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yesterday I was at gamestop and a man in full Data cosplay walked up to the front counter and I did a double take so hard I nearly broke my neck. So, he walks up and the cashier just casually smiles and goes “How’s it going, Data? What can I do for you?”  and Data goes, “I am doing quite well. I was just wondering when you guys would have Destiny 2 in stock.” This mans……literally did not smile or emote at all. He went all in. The cashier was totally non fazed. I, however, was completely shitting my pants cos ya’ll DO NOT understand how good this dude’s cosplay was. It really looked like fuckin data teleported into the middle of game stop in rural ohio to ask about motherfucking destiny 2.

The only time he broke character was when I was stealthily trying to stare at him and thinking about asking for a pic when he was walking out.This dude. Looked at me, completely expressionless. and WINKED at me. Someone collect ya mans he wildin lmfao

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Who's Erica

Erica is Taylor’s assistant although she has often been referred to as her tour manager (but she’s definitely an assistant). You can spot her somewhere around Taylor at pretty much any, even remotely, work-related thing or to put it this way - if Tree is around, there is 95% chance that Erica is too.

You might remember the #EricasExpressions hashtag that was somewhat popular during 1989 Tour, mostly because she has this facial expression which screams unimpressed and uninterested, like her soul is leaving her body… Like this:

However, she quickly became a darling of fans because she’s been Taylor’s ride or die for a very long time, and look - she smiles! (X)

…also, she seems to be as close to some of Taylor’s friends as Tree is, like this time Gigi made sure to give her a hug in midst of all that chaos:

You might also remember her from “Blank Space” music video BTS:

Anyways, her full name is Erica Worden and while I’m not sure for how long she’s been around (absolutely sure about Red era and 1989 era), I think I read somewhere (could have been some loft 89 story, someone that talked with her or some other blog post) that she’s been with Taylor pretty much since the beginning. So, let this be little tribute post to Erica and all her years of service and loyalty to Taylor.

Free Requests - CLOSED

Ok just to make it clear all of the start this was made by @live4love136 . I wanted to reblog the original one but could find it so again this belongs to @live4love136 and all credit should go to her for creating this.
Ok now what I wanna do is basically train my art and I never did this so this is gonna be fun.

So I’m gonna take request from people to draw character games like MLC, Eldarya or Mystic Messenger; anime like Naruto, DB, Etc; series like Steven Universe, Star vs the forces of Evil, Etc; I may also take Oc’s to draw too.

Now some rules:
1. Plz be patient, I take time drawing and I also busy with personal life.
2. Don’t ask me to draw something more then 2, I wanna give everyone a chance.
3. I have to right to refuse to draw something I don’t want to or just don’t feel comfortable.
4. You have to send me a pic of your character, I will not draw someone only from a description.
5. I’ll be drawing sketches not full digital art so I can make for more people and don’t keep them waiting too much

Ok now if you want me to do something plz comment down below ^^

( @eldaryandy ; @redrose04 ; @sansurina ; @annamaru ; @queenusagiblog ;  @zilinyaineldarya if you guys are interested in one ^^)

So Sam has been dating a girl for almost a year whom he so far will not publicly admit to dating; instead, he has allowed someone to drop her full name into Jess’ ask box, let a Starz producer snap a picture of them together in the background and post it, drop shaky, grainy footage of them together at a baseball game into the lap of the biggest troll in this fandom (who knows who the brunette was), and then he decided to trot her out at the BAFTAs where he looked like he was absolutely miserable.

Meanwhile, said girlfriend was dating someone else until the end of March last year and then apparently became so serious with Sam that she was in Scotland a few weeks later, posting pics on IG and letting people wonder. We’ve gotten a matching Patagonia hat, more Scotland pics, and of course, the dumpster fire picture in Amsterdam on the way to the NYE vacation she shared the previous year with the old boyfriend. And of course, who could forget that Scottish flag during a snowless trip up the ski lift on the mountain?

Meanwhile, Caitriona has apparently actually been with Tony for who knows how long, and he accompanies her around the world on all of these trips because he has the flexible career hours we’re all looking for, and he holds coats and sunglasses and gives her space when she’s working these events. She’s so private she literally cannot acknowledge him when she wins her first award but nearly falls apart talking about her costar.

