someone asked dumb questions

The time I ruined my high school teachers career and got her fired in the greatest way possible.

This story is widely known amongst my family and is constantly brought up and joked upon in my group of friends even years later. A buddy of mine suggested that this is the perfect place to make it public so let’s get into this shit storm.

Backstory: I was a senior in high school at the time and i had never been the brightest student. I was a solid C student and i had never received a detention or had any kind of bad student record. This is important because to this day, i still have no idea why the teacher treated me this way. The teacher, who we will name Mrs. Frank, had been a teacher there for more then a decade and was widely known for being a petty heartless bitch who the administrators saw as the golden child.

Mrs. Frank taught algebra, which is my worst subject, so naturally i had issues understanding the lessons and would ask questions frequently. To some these questions are easily answered but to me it was rocket science.

Usually when someone asks a dumb question, no one should address it however in Mrs. Franks case she would belittle me in front of everyone by saying things such as “And here comes the slow boy again” , “wow surprise surprise you don’t understand it again” “Really? We have to go extra slow for you today don’t we” etc…etc.

I tried going to the administration about it before but again she was considered the golden child. They would send someone in to examine her during class, she would act respectful and normal for one day, and go back to being a bitch the next.

This goes on for about half the year until i had enough. I went to the local radioshack, bought a recorder, and secretly recorded every insult she would throw at me. I would sometimes instigate to make up for the lost time.

Go ahead feed the fire.

Fast forward to the end of the year and im sitting in Mrs. Franks class when i ask a question. Her response, and i quote (because it’s burned into my brain) was-

“I’ve been teaching here for over 10 years and that was the single dumbest question I’ve ever heard come from anyone’s mouth.”

She continued the lesson without answering. I calmly stood up, packed up my stuff, and headed to the nurses office to dismiss myself from school. (We were allowed to dismiss ourself if we were 18.)

I went home, compiled all of the brutal tapes into one glorious masterpiece of insults, and headed back the next day to show the administrators. I sat down with the principal and we listened to a couple of the insults before he stopped me. He wanted more witnesses present as well as Mrs. Franks. He told me we would meet the next day where i could show him and the rest of the administrators the full tape.

I walk into school the next morning being the most nervous iv ever been for anything. I was called down to the office where i met with some board directors, the local school police officer, the principal, the vice principal and Mrs. Franks.

What follows was some of the greatest minutes of my life.

I watched as the administrators went from fed up with being in another useless meeting, to furious and speechless with some of them keeping their mouths open for the duration of the tape. I also watched Mrs. Frank go from confident and stuck up, to her realizing that she had f*cked up beyond repair.

She was publicly roasting herself in front of the most important people from the district.

The tape ended and without hesitation, the administrators looked around in astonishment and the principal turns to me and says “I think we have heard everything we need to, thank you.” And i was quietly dismissed from the room.

The final time i saw Mrs. Frank was leaving the room. I looked back and we made eye contact through her tear filled eyes as i gave the biggest most evil smile.

I returned to class the next week and Mrs. Frank was no where to be found. The story spread quickly throughout the school and i was seen as a saint. I had successfully gotten her fired and made it almost impossible for Mrs. Frank to return to her teaching career as well as cut off most of her connections she had with other teachers in the school. I had ruined her financially because no school district in the area would hire this walking piece of garbage.

If you’re reading this Mrs. Frank id like to take this moment to tell you to go f*ck yourself.

Black Women Are

Pioneers: Harriet Tubman

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Dr. Hadiya Nicole Green AKA  The Pioneer in the fight against cancer

Michelle Obama

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Beautiful: Jackie Aina (She’s also artistic, intelligent, funny)

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Uzo Aduba

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Soulful: Chargaux 

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Nina Simone

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Phenomenal:  Oprah  

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Hilarious:  Leslie Jones 

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Gabourey Sidible

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Poetic: Maya Angelou

Lauryn Hill

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Marsai Martin

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Solange Knowles 

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Yara Shahidi 

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Fearless: Assata Shakur & Angela Davis

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Unwavering:   Lezley McSpadden, Gwen Carr, Wanda Johnson,  and Sybrina Fulton aka Mothers of The Movement

Fighters:  Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi aka founders of #BlackLivesMatter

Visionaries: Ava Duvernay (Director)

Shonda Rhimes (producer, screenwriter)

Determined: Ilhan Omar (Politician)

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Gabby Douglas

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Simone Biles

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Serena and Venus (and someone asking them a dumb question)

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Allyson Fellix

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Ibtihaj Muhammad

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Some Bonus Awesomeness:

Amber Riley

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Kerry Washington, Taraji P Henson, and Mary J Blige 

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Janelle Monae 

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Despite being one of the most disrespected demographics, black women remain to be an integral part of America’s (and also global) history, present, and future. Validate, and humanize them. And take note of all the badassery and awesomeness. 

