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More than this-Stiles Stilinski/Theo Raeken {part 12}

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A/N: Here it is, my patient babes! ( and of course new readers, ily) I knooow i am the WORST at updating. But i get so easily demotivated, idk. But lately a few of you guys have been messaging me, and honestly, that just makes my day every time.Before you read the chapter i would ask you too read this first.

This may sound greedy or selfish or something like that to you, but i know other writers will understand me on this one.

Writers need confirmation and encouragement from time to time.

Kudos are nice, rebloggs are great. But sometimes we would like someone to tell us how they like our writing. If they enjoyed the storyline, if they didn’t, if they have suggestions, if they like your style of writing or just a simple ‘keep it up!’. Because on a day where you don’t feel like writing, one single message from one of your readers can change that.

I feel liike, often readers don’t understand the struggle ( and i don’t blame them ). When you write something without getting feedback, you don’t know if you should continue. You keep aksing yourself ‘Does anyone read this? Do they like how the story progressed? Do they hate it?’

So i had an idea.

You don’t have to do it, but if you do, it would mean the world to me.

I want you guys to message me after reading a chapter. Send me your opinion. For example, talk about:

-which character do you like the most in this story?

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-who do you ship in this story?

-how do you like the storyline so far?

-what do you think about the newest chapter / the plot twist?

or whatever comes to your mind.

Then, whenever i post a new chapter, one ( or more, depends how lomg the messages are or how many i get) of the messages will get featured under a point i call: ‘More than this confessions’ ( you can decide if it should be anon or not )

If you like this idea, feel free to message me right after reading this chapter :) Maybe we can chat a little bit if you’d like, too? :)

And if you don’t like this idea, then i still hope you enjoy reading this story!

Thanks for all your support, now onto the new chapter.

warnings: swearing, not proof-read lol sorry babes

I carefully lifted Stiles’ arm so I could slip away from him without waking him up.

I put on my underwear as quickly as I could, and while I was clasping my bra shut I heard a deep grunt from behind me.

,,Why are you up so early, it’s like six am.” He said in a raspy morning voice, one that kind of turned me on, but I chose to ignore that.

Throwing on a shirt that I found on the floor and my jeans, I shook my head at him. ,,I’m going to go.”

,,Go where?”, he propped himself up against the headboard, his eyes barely open because they were still adjusting to the light in the room. ,,Shouldn’t we, you know, talk?”

,,There’s nothing to talk about.” I snapped, not wanting to think about what had happened ever again.

He squinted his eyes and shook his head while slowly getting out of the bed.

,,What do you mean ‘nothing to talk about’ ? (y/n), I don’t think this is something we can ignore, I mean, we had se-“

,,I HAVE A BOYFRIEND OKAY!” I turned around and practically yelled in his face, catching him off guard.

His facial expression turned to confusion for a small second, as if he was contemplating what to say next. Then the corners of his mouth turned up into a devilish smirk.

,,Well princess, you sure didn’t think of said boyfriend when you were riding my d-“

My hand collided with his cheek faster than I could think. I stared at him in utter disgust.

,,What the hell is wrong with you, for fucks sake!” before he could answer, and before he could see the tear that was threatening to run down my face, I grabbed my things and ran out of the room.

I just couldn’t understand what was going on with him. He was never the cocky type, never. And now all of the sudden he’s being a complete asshole.  And I was mad. No, I was goddamn furious. Not only with him but also with me.

Why did I let my stupid unresolved feelings ruin everything I had built up with Theo. I have someone waiting for me at home, someone I really like and now I let Stiles destroy that.

My thoughts were screaming, my blood was boiling and there were hot tears running down my cheeks when I heard Stiles calling my name.

,,(y/n) just wait! I didn’t mean to say that, please!” I ignored him and continued to run down the corridor. I couldn’t let him see me cry again, no, I wouldn’t allow that.

He had seen me at my weakest ever so often, and it a lot of the times he was the reason for my sadness. But this time I wouldn’t let him get away with breaking me. I would break him.

I wiped away the tears put on the most authentic fake smile i could make and turned around.

Stiles had been following me all the way down the hall and stopped dead in his tracks.

,,(y/n)?” confusion was showing on his face, due to my sudden change of mood.

,,Can you do me a favor?”

,,Uhm…what is it?” he asked, rasing his eyebrows at me.

,,Stay the hell out of my life Stiles. Foor good.”

My smile faded and I walked away. I heard him calling for me over and over again while I was heading to the lobby, but I didn’t dare turn around.

The drive home was utter hell.

When I had arrived at the lobby my parents and Stiles’ Dad had just finished paying for the rooms. Since the tents were still in John’s car, Stiles and I had to be stuck in the same car for the whole ride.

