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sai im sorry but like i saw this post yes and luffy says "i dont feel sexual attraction" and someone says "oh so you are ace?" and luffys is like "????? what. no, ace is my brother. im luffy" and im crying omg

pfffftfft oh my god

he would 

he so would

reading a new rpg manual is like someone beckoning you into a dark alley being like, “hey, I got a couple new high fantasy novels, some cyberpunk, a sweet little urban fantasy thing…” They pull out a syringe. “Or I could inject a pdf of pure worldbuilding directly into your bloodstream.”

and you’re already rolling up your sleeves, baring your veins, like, “FUCK ME UP.”

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Was there ever a time you had to carry Hatano (due to, you know, height)?

The one time where it was completely necessary and not one-sided (because it is extremely fun to pick smaller people up for no reason) was the raid at Gordon’s home. Hatano was in charge of checking through the attic space despite his… limited stature, and needed a boost, so i allowed him to sit on my shoulders.

I offered to report back to Lieutenant Sakuma in the same position, but…

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Hey, I think someone needs/deserves a hug! :-) I just wanted to tell you that you're one of my most valued authors. All of your stories are simply amazing (Though "A flicker of brilliance" just happened to kill me in the best possible ways. One of my all-time favourites!). Yet I believe that you're outdoing yourself with "Exonerated". Although I'm craving for an update, please take all the time you need for this nascent masterpiece. All the best for you! :-*

Oh nonny, you have me a heart attack! I thought I’d turned anonymous off! I’m glad I forgot though. Thank you so much for such a kind message <3 It really means the world to me that someone out there enjoys reading my fics! You know, there’s actually a sequel to A Flicker of Brilliance in my WIP list… I’m not sure if that’s scary or exciting if you liked the first fic!

Thank you again though, and all the best for you too! <3

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Now that you pointed out... There are a lot of teenage delinquents in this family, poor Jotaro must have been worried sick about all the influence Jolyne was getting... I bet even his mother was a delinquent and he didn't know

Oh no, you’re totally right, and now in my mind, Jotaro inherited his hat from his reformed-delinquent mom. Which is now totally a head-canon thing that will be reflected in the Holly comics I want to draw…

here’s an incomplete list on why it’s shitty to use high-functioning or low-functioning labels to describe your friendly neighbourhood autistic:

  1. “high-functioning” implies that an autistic person is “less autistic,” “mildly autistic,” or otherwise more “normal” than someone to whom you might ascribe the label “low-functioning”
  2. “low-functioning” implies that an autistic person is less of a human
  3. “low-functioning” is a label usually given to someone purely on the basis of whether or not they communicate using verbal methods
  4. verbal speech is not the only way to communicate, you fuckheads, and even if it were communication is not the be-all end-all of personhood
  5. we as the autistics do not assign ourself functioning labels, you as the allistics do
  6. “low-functioning” autistics are not less of people and do not deserve to be treated as such
  7. if you think that you’re fucking gross
  8. “high-functioning” autistics are not “mildly autistic”
  9. i do not experience my autism mildly, you do