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The Joker x Reader - “Mrs. Frost”

Frost’s cousin got engaged and he needs to go to the engagement party in Nebraska. Since he doesn’t have a girlfriend, Jonny wants you to pose as his significant other, this way he doesn’t look stupid. Of course The Joker doesn’t like the idea, but dammit, your best friend needs help.

Best friends saga:

“Absolutely not!! NO! No way!” J grumbles when you ask to go with Frost. “You’re my girl, not his!” he hisses, feeling the blood running through his veins faster.

“Come on, baby, pleeaseee, you know he just broke up with his girlfriend and he can’t go alone,” you pout, slowly rocking your body in front of him, trying to appear as adorable as possible.

“I’ll let you know when I care,” he growls, unhappy at the situation.

“You gotta be nice to him sometimes, J. He’s the best man we have, you know that,” you go and sit in his lap, strategically placing a kiss on his neck, one of the weak spots you so well know about.

“I am nice,” he replies, taking a deep breath, suddenly warmer.    It’s working.

“Like when, baby?!” you try to find an example and can’t find any in your recent memory.

“He’s still alive, I didn’t kill him yet! Isn’t that nice of me?” J scoffs, proud of his achievement. “Like, what other proof do you need??!!”

“Please, boss, I promise I will take good care of her; it’s just for 2 days,” Jonny finally speaks, trying his luck. Man, he really doesn’t want to show up there without anybody by his side.

“Maybe you should have held onto your girl the way I hold on to mine, hmm? I still have her because I know how to treat a lady,” he scoffs, making sure his hair is slick the way it’s supposed be, overconfident in his boyfriend material skills.

Ha!” escapes your lips before you can stop it.

“What is that supposed to mean, Pumpkin?” The Joker puckers his lips, waiting for an answer.

You don’t reply, just kiss the sensitive spot again, breathing on his skin for a few seconds and that sends shivers down his spine.

“Please baby, I really want to go…yes?” you move your hand under his unbuttoned shirt, caressing the soft skin while giving him the look. Ahhh, the look: that’s the secret weapon you use when you really want it your way. This is one of those times that require special strategy: all gloves are off because your best friend needs help.

“Ummm…no…” he whispers but his determination went down a notch. His eyelashes flutter while you keep on staring at him with that naughty, devilish smile on your face.

“I’ll go crazy on you if you say yes, you bad boy,” you bite your lip, winking at him and signal Frost to get out with the free hand behind your back.

He gulps, slapping your thigh, pretending not to care:

“You always go crazy on me, Princess.”
“Yeah, well, think of that times four…hmmm?” you smirk, pulling on his bottom lip and he grins, intrigued:


Even five!” you are fast to add, your hand sliding down his waist as you kiss his neck, biting the soft skin from time to time. He purrs, enjoying the sensation and you already have some insane things in mind for him.

Jonny closes the door behind him, trying not to make a sound. “Poor Y/N, the things she has to do for me. I don’t deserve her; she really is the best friend someone can have,” he thinks with pride and if this was a movie, there would truly be some heroic music playing in the background.


“Oh, wow, you have such cool tattoos!” Frost’s family remarks after you were introduced as his girlfriend about 15 minutes go. There are probably about 30 people at the house. Smalltalk started on the way to the living room and it cracks you up they have no clue about what he does for a living. He’s not really close with anybody so he barely sees them from time to time, that’s why they are oblivious to his lifestyle. And he wants it that way. But for certain events like this one you just have to man up and go with the flow- in this case go with your boss’s girl.

Property of J, I Love J, J+ Y/N, J & Y/N Forever… Wow, Jonny, she has so many tattoos with your name, I think it’s super cool,” his cousin gets excited while reading them. If they only knew it’s not about him… but since Joker and Jonny share the same initial, works like a charm. At least no one but your real boyfriend can see the Property of Joker tattoos scattered in different…places on your body, otherwise they would be intrigued on why Frost’s name is not there.

“He is one lucky bastard,” you blur out, holding onto his arm and when his grandma gives you a disapproving glance you correct yourself immediately. “Aren’t you honey?” you sweetly smile, pecking his shoulder. Grandma seems to like that and she nods in agreement.

“I really am lucky, she’s amazing you guys,” Frost kisses your temple, addressing everyone and they all go “awwwwww”. One of the aunts touches your hair, mesmerized:

“I really love your hair, sweetheart, it’s so bright. Does it take a long time to do?” she admires you bright red locks with neon green tips.

“No, not at all. J helps me, I mean Jonny,” you fix your tiny mistake even if you didn’t have to, sipping from your drink.

