through Diagon Alley for the first time since we graduated Hogwarts when we saw it.  Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.  It appeared to be the grandest joke shop you could imagine - the window display was full of tricks, bright colors, and magic, and I couldn’t even imagine what was inside.  It was just the kind of store our parents would hate.  Of course we had to go in.

     “Hey, Weasley?” asked Cho as we made our way over, “Do you think maybe it’s the joke shop the Weasley twins always talked about starting?”

     “I don’t know,”  I replied, “Probably?”

     “Do you think Fred is there?” Cho said with a smirk.  She knew that I’d had a crush on him since my second year at Hogwarts.

     I elbowed her in the ribs and walked into the shop.  God, what if Fred was here?  I was always so awkward around him…

     The inside of the shop was amazing - a prankster’s dream - but I didn’t have time to admire it because it was as though my thoughts had summoned Fred.  Both the Weasley twins came right up to us as soon as we got around the initial crowd of people.

     “Cho! y/n!  How are you?” asked Fred.

     I could see Cho trying (and for the most part, failing) to hold in her laughter as I stammered back, “Um… We’re fine.”

     He laughed at my awkwardness and grabbed me by the hand.  I gasped and then tried to cover it up with a cough.  “George, why don’t you show Cho around?  I want to talk to y/n.”

     George winked at me as he led Cho off to some distant corner of the shop, and I wanted to melt into the floor.

     “So, you’ve graduated now?”

     I nodded vaguely in his direction and tried to keep myself from blushing.  He was still holding my hand as he pulled me towards a door to a back room.  I hope he didn’t notice how sweaty it was.

     “What are you doing?  Have you got a job?”

     I cleared my throat.  “Um, yeah, actually, I’m working as a Healer now at St. Mungo’s.  What’ve you been up to?”

     I blushed as he gestured around to the joke shop.  Why did I keep saying dumb stuff like that?

     I tried to cover up my cheeks with my free hand because my face was just getting redder, but Fred temporarily grabbed my other hand too.  “Don’t do that,” he said, “You’re cute when you blush.”

     I barely had time to process that statement - Fred thought I was cute? - before Fred pulled me through the door and slammed it closed behind us.  I found myself in a room full of boxes; it was probably their storage room.

     “Why did you take me here?” I asked Fred, still not really making eye contact.

     “Because,” Fred said, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while, and now’s the perfect time.  I want to date you.”

     I gaped at him.  “Sorry, what?”  There was no way that he actually said that.

     “I want to date you.  y/n, you’ve been too busy avoiding me after the whole school found out about your crush to even consider the fact that I might like you back.”

     I forced myself to lift my eyes from the floor to his face, and I saw only sincerity there.  So, I did the one thing I had been dying to do for years - I kissed Fred Weasley.

Cinderella - Fred Weasley Imagine


Hi! So im super new to your blog but i love it so much already!! Can I request a shy, muggleborn hufflepuff that had recently moved to England and transferred to hogwarts? Either Fred or George is fine with me so you choose! Lots of fluff would be nice though! Go ham on it! <3

•A/n: I know it’s not like Cinderella’s story but the ball part is kinda like that!•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I took a deep breath not believing what I’m doing, it all feels like a dream. A dream that seems unreal. Being excepted to a magical school seems unreal. I just recently moved to England with my parents, when we got the letter. I guess I’m a witch. Luckily the list told me where to get my stuff because if it didn’t I would surely be lost. I turn around and hug my parents one last time “Are you sure you don’t want us to walk you to your train?” My dad asked kissing my forehead “Yes dad. I’m sure. I love you” I whispered giving both of them a kiss on the cheek, I turned around and headed off towards the Hogwarts Express. I look at the ticket in my hand that I received with my letter “Platform 9 and three-quarters?” I asked myself looking around at the numbers above but all I saw was platforms nine and ten. I quickly walk to a nearby train worker and ask him for help “Hello. Do you know where I can find platform nine and three-quarters?” I asked “Nine and Three-quarters? Think your funny do ya?” He scolded walking away “Wait! No! I didn’t mean to be funny!” I exclaimed as he kept walking never looking back, I sigh deeply starting to get a feeling in the pit of my stomach. The feeling of hopelessness. But the feeling soon leaves my stomach when I see a group of gingers coming near me “Come on children! Platform Nine and Three-quarters is this way!” A little plump woman probably their mother said sweetly leading her group of ginger children.

