• Someone: ...are you... manipulating me? That's so...
  • Sagittarius Moon/Mercury: How am I supposed to manipulate you when I don't lie, Sharon? Or did you forget that? Like you forgot my birthday 10 years ago or like how you forgot that I was SAD 10 minutes ago.
  • Someone: I didn't know you were sad 10 minutes ago.
  • Sagittarius Moon: Yeah, well, news flash, Caron. You don't know about everything. *sniffle*
Get You Someone...

Aries: Who you’ll treat like they’re fragile China

Taurus: Who you’ll listen to 

Gemini: Who can calm you down without offending you

Cancer: Who makes you feel like you can tell them anything

Leo: Who can pamper and squash your ego at the same time

Virgo: Who can go on philosophical rants with you

Libra: Who you won’t be afraid to completely be yourself around

Scorpio: Who will treat you like the Queen you are

Sagittarius: Who will be your partner in crime

Capricorn: Who will get you out of your comfort zone

Aquarius: Who will love you for all your light and dark sides

Pisces: Who will be your shoulder to cry on and your arms to lift you up

👻Happy Halloween 👻
🎃 Stay safe if you’re going trick or treating 🎃

credit to ekonachin
And my god, I hope you wake up one morning to someone who loves you like you’re a sunflower and they’re desperate to keep you alive.
I hope you dance with them in the small space of your kitchen floor, messy hair and tired eyes because you both been up all night watching movies again.
I hope you laugh with them in a way you never did with anyone else, head tilted back and lips apart as you let out every sound your laugh can possibly make and I hope to god you don’t try to cover your mouth. And if you do, because that’s okay, I know I sometimes do, I hope they stop you.
I hope they grab your hand before it ever comes in contact with your lips and I hope they hold it to their chest as they watch you with kind loving eyes. Because fuck, everyone knows you deserve it. And I hope you find someone who’ll accept you.
I hope they accept your messy hair in the early morning of the day and I hope they accept the way you sometimes talk too much and can’t seem to stop when you’re nervous or how you still cry yourself to sleep on some nights.
I hope they hold you and kiss you on the places where you’re most insecure at and I hope to god you let them.
I hope you find someone who makes you happy, even when you feel like sometimes, life is too hard for you. And I hope that when you both come across a tough situation and it comes down to a choice where you are one of them,
I hope they choose you. Every goddamn time, I hope they choose you.
—  A.M//for you