“When are you guys getting married?” his oldest uncle suddenly asks and you kind of roll your eyes. Frost is fed up with this dumb question they ask every time he brings someone over at the rare gatherings he attends so he spits out:

“We’re getting married soon, I asked yesterday and she said yes.”

“Oh my God!” the relatives scream and rush over to hug you both. “Congratulations, this is great!” You are speechless and pinch his arm so hard his eyes get teary.

“So, Mrs. Frost, when will the happy event take place? Soon after our wedding, I hope?” the groom-to-be excitedly inquires.

“Aaa, we don’t really know yet,” you grin, trying to keep your composure because you didn’t expect this shit.

“Look at the sparkler Jonny got her,” grandma takes your hand, studying the huge diamond ring that The Joker got you for your 3 year anniversary. You just wear it like a wedding ring.

“Good job, my man,” the guys shake Frost’s hand and pat his back. For the first time ever you just want to kill him.
“Jesus, would you just kiss your blushing bride?” his niece giggles and pushes the two of you together.

“Blushing??!! Who?” you repeat, confused while Jonny barely brushes your lips against yours so it won’t look awkward. The crazy niece reaches her hands and presses your heads together, resulting in a better kiss. You want to laugh on how stupid everything is when your eyes wander to the back yard for a few moments and your heart stops: The Joker just sits there, staring at you with his mouth open, shocked, not even blinking and probably not breathing at this point.

“Fuck!” you whisper in low voice in Jonny’s ear, not that you need to keep it down with everyone whistling and clapping. “Don’t make any sudden moves, J is watching us. He’s outside.”

“Oh, crap!” Frost gets startled, believing he’s already dead and this is just an afterlife dream.

“Don’t move I said, he can smell fear,” you whisper again, and when you look one more time, J is gone.  “He’s not there anymore,” you sigh, worried, leaving Frost’s arms.

People start talking and asking you two questions in the same time, that’s why you don’t hear the doorbell ringing.

“Hey, Jonny, your best friend is here. He said you invited him to our party,” grandma’s voice resonates in the living room while introducing the green haired man to everyone.

“The youth today”, she thinks, displeased at his appearance but still smiling.

What scares Frost the most is The Joker’s wide smirk that doesn’t go well with the murderous sparkle in his blue eyes.
“Y-yes, I invited him.” Jonny nervously stutters. “Everyone… this is Jay.”

All the relatives introduce themselves, analyzing the new comer because he sure looks interesting to say the least. The younger girls snicker and elbow each other, really liking his clothes and the toned abs showing from under his almost completely unbuttoned purple shirt.

“He’s so hot,” you hear them whisper behind you and it makes you whimper, feeling sorry for them.  “If you only knew the devil that he is, little girls”, you have time to think before you see him heading over towards you and Frost.

“Well, well, well, bestie,” The Joker takes a deep breath and hugs Jonny. “Finally made it to the party, I didn’t want to miss on the fun.”

Frost panics but there is nothing he can do. People start mingling and talking, probably the main subject being the dude with the pale skin.

“Sir, I can explain,” he tries to start the conversation, not raising his voice on purpose because he doesn’t want the others to hear.

“What was that?” J turns his ear, sarcastically pretending not to hear.

“Baby, please, it was for the show, you know that,” you signal both of them to follow you to the other side of the room for a little bit more privacy. You sure hope he won’t explode soon.

“For the show??! What show?!” he pants, irritated, facing both of you when you reach the back wall.“You fucking kissed my girl Frost???? You dare touch what’s mine???!!!! Thank God I decided to follow you here and keep an eye on things. And look at what I have to deal with… Would you also like her in your bed???!” he snaps, cracking his neck and you know this is not good.

“N-no, boss, of course not, I swear!” Jonny starts to sweat from all the emotions he’s going through and none of them are pleasant.

“Baby, please, “you go and take his arm, trying to calm J down because the relatives are sure glancing towards your little group even if they pretend not to care.

Suddenly, someone’s kid, a boy around 6 years old comes and tugs on J’s pants, trying to get his attention.

“Mister Toxic, do you like my drawing?” he lifts up his hand with the paper, smitten with that wild hair color.

“Huh?” The Joker glares down at the child, confused and enraged about the other problem also.

“I think he refers to your toxic green hair, baby,” you pet his arm, hoping he won’t go insane.

“Get lost, kid!” J grumbles at the kid and the boy gasps, noticing his silver teeth.

“Waaahhhh, Mister Toxic, are those bullets ?!”

“Go away I said!” he wants to push the kid away and Jonny intervenes, yanking his arm and taking him to his parents because he knows it won’t end pretty if this continues.