I slowly trail behind them, watching them intently seeing as to how to get on the platform. “Alright Ron! You first dear.” she said in the same sweet tone, I watched as the youngest of the gingers took a deep breath and ran straight through the brick wall between platforms nine and ten. I gasped as he disappeared making the rest of the red-heads look at me, my eyes widened “I’m - I’m sorry” I stuttered out “Oh it’s alright dear, need some help getting onto the platform?” She asked, I nodded my head “Well come here.” She gestured for me to come forward. I quickly walk next to her ready for the task, one of the identical twins smiles and winks at me making heat rise up to my cheek “Well what your gonna do is run straight between platforms nine and ten. If your nervous it’s best if you go at a fast pace.” She smiled, I nodded my head. I took a deep breath before starting to run as fast as I can. Because I was scared out of my mind. I close my eyes tight ready for impact but I don’t feel it, I open my eyes to see me in a different place. I look up and see a sign above me labeled ‘Hogwarts Express, Platforms Nine and Three-quarters’ I smile widely as my eyes spot a giant gold and red train, filled with children.

I slowly walk on the train, looking for an empty compartment. I find one in the back of the train and close the door behind me. I haul my luggage onto my seat and attempt to put it on the rack above the seats but fail miserably. I huffed “Need some help?” I heard a soft but manly voice say, I turn my head towards the compartment door and see the same twin that winked at me, I think so. “Um… Yeah. If you could, please.” I said blushing again, he smiled at me before putting my luggage up on the rack with ease. I can tell that he was strong by just looking at his arms. “Find something you like?” He teased “oh I’m sorry.” I squeaked out looking down, “It’s okay” he grinned making me look up. “You mind if I sit with you? the rest of the compartments are filled.” He asked “No. I don’t mind at all” I smiled making him smirk. He put up his luggage and sat down across from me “I distinctly remember that we weren’t properly introduced. I’m Fred Weasley.” He winked making me grin “(Y/n) (Y/l/n)” I smiled shaking his hand “Well, I must say (Y/n). You do have a beautiful smile” he said making me blush “Thank you” I giggled. The rest of the train ride Fred filled me in about Hogwarts and from what he’s saying it sounds amazing. Owls bringing you mail everyday, houses, quidditch, it all seems like a dream. A dream I don’t want to wake up from.

“So is this your first year at Hogwarts? Because you look my age.” He asked “Well, I went to another school but I guess they sent me my letter late. So I don’t know.” I said looking down at me hands “I’m glad they told you, because if they didn’t I wouldn’t have met you” he smirked but I couldn’t help but smile at his words. The train came to a halt, Fred put my luggage on the floor for me as looked out the window. I make my way out of the train with Fred by my side, “Miss. (Y/l/n)!” I heard a voice yell. I turned around to see a elderly lady beckoning for me to come with her “I’ll see you later, beautiful” Fred whispered in my ear before leaving a kiss on my cheek. I held my cheek in my hand as I made my way towards the lady “Miss. (Y/l/n), I’m professor Mcgonagall, I will be your transfiguration teacher while your here, your a sixth year like Mr. Weasley. That I already see that you’ve meet. You will go with the rest of the first years and me to the Great Hall where you will be sorted into your house. Understood?” She asked, I nodded. I quickly went in the group with the rest of the younger witches and wizards as professor Mcgonagall lead us to a dock where wooden boats were sitting in the water. As we took our seats, I heard someone gasp making me look up to see what they were looking at. It was Hogwarts. A huge stone castle with many windows and towers, it was unique.

She lead us across the lake and into the great stone castle. We followed her through two giant oak doors that lead us to a extremely huge hall where there were four large tables filled with students, floating candles everywhere, and a good view of the night sky above. I looked around in awe like the rest of the first years still following professor Mcgonagall. She stopped in front of a wooden stool that had a hat that looked beatened up and worn out, “Now, as I call your name. You will come up, I’ll place the sorting hat on your head, and you’ll be sorted into your houses.” She said calmly. “(Y/n) (Y/l/n)!” Her voice echoed throughout the Great Hall, I slowly making my way to the stool. My heart racing, I sit on the stool as the sorting hat is placed on my head, all eyes are on me. I jump when an old croaky voice enters my ear “Hmm… Good hearted… Loyal… Unafraid of toil…” The voice said then he suddenly screams “HUFFLEPUFF!” Making the table with the yellow banners scream and cheer. I hop off my seat and make my way towards Hufflepuff table, I look towards the red table, Gryffindor, and see Fred cheering and screaming making me laugh as I take a seat.

