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Michael, Your Gay Is Showing

Anon: have u already done a fic with michael coming out as gay to jeremy? if not it would be cool to see your rendition of it!! It would be kinda funny if like everybody knew and just assumed jeremy knew as well idk tho!! ,love ❤

If you asked Rich how Michael realized he was gay, he’d tell you some long cheesy story about how he realized he was in love with Jeremy after the drama at the play. This was the version of Gay Realization that Michael told him, but honestly it took a while for him to realize he liked Jeremy. He was indenial for a long time. No, the truth was Michael realized he was gay when he tried to be cool like Jeremy and watch porn, only to realize he wasn’t attracted to any of the girls at all and was more interested in the guys. Michael spent that week really questioning if that was real, and ended finding an LGBT forum and understood he was gay.

Thing is though, Michael never made a big deal out of being gay, and never actually came out to people. Everyone just kind of…knew. it was obvious that Rich knew first though, and Michael appreciated how instead of yelling “MICHAEL MELL IS A BIG ASS BOTTLE OF GAY”, he did it more subtly. Meaning he’d randomly point out guys to check out with Michael, and the rest of the squad picked up from there.

And then there was Jeremy. Oh, sweet, ignorant Jeremy.

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College!AU Ken

find leo (here), ravi (here), hakyeon (here), & hongbin (here

  • major: pre-med (biology) 
  • minor: creative writing 
  • sports: soccer team
  • clubs: choir, campus literary journal writer 
  • probably the most outspoken, interesting, and clumsy pre-med student on campus and every lab teacher knows him for being an actual walking safety hazard because he loves experimenting with things he REALLY should not be experimenting with
  • like literally he was making the skeleton talk during a study of the vertebrates lab and the professor was like “….ken……do you have something to share?” and ken was just like “no…..ill be as silent as…..the dead……” as he waved the skeletons arm and the class was like om f g did he just pun @ the prof???
  • (yeah he did)
  • and like people tend to misjudge him based on his relaxed and funny aura and they’re like oh he probably skids through his classes with like D’s and C’s but that’s completely not true
  • like ken has a knack for the sciences, especially neurobiology because he finds things like dna sequencing fun???? and people are like nah he never studies but when you visit the library sure he might be goofing around with hongbin and ravi but then the minute they leave he’s got his head in his lab notebook and textbook
  • and like his grades on tests are always the highest???? and his labs are always crystal clear???
  • and even the professors are shocked by his ability to actually be serious 
  • also imagine ken in like a long white coat and lab goggles holding up a brain and being like “ah…..yes……..the Human Brain……a work of art….” ok let me stop
  • ken was rumored to have smuggled a puppy into one of his behavioral psych courses and when the dog barked ken would cough really loud and no one has confirmed this rumor but like ,,,, ravi told someone that he found dog treats under ken’s bed once,,,,,
  • ken’s literally on the soccer team to meme at leo like he actually isn’t that into soccer he just likes imitating leo’s roles from the plays he does on campus during practice and leo is like ken,,,just quit and ken just launches himself into leo’s arms like you don T me A N that I L ovE you and leo is just: silent screaming
  • he took creative writing as a minor because he loves writing stories about the weirdest shit ever and like his teachers dig it so much so does the on campus literary journal so now he has like a short story published every month and each one is crazier than the next it’s..,,,,amazing no one guess it’s by a pre-med student lmfao
  • but yes you meet ken on a study abroad actually and it’s in australlia out of all places like you guys are there on two different programs, he’s there with his neuro class and you’re there to do research for your major but like 
  • ken has no sense of direction so when you guys have off time you notice as you’re like walking around sydney that ken is standing smack dab in the middle of the street looking up at the sky and you’re like ,,,, isn’t that kid from my college???
  • and there’s a car coming and this boy isn’t moving and you’re like !?!?!??!!? but you don’t even think you like run and grab his hand and like pull him across the street and you’re like dude!!!! what the hell!!!
  • and he’s like oh o h i got distracted by the sky and in korea the light makes a noise and gives you time t- and you’re like boy we’re not in korea??? and he’s like yEah you’re right thanks for saving my ass (-:
  • and he’s so damn nonchalant about the whole thing that you’re like ok,,,he’s a little,,,,,weird
  • and you don’t think anything of it when you leave him after he says thanks but then that night you overhear professors talking in the hotel asking where ken is and you’re like i saw him today in the city and they’re like he hasn’t come back and you’re like oh….
