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Black Women Are

Pioneers: Harriet Tubman

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Dr. Hadiya Nicole Green AKA  The Pioneer in the fight against cancer

Michelle Obama

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Beautiful: Jackie Aina (She’s also artistic, intelligent, funny)

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Uzo Aduba

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Soulful: Chargaux 

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Nina Simone

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Phenomenal:  Oprah  

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Hilarious:  Leslie Jones 

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Gabourey Sidible

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Poetic: Maya Angelou

Lauryn Hill

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Marsai Martin

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Solange Knowles 

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Yara Shahidi 

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Fearless: Assata Shakur & Angela Davis

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Unwavering:   Lezley McSpadden, Gwen Carr, Wanda Johnson,  and Sybrina Fulton aka Mothers of The Movement

Fighters:  Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi aka founders of #BlackLivesMatter

Visionaries: Ava Duvernay (Director)

Shonda Rhimes (producer, screenwriter)

Determined: Ilhan Omar (Politician)

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Gabby Douglas

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Simone Biles

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Serena and Venus (and someone asking them a dumb question)

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Allyson Fellix

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Ibtihaj Muhammad

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Some Bonus Awesomeness:

Amber Riley

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Kerry Washington, Taraji P Henson, and Mary J Blige 

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Janelle Monae 

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Despite being one of the most disrespected demographics, black women remain to be an integral part of America’s (and also global) history, present, and future. Validate, and humanize them. And take note of all the badassery and awesomeness. 

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Heres a dare….. today when u ask someone a question, say “hey I got a dumb question for u” and see if u can stop urself from doin it a 2nd time… and then a 3rd… lemme know how it goes bros 💪🏼

Gemini Reactions: Part I

When a Gemini knows you’re lying, but don’t want to say anything.

When someone asks a Gemini a dumb question. It never fails.

When you tell a Gemini the information they’ve been wanting to hear all year.

A Gemini the next morning, after procrastinating and being distracted from going to sleep the night before.

When someone asks a Gemini to tell them something about themselves.

A Gemini when they find out someone likes that one artist they admired forever; the artist they thought no one knew.

Okay, dumb question, I am sure someone asked this before -

I wonder, is the 911 call there in its full extent? What I’m wondering is, did Patti Nielsen ever hang up the phone? Wouldn’t it be quite possibly that she never hung up and the phone call kept being recorded and there is a recording of Dylan and Eric’s last words, if they ever shared any?

i’ve been at my job for a while now and every single time i’m training a guy and we’re working side by side the customers will come right up to him with questions and obviously he’s new and knows nothing so he has to ask me and i just never get over literally how funny it is every time. like never once when i’m working with a guy will someone ask me the question. like SYKE bitch hes dumb as hell i got ur answers right here