“So,” the future groom playfully punches J’s shoulder, interrupting. “Are you going to be Jonny’s best man?” he chuckles. “Him and this pretty lady getting married, I bet you are excited as hell, am I right?”

If the Joker’s would have a detachable jaw, it would definitely be on the floor right now.

“Say what?!” he narrows his eyes, watching Frost coming back to you. “Jonny boy, I heard you’re getting married?” he snorts with murder in his mind and you are ready to do something if needed.

“J, it’s not like that and you know it,” you reply and the groom looks confused. Something seems very out of place.

“This is MY woman!!!!” he suddenly loses it, shouting so loud that everyone’s eyes turn towards your small group. He points at you, furious as hell:” SHE IS MINE and she has what she needs right here, do you hear me Frosty boy?” The Joker takes your right hand and places it on his crotch, holding it tight on the spot. You are at a loss of words and so is everyone else.

“Oh, dear Lord!”, “What the…?…”, “ Did he just…?” you hear people muttering and it pisses you off he dares to ruin everything with his childish, entitled and possessive behavior. AGAIN.

“Christ Almighty!” you see grandma making the cross symbol, horrified at the scene unfolding in front of her eyes.

You pull your hand away and in the heat of the moment you go and grab Frost’s crotch, taking him by surprise:
“He also has what I need right here, so there’s no difference!!!!” you yell, irritated to the maximum.

Grandma faints and falls to the ground with a loud thud, a few relatives rushing to her side.

“You…You son of a bitch!!!!!” The Joker unexpectedly charges at Jonny, punching his lights out before he can defend himself. “Let’s go!!!” he forcefully drags you after him, while the family steps aside, not wanting to mess with the crazy guest that looks like is going to kill them all.


“He also has what you need, huh?” J shoves you in his car, fastly blinking because he sees dark spots, that’s how enraged he is. “Nobody has what you need but me, is that clear Doll?!”

Needless to say he definitely proved his point once you got back to the penthouse. Think about the wild stuff he usually does to you times six. Maybe seven. You couldn’t wear high heels for a week because you couldn’t really feel your legs.

God, the things you have to go through for your best friend, but if you won’t, then who else will?

And, yes, if this was a movie, that heroic music would start playing again right about…NOW.

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Gemini Reactions: Part I

When a Gemini knows you’re lying, but don’t want to say anything.

When someone asks a Gemini a dumb question. It never fails.

When you tell a Gemini the information they’ve been wanting to hear all year.

A Gemini the next morning, after procrastinating and being distracted from going to sleep the night before.

When someone asks a Gemini to tell them something about themselves.

A Gemini when they find out someone likes that one artist they admired forever; the artist they thought no one knew.

asriel-dreemurr-271  asked:

Sorry if someone already asked this, or if it's a dumb question, but what happened with chapter 1's remake? It's already finished? You haven't posted new pages of it in a while. (Sorry for my bad english)

Don’t worry I haven’t continue yet because I was concentrate each chapter at the time. I finish the chapter 5 completely. And next is try to finish the chapter 2 half remake. there’s only 11 pages left.  I can’t do all the chapter at once. please guys have mercy on me. I can’t do all the chapters in the same time or else it’s too exhausted and lose motivation faster. That’s why I need the concentrate one thing at the time. When I finish the chapter two half remake. I’ll do the chapter 1 remake every three weeks and chapter 6 every one week. return to a normal schedule.

Heres a dare….. today when u ask someone a question, say “hey I got a dumb question for u” and see if u can stop urself from doin it a 2nd time… and then a 3rd… lemme know how it goes bros 💪🏼

Truth Or Dare: JB Got7 Oneshot/Scenario

“why on earth would you invite him????” I questioned my friend’s sanity the second I saw JB entering the room

“what!? I couldn’t just not invite him if I invited all the other members! And relax, maybe you two will get along since this isn’t rehearsals or the practice room at JYPE” My friend replied before she ran over to JB and Jr who entered the room together and gave them both a drink

I already didn’t want to come to this gathering since I wasn’t a huge partier, but now that I saw JB here, I knew for a fact this night would only get worse.

