someone actually drew me

♪♫♬ “Let me show you a world, shining, SHIMMERING, spleeeendid!

Ayo! Guess who finally drew some bees! I actually had someone a while ago ask me to draw Yang and Blake dancing together from V2′s dance, but hey better late then never, here’s to you anon!

I kind of loathe most all the dresses the girls had for that dance scene, so I decided to redesign their dresses for them. Yang’s dress kind of got the short end of the stick since I didn’t want her dress to cover up her pose, but eh, Yang’s dress will always get the short end of the stick I suppose. XD

Victor with flowers in his hair probably felt lonely at the top.

Victor with actually thinning hair, though…

…he’s never alone again. Yuuri will love him even when he’s bald.

(*whispers* Basically, 離れずにそばにいて, but forever.)

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HeY yOu! Did anyone EVER tell you that you're a ball of sunshine and creativity? No? Yes? Well they should more often. Also,I'm afraid I have the 25 dollar question of the hour (that literally made no sense whatsoever...) May I ask how you draw a full body sketch? Lately I've been bummed out because I can never draw a full body sketch (I can only draw from the neck and up)... Also,how can you draw with symmetry? It's quite hard and is like an experts opinion on it. ThAnK yOu and have a great day

hello!!!! aH well i’m no expert myself since i’ve never gone to art school and my only source of Artistic Education™ are youtube videos lmao but i’ll try to explain as best as i can!!

when drawing a symmetrical full body, i personally find that it’s easiest to do it when you’ve already got the hang of the shoulders since theyre kind of the “starting point” to a full body drawing?? for me at least?? so here’s a bit of a tutorial i made to do just that + a tiny review about the shapes i use in a full body drawing (i’m only focusing on the shoulders for now so let me know if you need more explanation on that!)

(((also, you are about to be subjected to some pretty terrible handwriting. you have been warned.)))

and there you have it!! this is my first time drawing out a tutorial of any kind so idk if it helps at all but i hope it does! i’d love to help out some more if you’d like so just hit me up whenever! :)

“Death’s A Revolving Door” - A Frozen/Superhero Song Parody

(Because I am a MASSIVE NERD who couldn’t wait to post this before I did a proper comic of it. XD; Yes, this would be sung as a duet. For musical assistance, please refer to this instrumental.)

“Okay, can I just, say something crazy?”

“I love crazy!”

“All our lives we’ve watched these superheroes fighting crime
And it seems we’ve only lost a few.”

“I was thinking the same thing! ‘Cause like
between fatal falls, Apocalypse, and shattering time,
You would think the super roster would be a little shorter, too.”

“But the truth…”
“But the truth…”

“Is they’re not”
“Not really gone”

‘Cause dying can’t keep them down anymore!

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Death’s a revolving doooooooor!
Death’s a revolving doooooooor!
Death’s a revolving door!

“With you!”

“With you!”

“With you!”

“With you!”

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Death’s a revolving door…

“I mean it’s crazy…”


“Both Cap and Bucky are back-”

“It’s been 70 years!”

“Well the Arrow’s returned

Three times this week.”

Psych! Psych again!

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Their sudden reincarnation

Can have but one explanation:





Won’t let them be!

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“Don’t say bye…”
“Don’t say bye…”

Don’t you mourn for them now
‘Cause they’ll be back by season four!

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Death’s a revolving doooooooooor!
Death’s a revolving doooooooooor!
We’ll see you live once more!

“Yes, you!”

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“And you!”

“And you!”

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“And you!”

Death’s a revolving dooooooor…

“Can I say something crazy? Do you think Superman will come back in the next movie?”

“Can I say what everyone knows already? Yes!”


(Sooooo YEAH THAT HAPPENED. Basically I was thinking of the famous line “death is a revolving door in comics” and realized it sounded like… well, you know. So here we are. Please be aware that the gifs/pics I picked for the heroes don’t necessarily correlate with a timeline where the hero has died (yet). The very fact that I have to say that proves the whole ridiculous point of this parody, I think. XD; 

Also I couldn’t find the owner of the Batfam pic even with Google image search, so if you know who drew it, give me a holler!

If someone actually sings this I may die of happiness, my voice isn’t good enough to hit the high notes.



Q: do i regret drawing this?

A: no


mini bars, expensive cars, hotel rooms, & new tattoos

And another one. Oops. This idea came to me when I was thinking about that scene in Antarctica where Pitch says “Fine, you want to be alone? Then BE alone!”. It’s true, if they don’t want to be alone they can just be with each other… Eheh. I love these dorks to bits.