someone already made a gifset like that


and i try, oh my god do i try…
                                                                                              i try all the time.


CHUCK AND BLAIR IN EVERY EPISODE || Seventeen Candles (1x08)

Something this beautiful deserves to be seen on someone worthy of its beauty.


“she loves hook….” - Jennifer Morrison, Comic-Con San Diego 2015 x


Coloring Tutorial

Someone asked me how i made THIS gifset, so i’m gonna show you how to make this:

What you will need:

  • Photoshop (i use CS5 extended)
  • KMPlayer
  • Basic knowledge on how to make a gif (check this tutorial in case you don’t know)
  • Basic knowledge on how to use masks ( if not, then check this tutorial)

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Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 1: The moment you started shipping

This scene made me a hardcore Sherlolly shipper.

I had been a sorta-active shipper for about seven months when I saw this gifset. I wondered why Sherlock was staring and smiling at her when she wasn’t even looking. He didn’t have a reason to look and smile at her like that; he’d already gotten what he needed. And that smile was too tender for someone congratulating himself on his ability to manipulate an infatuated specialist registrar.

Had he been harbouring affection for Molly, even though he didn’t know it yet? At the time, I thought the answer was yes.

Two years later, that answer hasn’t changed.

Just a thought that occurred to me this morning:

What if each of Mikleo’s capes is supposed to represent a wing (certainly fits given the stylized wing/feather design on it), so by the epilogue, he is the literal incarnation of Zestiria’s equivalent of a biblical Seraph? Which then begs the question, just how strong is he by then when he’s keeping up in a fight with the likes of Lailah, Edna, and Zaveid at 18? And also, just how many years did Sorey sleep for in order for that to happen?

okay i’m pretty sure someone has already made a post about this before, but??? the foxes and tumblr?? okay okay,

  • neil would have a tumblr with 90% of anything exy related, gifsets of players, exy news, people rambling about exy, etc. the rest of the blog would be stuff he reblogs from other foxes (like group pics of them and stuff) and then, for some reason, i could see him reblogging some inspirational quotes? like about never giving up etc lmao he has his cheesy side, okay???? okay????? let my child be cheesy
  • (i feel like he’d get into tumblr fights too and they would escalate into hilarious levels of absurdity. when the death threats start to pour in, he’d have to persuade andrew not to track the anons down and kill them lmao)
  • andrew wouldn’t even bother with tumblr tbh, he’d say it’s all stupid but neil would 10000% ignore him and show him some gifsets anyways
  • kevin’s tumblr would be 100000% exy, 0% chill, like lbr, that nerd lives and breathes exy, my child
  • nicky would post a lot about lgbt related things, lots of aesthetic crap, movie gifsets and quotes in german. there would be a lot of pictures of the foxes, accompanied with nicky’s excited rambling about his friends. he’d talk a lot about erik too??? and then there would be some occassional gay porn gifs
  • aaron made a tumblr account but never really uses it, he reblogs something science related from katelyn once in a blue moon and then fucks off for like months. i feel like he’d prefer twitter???
  • dan’s tumblr would be all over the place, she’d reblog everything you can imagine, basically anything that she finds nice; gifsets, sceneries, flowers, poetry, almost everything the other foxes post, it’d be like a constant flow of EVERYTHING. she’d post lots of things about feminism too, and get into arguments and always win, because she’s dan
  • matt would have considerable amount of exy in his blog, but also music related things and cars. cars EVERYWHERE. he’d also reblog like 90% of dan’s posts and everyone would be like, dude chill,
  • renee would post bible quotes and other quotes, and reblog posts about things like how to survive a zombie apocalypse etc. she wouldn’t use her tumblr that often, but whenever someone has posted a new pic of the foxes, she’d be there to reblog it and add something nice on the post
  • allison’s tumblr would be 60% fashion, 20% make-up things and 20% vagueing about the other foxes (”okay so, guess who two have been making out in their room for two hours now, i might become sick”)
  • wymack would have a tumblr account with just one text post saying “no.” and nothing else

okay this got longer than i intended lmao i’m sorry

So I have a new headcanon about how Natasha was flipped. Because I always kind of wondered, in MCUverse, why Clint didn’t kill her? What did she do that made him think she was good? Was she already fed up with mercenary work? Or did he have to convince her?

But after that last gifset, I think he just put down his bow and said,

It’s unusually high for someone her size.

And she was like, “I see your point. Let’s study Elvis.”