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Cuddle On Me - Jungkook

title ; Cuddle On Me

pairing ; Jungkook x OC

genre ; 40% sour love. 50% sweet love. 10% spicy love. istg, i have no clue what this is tbh

word count ; 2.8K

a/n ; i’m sorry that i’m a whole load of shit when it comes to narrations and description

warning ; a glimpse of smut at the end shh

look at him. so tired, so droopy. his eyes were attempting to shut, but the effort he puts to keep them open is admirable. the way his head stoops downwards and how he whines when the nape of his neck gets sore, you can’t not love him.

in order for her to get in a better place to study, in order for her to actually graduate and get brilliant results, she needs to focus. she needs to risk her time and energy, sometimes even rest and sleep to complete her assignments. she lacks in daily routines. waking up, grabbing a protein bar and going straight to school. she barely gets a decent meal everyday.

as tired as she gets or as hungry as she gets, she kept telling herself that things will be worth it in the end, and that her life would be much easier and less pressured once she gets into college. if only she could get more than just her decent results and get a stable job to pay for her living expenses, things would be less piled up.

but also that’s when things hit her, and reality abuses her senses. as much as she wants and desires to stay in a hostel, where you can barely play with your phone and text with random people at random times, and grow good morals of independence and discipline, she couldn’t risk the thought of getting parted with him even more. they barely get to spend time with each other because of his one of a kind tight schedule, and that’s when she knows things will get hard, and even harder. leaving him? oh, this is a nightmare.

however that also led her to a different side of reality, what if they break up? what if he leaves? what if he falls in love with someone superior to her? it wasn’t once, nor twice. it was merely less then many. everytime, she types in his name in the google search box to see news about him, and about his group with high hopes of better achievements and awards, but all she sees are these collages of him and girls prettier than her, hotter than her, cuter and more talented than her. they even had prettier names.

a breath hitched to the back of her throat as she tried to suppress a forced sigh. he failed in staying awake and drifted off while she was silently swimming in the sea of her thoughts. his head was resting tiredly on her lap, his cheek laid flat and his lips puckered slightly from his habit while sleeping. his hair was messy, strains of random parts appeared from every direction, his complexion was pale and it was clear, he was exhausted.

bags under his eyes were visible, with shadows that darkens the area. the scar on his cheek appeared even more noticeable, for some fact it seemed to glow and he looked even more beautiful. so ethereal, with his heavy eyelids covering his iris and pupils, eyelashes touching over his waterline. words can’t describe how breathtaking he looks.

her legs were crossed, she was sitting in a comfortable lotus position. a book was folded in her touch, the other hand running through his untidy bangs. her fingers danced across his well-shaped face structures, his tensed eyebrows softened as she brushed across them. his nose, big but petite, huge but adorable; she gently squeezed it, trying to not wake him up. he was still soundlessly taken away by his exhaustion, he probably didn’t even realize he scrunched his nose.

his cheeks were flushed white, no hint of blood rushing to his cheeks like how he always would when she touched him like this. he looked, angelic. so handsome and she could never get enough of his face, his lips, she can’t get over him as a whole.

that’s when she realized, a tear slipped from her waterline.

she unconsciously had the book closed and let it fall from her grasp. she was shocked when she realized what dripped on his eyelid and slightly panicked, but he was already awake. her hands clenched on his shirt, as if pleading for god to bring him back to life, even though he wasn’t dead. her face was upright to his, her hair draped around them, like a little tent that kept them safe from harm.

but the harm was inside the tent. her tears were leaking and pouring down like rain on his face. his eyes pooled with tears, barely knowing if it was because her tears that fell in his eyes, or if he couldn’t help but feel a tiny lump of guilt piling in his throat when seeing her cry; pretty sure it was the second.

his eyes were wide open in shock, while her eyes were closed to avoid spilling tears. however she failed miserably, and cried even more, and more, and more to the point her sobs turned into chokes. but all he could do was watch, with sorry and hurt eyes even though he didn’t know what was wrong with her nor the purpose of her crying from the start.

they sat in their position, and little did he noticed tears were running down the sides of his face as well. the sofa catching his tears and absorbing the fluids, the area around his head was drenched by now.

but he couldn’t take it any much longer. of course he hated seeing her cry, in a poor and pleading state especially like this, but he was shook. and blank. like all the things he remembered and knew drained out of the back of his nerves. he was stunned, and thought he couldn’t do anything, but unknowingly his hands rose up and cupped her cheeks, sticking her hair on the wet flesh.

he pulled her face down, his lips brushed across her nose, which had a droplet threatening to drip. his lips ghostly moved around her cheeks and planted gentle kisses before pulling her by the chin and taking her by the lips. his lips, oh those gorgeous and breathtakingly luscious pink lips. they tasted sweet, like vanilla.

her eyelids gently fluttered like the wings of a butterfly, exposing her red blood vessels that appeared through her corneas. her cheeks were puffed up and stained by hot tears, strains of hair sticking securely on the sides of her face where he grabbed her.

her eyes traveled from his eyes to his lips, focusing on each gentle movements he made. she was speechless, words weren’t only stuck in her throat but they were also jammed in her brain. all she knew now was that her boyfriend was lingering his lips through every inch of her face, making her feel beautiful again.

the kiss was wanting, and passionate. and eager but with no sexual tension. their lips danced against each other, and he knew how much she was keeping in by the way she reacted to the kiss. that’s the amazing thing, he could tell every single thing she’s keeping inside with a simple kiss, a gentle smooch. that was why she can never lie to him, never.

his lips curled upwards to a smile as he felt no more tears showering his skin. she was taken aback by the sudden change of interaction, and broke the kiss in a soft motion, like a mother letting go of her child’s hand; afraid but needed.

he tucked in her hair to the back of her ear, and his heart dropped to see how badly she cried, how much emotions she kept inside. he felt like crying, again, but he knew the best and crying again would lead her in deeper depths of blue. so he held in the need, and held her by the thumb.