~The Next Day~

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore had just announced that Hogwarts will be holding a legendary event The Triwizard Tournament, and that two othe magical schools will be staying with us. These two schools that we will be competing with are called The Durmstrang Institute and The Beauxbatons Academy Of Magic. He said that their will also be a Yule Ball here at Hogwarts for the students. I jump as high as I can trying to see over the crowd of rowdy students trying to see the Durmstrang ship and the Beauxbatons carriage. “Need a lift?” Fred asked “Yes please” I said excitedly, he bent down a little bit as I jumped on his back. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he held my legs in his hands, “Better?” Fred yelled over the crowds screaming “Yeah” I screamed kissing his head. Later in the day we started classes, I have every single class with Fred. Not that I’m complaining or anything. “The Yule ball is a Triwizard tradition for many years now,” Professor Mcgonagall started but pursed her lips when she spotted Fred talking to Lee Jordan. “Mr. Weasley would you please come forth and show everyone how to dance properly for the ball” she said in a serious tone. Fred walked up to Mcgonagall “Um… May I choose a girl that I desire not saying that your not desirable professor.” Fred smirked “Go ahead” Mcgonagall said stepping to the side “(Y/n)! Come here!” Fred told me gesturing for me to come forth. My eyes widened as I slowly made my way towards him “Fred. I don’t know how to dance.” I whispered “It’s okay” he whispered grabbing my hands and putting them on his shoulders “Just follow me” he smiled placing his hands on my waist firmly. A very slow song started making me and Fred sway to the song, but I soon started to get the hang of it after a few seconds. We swayed side to side, and spun each other, Fred dipped me a couple of times making me squeal. A loud rang echoed through the class indicating it’s time to go. “(Y/n)? If you don’t already have a date to the ball, maybe we could go together?” He asked nervously “That sounds lovely” I smiled “Okay, I’ll meet you in front of the Great Hall” he smiled giving me a kiss on the forehead before leaving the classroom with a spark in his eyes and a smile on his face.

~The Night Of The Ball~

I smiled as I twirled in my ball gown. It was a strapless gown, the color of a deep dark red wine, with fancy lace work all over it. I went with a dark red lipstick to match my dress, I did smokey eyes with a thin line of black eyeliner. I patted down my dress and took a deep breath in “Everything will be fine” I smiled making my way to the entrance of Hufflepuff common room. I slowly walked to the Great Hall with the front of my dress in my hands trying to not get it dirty. I see Fred right in front of the entrance with his back to me, I tapped on his shoulder making him turn around quickly. He looks at me up and down with his mouth open “You look amazing” he exclaimed hugging me “thank you” I smiled. “Shall we?” He asked holding his hand out for me “We shall” my smile grew wider as I placed my hand in his. We made our way to the dance floor, but I felt a bit uncomfortable because everyone was staring at me and Fred. “They’re all staring at you” I whispered as we reached the middle of the dance floor “Oh, trust me. They’re all staring at you.” He smiled making me pinch my lips together and look at everyone around me with wide eyes. We start to slowly sway to the elegant orchestra music but I soon becomes a little faster, Fred twirls me making me smile, then dips me making me squeal but in a playful way. We start dancing in circles making a couple of people back up and watch in awe. I laugh when Fred lifts me up high in the air, I look down at his eyes and see a spark in them. He slowly sets me down as the song slowly come to a stop. Then he kisses me. This kiss is nothing I have ever felt before, it’s passionate and lustful, I melt into the kiss and everything just disappears all around me but I soon hear clapping making me pull back from the kiss everyone was clapping loudly. I can tell that this is the start of something new.


I had a dream a few weeks ago and I was grocery shopping when I passed a couple of jersey-wearing teenagers who looked like they had a conundrum. It turns out they needed ribbons and someone to take their picture, so I offered and instantly we became friends and they invited me to “the game” they were getting ready for

So I go to the game and it turns out they’re playing Quidditch, and that they are from an actual Wizarding school. The super nice kids were part of a house with a Cockatrice as their mascot, but when I asked what the other houses were, a girl grimaced and was like “yeah, they weren’t so lucky”