In the midst of these relationships forming and growing, we have verbal denials from Sam and Cait that they aren’t together; but also those pesky moments where Sam has his arm around her at the GGs, Cait knowing what time Sam gets up for the gym in the morning, Cait’s charity liking shipper pics and tweets, the two of them seeming to intertwine charities, Sam being told to treat Cait like a queen on her birthday, Sam’s lookalike forehead being seen in Paris, his shrine to her at the Globes, the T2 premiere, and Cait cuddling on him while filming in Dunure.

And of course, those pesky shipper tweet likes and replies from Sam. Apparently shippers are trolls and The Worst, and Sam is being protected by his elderly and obese friends, and yet Sam just seems drawn to liking shipper things on twitter by three people with the most shippery handles possible.

I don’t like when all sides are being played. I don’t like jealousy over a date 20 years ago and posing with your crotches and hips attached and whistling at your costar’s ass on the red carpet so that she turns around and smiles at you, and then a couple weeks later kilts at weddings in Georgia. I’m just tired of this. Honesty is possible. Acting appropriately is possible. You don’t have to play all sides to do it. There is nothing about this situation that screams integrity. NOTHING.

Some of the biggest power couples and stars in Hollywood are in relationships that are still private. They admit who they’re with, they even bring them to events and look happy, they just don’t talk about it. They don’t turn around and post locations to be obvious and play with innuendo and then act like fans are dumb and confused. We just seem to have found the gold mine in fuckery here. It’s shameful.

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First of all: how are you? How has your day been? Secondly, is this blog dead? I really hope not, what you've been doing has certainly been a breath of fresh air. Lastly, may we see the full version of your profile picture please? Thank you!

Hi! I’m decent, thanks for asking. I’m also alive, but I’ve been busy with work/school and other life stuff, my deepest apologies! As for the picture, it took me a while but I finally found an full version! Unfortunately I don’t have a source link or anything on hand, but I do know at some point it was on the Twitter page of one of the animators for Zootopia. If I find it or someone out there knows what I’m talking about I’ll edit a link in here.

Also have something old but relevant that I never finished based off of this pic (!)

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This isn’t really your area but do you have any advice on dating apps? I just downloaded her and I’m kind of freaking out it’s really overwhelming to me. Help?

Hey! I’ve used Her before and you’re right, it’s kinda crazy. One weird thing is that the app will send you random “starter questions” to people you match with; I just ignored those, but you can use them if you want! The main thing I’d say is just don’t be afraid of messaging someone cute first, and if you think someone is cute or interesting, don’t hesitate to set up a meeting in person! I think just a simple “Do you want to grab coffee, I’m free X day/X time?” or “Are you free X night? We can meet at X bar” is straight to the point and will give you a chance to meet in person in a public place. I prefer daytime, public place meetings for the first time, but you do you. One thing that I think is probably more common on this app compared to others is that a lot of people I talked to just wanted to text/chat a LOT. And it was like, yeah, okay, but are we ever going to meet up, or did I just gain a new text buddy? Be honest if you’re looking for casual, a relationship, friends, or a hookup.

For your profile, include a good, well-lit pic of your face and ideally a pic that shows your full body as well. Something interesting, like you playing a sport or being in a cool location will give you a nice talking point.

If you’re interested in someone, I’d recommend asking for their number or offering yours so that you can text normally, the app itself is a little cumbersome. If things are going well, send a cute/funny pic! Nothing too personal right away of course, and don’t tell them everything about you at first, give yourself something to talk about when you meet up.

Some words of warning– don’t be surprised if someone stands you up even if you do arrange to meet, don’t fall for the numerous spam accounts on there, and be wary of straight guys that are using the account to try to get girls.

Have fun!– Mimi

spanish one is asking for a full body pic of Venuz.

female version? have i done that?

also, yes i keep drawing NT related, it’s just that i am stuck in Cuphead bc not much people seems to be interested in something else and it’s pretty rare if someone asks for NT stuff, so, if you have any requests about something that ISN’T Cuphead, let me know. And don’t get me wrong, i enjoy drawing Cuppy, but i can’t read minds to draw what you want me to, and when i post something else, it goes unnoticed like everyone gives a fuck, and that’s kinda sad for me.

so, yeah, here you go your NT stuff. enjoy it.

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So cristiano doesn't get "enough support" from the club one time bc he might've done something illegal and now he wants to leave the club? I wonder how the other players feel when they didn't get *any* support. Even if they felt bad, they didn't leave. I love cris, but this is childish behavior for someone who's 32 years old, if he thinks they didn't do enough (even tho he got a statement which is way more than what anyone else got) then he can go. It's just embarrassing to act like this

You wanna compare Cristiano Ronaldo to everyone else? Listen, the club released a statement yes, but they’ve been calling newspapers asking them to not use pics of Cristiano in a Real Madrid jersey when reporting on the tax issue, they say in their statement they believe in Cristiano’s full innocence, and yet reportedly told him he should reach an agreement with the authorities and pay whatever they tell him to pay (does this sound like they believe he’s innocent???). Cristiano is outraged because he feels like he has done nothing wrong (and he hasn’t, if you read what his defense has been saying), and yet is being treated like a criminal, and apparently his own club also doesn’t actually believe he’s innocent. This is not a small thing and he hates what it’s doing to his image, he hates that people will think he’s this person the Spanish media is trying to portray him as. And worst of all, this is a hate campaign that has been going on since he arrived in Spain. He’s not throwing a fit. He’s held it in for 8 years, maybe he’s just fed up. He’s human too, i know, it’s hard to believe. Saying he’s childish is honestly very small-minded if you ask me. I’d like to know what you’d do if you had your name dragged through the mud for 8 years, and were now accused of being a criminal when you honestly believe you’ve done nothing wrong. Miss me with that shit.


pictures from nebraskon! my preferences are showing, cuz ive almost exclusively taken pictures of undertale cosplayers XD
im the toriel in the selfie with sans

i went to an undertale panel where the audience asked the host and each other questions. there was a really, really good papyrus there who stood up and asked, full volume, “NYEH HEH HEH! WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD AND WHY IS IT SPAGHETTI?” im going to find him and get a picture if it kills me XD

the blueberry cosplayer in that pic was there and at one point someone made a pun and he was like “STOP!” and i said “What is wrong, Blueberry? Do you not have a… FUNNYBONE??” and somebody else said “maybe someday he’ll find these puns… HUMERUS!” and blueberry started screeching. the swap paps he was with pointed out the he was laughing and he went “I’M LAUGHING WITH DISAPPOINTMENT!! MWEH!” XDDD

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Could you do a lizmj headcanon thing ??? ily mare 💞💞💞