“cuddle on me,” he whispered softly but it seemed to rang across the whole apartment. he sat up so she could stand, and laid back his head on the arm rest.

it was his favourite cuddling position. having her crawl on him and snuggle like a little babe. how her face tucks sweetly in the space between his neck and shoulder, and feel her lips pepper gentle kisses against his cheeks. his arms would wrap around her body, tightly intertwining her fingers to make sure she can’t fiddle her way out of his grasp.

she never really liked this position, she said she gets worried if his chest would hurt from the pressure. she was unconscious of her petite weight, she always thought she weighed a ton, while to him she was perfect, better than perfect. flawless. flawless doesn’t even suit her, she was far better than that.

but now, all she could do was follow. and she knew she had no energy to fight over a cuddling position. it was great enough he was the one who asked her to snuggle up to him, or else asking would be a little embarrassing to admit.

his lips pressed against the crown of her head and pecked a few kisses. “are you okay?” he asked. it was a dumb question, people who ask that while someone is obviously far from alright is utterly stupid. but that was the most logical thing to ask now, at least to him.

he could feel her sigh against his chest, his shirt was getting wet as she started crying all over again. his thin shirt couldn’t absorb much, but it was better to have her cry while being in his embrace compared to anywhere else. her head gently shook, and now it was his turn to sigh.

“darling..” he trailed off. “please look at me.”

although it felt like her head weighed heavier than a lorry, and throbbed badly, she pushed herself to tilt her head and look at him. although her heart couldn’t meet up the desire to even look at him, she just did so. although she knew she might feel a bigger knot in her insides as her stomach churned to stop, she looked at him.

his fingers ran through her hair. her hair wasn’t the silkiest, it was never even near what those shampoo commercial girls have stuck on their heads. her hair wasn’t smooth, they had split ends, and it was a mountain out of a molehill to just comb her hair straightly. but he loved her, just the way she is. just how unique she is. he loved her because she wasn’t like the people he sees everyday, she was different in her own beautiful way.

he puffed out a quiet sigh, his eyes filled with worry and love. all the things in his head was running and clashing against each other, making her eyebrows twitch without his consciousness. the muscles on his jaw tensed, and he swallowed the saliva that was gathering in his mouth. he wanted to say something but there were too many questions listed in his brain, he couldn’t even utter a word without feeling as if his tongue would stumble across weird sentences.

“take me to a place that we will never grow old, jungkook..” she said eventually, breaking the complicated silence.

his twitching eyebrows knitted, his chin hung low making his lips agape. he was confused, and she knew well enough he had no clue what she meant.

“take me to paradise..” she whispered even though they were the only ones home. “take me somewhere where life doesn’t require money, and where people don’t act as if the ones younger are machines.”

with a few additional words in a built sentence, he already knew where she was going with this. his hands traveled back to her waist, thumbs rubbing smooth circles on her spine to calm her down.

“take me to a place where i will never have to leave you, to a place we can be happy forever no matter how old we are. take me there, where we don’t need to worry about anything, financials or politics, bring me somewhere where nobody gives a fuck about those.”

her tongue constructed new sentences and once in a while repeating the words she said earlier, never nearing a full stop. she didn’t even take a breath between sentences, she was that desperate.

“i will,” he said, interrupting her words. she shut her mouth and she looked back at him to assure she wasn’t mishearing things.

he nodded and smiled at her, showing his little pumpkin cheeks and hollow in the pits of his small dimples. he is so adorable, it melted her heart no matter how long they stay together. “i will take you there, to a place where we can never grow old.”

“we’ll call that place home, we’ll show all of what we have to it, and adore it. we’ll grow stronger there, and we’ll have no worries regarding the world anymore. we’ll escape this ugly atmosphere, i’ll have my hands reaching out to you to help you climb the high steps that seem to be impossible to reach. i’ll bring you there, sweetheart. i know i will.”

she felt a sudden gush of exhilaration wash her heart, and she wasn’t as worried as earlier. pleasure grew inside of her, knowing that her boyfriend is here for her to support her no matter what happens. jungkook is here, and she knows it magnificently well.

