someone asked for my dr otp

Hello lovelies! I wrote this little shamy oneshot based on this picture. I saw it on my dash and someone had asked to fanfic this, so a tried. Let me know what you think of it. :)

It’s been a rough day for Dr. Sheldon Cooper. He spent all day in his office trying to figure out a way to finally resolve the problem which has been on his white board for over a month now. After he returned from lunch, he found Leslie Winkle in his office.

“What are you doing in my office?”
“Hello to you too, dumbass!”

He was too tired to fight, he shot her a death glare and went to sit behind his desk. He was in no mood for a childish fight, even against one of his mortal enemies. He was about to sit on his chair when he let out a gasp. He looked at Leslie with wide eyes and rushed to his white board.

“ you touch my work?!” He was furious.
“Calm down dumbass, I just resolved your problem, you should thank me.” Leslie said with a smirk, her absolute satisfaction was to see Sheldon like this.
“You don’t have the right!” he shouted at her. He was really angry.
“You’re welcome, I just saved your research.” She said while turning to reach the door.
“YOU HAVE TWO STRIKES WINKLE!” He was red with anger. She left with a proud smile which made him even more furious.
He slammed his fist on the desk, but he regretted it right after as he let out a moan of pain. He gathered his things and went straight to Leonard’s lab.

“Leonard! I need you to take me home!”
“Buddy I can’t I am in the middle of an experiment, sorry you will have to take the bus.”

Sheldon was angry, sad, betrayed. He left his roommate’s lab, not without slamming the door, and went to the bus station near Cal-Tech.
He wanted to go to his girlfriend’s lab but he remembered that she was working on a very important research, and she was running out of time so he didn’t want to disturb her.
The only thing that made him happy, was the fact that tonight was date night, so she will spend the evening with him.

He finally arrived at his apartment and went straight to bed. He was so angry, and tired, he fell asleep a few minutes later.
He woke up in a jump. He felt someone stroking his cheek.

“Sorry Sheldon I didn’t meant to scare you.” Amy said, with a smile, quickly removing her hand.
“No, it’s okay. What are you doing here?”
“Well, it’s date night, remember? I knocked on the door, called you, but you didn’t answer. I was worried so I asked Leonard to open the door for me. And I found you asleep.” She was calm, but she knew that something was wrong with her boyfriend.
“Alright. Sorry, my nap took way longer than expected. I had a rough day.”
She knew he may want to talk about it, but didn’t want to rush him.
“Do you want to talk about it?” She said, slowly putting her hand on his shoulder.
He softened at her touch and sat properly on his bed. He cleared his throat and looked directly in her emerald eyes. She shot him a reassuring smile and turned to face him.
“Remove your coat and shoes and sit with me.” He said, removing the blankets to show her where she was supposed to be.
She was chocked, but didn’t wanted to show it, too afraid he might take back his offer. She quickly removed her shoes, folded her coat and put it on the chair next to the bed and gently climbed on the bed, next to him. She shifted under the covers and gave Sheldon a warm smile. She sat properly and was ready to listen.
“Okay, I am listening.”

He began talking, about his research, on how he was stuck, and when he reached the Leslie Winkle part, his voice was rising and his face was red with anger.
Amy listened carefully, but when she saw how upset and hurt her boyfriend was, she didn’t controlled herself and took his hand in hers. He stopped talking and looked at their interlaced fingers.

He looked at her and saw a beautiful and loving woman, listening to her man without complaining. He felt grateful, to have a woman so beautiful, smart, caring and all his. He gently placed his strong arms around her and laid them both on the bed. Her face was on his chest, his arms around her body, and they stayed here cuddling without a word. Simply savoring the moment together.