  • and tbh you don’t know what compels you because like you’ve never been friends with him or even really talked to him but you like decide to just go back to the place from today to see if he might be there and 
  • to your surprise he is he’s standing (not in the street) but at the corner, jotting something down in his book and you like sneak up behind to see and you’re like heY
  • and he’s like holY SH I YO UScreaED ME 
  • and youre like oops but hey dude it’s past midnight come back to the hotel because the teachers are freaking out and he’s like oh lol i didnt notice the time but yeah ill go back in a second and you’re a little suspicious because from what youve seen so far he’s not good at paying attention so you’re like ill wait till your ready
  • and he smiles @ you and it’s like,,,,,the softest smile you’ve ever seen on a human and you’re like oh wait ok he’s weird a little just a little but he’s also really handsome what the heck
  • and ken keeps writing for a bit and you notice that he’s really tall actually with nice proportions and pretty hair and,,,,,,,ok he’s hot that’s the point
  • so finally he closes his book and he’s like all set!! the story is finished 
  • and you’re like story?? and ken’s like yeah, for the next magazine on campus ^^ and you’re like oh you’re a creative writing major?? and he’s like noooope pre-med
  • and you’re like PRE MED but then you’re like oh ,,, how did that happen and ken shrugs and he’s like idk im just good at science and being a doctor would be pretty rad yeah?? and you’re like ive never heard someone use doctor and rad in the same sentence but somehow ken’s making it work
  • and so you two walk back to the hotel and you’re kind of curious to read something he’s written so when you get back to your room you ask to see if any roommates of yours have an issue of the campus lit magazine and luckily someone has last months and you find ken’s story and like
  • you read it in bed and then reread and reread it again because it’s s O GOOD and it’s over the top but??? he has skill and the next morning at breakfast you find him and you’re like 
  • DUDE your stories are soooo good and ken gets all smiley over his pancakes like !!! they are? well i know they are, but what’d you like about them??
  • and ken wants to hear each and every last one of your opinions and you want to give them and somehow you and him end up talking till everyones already gone for the day 
  • and that is how your friendship starts on this study abroad and it’s cute you bond over his stories and then ken lets you read a bit of the one he’s started here in sydney and like there’s only a week left but
  • you and ken just grow close in an instant because he’s never dull to be around and after your respective classes you meet up to go on adventures in this undiscovered country and you learn about ken’s real genius when it comes to science and you two might not have the same interests but you click
  • like when you two walk, something just works there’s like an energy that draws you closer
  • and on the plane ride back you two even sit next to each other and spend a good amount of time making fun of the bad movie and when you wake up you see ken’s head on your shoulder and like ok frick you might like him more than you expected
  • but like even after just a week of knowing him you know how flirty and outgoing he is so you think like it’ll never work, like no one can really tie him down 
  • until you hear that the pre-meds are throwing this big party and the whole campus is invited but like you have to study so you hit up the empty library to get some work done and suddenly you hear a noise and when you look up??
  • it’s just ken??? except he’s obviously tipsy and like disoriented and he like leans against a bookshelf and drops down to his knees and youre like oh shit is he ok so you hurry over and you’re like ken??? ken!!! and you’re shakign his shoulders and ken’s like coming to and he looks up at you with glassy eyes and you’re like
  • duDE are you crying?? 
  • and he just reaches out and pulls you into his arms and you’re like !!!! and he whispers your name against your neck and he’s like ,,,,,i hate this,,,,i hate everyone thinking im an idiot
  • and you’re like ????? ken what are you talking about and he just kind of trips over his words and he’s like 
  • i hatE  that theY A ll think im SOME jokE to laugh at!!?  that i don’t work for this as much as they do ! like i dont really want to be a doctor,,,,
  • and your heart softens and you kind of let your hands settle around him and you’re like im sorry,,if it helps i know that you’re so smart and kind and you’re gonna be a great doctor and ken keeps silent for a moment until you think like you feel??? his lips on the side of your neck and you’re like k–k-ken
  • but then you pull back and this big kids actually just asleep and you’re like oh my god but also god bless because you’re totally red in the face
  • and so you text ravi and leo to help you get ken back to his dorm but before he passes out dead on his bed he mumbles your name and leo and ravi are looking at you like oH and you’re like GTG BYE TELL HIM TO CALL ME 
  • and the next day you get a call and it’s ken and he’s like heY i didnt say or do anything dumb yesterday right and your heart sinks but youre like dont worry dude!!! you were just drunk haha
