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can you believe supergirl is so much less popular than superman even though she’s much more interesting as a character, because she remembers krypton and lost her entire world and now she’s getting sidelined on her own show? incredible

Something more for my HC Hogwarts Class of 1999..

figured that Ginny will probably be a bit snarky, sassy towards Pansy at the start of 7th year- passing comments on how the original slytherin squad aint here no more- and somehow discovering Pansy’s crush on her-  she would become more wickedly James Potter type lol..

I did write some about this HC here!

For almost ten years now, every time a science fiction or fantasy author mentions a character from a made-up culture eating using a “utensil” in the singular,

(e.g “I raised my utensil in acknowledgment,” “Grallezar gestured across the camp with her utensil,” “Fuckhands McMike poked listlessly at his food with a utensil, never bringing any to his mouth.”)

My brain has filled in the detail that they’re actually eating with sporks, but the author was of course too embarassed to record this specifically.


Karlie Kloss being sunshiney in the kitchen. (X)

bonus gifs ;)


One of us should probably say something.
About what? I don’t know, the moment? Remind the men in whose name this fight is to be fought? You think they’ve forgotten? No, but …we are emotional beings, after all, and rhetoric is the fuel that feeds the fire.
For 10,000 years, a man anticipating conquest - has stood before his army -

Do it.



It was so long ago that I don’t remember my initial reaction to the General White portion of the story, but the fact that so many other people unite in their hatred of it is somehow hilarious to me :x

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                                         MERRY CHRISTMAS
                                         HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

                        ❝ Probably the reason we all go so haywire at Christmas time
                           with the endless unrestrained and often silly buying of gifts
                          is that we don’t quite know how to put our love into words. 

The holiday season has officially started and since today is Christmas Eve, I wanted to write a little something for all the people I’ve met during my first year in this fandom; everyone of us had ups and downs, everyone of us had happy and sad moments and yet, somehow, we’re all still here. I made so many wonderful friends and more than once, I’ve been given affection and support and virtual embraces that helped me to stand up again whenever I fell - You could almost say that I’ve received my Christmas presents throughout the whole year. 
I personally love this period of the year !! I don’t know why, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, especially when I see that the people I care about are also happy and joyous - This is why I’m writing this little, super lame post with a very ugly edit ( I’m sorry, but I’m still sick and I seriously didn’t want to spend too much time on photoshop orz ) . 

I really hope that everyone will have a great holiday season, with a lot of warmth, happiness, fun and food !! I hope all of you will get to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones and I hope that we can all stay together even during the upcoming year - I’m really thankful for meeting all of you !! It doesn’t matter if we started talking months ago, if we just started or if we’ve never interacted just yet, your presence on my dash and in my life is extremely important and I’m genuinely thankful for meeting you all. I hope we’ll manage to stay together in the new year as well !!

I wish you all nothing but the best !!

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Stefan Salvatore Everyday Appreciation Because I love this character, okay?

↳ “I’m so sorry. Damon had no right to do this to you. “

                         1x06 - Lost Girls  [Part 1]

Percival Graves: Sexual Headcanons

A/N: I have returned! (Somehow!) I will add more to this list, if I think of them, but here it is in the meantime! This work is a part of the Fantastic Beasts & Coffee series. 

Warning: potential spoilers to “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. Contains talking about sex and kinks (discussion of oral, anal, spanking, dirty talk, orgasms, daddy kink, and consent). If you’re uncomfortable with any of those things, this is not a blurb for you. 

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It’s such a big world. There are so many things to see and places to go. He’s seen Indonesia, Russia, the US, Germany, Britain, China, and Japan, but this is the first trip he got to take with you. You didn’t go too far, but far enough that he could walk down the street without being harassed by fans and he could wrap his arm around your waist without the pictures popping up on every gossip blog. Instead of posing for photobook pictures, he gets to pose for your selcas, making funny faces and kissing your cheeks. There are no schedules that he has to follow except to enjoy his time with you and relax before you both go back to Seoul. Even as he looks around from the balcony of your hotel room, he smiles softly before he turns back to you. “I don’t think I’ve ever stopped to look at the places I’ve been before. Somehow, it’s more beautiful with you here.”

- Admin J

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you recommend me some childhood friends to lovers fic? No sad endings pls!! Sorry if it's been asked before. Thank you in advance!!

there are plenty in our childhood friends tag, but I’ll give a few that I know have happy endings (and some newer ones that weren’t in our tag)

Play Dead by merelypretty - One day, Taehyung falls. (He’s just not expecting for anyone to catch him before he hits the ground.)

beta/theta by cosmostatis - Jeongguk says, “Taehyung?”The person— Taehyung, of course it’s him, Jeongguk would recognize him anywhere — gives a visible start, arm nearly slipping, and peers over the edge of the glass. “Jeongguk?” he says, somehow sounding more surprised than Jeongguk feels. “What are you doing here?” “I don’t know,” says Jeongguk. “What are you doing here?” Taehyung looks down at himself, as if noticing for the first time that he’s wading in a giant fucking ice cream sundae. “I was hot,” he says. “I thought this would be a good way to cool down.” (In the midst of Busan’s worst heat wave to date, Taehyung makes a bucket list, and Jeongguk’s dreams take a turn for the weirder.)

love is laserquest by sassyneki - When Jeongguk’s wet dreams turn into daydreams about his best friend—furniture shops, purple daisies, and all—he knows he’s fucked.

it was a big world (but we thought we were bigger) by jhopeg - At the age of five, Jeongguk wanted to hate Taehyung. At the age of sixteen, Jeongguk wanted to kiss Taehyung. At the age of eighteen, Jeongguk really didn’t know what he wanted. The story of two childhood friends slowly inching towards each other.

Cinnamon Crisp by teatimetaemint - Jungkook needs his daily dose of cuddles and Taehyung likes to wear Jungkook’s clothes. They don’t care that alphas and omegas aren’t supposed to be best friends.

it’s you and me (i know it’s my destiny) by florations - Recipe to The Perfect Halloween: 1. Pokémon costumes; 2. Lots of candy; 3. The perfect friend. All of which seven-year-old Jeon Jungkook finds in nine-year-old Kim Taehyung.

I Want Nobody (but You, Baby) by merelypretty - In the middle of winter, Jeongguk and Taehyung meet again.

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Ya’ll I have been reading about Napoleon the III and his horrible coup d’etat in this Hugo biography and Hugo’s mad dash for Brussels on a train that kept being invaded by French police and like if you wanna have history nightmares definitely read this, cause you will. 

It will also make like, literally every word of Les Mis feel somehow MORE URGENT. Didn’t think that was possible yet here we are. 

so i ask myself again, am i even trying to move on at this point?