And it turns out the other house mascots were Snail, Washing Machine, and Eraser

and I think about this dream often

Why Dumbledore, Why? (Chamber of Secrets Edition)
  • Sooo… Dumbledore knew about the basilisk, right?
  • It can’t have been that hard to work out.
  • People love to joke about Salazar “Snake-Tongued” Slytherin the Snake President (or Snesident) of the Snake Club choosing a giant snake as his monster but
  • Yeah, it was pretty obvious.
  • How many creatures can petrify people in the first place?
  • I mean maybe the basilisk only did that because it was being used sneakily and it wasn’t well-known they could do that but still.
  • Slytherin is famous for speaking parseltongue. All the school roosters were murdered. The unsubtle several-month-long spider exodus.
  • I mean for fuck’s sake basilisks are in one of the standard textbooks is Hermione the only person at Hogwarts who reads?
  • Even if Dumbledore couldn’t or didn’t want to go talk to Aragog directly, it sounds like Hagrid knew everything his spider buddy did and could confirm the spider fear aspect.
  • And then there’s Myrtle.
  • Please tell me someone interviewed Myrtle about what killed her before Harry and Ron thought to ask. Surely the wizarding world has figured that out as standard procedure for ghosts of murder victims.
  • And if Dumbledore did talk to her, the snake on the tap was not exactly SUBTLE.
  • Boom, entrance to the Chamber of Secrets found. Who cares if we don’t have a Parselmouth to open it? Just pave over the bloody thing.
  • And if that wouldn’t work, there have to be preventative methods you can take against basilisks. Using mirrors to look around corners! Putting grates in the gi-fucking-normous pipes!
  • I mean come on the thing can be killed by a crowing rooster.
  • “By decree of the headmaster, every corridor will now be equipped with a live rooster, to be protected at all costs.”
  • That sounds exactly like the kind of weird shit that is constantly going on at Hogwarts and everyone would just be like ‘same old Dumbledore!’
  • But no, instead we manage to have four near misses (which are only misses by chance or possibly because Ginny was trying to fight the possession) with no sign of intervention from the staff except for a curfew.
  • Dumbledore totally didn’t bother to try because he wanted Harry to have a mystery to solve and in doing so put the whole school at risk.

Cousins cousins cousins

Oh Powers in a bucket, I just made a connection (and once again I’m drowning in feels)

When were the two times Atlantis has been mentioned in canon?

DW: Discussing with Ed its destruction as a result of the failed Twelvesong

TWD: The Transcendent Pig telling Kit, “The last time someone asked me a question phrased that way (…) Atlantis sank.”

What if it was the same question as Kit’s?

How can I save her?