  • but then ken is like hey,,,,,,can i see you alone today,,,,later and you’re like oh ok???
  • and you’re worried to death that he’s caught on to your feelings or something and tbh you meet in an empty lab room and he’s there finishing up work and you’re like knock knock you told me to come here??
  • and ken smiles and he looks so professional in the white coat with his glasses on that you almost think he’s a teacher but that’s not the point you’re like what’d you wanna talk to me about?? and he’s like oh i want to ask you something really really important
  • and you swallow like ok??? and he’s like ,,,,,
  • “since im studying to be a doctor,,,,,,is it ok if i,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like omf what…is he going to say
  • and ken’s like on the verge of laughign he’s like “is it ok if i perform a full body exam on you……….im SORRY I couldn’t RESIST THE Pun”
  • and you’re kind of confused for a second but then you’re like blushing but also smacking him playfully like WHat ARE you SAYING 
  • and ken pins you against the counter of the lab desks and he’s like wiggling his eyebrows and it’s so funny but you’re also like are you serious???
  • and ken’s like im dead serious
  • and you’re like soooo does that mean you like me??? and ken’s like ,,,, wELL it’s a little more than just like ,….id diagnose myself with ‘lovestruck’ basically 
  • and you’re like that’s corny but whatever makeout with me
  • and ken’s like DONT MIND IF I DO 
  • and as much as i want to say you guys just do your thing there, ken’s like we can’t because the teacher is gonna come in 10 minutes to lock up the lab sO let’s do this somewhere more comfortable
  • but tbh like he’s a mess the minute he kisses you he’s just like my dorms too far your dorms too far you know what’s not far mY car that’s parked on campus let’s go
  • and like it’s ken so he’s large and so it’s a little uncomfortable but like at the same time he’s making you laugh the whole while and also just being really gentle and always asking if you’re ok and like whatever you don’t care where you are as long as you’re holding onto him
  • and it’s the same for ken like he whispers into your ear that that time he saw you in sydney, after you saved him when it was nighttime he couldnt even look at you because you were so beautiful against the backdrop of the moon
  • and you’re like god you’re so sappy like a real writer why are you becoming a doctor but you only say it to hide the fact that your heartbeats going wild
  • but since he’s pre-med ken can literally hear your pulse he’s like yeah uhuh says the one completely infatuated with me right now 
  • and you’re like kEN if we Bo th weren’t head over heels deep in for each other we wouldn’t be in this car right now doing this righ-
  • and ken just kisses you like yes yes i get it 
  • tbh it’d be hilarious you guys are too tired to go anywhere you sleep in the car and in the morning like ??? hyuk is knocking on the window and he’s like YO Ken hyung are you naked in there?? and ken’s like FRICK throws his lab coat over you and flips hyuk off through the window
  • “so you and ken are dating?” “yes ravi we are” “and you guys hooked up in his car?” “yes ravi we did.” “…….romantic.”
  • but like dont get me wrong ken treats you like royalty tbh dating ken would be gr8 because he’d only ever think about you and talk about you (he’d also study medicine but like you get what im saying)
  • and tbh his stories start getting more squishy and lovey-dovey and the lit journal editor is like damn ken did you get married or something you’re just seeing stars these days and ken’s looking at you like yEAH i guess i am
  • he’s a dork he’d show up to your dorm with like flowers at random times in the day and get down on his knees just to ask you to lunch
  • “ken check my temperature” “why?? do you feel hot??” “yes” “are you sick oh my g-wait……you didn’t mean it like that did you” “NopE - take your shirt off.”
  • going to ken’s soccer games and cheering for him and leo’s like he didn’t even score a goal and you’re like so what he’s the mvp and ken has you in his lap sticking his tongue out at leo like hEARd that im the M V P 
  • you and ken would just kiss a lot it’s freaking GR E A T 
  • also sometimes he’d just speak in really hard science terms when stressed and you’d have to soothe him by like gently patting his head and like letting him rest it in your lap
  • also like ken sings one day just like while you’re over at his dorm and he’s making some food and you spit your water out because holy hell ken you can sING 
  • and he’s like it’s a hobby (: and you’re like HOW ARE YOU Good at everything are you like actually a demi-god
  • and ken just gets all proud like mAYBe who knows aren’t you lucky to be dating a hunk like me
  • and you’re like shush before i throw this toast at you and ken’s like do it i bet i could catch it
  • the rest of the campus is like @ you how does it feel to be dating a real life meme and you’re like it’s amazing so you can all frick off
  • and then you like meet up with ken and he picks you up in his arms and you two walk off into the sunset except not really oyuyou’re going to starbucks to study for midterms RIP

