Sometimes, I’ll just be going about my day and it’s just an average Tuesday and then sometimes – this feeling hits me out of nowhere.

This super heavy feeling in my chest that makes me feel like I can’t breathe sometimes.

And sometimes, when that feeling hits me, it feels like you’re with me and I can breathe again.

And in that moment, I will laugh because I remember something funny you did or how easily and unconditionally you made me feel love – especially today, in a world that doesn’t seem to love easily. A world that doesn’t seem to love at all.

And somehow, even if just in that moment, it seems like I’ll be okay again.
Maybe not today.
But someday.
Someday I’ll be okay again.

The world around us may have changed, but we haven’t.

And then sometimes, I remember you’re gone… but then, I’ll remember your smile.

And then I smile.

—  I miss you. I miss you so much.
Esse é o problema dá geração atual, as pessoas não percebem que estão machucando os outros, não tentam melhorar, estão sempre colocando o outro para baixo e acham que é algo normal, mas não sabem o quanto isso machuca…
—  alguemporae
When the signs like someone

Venus and Sun signs

Aries: Pretty much shows off a bit around them and tries to be near them

Taurus: genuinely cares about how their crush feels

Gemini: blushes a lot around them and jokes around with them

Cancer: gives them subtle hints and acts sweet around them

Leo: gets a little jealous and protective over them

Virgo: denies that they like them over and over but smiles a lot around them

Libra: checks them out from afar and teases them

Scorpio: attempts to flirt with them and stares at them

Sagittarius: likes having deep convos with them 

Capricorn: acts very cute and cuddly around them without realizing it

Aquarius: gives them compliments and acts very nice around them

Pisces: looks for them a lot and acts shy around them