Originally posted by theunholyqueens

  • ok so
  • when mj joins acadec she had no idea the pretty upperclassman (liz) she always saw in the hallways was gonna be there
  • but mj, dear mj, unlike peter, is very good (or at least, marginally better) at hiding her crushes! so she treats liz like she does everyone else, but maybe a little bit better bc literally it’s impossible to be any sort of mean to Liz mcfreakin’ Allan 
  • and she thinks liz is straight anyways but ohohohohoho that shit ain’t true
  • and mj, being new to the school, has no idea that liz is out and proud until one of the other upperclassmen she talks to is like
  • “i wonder who liz is asking to the sadie hawkins dance? i know she said she was asking this girl but she never told me who.”
  • michelle straight up freezes, like, she’s hella observant, how did this get past her
  • “what? liz likes girls?”
  • cue upperclassman friend turning around and going like “wait, u didn’t know? i thought u were aware of like, everything ever.”
  • “apparently NOT THIS”
  • so mj keeps staring at liz, and let’s pretend liz never left and mj knows peter is spiderman
  • “dude,,, why are you staring at liz so much? do you think she’s a superhero too?” ned, trying to whisper, but he and peter are shit at secrets
  • “yeah i have good reason to believe liz is actually black widow.”
  • “??????????”
  • “ned she has a crush on liz”
  • “no i dont fuck off”
  • “karen told me ur heartbeat sped up whenever she was around and said she ships it” liz’s heartbeat speeds up too but peter’s a lil shit
  • mj honey when an ai ships u and ur crush it’s obviously meant to be
  • so what happens is, you guessed it, mj doesn’t do shit bc “lmao liz allan wouldn’t ask me of all people out, probably someone all cool and nice and not a self made social outcast”
  • but it turns out,,, liz dOES like her, and is tryna drop hints, but mj keeps misinterpreting them as just being nice
  • (bonus fact: they text really often and it’s usually either academic memes or liz going like YOU GO !! SLAY !! KICK THE GOV’T’S ASS SWEETIE !! whenever michelle sends her pics from protests and stuff). don’t u just love supportive gf’s?)
  • one day after acadec practice the day b4 the dance
  • liz is outside sitting on the bench looking hella sad and shit
  • and mj’s like, “what’s wrong?” she hopes it doesn’t come off as too awkward
  • “well, uh, i tried to drop hints to someone that i liked them so i could ask them to the dance, but they didn’t really respond.” 
  • wow this person must be a whole dumbass to not like liz “angel on earth” allan 
  • “who’s the lucky guy?” mj asks, knowing full well what her upperclassman friend told her
  • liz laughed drily “girl, actually.” hearing these words actually come out of liz’s mouth made her extra shooketh
  • “oh”
  • “it’s probably too late now. i guess i’ll just go alone.”
  • “uhhhhm, i wasn’t planning on going but if u want someone to go with-?”
  • liz looks up at her w puppy dog eyes (if liz allan looked at me like that i would faint bc im a W e a k Bisexual)
  • “it was actually you i was planning on asking”
  • what. the. fuck.
  • but in one magical glorious moment, mj makes the smart decision and says, “if you ask me right now, i’ll say yes~”
  • and liz breaks into the widest grin, and it’s heart eyes motherfucker time
  • slowly she says “okay. michelle jones, i’ve liked you for months, do you want to go to the sadie hawkins dance with me?”
  • “hmm.. let me think about it.” cue liz laughing again, a pure amazing angelic musical Sound. “hell yes.
Luxory Play Thing’s Guide To: Fitting a Chastity Belt

Many followers have reached out for help recently so I figured it was high time for me to make a guide. 

Lots of boys have sent me pics of them rock hard and asked what device would be best for them- and don’t get me wrong, I love pics of rock hard dicks, but this information is as useful as vibrator without a power source.

When measuring to get the best fit, honesty is the best policy: ask yourself, “Could someone pick my limp dick out of a lineup of prepubescent boys?” If the answer is no, you probably don’t need to waste your time looking at the Bird Cage. If your flaccid size could beat out most men’s members standing at full attention… you probably still don’t need a cage that big, but it’s less tragic if you end up in one.

Length: It’s almost impossible to measure. Just whipping it out to measure get’s the little guy’s blood flowing, so you’re going to be hard pressed to get a good measurement. It’s very difficult to undershoot this one, and I see many more dicks in cages too big for them than cages to small. Some of this is because small devices only recently entered the market at the lower price range, so people interested in the kink earlier had a hard time getting a cage small enough without going custom. According to the manufacturer of my cage, the length is 1.75 inches. Assembled, it’s about 2.5 inches, and this seems to be just right for me, yet when I try to measure myself I often hit 3-4 inches. Based on this, I would say take your measurement and cut it in half, unless you’re good about measuring yourself in the cold, away from any excitement, and manage to completely stifle your subconscious desire to show off to yourself.

Width: Measuring width is easier than length, but still challenging. However, a cage that is too wide is not as big a problem as a cage that is too long- it’s not a goal, but it’s a smaller inconvenience. A cage that is too narrow on the other hand is one of the worst experiences you can have- worse than a cage that is too long. If a cage is too narrow, erections tend to push the cage away from the body and do not even fill the tube. This is a recipe for pullout, pain, and ball irritation. I find this is a bigger problem with closed devices, especially plastic ones which grip the skin more than smooth metal. To measure, you’ll nee to measure your erect length. This is the ideal width of a device that is completely and utterly enclosed. If you prefer a cage with bars, as most boys do, you need to keep in mind that your penis will push through the bars, so you’ll want a smaller diameter cage to make up for that.

Length to width ratio: This isn’t something I have seen discussed much but I think it needs to be out there: you want your cage slightly sorter than your flaccid length and as wide as your erect penis, or at slightly wider than your flaccid width. This is because you do not want to have any room to grow out, but you do not want to force that tissue and skin out behind the base ring but rather pack it in on the sides of the cage. 

Base ring gap: This is a nuance I did not understand until I went through several cages. Balls may not grow with excitement likes penises do, but you can’t exactly get in there and measure them either. This gap needs to be big enough for your veins and tubes and ligaments to function normally yet small enough that your balls cannot slip through it. Of course, smaller base rings will help with this too, but you can only go so small comfortably. On my favorite cage, to base ring gap is a hair over a half inch. Although I have done some ball stretching, I am still pretty high and tight in that regard. I know Mature Metal’s default is 3/8th, and that works for most people. If the gap is too small, you can always do some ball stretching, but the gap is only something you can determine with custom cages- in fact, most sellers on DHgate or eBay do not even call out the base gap specification. I have never found a gap too small, but I can say that too big leads to balls slipping out in the middle of the night or even the day and unlocking is a must if that happens. 

Base ring size: If you’re a shower, you’ll eventually find our right size here. If you’re a grower, there is no good answer. A base ring that is small enough to stay snug up next to your body will likely hurt when you’re erect, and a cage fitted with a ring that is comfortable when you’re hard will likely fall off when you’re soft. If you’re buying your first cage, suggest just going with the 45mm base ring and you’ll quickly learn your lesson.

Purchasing: To find your first cage, try to find one that matches all your measurements as closely as possible and find a cage you find aesthetically pleasing- one you will want to wear. It won’t be perfect- only custom ones are- but it will get you started in the chastity world. At the time of this writing, I see no reason to spend more than ~$35 on a mass production device. My top tip is this: learn as much as you can from your first few cages and start saving up for custom. 10 cheap cages are not as good as 1 that fits perfectly, and the two options cost the same.

#SaveHannibal Countdown: Aperitivo

We’re 65 days from Bryan’s two years ultimatum now, counting down for S4 news!
Today is S03 E04 Aperitivo two years anniversary!
To celebrate, reblog this and add your favorite Aperitivo scene pic, meme, quote, gif etc. - or your own fanwork. Or just reblog :-)

It’s never easy to choose only one scene, Hannibal is simply full of perfection! So I hope you will point out some other scenes here with me ;-)

My favorite scene is this one. Even more because I remember some old Q&A where someone asked Hugh how it would be if Will decided to run away with Hannibal - and Hugh told them that this was never a possibility… I guess Bryan or Hugh or both of them later decided the answer hadn’t been right :-D Or basically, do you remember the moment when Hannigram feelings slapped Jack in the face? :-D


And Will, I found a song for you! :-P


#SaveHannibal Countdown: S2 / S3: Antipasto - Primavera - Secondo - AperitivoContorno

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I WAS DEADASS WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO ASK THIS BECUASE HOMEBOY REALLY PULLED THROUGH!!!! okay so at some point he wasn’t swarmed with people anymore it was just two more girls in front of me that gave him drawing of him and he was like “what omg these are so good how long did that take?? 1 hour?!?! I couldn’t even do that in 10!!” And he was really humble taking pics! So when I hugged him he was like hii ily which made my heart jump and then I asked for a pic and he was like here I’ll take it (which is better bc I was standing on the wrong side and I can’t take selfies with that arm lmao) but he took my phone and took like a bunch of pics pulling different faces. AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE HUG. EVERYONE NEEDS A HUG FROM ZACH. IM NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU LIKE HAVE TO IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE. zach gives really long and tight hugs and he like squeezes his arms around yo super tight like he’s just tryna make sure that you’re alright and know that he’s like there! He’s such a great hugger wow I’m emo anyway y'all should go hug the heck outta zach bc 2000/10 recommend and you won’t regret it

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I know anyone can edit it, needs to be taken with a grain of salt and whatever but do you think it means anything that Iain is not listed as part of the main cast or guest cast on Wikipedia for season 5? As of 8:45 pm est today

Hi Anon!

Nope nothing to worry about, because yes ANYONE can edit that page.  

Iain is listing in IMDB for the full season.

Overlord just wrapped and as of last weekend he was still in London, but hopefully he’s been back this week and is filming again.  If not he’ll be back shortly.

