somehow reminded of this fighting scene

A reminder that this happened.

Even if they were playing dead. His arm thrown protectively over Kagome. The scene doesn’t pan over that far but Kouga’s arm had to be resting against her side or over her hips/legs.

I’d love to read something about Kagome getting separated from Inuyasha somehow, and she wakes up to find Kouga and Inuyasha’s haori wrapped around her. And Kouga trying to fight off his love for Kagome, because he just knows she’s in love with Inuyasha and as he tries to help Kagome find her friends again, she learns how to be a part of their wolf pack, wolf behaviors and she becomes friends with Ginta and Hakkaku, and there’s still the threat of Naraku and demons and so Kouga still has to protect her and all the while Kouga quietly falls in love with her, real love and …

Oh my god, I might have to write this.