molingirl  asked:

How does everyone keep motivated enough to actually finish a game? I had so much motivation when I started my game I could have scaled Mount Everest but now my game is 70% done and my motivation has dwindled to next to nothing. I'm so close to completing it, yet I can't bring myself to work on it anymore.

How come you don’t feel motivated any more?  Are you burned out by the game and need a break?  Or are you worried that you’re so close to the end and you’re going to screw it up somehow or that it’s not perfect?  What do you feel is holding you back?  Find what’s eating at you and nip it, whether it’s by taking a scheduled break or by really analyzing how you feel and finding ways to mitigate it (if it’s the later that’s part of the thing that’s holding me back as well, feel free to talk about it ;w;)

Here’s a very good guide on how to finish your game that I love to reread every so often to help me out.  Here’s another from, and here’s a guide on how to get around creative blocks.  Hobby Game Dev discusses how to finish your project as well.  Here’s two discussions on people who also have trouble finishing their games.

How do you guys keep motivated to finish your games?

anonymous asked:

ur homestuck meta is making me fall in love with homestuck all over again. how did u feel about the ending the first time around?

Yay! I’m glad you’re getting more out of the story.

I was actually disappointed by the ending! Collide had me thinking for a moment that things were going to wrap up up well, but the final flash just left me feeling kind of empty. Eventually I drifted towards the “well maybe we were SUPPOSED to feel disappointed” since everything points towards the kids getting trapped in the juju after their hollow victory, but that feels off somehow.

I have an itch that tells me that when I ““get”” the ending I’ll be more satisfied somehow, which is part of the reason I’m rereading it atm. Fingers crossed.

fanfic writers appreciation II

hello~ this is the second and most updated appreciation post of amazing fic writers who i had the honor to stumble upon when indulging in the kpop fandom! there are so so so so many great writers (not all have been listed here because there are simply too many of them) who have created such beautiful works and worlds for us to immerse ourselves into and omggg, I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THEM. i really look up to these writers as role models and motivation in terms of writing like HOW DO U WRITE SO WOWOWOW???

this post is gonna be very very bangtan centric (since i’ve been reading tons of bangtan fics) with recommendations of writers + their works which means it’s gonna be like super uber long i don’t even know how it got so long I AM SORRY. also, there’s a whole load of recc-ed fics across a variety of ships which i’ve fallen in love with I HAVE NO REGRETS AND I’M SO THANKFUL FOR THESE WRITERS FOR THEIR GREAT WORKS.

SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO (and under the read more), HERE WE GO:

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h1bernate  asked:

1 & 3, please!

1. What was your first fic and could you stand to reread it today?

It was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic, and no, I could not stand to read it today, and nor should you. There’s a reason why none of my Buffy fic is up on the AO3, and that any emails from go to an email address I no longer have the password for.

Scorched earth, baby!