I totally get that its frustrating and scary that we haven’t had a BTS pic of him yet and I know I’m a broken record with this but:

  • Please remember Iain is a very private person, he does not like his picture taken and put up on Social Media.  That cast and crew respect that.  And no matter now many times someone asks they won’t post a pic of him until he’s ready.
  • I can count on one hand pretty much how many times we’ve seen Clark and Henry combined since filming began.  Ming has been pretty elusive and Lil has dropped off a bit the last few weeks (in costume).  
  • There may be a story reason we aren’t seeing him now that he’s back.  Nick was the ONLY reason we saw him at all during the filming of the Framework arc.  There was NOTHING from set in order to hide the whole Doctor thing.  So he could be being hidden for story reasons.  Just like we have yet to see Jeff in costume.  
    • If I’ve learned anything in my years doing this is that we see what they want us to see.  If they don’t want something out there…its not out there.   One of the best examples is Aida as Ophelia/Madame Hydra surprised the heck out of me and that is hard to do.

The cast, crew, Iain, Colo, ABC, spoiler writers, and likely people who aren’t even affiliated with the show know by now that the fandom is worried about the lack of Iain.  

Colo said, not to worry.  I know this is “you’ll get the trailer soon” Colo but he wouldn’t lie about something like this.  

More of me being a broken record.

  • The writers knew when they started writing this season when Iain would be back from Overlord and were able to plan accordingly.  
    • As I’ve said many times we are likely going to see Fitz in a more reduced role in the first few eps.  He will likely somehow be isolated from the main action be it kidnapping, separation, or injury.   That is simply the easiest thing to do.
  • They are able to film his scenes for multiple eps when he’s back since we have a fair amount of lead time, even if we come back sooner than we originally expected.  I have heard both via messages and in my ask box from multiple people who work in the TV industry also affirming this.
    • A great example is the Maveth Scenes.   Jemma’s tag, 4722 Hours, and the Planet rescue were all filmed at the same time.   Then those scenes were used in multiple episodes.  
  • If he wasn’t coming back it would have been announced by now.  Iain is still under contract with AOS and there was likely special concessions made so he could come back late for Overlord.  
    • If he wasn’t coming back I’m pretty sure we’d be able to tell with Lil too.  She would be sad, upset.  And she’s been super happy. 

Finally Iain is coming off of an intense 4 Month movie shoot only to fly across the Atlantic, move back to LA, and jump right into AOS.  Catching up on scripts/filming, hair/make up consults, and costume fittings.   That has to be exhausting and he just might not be ready to have his picture taken.   

Iain will pop up when he is ready and when he can be seen story wise.  Until then we just have to be patient (I know you all hate it when I say that).  Worst case we won’t actually see him until NYCC….48 Days from now.   Or we get surprised and he pops up on Monday in a Solar Eclipse Miracle.  It will happen when it happens and until then we can just hold tight and enjoy what they are posting from set.  

This is Jordn Lynn Fletcher


-Height: 5'10


-Height: 5'0

Extra info:

-They are Genderfluid. And by that, I mean they can actually physically switch from male to female

-pronouns are they/them

-their birthday is October 6th (Libra)

-orientation: pansexual

-crushing on someone special TwT

-they’re 18 yo

-The bear ears are just a headband that they wear more often than they should //because they wanna be cute >U and it works

they have two lip piercings.


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Whered u get the template/charrie pics for the most used heroes character thing? I wanna do it myself but id where ppl got it from 😓 Thx in advance!

i just replaced the characters on the same version that’s been passed around for a while now. im sure someone has a link to the original ‘template’ but i wasn’t able to find it.

i’ll post a blank version so that you and others can participate, but i don’t claim credit for throwing it together. (right click > open in new tab for full res). character pics i got from the wiki.

if anyone has a link to the original and want to give proper credit on this post, by all means.


Raccoon skull I stained and painted 🙂I’ve already posted asking for $40 just thought I should post some more pics. As always if you absolutely love this piece contact me and we can work something out 💖💖💖 I love this baby so much it’s more important to me that he or she lives in a home with someone who will cherish him or her than that I get full price 💖💖💖

This is the only almost full-body pic of me on my phone, and was definitely the first time since like, middle school, that I’ve asked someone to take my pic for me. This puppy was for adoption!

He/they pronouns

Can you please take more pictures of yourself ? Because you are amazing, your body is amazing, and you should get as many pictures of amazing things as you could <3

- mod Guillermo