“i know, the things you are thinking could be a pain. i know that you’re thinking about the things that can part us, but let me tell you something, sweetheart..” he trailed off. “you were always right here for me, when i was having hard times practicing and when i was having conflicts with my hyungs, you were always here right by my side, holding my hand. the journey to my success was hell, all the ups and downs, love and hate, nothing ever comes easy, but you stuck up with me through it all. honestly, i can’t imagine not reaching the point i am at now without your presence enduring the burning pain i experience day by day.”


“what i’m saying is.. i won’t let you fall. no matter how hard it is for you to reach your goals, i won’t ever leave the grasp of your little hands. i’ll be there for you, and even though college means less communications and more assignments, i’ll never leave. i’ll be here, behind your back to catch you when you fall and push you off the ground. i’ll be all the safety you need to climb the mountain that you’re willing to reach the peak, okay?”

“jeon jungkook, i — ”

“things will be hard, i mean.. striving for something always require a hype of determination. i’ll be with you through it all.. hm?”

her mucus were running down her nose, tears were falling down her cheeks.. again and again and again she cries but he still finds her the most beautiful creature ever existed. it was as if an angel was legitimately here, so beautiful and delicate. it was a dream.

“please look at me.”

his eyes were glistened with his own tears. the tip of his nose was slightly red and his bottom lip was swollen from the pressure his teeth gave to endure his nerves. his pale complexion, his tired face.. this beautiful boy, never fails to make her feel like the most beautiful person on earth. he never fails, life never fails when you have someone as amazing as him here, sharing half a heart with you.

his hands wrapped tightly around her waist and gently laid her on her back, before hovering over her. his nose ghostly sniffed every inch of her face to her neck before planting soft kisses on her exposed skin. his pecks were gentle, going up to her jaw, and her chin before proceeding to her cheeks and forehead.

he gave her an eskimo kiss and chuckling at her soft giggles before kissing the tip of her nose. whispering silent i love yous, his lips caught hers. soft, gentle swirls of the tongue against her bottom lip pleaded for an entrance to explore her. he was tender with his love towards her, pleasantly beautiful that no one can deny.

his hands danced gracefully below her shirt, expose her belly before rising higher. she gasped at the cold sensation his fingers gave to the tips of her breast, and he smiled in the kiss knowing she didn’t find it necessary to wear a bra during their day-off.

the kiss turned sloppy and eager. they grew hungry of each other’s love, and before they know it her clothes were ripped off. tender kisses peppered across her skin and his teeth dug in the few places she was the weakest at, leaving a slight purple bruise around her naked body.

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So I can be a little dumb ngl, and I don't really get this "classics are/are not fanfics" argument. Can you explain simply why classics are not fanfic in like a few sentences? Sorry if this is annoying.

first: you’re not dumb. someone *dumb* wouldn’t be asking the question anyway ;) also you’re not annoying me no worries. I’ll… uh… try to be short.

  • the concept of fanfic is tied to the concept of copyright. fanfic as a term didn’t exist because copyright was invented.
  • before then most literature was based on re-inventing other works - someone said that the entirety of western lit is a re-imagining the iliad and the odyssey and possibly the bible. that’s not actually untrue. but like what people call fanfic - which is not fanfic since there wasn’t a concept of fandom or copyright back then - until the 19th century was just regular reworking of pre-existent tropes.
  • then someone showed up and made those tropes something new and groundbreaking and other people would follow.
  • as I said in some other post, robison crusoe’s plot is a re-elaboration of a situation you can find in the odyssey (same as gulliver’s travels which is like an entire odyssey re-elaboration) but its format was groundbreaking and it was what founded british modern novel, because before no one wrote in that format, after they did. joyce’s ulysses is also a re-elaboration of the odyssey - in fanfic terms it’s basically a modern au with re-imagined characters - but when joyce wrote that book he invented the stream of consciousness and he turned the original upside down in a way no one else did before, and that’s how you have the modernist movement and trope deconstruction to a T.
  • also: in order to do that shit, those people needed to know the original subject to the last comma. as I said once: in order to write paradise lost (and dictate it) milton had to know the bible by heart, the aeneid by heart, most of european pagan mythology by heart and a lot of other shit, he had to reinvent it, and uh he had to be so good at blank verse that he could dictate that poem while blind. and that’s just milton. I’m not even touching dante.
  • what I mean: the above mentioned works could only be written by those people. anyone can write an odyssey au. give me half an hour and I can do you an entire odyssey asoiaf recast and give me a month and I’ll write it for you. will anyone outside my ao3 readers remember it? no. will anyone remember ulysses two centuries from now (same as dante is remembered 700 years later? yes. because they were groundbreaking for different reasons while my fanfic isn’t.
  • classics are written by people who voluntarily or not set a trend in published literature. fanfics are written by whoever wants it for free and at most they set fandom trends but that’s it.
  • culturally when we’re speaking about literary context (which is also a cultural context ie in italy we unified in 1870 and before then *Italy* wasn’t a geographical notion but it was a cultural notion because everyone wrote in the same language which started with the divine comedy) classics have weight because they influence a shitload of other things and it’s been like that since forever.
  • fanfic does not do that.
  • also, books are not just plots and characters. they are themes.
  • last example: in the divine comedy you have parts which are philosophical treatises written in poetry in which this guy explains you how the aristotelian physics work. (when he’s in paradise.) the entire DC is an allegory. it has political commentary, social commentary, satire, courtly poetry, mythology, biblical elements, latin literature elements, all written in a verse this dude came up with on his own and which it took him twenty years to write.
  • the fanfic that it took most for me to write took me about one month of researching historical stuff and a month of writing it.
  • no, really. so, to me, it’s insulting to compare my fanfic and dante because they’re not the same thing and I know it’s an entire other league. I don’t need people to dumb the DC down to a fanfic for me to feel good about my writing. you need to talk about fanfic vs published literature when it comes to modern literature and the likes, not about classics who are an entirely other realm and come from a completely different context historically, conceptually and so on.

