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Hi! This is random, but I'd like to spread around a totally shameless self-promotion ask. Link the top three favorite fics you've written that you would like to see get more love (hits/kudos/comments/likes/reblogs) then send this to some other random writers you follow and like!

Oh gosh, I’ve… I’ve only got three fics published lmao.

I guess Steam? Lmao, Im a sucker for more comments and kudos.

Seeing as I only have the three, I’m gonna link to some fics I genuinely enjoy and would like to see get more love:

Tumbling Down by @criscura

This fic is amaing, and cute, and everything you need in a Genosai fic, if you haven’t read it yet, you must! Somehow it escaped my radar until it already had 6 or 7 chapters and I was like!?!?! How have I missed out something this amazing!

Like the Dawn by @uhtsceatha

This is the pining Saitama you’re looking for, in which he muddles through his own self doubts and desires general feelings for his beloved borg. Please please check this out, really good writing, A++ on the feels meter.

In Which Genos Declares War on Saitama’s Clothing by @too-much-stuff–not-enough-space

This sounds so silly by the title, but lemme tell you, this fic is one heck of an adorable roller coaster ride. Your classic Genos pining for the Sensei, and goodness is it a great read!

Full Color by NanakiBH

Y’all…. this fic…. this fic y’all… is perfect. Perfect Genosai in every way. I thikn this is the fic that broke me and sent me hurdling into the void that is Genosai hell. This fic is beautiful and I love the characterization so much, if you have not read it, read it, it is p e r f e c t.

One Hundred Contest Entries by @batneko

This is also one of the fics that I first lost my shit over it. This is amazing, cute, sweet-just. Auugh. THE FEELS. This goes on my list of P E R F E C T Genosai

Please read and like and comment all of the above! It really means a lot to the authors to see what you think!! :)