I MADE A TON OF PENTATONIX ASKS! These are largely in chronological order. I didn't do the new album because I know someone just made a post with questions for that. Have fun with it!
  • PTX : What's an internet acronym it took you a long time to understand?
  • Scott : Who is your idol?
  • Mitch : What is your favorite item of clothing? OR what's your aesthetic?
  • Superfruit : What's your weekly obsession?
  • Scomiche : What's your favorite fictional ship?
  • Kirstie : What's your favorite Disney movie?
  • Trio : How'd you meet your best friend?
  • Avi : What's your favorite mythical creature?
  • Kevin : If you could be renowned forever for being the best at one thing, what would it be?
  • Meat and Potatoes : What's your favorite meal?
  • Ben : Talk about a time you worked behind the scenes.
  • Esther : Ever played a prank?
  • Wyatt : What color is your hair?
  • Olaf : What's worth melting for?
  • Todrick Hall : Have you ever seen/been in a flash mob?
  • Lindsey Stirling : Do you play any instruments?
  • Sing-Off : Talk about a time you took a chance and it paid off.
  • Ben Folds : What do you nerd out about?
  • Sara Bareilles : Talk about a time you got hella tongue-tied.
  • Shawn Stockman : What gets you psyched every time?
  • Telephone : Have you ever auditioned for anything?
  • ET : Do you believe in aliens?
  • Your Love is My Drug : Have you ever done drugs?
  • Piece of My Heart : Have you ever had your heart broken?
  • Video Killed the Radio Star : How did you first realize your passion for whatever means the most to you?
  • Love Lockdown : What makes you angry?
  • Britney Spears Medley : What mistake do you make a lot?
  • Born to be Wild : What's the greatest adventure you've ever been on?
  • Stuck Like Glue : What can't you give up?
  • OMG : Talk about a time you made a compromise.
  • Let's Get it On : What have you never lived down? OR who's your celebrity crush?
  • Forget You/Since U Been Gone : Have you ever gotten a toxic person out of your life?
  • Dog Days are Over : Talk about a time you put your all into something, even if you were scared.
  • Without You : Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Una Noche : Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?
  • Eye of the Tiger : Talk about a time you won something.
  • Moves Like Jagger : What's the first internet video you remember watching?
  • Edge of Glory : Do you live in the moment?
  • How Will I Know : Are you good at "reading" people?
  • You Da One : What do you daydream about?
  • We Are Young : What's your power song?
  • End of Time : How do you think the universe will end?
  • When Love Takes Over : If you took over the world, what would be your first action as ruler?
  • As Long as You Love Me/Wide Awake : What time do you wake up?
  • The Wizard of Ahhs: What trait would you ask the Wizard for?
  • PTX Vol. I : What's something you made long ago that you're still proud of?
  • Starships : Talk about a time no one believed in you, but you succeeded and proved them wrong. OR would you ever go to space if you had the chance?
  • The Baddest Girl : What's the most badass thing you've ever done?
  • Somebody That I Used to Know : Have you ever drifted from someone you used to be close with?
  • Aha! : Talk about a time you were caught red-handed.
  • Show You How to Love : Do you like going out to clubs?
  • Love You Long Time : What do you consider irreplacable?
  • The Chicken Song : What cracks you up every time?
  • PTXMas : How long did you believe in Santa?
  • Angels We Have Heard on High : Have you ever sung in a choir?
  • O Come, O Come Emmanuel : Are you religious?
  • Carol of the Bells : What do you have set as your ringtone?
  • The Christmas Song : Do you have a fireplace?
  • O Holy Night : Have you ever gone stargazing?
  • This Christmas : Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe?
  • Little Drummer Boy : Talk about a time you had to improvise.
  • Go Tell it on the Mountain : Have you ever spread a rumor?
  • Payphone : How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
  • Gangnam Style : Do you speak any languages other than English?
  • NSYNC Medley : What makes you nostalgic?
  • Save the World/Don't You Worry Child : Where were you on Dec 21, 2012 (the day the world was supposed to end(again))?
  • Thrift Shop : What's the coolest thing you've gotten at a Thrift Shop?
  • Radioactive : Do you like dystopian fiction?
  • Evolution of Music : What is your favorite song from before the 21st century?
  • Oreos : What's your favorite cookie?
  • Pusher Love Girl : What's your silliest nickname?
  • PTX Vol. II : What constructive critique has stayed with you?
  • Can't Hold Us : What "clique" do you feel you identify most with?
  • Natural Disaster : Have you ever been in an earthquake?
  • Love Again : Have you ever been to a rave?
  • Valentine : What do you think is cute?
  • Hey Momma/Hit the Road Jack : What's the worst pickup line you know?
  • I Need Your Love : Have you ever had to do someone else's job?
  • Run to You : Who do you miss right now?
  • Daft Punk : If you could have one robot/cybernetic enhancement, what would it be?
  • PTXPerience : Do you keep a diary? Have you ever read someone else's diary?
  • Royals : If you could be royalty, with all the good and bad things that entails, would you want to?
  • Evolution of Beyonce : What's the most dramatic thing you've done to get the attention of someone you like or admire?
  • Cruisin' for a Bruisin' : Have you ever been in a fight?
  • Sesame Street : What's your happiest childhood memory?
  • Say Something : Go on, say something. Get it off your chest.
  • Happy : What makes you happy?
  • We Are Ninjas : What Ninja Turtle are you most like? OR what's your favorite pizza topping?
  • PTX Vol. III : How have you improved in the past year?
  • Problem : What's the biggest problem you have right now?
  • On My Way Home : How far from home have you been?
  • La La Latch : Is there any object you're particularly attached to?
  • Rather Be : Where would you rather be right now?
  • See Through : What's the closest see-through thing to you right now?
  • Papaoutai : What creeps you out? OR what's your favorite toy?
  • Standing By : What are you waiting for?
  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing : Do you believe in miracles?
  • White Winter Hymnal : Have you ever built a snowman?
  • Sleigh Ride : Have you ever ridden a horse?
  • Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry Be Happy : What helps you stop worrying?
  • That's Christmas to Me : What is your favorite holiday tradition?
  • Mary Did You Know : What's an interesting trivium you know?
  • Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy : What is your favorite Christmas story?
  • It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year : What's your favorite season?
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town : What do you want for Christmas, and what bad habit would you give up for it?
  • Silent Night : Quick, turn off your music--what's the very first noise you hear?
  • Let it Go : Do you have any deep dark secrets?
  • Pitch Perfect : Have you ever met a celebrity? (Other than PTX.)
  • Grammy : What do you consider your greatest achievement?
  • Documentary : What's your favorite movie?
  • Evolution of Michael Jackson : What's your favorite classic Halloween monster?
  • Pentatonix : What are your hopes for the future?

towishoponthewell  asked:

What do you think about the new information on the American school Ilvermorny?

My major question really is why tf does it have houses. Realistically I feel like wizarding schools should make sense for the country they’re in and not all follow the Hogwarts format.

I have major headcanony feels about wizard public school in the US. Dorms not even being a thing in a lot of places. Or treating it more like college where you choose a school, travel there, and live there during the school year.

While I (obviously) love the hell out of the Hogwarts system of houses, I just don’t feel like its suitable for the US. We aren’t “basically the UK” like this feels to me. We’re a melting pot of all the things and I feel like that should be reflected in our wizarding school system.

On top of that, due to the melting pot factor, there’s so many different cultures represented here with very different views on what magic is, how it works, etc. JK clearly references Native American culture (which should be represented, but I question whether or not that’s being handled well), but what about having schools build into the different cultural pockets we have. A school with a history tied to Voodoo in Louisiana, a school outside of Salem for more European things. Hell there’s a huge popular of Dutch where I went to high school and I’m sure they would have use for a school. Like historically when newer countries were settling the United States, they started their own colony and theoretically we could still have schools from that sort of time frame in different areas tied to the cultures that founded those states.

I just imagine a LOT more schools, and smaller schools at that, sprinkled across the US.

I also imagine a sort of transfer system so you could attend a school that isn’t necessarily close to you if you know what you want to study and a certain particular school is good at it, like we do with college (only maybe not screwing us over with out-of-state tuition that results in everyone staying close to home even if there’s a better option elsewhere).

I just want to take all of the quirky unique aspects of American education, fix it, and then make it magical.

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

Jamie is in town and she and I had a huge rant about this. I have so many problems with how magic is portrayed in the US, not just with Ilvermorny, but with magic in general, and the more I think about it, the angrier I get.

The biggest issue I have is how she’s treating Native wizards, but far wiser voices than I have said the issues better than I can. Also, like Jamie said, there’s a huge issue with there being just ONE school in the US, and the fact that that school feels very “Ivy League,” at least in parts. I mean, Europe has three wizarding schools and we’re supposed to believe that wouldn’t transfer over to America? British wizards like those who founded Ilvermorny creating a school like Hogwarts, Beauxbaton students using their method of schooling when the French colonized their areas of America, Beauxbaton ways of teaching mixing with influences in Louisiana of Voodoo and Native magics, creating something entirely new. 

I don’t really have a problem with Houses being in Ilvermorny; I think there’s appropriate backstory to explain them and I’m sure that a Hogwarts alum (or someone who had grown up dreaming of Hogwarts Houses) would be all nostalgic and not wanting to change (as the settlers were) and create houses. I didn’t realize at first that the Houses were based off of Native American beliefs, and I don’t like that. There is no reason why JK couldn’t have made up animals or picked animals that do not have a connection to Native beliefs.

(You asked about Ilvermorny, so I’m going to skip the whole rant I have regarding American wizards and wands, but that’s another huuuuuge issue for me.)

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

I’m staying out of it.

-Justin (Slytherin)


Thank you for everything you’ve done for our community and our game, Nathan and Shawn. Here’s the final episode of Walking the Planes.

Five years ago, Shawn Kornhauser and I showed up to Pro Tour Philadelphia on a whim. We made a silly video. For me, it was a fanboy’s love letter to the Magic community. We were urged to make more. We Kickstarter’d our way to the World Championship a few months later. By then, we were hooked. Greg Collins of Wizards of the Coast gave us a great opportunity to produce a hybrid sketch comedy / documentary web series. Basically a dream come true.

Whenever we asked someone to appear on the show, the answer was always yes. Most often with enthusiasm. It was that relationship with the Magic community that put gas in our tank (crewed our vehicle?) and kept our spirits high. We hope you’ve enjoyed the run of this show half as much as we enjoyed making it.

And we’re not done telling stories about Magic yet.

Your humble narrator and court jester,
Nathan Holt

anonymous asked:

My friends (all Hufflepuff or Slytherin) keep teasing me about being a 'stereotypical' hufflepuff after I apologized to one of them for eating the last of the gummy bears I bought.

((OOC: What? You were being kind AND cute? Oh no, someone call the wizard police! We’ve got a hufflepuff here that was being too hufflepuff. I’m sorry we’re gonna have to take you down to the station to give you a medal, a blanket of flowers, and some more gummy bears because you deserve them.))