iif iim daitng somenoe whos poly tthe relationship will have to wwork with all of us nd not jsut 2 one sided relationships becuas im paranoid im jsut going to be someone 2 fall back on/vice versa

//Does anyone have that screenshot of ratchet where he’s like

got his arm up in a defensive position looking like hOLY FUCK SOMENOE’S GUNNA EAT ME????

i thuink it’s from the scraplet’s episode but i could be wrong

lemondropt asked:

Thane, for the 5 question thing (even though I think we all at least know the first answer, hehe)


1. Do you love/hate/don’t feel strongly about this character?
2. What’s your favorite trait of this character?
    okay this is actually a hard thing to pick?? i really love how like. he cares so much for shep. esp if you romance him?? the last romance scene in 2 fuc kin killed me
3. What’s your favorite moment/even involving this character?
    meeting him was seriously badass and i love it so much. come out of fuckin airducTS TO ASSASSINATE SOMENOE??
4. If you could have one power/attribute/etc. of this character, what would it be?
   brea thes. probably the biotics
5. When did you fall in love/hate with this character? I you don’t have any strong feelings toward them, why not?
    I literally fell in love with him the moment i saw his god damned ass

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i mean haylor were cute but hate was too much even taylor said she would never be able to erase the srcreming in her mind (probbably slut,whore,etc.) and i am glad she found someno whose fandom won't be opssesed with him so much they would be mean to tay

Yeah but They deserved so much better and I wish people just gave them a chance. I think they really could’ve been something if people didn’t judge them so hard. That’s why I still ship them because they deserved a fair shot just like every other couple.

Chão da Lagoa: branco mais branco não há!

Chão da Lagoa: branco mais branco não há!

Esta “narrativa” tem um aviso prévio: o Estepilha não é de intrigas e respeita os hábitos de todos. Mas foi notado e notório um ponto que terá passado ao monóculo de alguns. Trocaram-se os práticos e populares pólos da sacrossanta cor laranja pelas camisas alvas, em modo arregaçado. Sim, e isto não é apenas e só uma questão de somenos importância. O Primeiro de camisa alva branca; Albuquerque de…

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so this one time i told this guy i kind like idk do i like him maybe maybe not who knows not i somenoe find out for me yeah please ok that buys were really compilcated and he was rlly surprised & said girls were complicated but literally no just tell us if u like us if u like us, tell us we’re pretty if thats’s what u think, buy us food, snuggle and thats like it ????