But because there was no way in hell I would sit in our tiny fucking car, with all of our stupid bags, awkwardly pressed against him, I decided to switch places with my mom. She wasn’t happy about that at all, but I just told her that I wasn’t feeling well and sitting in the back would make me nauseous, so she really didn’t have a choice, unless she wanted me to throw up all over the place – which I explained to her very, very vividly.

After everyone was seated my father turned on the navigation system which led us home on the shortest route possible, something I was glad about.

While driving, I noticed how Stiles was watching me through the side mirror of our car.

The air was so thick I felt like I was choking and my head might burst. My parents seemed to sort of sense the weird tension because they weren’t talking at all.

Normally they would tell stories, ask us about school or just our lives in general. My dad would try to crack a joke here and there, and my mom usually laughed really exaggerated about it.

But this time, there were dead silent, which didn’t really help the situation.

The awkward silence got too much for me, so I went to take out my earbuds and listen to some music on my phone, when suddenly Stiles decided it was a great idea to open his mouth.

,,So, are you excited?” he asked, and it took me a few seconds to realize the question was aimed at me.

,,What do you mean?” I asked flatly, not letting any emotion come through.

Putting on a smile, one that was just as artificial as my mom’s laugh, he answered ,,Well you, know, to see your boyfriend.”

If looks could kill, there would have been no tomorrow for that boy. He knew exactly that my parents didn’t know about Theo, and he also knew that they would never approve of him.

The only guy in my life my parents ever really approved of was Stiles. Oh, the Irony. If they only knew.

I could practically feel the shock and anger rolling off of my mom and dad, you could think they were both about to die of a heart attack.

,,Oh you haven’t told your parents? Why’s that?” he asked while leaning forward so that his head was almost beside mine.

,,That I would like to know too, young lady.” My mom added, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

,,He’s not my boyfriend.” I said, but unfortunately I wasn’t a very good liar.

Stiles was having a lot of fun apparently, because he decided to lean in even further.

Whispering, but of course so loud that my parents could hear it , which was obviously his intention

,,So why did you sleep with him?”

No. He absolutely had not just done that. This was a dream. It had to be.

I almost hid my head on the front window and suffered from a small panic attack when my dad abruptly stopped the car in the middle of the road. It was like in one of those movies where the driver hits the breaks really hard and then the loud screeching noise from the wheels sliding over the road is heard.

Looking over to my dad, his face was bright red and I was sure he was going to explode every minute.

He drove the car to the side of the road, which was already empty to begin with, because we were in the middle of nowhere.

,,What the hell dad?!” I screamed, breathing heavily from the shock I just endured.

,,Out of the car, daughter. Now.” was all he said, before opening his seatbelt, getting out of the car and slamming the door shut with so much force the whole car shook.

My mother gave me an disapproving look, then she followed my father.

I turned around and looked at Stiles.

,,Thank you, you fucking asshole.” I spat, my voice slightly breaking.

I hated when that happened. It was a sign of weakness and normally, I didn’t have a problem with showing my emotions, but when it came to him, I didn’t want to give him that satisfaction. Not anymore. Not after he broke my heart.

Slowly, I opened my car door and got out.

,,When were you planning on telling us?” my dad asked.


,,Young lady!” my mother gasped, but I ignored her.

,,Yeah, never, okay? Because it is simply none of your business! And it’s not like you ask me about my daily live anyways!” I threw my hands in the air, trying not to get too loud because that would only make it worse.

,,Watch your mouth daughter! We are your parents, we take responsibility for you! And if you go around sleeping with some boy we don’t know, you must tell us!”

,,No I don’t! And for the record, he is not just some boy! I know him and I trust him. I’m old enough to make my own damn decisions!” I was yelling at this point, which I originally tried to avoid, but that was not possible anymore. I was way too furious.

,,And for how long do you know him, huh? Does he drink? Does he take drugs? DO YOU TAKE DRUGS?” my mom was freaking out, grabbing my shoulders and staring at me as if she was trying to see if I was high or something.

I stepped back, freeing myself out of her hold.

,,MOM WHAT THE HELL?! No, I DON’T! And he doesn’t either! He is a good guy, a very good guy! He takes care of me and..and…UGH! I don’t even have to tell you this!”

,,We are trying to look out for you! He could be a completely different person than you think! We just want the best for you, honey…”

,,Oh and you think the best for me is Stiles right?”

I looked into shocked faces, but I knew that’s what they were thinking. They had always thought that. And once upon a time I did, too.

,,Yeah, that’s right. You think he is the perfect, decent guy. Has good grades, is a gentleman. Never goes to parties.” I scoffed, shaking my head.

,,If you would have known that he broke my heart and then slept with me, you would think differently wouldn’t you?”

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