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can you believe supergirl is so much less popular than superman even though she’s much more interesting as a character, because she remembers krypton and lost her entire world and now she’s getting sidelined on her own show? incredible


One of us should probably say something.
About what? I don’t know, the moment? Remind the men in whose name this fight is to be fought? You think they’ve forgotten? No, but …we are emotional beings, after all, and rhetoric is the fuel that feeds the fire.
For 10,000 years, a man anticipating conquest - has stood before his army -

Do it.


the reason im so infatuated with wilford warfstache is because hes the only unexplained. theres no actual given reason hes here. with the other 20+ egos mark has, theyre mostly just ones others have asked him to play. even dark has a reason hes here. hes just an amalgamate of what mark isn’t. but wilford doesn’t have a reason. he showed up, and the only thing we know about him is that hes killed people, has had affairs, and would kill more people and SOMEHOW get away with it. he’s just Here and im thankful for it.

connor brown has 17 goals on the year don’t ever tell me that this boy hasn’t made a difference this year or that he’s somehow less than the other more notable rookies because he’s not out here smashing records left and right or getting media coverage out the ass. he’s a damn good player, he’s a consistent player, and he has absolutely made a difference for the team this season 

ratkhaleesi  asked:

Viktuuri coffeeshop AU? (my weaknesssssssssssssss) Viktor works there, Yuuri's tall dark and cute as hell

ft. Yurio The Reluctant Wingman   ~600 words

Viktor’s in love.

It can be argued that he’s actually just infatuated given that they haven’t had a conversation beyond getting the guy’s coffee order and a bit of whining about the weather but…

Viktor’s in love, okay?

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@redpensandgreenarrows said: Well, there is my headcanon prompt to you! After Beauty and the Beast Reprise is sung, Adam dances Belle out onto the balcony for some privacy…

Thank you, dear! This is a lovely headcanon idea. So I may have written way more than I originally intended to. Like 2k words more. Oops. Enjoy :) Spoilers for the new movie obviously!

Also on AO3.


As Madame Garderobe finishes her third aria of the celebration extravaganza, it seems her dancing partner’s feet are finally giving out. Finally. Belle almost huffs her surprise and relief out loud, when he takes her by the hand once more, but instead of leading her back to the middle of the dance floor, he expertly weaves them through the crowd standing along the fringe of the ballroom.

Though, if that brief, teasing eyebrow raise is anything to go by, she’s not masking her relief as well as she hopes.

Of course he’s completely unwinded, secret dancing master that he is. All afternoon, she’s had the good fortune to discover that during their first dance in this very room just a few weeks ago, he had, in fact, been holding out on her. Whether it’s years of cotillion bred into him or that he naturally carries himself with a zealous grace that’s been concealed for so long, her fiancé, the returned prodigal prince, is a very adept dancer indeed.

She might be jealous at his ability to move with such carefree ease, if she could only bring herself not to be utterly thrilled as his dancing partner, to feel cherished in the security of his arms, to spin around a room surrounded by the people they both love. She hasn’t danced like this in…well, perhaps ever. She also cannot recall having this much fun in a single day. Not even throwing that treacherous snowball at him, not even her books compare to this splendid adventure. And seeing the man she loves so deeply like this…so jovial, so full of life, so…content. He positively shines in his radiant blue suit, the color just the perfect shade to highlight those captivating, alluring eyes she could absolutely drown in.

All her life she’s been called beautiful from a distance, but up close…he is something else entirely. He is truly stunning.

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legitimately some shitty people think “don’t support beekeepers in places honey bees are non-native” is a smart thing to say???
beekeepers are not somehow releasing more bees into the environment, lmao honeybees have been here in the usa for hundreds of years, naturalizing and growing in population. they already have a niche in this environment. are militant vegans going to start killing honey bees en mass just because of a very unsupported claim they they are hurting the native bees? beekeepers do the job of taking swarms (which would have gotten sprayed or posed a risk to the public) or removing colonies from buildings where they couldve caused harm. and they give the bees a safe place to live. next time ya’ll have a hive in your roof dont call a beekeeper because obviously you don’t respect or understand the important work they do

Stay // Day 5

For: Rucas Fic Week 2017
Day Five: future //jump past the canon world we know and take a shot at where these losers will be down the road”
Word Count: 1,199

❀  ❀  ❀ ❀  ❀  ❀

The pouring rain creates a shield around Lucas as he slowly opens the massive blue umbrella he brought with him to work this morning. He was suddenly very grateful he decided to listen to his girlfriend, Riley, when she told him to bring it before he left. He had watched the news that morning when he got up and the weatherman said there would be nothing but clear blue skies all afternoon which clearly was a lie. Thankfully she was there, otherwise his walk home today would’ve been a lot less enjoyable.

As he rounded the corner to his apartment building he found himself hoping she was still there. She had the day off which she usually spent visiting her family or doing literally anything else that didn’t involve going back to her apartment.

Much to his dismay, Riley shared a place with her best friend Maya. He naturally assumed that when they finished college Riley would move in with him but his lack of mentioning resulted in her living with someone else. Something that he’s still kicking himself over, two years later.  

He didn’t know what he was waiting for. The amount of times Riley’s showed up at his apartment needing some place quiet to get her work done or looking for an escape from the passions of her uncle and best friend were too many to count.  

Somewhere along the line he, again, just naturally assumed she’d get the hint and just move her stuff in but just like before, his lack of communication didn’t do him any favors. He knew the easiest solution to his problems was to just be straight with her and ask her to move in but he couldn’t help but feed into the insecurities in his head telling him that if she wanted to move in with him she would’ve brought it up by now.

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Something more for my HC Hogwarts Class of 1999..

figured that Ginny will probably be a bit snarky, sassy towards Pansy at the start of 7th year- passing comments on how the original slytherin squad aint here no more- and somehow discovering Pansy’s crush on her-  she would become more wickedly James Potter type lol..

I did write some about this HC here!

For almost ten years now, every time a science fiction or fantasy author mentions a character from a made-up culture eating using a “utensil” in the singular,

(e.g “I raised my utensil in acknowledgment,” “Grallezar gestured across the camp with her utensil,” “Fuckhands McMike poked listlessly at his food with a utensil, never bringing any to his mouth.”)

My brain has filled in the detail that they’re actually eating with sporks, but the author was of course too embarassed to record this specifically.


Stefan Salvatore Everyday Appreciation Because I love this character, okay?

↳ “I’m so sorry. Damon had no right to do this to you. “

                         1x06 - Lost Girls  [Part 1]