somehow i'm still alive

TFP is either gonna be the best finale in history or one of the most disappointing

Ok, so aside from the fact that Tony and Ziva having a child is still so completely surreal and bizarre I think the thing that is more unreal and weird is that the child who is playing the child of Tony and Ziva ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE THE CHILD OF TONY AND ZIVA

Because of what Tengan told him, Munakata believes everyone in the building is a member of despair. Suddenly he can’t trust anyone, not even his closest friends. The paranoia, combined with losing Yukizome, his injuries, and his determination to wipe out despair has taken its toll on him. The pictures of Yukizome were just the final confirmation he needed, because if Yukizome of all people could be a member of despair, then anyone could. He killed Juzo believing he had also been tainted by despair, and also to cut off his ties to the past so that he could steel himself in his battle against despair. Plus the mental stress of everything above means he’s probably not thinking 100% clearly. So he stabbed his best friend. But Juzo doesn’t know why, even if Munakata thinks he does. Juzo probably thinks it’s because he made the false report about Junko, or because he didn’t protect Yukizome, or because he failed in some other way. Even worse, Juzo might think Munakata found out about his feelings and killed him out of disgust. It’s a thought that probably crossed Juzo’s mind while he lay there dying