so: a book is a classic if it has literary merits for which it influenced other things. (btw, when they wanted to do a movie out of the grapes of wrath, the producer sent people to check if the oklahoma migrants in california were really that bad off. like, they had no clue before someone pitched them the book subject. dante influenced all of italian culture and language. it’s not a vacuum. it’s not just plots and characters. books influence real life in some cases. and hugely.) and a classic could have just been written by that one author.

fanfic is something completely different which is beautiful because it’s democratic and everyone can write it and in certain cases it’s better than some published literature and I think it’s amazing HECK I’VE BEEN WRITING IT FOR FIFTEEN YEARS OF MY LIFE, but it’s not on the same conceptual level and it’s okay because it’s two different things and it doesn’t mean fanfic can’t be studied in academia or that you can’t talk about transformative works and their history.

like. all fanfic is a transformative work but not all transformative works are fanfic. because fanfic can be written by anyone. classics can not.

I hope that it was an explanatory answer and sorry, it wasn’t a few sentences but that’s the most I could summarize xD

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the triangles aren't actually triangles, they are tear shaped, and they are shaped like tears because she wants to cry every time someone asks a dumb question like "whats with those triangles under your eyes" am I right or what?

♫ – “you’re the most right any human has ever been.”


Subway is ok but when it comes to pizza, Domino’s takes the cake. Dom for sure. I mean sometimes sub i guess..

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THIS IS A REALLY DUMB QUESTION but revas is so gorgeous and i was just wondering what mods you used for her? im sorry if someone's asked this before

Aww thank you <3 It’s not a dumb question at all! I’m happy to share.

For reference, here’s is Revas without mods (left) and with them (right)

Girl really needed to get her eyebrows done.

And here are the mods:

I think that’s all of them! Thank you for asking <3

Stereotypes About INTJs

We’re Bitterly Sarcastic All the Time

Not necessarily true. I’m only sarcastic 90% of the time. 

Truthfully, sarcasm comes naturally to me. It’s easier, and more amusing for me than simply saying giving a simple statement. For instance, during a final, a friend of mine asked how to divide 230 by 25%. I shot him a look. We were in college. Now, I could’ve texted:


But it was much more fun to say:

It’s not like we’ve learned fractions yet, us still being in kindergarten. 

As of late, I’ve realized other people find sarcasm annoying. It doesn’t particularly bother me. I think of it as a gentler alternative to calling someone an idiot, which isn’t socially acceptable either. But sometimes, you have to call someone out for asking a dumb question so they don’t waste your life with more dumb questions if they’re an adult (children excluded). I think LMGTFY was invented for the INTJ who’s probably been used as the personal database for far too many of their classmates in an effort to be nice. The ISTJ is another type who, I’ve noticed, is pretty astute with sarcasm. Severus Snape is a prime example. Low Fi and high Te are why we’re so outspoken and not quite aware of how it effects others. Condescending comments however, piss me off, particularly when you’re trying (or not) to belittle me. Condescension /=/ Sarcasm. 

We Don’t Have Emotions

Oh, but we do. And they’re probably tied to jealousy, feeling left out, feeling ignored, or being (once again) condescended to. We take our competency very seriously. If you’re ignoring us in favor of someone we consider inferior (again, not a tasteful word, but that’s what it feels like in the moment), we’re probably pissed. If you forget something we consider rather important, our opinion of you is going to go down.

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