someone already made a gifset like that

anonymous asked:

hi you're one of the blogs i look up to the most so i just automatically turned to you for this.. i'm sorry if i'm disturbing you.. i recently made a gif set with a specific theme and member and of course, tagged the relevant networks i was in. later on i saw that one of the network's admin made a similar gifset, same kind of theme, same member. i just dk what to think, like just because i'm a smaller blog my efforts get overshadowed..

Sadly, that actually does happen a lot. I have seen a lot of small blogs that had amazing gifs and barely have any notes, and then you see a bigger blog with the same kind of gifset and they get way more notes. I have had moments where I’m watching something and I think “I should gif this” but then I come on Tumblr and someone else has already done it, and of course I end up re-blogging theirs because I’m lazy lol. I guess a lot of people have the same ideas. Just keep doing what you’re doing and before you know it, your efforts won’t get overshadowed. Remember to have fun with it though, sharing BTS itself is something that should make you happy. (: