somehow reminded of this fighting scene

A reminder that this happened.

Even if they were playing dead. His arm thrown protectively over Kagome. The scene doesn’t pan over that far but Kouga’s arm had to be resting against her side or over her hips/legs.

I’d love to read something about Kagome getting separated from Inuyasha somehow, and she wakes up to find Kouga and Inuyasha’s haori wrapped around her. And Kouga trying to fight off his love for Kagome, because he just knows she’s in love with Inuyasha and as he tries to help Kagome find her friends again, she learns how to be a part of their wolf pack, wolf behaviors and she becomes friends with Ginta and Hakkaku, and there’s still the threat of Naraku and demons and so Kouga still has to protect her and all the while Kouga quietly falls in love with her, real love and …

Oh my god, I might have to write this.

Frobin Fortnight - Day 2


Even if it can’t be considered canon I always think a lot about the scene in Film Z where Franky (inside his Franky Shogun) carries Robin who quietly sits on the big robotic hand of his Iron Pirate.

This scene reminds me of the time when Saul, the first real friend Robin has ever had, used to let her stay on his gigantic hand.
Who knows how many times, as a little girl, Robin must have missed that hand…

I like to think that somehow Franky reminds her of Saul and just being near to him cheers her up and calms her.

P.S. Is it just me or does it really seems that Franky has been inspired by someone while making the design of his tiny working hands almost “sprouting” from his two fighting hands?


So after learning that I in fact did not finish this as I remembered I did, let’s see what happens next with this plan. I rewatched the episode up to this point by the way and the fight scenes flow a lot smoother wheb I’m not pausing or frame hunting all over them. However thr dialog somehow became more stilted somehow without me pausing it ever few seconds.

This is reminding me of my walk cycle complaint from the Yellow Trailer. You can’t just practice animating action scenes, and you can’t just practice writing them either. The dialog is well written in the action scenes, the flow feeling natural with the action to break it into small chunks. Out of fighting small little chunks don’t work so well however.

Anyway the next step of the plan is to freeze the bird to the top of the ruins it can smash apart with ease by its tail feathers, the least attached and easiest to lose feathers many birds have so that if their tail does get trapped they can escape. This naturally stops the bird that can shoot its own feathers. At this point I’m chalking that up to mechanics/lore conflict.

leeshy-loo-squid-squad  asked:

What about Elyza having Lexa's dagger? Has that been discussed before?

I don’t remember any, but it makes sense. AND THIS REMIND ME OF A HEADCANON that Elyza is basically the boss in this island, because of this gif:

Now imagine this + she’s using the dagger like Lexa in their first scene, playing with it in her hand. And then she looks at Alicia

“You are the one who burned 30 of my people alive”

You are the one who sent them there to kill us.”

and I can think that this probably was a water battle - Alicia and her family on their boat, and Elyza sees them on the radar and send people there, and they fight and somehow Alicia makes their boat explode. After this, they’re captured (or maybe Nick) and Alicia goes there to talk with their leader, Elyza. 

And, well, everything happens.

I can imagine after, when Alicia doesn’t want to stay on the island, and she prefers to be with her family on the boat. But she’s still attracted to this strange blonde girl. 

And  innumerous chats over the radio. At first to fight (”I want my brother back!”), and then to just talk late in the night…

anonymous asked:

mbti types on their birthday?

  • ENFP: They own the night.
  • INFP: Invites only one friend to their party, but has a great time.
  • ENFJ: Has a combined friend/family party and somehow finds a way to have a fun, an not awkward time.
  • INFJ: “Happy birthday!” “You too!” *realizes too late*
  • ENTP: Doesn’t want a party; parties are for babies. *throws a party*
  • INTP: Forgets it’s their birthday. Has to be reminded multiple times.
  • ENTJ: Throw them a surprise party, I dare you. You’ll get punched.
  • INTJ: genuinely doesn’t want a party. They sulk the entire time.
  • ISFP: Just imagine that scene from Harry Potter.
  • ESTP: They’re actually invincible on their birthday. Do not fight them.
  • ISTP: Birthdays are for losers. They don’t know, or care when it is.
  • ESFJ: Gets together with friends; plays truth or dare for 5 hours.
  • ISFJ: Writes in their diary about how old they feel.
  • ESTJ: Throws a huge party that everyone knows about. Excludes their enemies. Revenge.
  • ISTJ: Throws your average party; they don’t need anything special. 
The Flash vs Arrow - Episode review

I now understand why I remembered the Flash episode much more than the Arrow episode. This episode (how awesome was THAT?!) focuses mainly on the characters development and the emotions as opposed to the Arrow episode that is more action driven (for what I can recall). We had unbelievable action scenes tonight but if you contemplate this episode, what has been emphasized is the characters : how Barry deals with his situation with Iris, how his team revolves around him, how Barry is still learning about himself and how he can learn from his mistakes and from other people.


If someone was to win the Flarrow screening, it would have been Diggle. Every single one of his scenes was noisily cheered at, people laughing out loud, clapping and smiling endlessly. Dig is one of these characters that are loved unconditionally. We love him because he’s the “normal” guy. Don’t make me wrong, Diggle is every shade of extraordinary but he has no special power, no massive background to drag, he managed to build a lovely family and he struggles to cope with everything that is not ordinary. He’s the normal guy.

This scene triggered the loudest reaction of the evening (maybe second if you consider the clapping after the release of the Winter finale teasers…) and it’s totally deserved! I want more of this type of Diggle!!

We would react the exact same way if we were to see a young man, struck by lightning, running faster than the speed of sound. Diggle is even more hilarious when you rewatch Episode 8 and 9 of season 2 of Arrow. The few interactions that Dig has with Barry are clearly in favor of Dig. He’s a big muscular guy and Barry is… well…Barry before being struck by lightning! To Diggle, he was a kid. But now, he’s the impossible.

So Diggle keeps his distance, to our biggest pleasure, and takes his time to let the information sink through. We love you Diggle.


Despite everything, the beauty of the episode remains for me in the interaction between Oliver and Barry. There’re too many scenes between them to comment them all but all of them are worth watching and rewatching!

We witness here the building relationship between an apprentice and his mentor. Of course Barry has super powers and I don’t doubt a second that in a few years, Barry will surpass Oliver. But right now, I’m totally Team Arrow! Oliver has lead this life for 8 years, he has suffered physically and emotionally, he has learnt how to handle his emotions to work towards a purpose, he has proven that he can survive and protect those he loves. I’m not saying that all this work hasn’t affected Oliver (he still needs therapy :) ) but he’s miles away from Barry – as fast as Barry can run, there’s no shortcut to wisdom, patience and temperance.

What makes me happy more than anything is the complicity that these two share and develop. Oliver endorses happily the role of Big Brother/Mentor (yeah, okay… Felicity kinda pushed him but he looks like he enjoys this position!). The two of them are hilarious and none of them wants to let the other one have the last word.

This proves the existence of a real friendship, of an unspoken commitment to each other. They have each other’s back, no matter what. Oliver and Barry have massive egos. Not in the same way and not in the bad way either but none of them want to lose the battle. Oliver knows his disadvantage but he knows his strength too. This is one of the lessons he wants to teach Barry. Never take anything for granted, there’s always space for improvement.

Then obviously comes the argument scene.

Contaminated Barry let it go and let Oliver know what he thinks of him. Harshly. He wants to hurt Oliver in his feelings, in his heart, in his pride. Emotions and anger take over. This is where Oliver proves that he’s far more advanced than Barry. Oliver doesn’t react violently. He doesn’t use violence against Barry. He can control his emotions and see further than Barry’s words. The only thing he lets appear on his face is disappointment. Disappointment to see so much potential wasted, disappointment to see that he was somehow right about Barry. He does understand though that Barry is acting out of character and that there’s a problem behind this behavior. He knows Barry when Barry doesn’t know Oliver and makes the mistake to underestimate him.

Can we talk a second about this fight scene that just happened on our screen? Wasn’t this just epic?! This sounds really nerdy but I absolutely LOVED the special effects and the slow motion sequences.

This incredible moment of the show reinforces the fact that Oliver will not give up on Barry. It reminds me of his interaction with Roy and how he wants to protect people who do good in this world. Please remember that Barry almost killed Oliver when on top of the building. Despite this, Oliver doesn’t let go of Barry. Maybe Oliver tries to develop what he missed when he was on the Island. Having a good person caring for him to teach him how to be a hero, not learning it through the worst events. As usual, Oliver uses his normal voice as the voice of reason, to reach Barry’s head and Barry’s heart “ I still believe in you Barry”. Nothing has changed since this moment Barry went to Starling City to seek inspiration and advice. Oliver still believes that Barry can be better than him, that he can be a hero, that he will remain a hero.

Every hero faces a few missteps, what matters is what is in their heart.


If the relationship mentor/apprentice is at the heart of the episode, the dynamic between teams is almost as important. We have a triple dynamic here : Team Arrow, Team Flash and the cooperation between the two.

Team Arrow

Nothing needs to be proven anymore – Team Arrow is as solid as rock. They stick together, they’ve been through a lot together, they know each other by heart. They represent the quintessence of the team spirit. They proved it again tonight. When Felicity refuses to reveal Oliver’s identity, this is team spirit. Of course, it is love as well… but it’s above all ensuring that the leader of her team will remain safe. She’s protecting him but she’s protecting all of them doing so. Nice choice by using the very same words Oliver once told her in front of Barry “it’s not [my] secret to tell”.

Diggle is once again our knight in shining armor. Despite the obvious disadvantage of Oliver power-wise, Diggle stands by his man. A bow and arrows can overcome super-powers. He knows it, he believes in Oliver. He has been the witness of his skills, he won’t give up on him that easily.

Team Flash

It takes time, mistakes, effort and love to build a team. Team Flash hasn’t reached that point yet. They laugh, they hang out together, they care for each other and they work efficiently together. But they still hurt each other, they still learn how to be better together and synergize their exceptional individual qualities to benefit the common purposes. Barry hurting Caitlin tonight broke my heart (I’m deep down a SnowBarry shipper but I haven’t come out yet). Just like he does with Oliver, Barry uses Caitlin’s weakness, Ronnie, to hurt her. And it works. However, despite that painful move, Caitlin still stands by Barry’s side when it comes to the comparison between the Flash and the Arrow and to save him. She’s not resentful. She knows that Barry is someone else, she knows better. Team Flash shows us that they have all the qualities required to build the most stable, loving and caring team Central City has ever seen.

Team Flarrow

Despite all the competition, sassiness and antagonism that the two teams are facing, they support each other. For the better good. Through the episode, we see the members of both teams getting closer to each other, learning to see things through someone else’s eyes, understanding different points of view, accepting differences of practice. This will become much clearer in the Arrow episode where both teams will work hand in hand.


To be frankly honest, I was really disappointed when the oh-so-expected surprise was revealed. Don’t make me wrong, Jen and I let a gasp out at that very moment. I think I grabbed her arm as well (over-intensified reaction due to extraordinary circumstances). Unfortunately, this revelation was too predictable for me. Marc told us that we would learn something from Oliver’s past. But did we really? Because we knew that Oliver made Sandra (do we even know her name is Sandra?!) pregnant, we knew she left for Central City to raise her kid. So yes, we learnt that she is indeed alive and so is Oliver’s child. We can’t even name this kid. Most of us will believe it’s a boy named Connor…

What does this appearance tell us then? First, Sandra knows that Moira is dead. This is the main thing she focuses on when we talked to Oliver. Therefore, Sandra doesn’t have anything to fear anymore. She could tell Oliver that he has a kid, that Moira blackmailed her to make them disappear. BUT she chose not to. And I think this is the most important part here. She shows no desire whatsoever to share this information with Oliver. Oliver, as a father, has no place in her and her son’s lives. She raised her kid for the last 7 years by herself, she should be in a pretty secure financial situation thanks to the Queen’s money. Moreover, remember that this scene happens in The Flash. It means that this information is not crucial for the immediate future of The Arrow, it’s not necessary for the narration of the TV show. Not just yet. I believe Sandra will need a push, a threat, a reason to go back to Oliver for protection. Maybe it won’t come from her. Maybe a Flash episode will see the end of Sandra and bring Connor back on the show. The timing and the choice of doing it in the Flash makes me think it won’t happen before a decent lapse of time, maybe Season 4. Oliver is clearly not ready.

May the Oliciters be reassured, the words for Oliver have been chosen thoroughly. “Someone I was used to know” – meaning she’s not part of his life anymore. Their paths have crossed one another but they have gone to opposite directions. It is obvious that they will cross each other again. By using these words, Oliver shut the door to any conversation on the subject as well. He’s clearly not ready to share this with anyone and especially not with Felicity. He entered a much more personal register. Explaining why he had to kill, how he had to survive is one thing, explaining that he cheated on his girlfriend and made another woman pregnant is a different story. A different Oliver too. Of course, this will eventually impact on Olicity, on Oliver’s relationship with Laurel and his commitment on team Arrow. I don’t think we will have to deal with the consequences of it in the near future, Oliver is not ready, the audience is not ready. There’s so much to be achieved before bringing a child into this story.  


The really upsetting things when you watch a TV show is filling in the gaps. We don’t see everything that happen to our characters, we can’t access what is not aired and sometimes it gets quite frustrating. For example, at the end of 3x07, we left a confused Felicity after her kiss with Ray and an upset Oliver, seeking stability with Dig and Roy. We didn’t get to see what the boys talked about, we didn’t get to hear what decision and conclusion Oliver came up with at the end of this diner at Dig’s. We can only guess. Unfortunately, this guess is pretty cruel to us.

When you look at Felicity and Oliver drinking coffee, they look like the best friends in the world… well okay, they look MARRIED!!! Honestly, this is pretty much an accomplishment as the scenes they have shared from 3x01 have all been tainted by tears, bitterness, rejection and pain. This first scene between them is like a breeze of fresh air and we can’t help but smile!

They are back together, they talk to each other, they smile to each other, they behave normally around each other. How good does this feel? To me, this appearance of normality hides a much more painful reality : Oliver is giving up on a life with Felicity. Yes. Again. He wants her happy, he would do anything he can to make her happy. Even if it means helping Barry out. Even if it means letting her go. This realization is reinforced by the discussion between Barry and Oliver.

This scene can appear quite harsh. Oliver literally mirrors Barry’s situation with Iris with his own with Felicity when, really, we are in two very different dynamics. Oliver may be a fantastic mentor when it comes to hero stuff but he might not be the best to give advice on love. Even if Oliver is convinced he does well by telling Barry so, I truly believe that only Barry can come up with the right solution for his own problem with Iris. Oliver and Felicity have gone further in the love path than WestAllen and they are aware of their mutual feelings. It would be highly regrettable for Barry to give up on Iris even before giving it a chance. He would struggle to ever move on from something he hasn’t even experienced and would eventually go back to it.

So where’s hope for Oliver and Felicity regarding this episode?  you’ll tell me. Hope is everywhere. Oliver is giving up on a love life with Felicity, he’s letting her go as a lover. BUT, he’s not letting go of her in his life. What he’s trying to do and the way he behaves are highly contradictory. He keeps her around, she’s everywhere when he’s involved. She’s the essential member of the team, she’s the heart. She’s the one who doesn’t betray him, she’s the one who believes in him and supports him whatever the circumstances. 

When you love someone as much as Oliver loves Felicity and Felicity loves Oliver, trying to fight these feelings is a lost cause. Staying around each other and staying friends will eventually lead to develop stronger love feelings and loving the other person all over again. It’s an endless circle. A circle that can only be broken by a durable, true new love story with a third person. I don’t believe such a love story will develop as for this to happen, you need to have enough distance and detachment from your original love… and guess what? Oliver and Felicity are way too close to each other for a love triangle to truly challenge our favorite couple. Fear not, Oliciters, it’s only the beginning.


Note 1 : What is going on with Wells? I still don’t understand this character. One step forward, one step backward. Yes Oliver, there’s something off about him.

Note 2 : Cisco, I just love you. I love Diggle more (Team Arrow, remember?) but you made this episode hilarious and fresh. I’m still laughing (with you… not at you…)

Note 3 : there’s so much to say that I’m afraid I haven’t covered half of it. Please don’t hesitate to come and say hi and ask questions!

Note 4 : as usual, the gifs are not mine. If they are yours, please let me know to add you to the credits :)

destielpasta  asked:

I'm glad I'm not the only one looking for a reverse crypt scene. God, wouldn't that be something? However, with the weight being given to sam and dean this season (rather than dean and cas like last season), do you think that it's possible that that type of scene might be given to sam and dean instead? Almost like a reverse of the church scene where sam talks dean off the ledge? Not trying to be a wet blanket just interested in your thoughts.

No, no it’s really very much a good thing for me to damper my enthusiasm here, because while I think a reverse crypt scene for Dean and Cas would be the most perfect thing to ever happen, this show always manages to surprise me and come up with something even more perfect that I never would have thought of. (I do like that about this show.)

I think, almost certainly, there will be a confrontation between Dean and Sam, a very dramatic one, probably at the very end of the season like last time, because yes, their relationship is the big deal this season. (Or maybe we will get the opposite, with Sam walking away in a complete reversal of how last season ended? Wild speculation there, I doubt they would end the season on that note. Dean has to glimpse his light at the end of the tunnel before season’s end, I think, although that could come early in s10… anyway, I’m thinking that would be a very dark note on which to end the season so some sort of confrontation where Sam finally makes Dean understand that yes, he loves him, but he needs a brother and not a father would be more suitable?)

I honestly think we’ll get both. Dean and Cas are being kept extremely separate right now, because Cas is what Dean needs to get through this Cain situation (and it’s not time yet, he’s still on the downward spiral). I think we’ll see confrontations for Dean with both Sam and Cas, in different episodes, and they may be connected.

Scenario 1: Cain!Dean attempts to kill Cas. Cas refuses to fight (echoes of his confrontation with Bartholomew, I honestly think that was foreshadowing something) and somehow manages to remind him of who he is (reverse crypt scene). Dean is unable to cope with the revelations of what he has done/what he has become. Sam goes after him to pull him back from the brink (suicide? recklessly going after Abaddon?), in a reverse but healthier church scene.

Scenario 2: Cain!Dean attempts to kill Sam (mainly because of Cain-Abel parallels). Sam manages to stop him. Dean is unable to cope with the revelations of what he has done/what he has become. Cas goes after him to pull him back from the brink (suicide? recklessly going after Abaddon?), because Cas can reach him, support him, say what needs to be said (as evidenced in 9x10).

Now that I’ve typed all that out, seems to me that the first scenario would make more sense.

Speculation, all speculation! Anyone game?

Chapter #93 The Butler, Descent

As always Yana-sensei makes me feel anxious & confuse! There are many things that even though they are already answered in my mind and a new chapter is release it comes with a whole new lot of questions! I cant help but to hit my head on my desk trying to come to my senses & try to recall everything so far!

it might not be that confusing for other people, you can call me dumb or anything but, this story, Kuroshitsuji for me is one that I cant predict & it makes my head spin & spin till everything aches! I’ve read what people think about the whole “2 Ciel theory” and I’m still not sure if I want that to happen, off course I’ve read the “proofs” within it & there are many things that makes sense but no oh God no, I want Ciel to be the only Ciel! 

In this chapter we get a glimpse of Ciel’s mind within his dreams, it was a dream, not a memory like before! Ciel is clearly fighting himself.  anyone with a painful/scary past can be at shock when something happening in the present triggers their memories. there’s so much symbolism in that scene! I cant explain what I feel right know! ohh my!

@midnight-in-town asked me this:

John Brown’s eyes are always hidden (and it reminds me of when Undertaker hid his eyes) and I’m feeling like he’s somehow weird (traveling this fast?) + he’s kind of controlling the Queen, imitating Albert to calm her down, which works and then suddenly, after that, she decided the “scary wolf should be killed by the Huntsman”. Her vocabulary is very childish too… What do you think?

Queen Victoria…… this woman is very unique! personally I dont know that much about England’s history yet I’m very aware of how much she loved Prince Albert even after he died!

for her childish vocabulary… I think that it’s because she’s “talking” to Ciel, she’s very lovely whenever he’s around, dont forget she calls Ciel “my boy”.. the whole “scary wolf should be killed by the Huntsman” is a way to give him new orders. she’s done that before, speaking to Ciel as if he’s a little boy because in her eyes he is an unfortunate little boy!

She knows something bad is happening in Germany that’s why she wrote her orders in a letter… or 2.. I can see 2 drops of seal wax.. you cant tell me she isnt hiding something like always!

John is incredible odd, I’m glad he’ll get more screen time! personally I dont want John Brown to be a reaper (we already got too many) unless he was the one to reap Albert’s soul… other than that I wish for him to be something else, something supernatural but not a reaper!

I dont think he’s controlling her either, he just uses what he can to comfort & calm her! anyone receiving a surprise can act like that without knowing what to do next and John calms her!

Cant wait for the next chapters now that it’s shown that Sebastian now knows what’s going on & John just arrived with “new” orders… Blood will be shed!

sorry for the long post, I dont know what to write anymore, I’m still a bit confuse! if there’s anything you want to discuss please dont hesitate to message me!!!