3. In your opinion, what’s your best fic?

Um, This is What You Will Wear to the End of the World; alternatively titled: everything wrong with Merlin, a show I somehow watched five seasons of despite it frequently offending both my sensibilities and my intelligence.

!!THIS FIC!!!! Hello

i’ll make a proper rec post later but ive spent ?? hours reading this fic and i dont know what to do with myself bc im exhausted but also. somehow. absolutely down for rereading it right now. it’s post-war but pre-8th year, set in that awkward middle stage no one really talks about. everyones a fucking mess, some more than others (draco. im talking about draco. bc he ends up with a DRAGON.) its nearly 100k and therefore somewhat difficult to summarize but at heart its a love story. the kind of love story that makes you cheer! its PASSIONATE. there are very few fics that get the canon harry/draco dynamic, much less manage to evolve it into something precious and this fic did that so well. they fall in love! you get to see them fall in love! and theres a fucking drAGON

 such great heights by softlyforgotten (nc-17, 93k)

Draco Malfoy, wide-eyed and pale and in a decidedly ragged shirt, was crouched next to the pile of whatever the dragon had been eating.

Harry threw himself to a halt and yelled, “Merlin, how many times do I have to save your life?”

Something I struggle with...

I hate the bitchy!Ginny trope I see all the time in drarry fanfiction. Like I get you need a plot device and something to cause drama but let’s be real here.

This is the woman who when Harry said they had to break up because Voldemort might try to kill her, asked shouldn’t that be her choice to make, but did not force Harry into anything. This is the girl when at ELEVEN years old was possessed by Tom Riddle, helped attack her classmates while possessed, and nearly died. Yet somehow is strong enough to rebuild herself up even though she was just a child. This is a woman who watched countless friends die, her own brother die, during the final battle and stayed strong and fought on.

I just have so much respect for her as a character that I have such a hard time when she is reduced to some clingy bitchy plot device.

Like reread the books peeps, and remember what a bad ass witch she really is! She would totally ship drarry and end up with Pansy anyway.


Last weekend I did kind of “listeners’ choice” and one of them was FMA~

It was about my “fav character of the series”, I know. I will do some more “proper” sketches, but for now I can show just the messy sketches I did some time ago :) My personal best are Ed and Winry’s children, because it has supposed to be Al and the doughter but it ended up being the son too, hahah, somehow whatever i want to draw ends I’m drawing Ed’s son, someone can explain it? ;’D

I can’t draw Al… It seems I should rewatch/reread it again, thanks to FMA I started to draw and now I forgot my old friends?!

Btw I have so many wips and sketches, I am so high, I feel like I want upload everything… And I’m doing digital, my eyes hate me, but I start to really love it!

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Weird timing maybe, or maybe this thought is just rolling around everywhere lately, but after touching a bit on Will & Hannibal’s alikeness in my “Fromage” rewatch, now I’ve these two oddly similar asks! OR ARE THEY DIFFERENT?? Hehe, meta (meta) jokes.

Ok now that everyone serious has bounced off because of that pun, let me attempt to organize some of my feelings about the central relationship of this show! Oh god. *shakes head*

So, Hannibal’s line to Bedelia in 1x08 again, because I still think this is noteworthy:

Now, this stuck out to me on my rewatch, because by the time we’re in S3, Will & Hannibal are just forever murmuring about how they’re blurring into each other and whatever. Will says he’s worried he’s going to Become Hannibal somehow, their faces blend in camera multiple times, it’s like a whole deal. And yet, in the midst of all this focus on merging, we have this line from Jack to Chiyoh in 3x07:

I totally loved this line the first time it happened, and then ended up getting one of my first ever meta-asks about it — like it was fate.

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the awesomest books i’ve read this year;

so. i had to collect the absolute BEST ones, because these are the novels i’d recommend to my best friends. so naturally i have to recommend them to you – these are either lgbtqia+ or ya (mostly both) 

in from-the-freaking-best-to-the-best order.

The Song of Achilles
probably my ultimate fave book, read twice, brutally ripped my heart and soul out, and left me sobbing for hours. sometimes i randomly start crying because… damn.
goodreads / my review

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda
THE CUTEST, best lgbtqia+ with poc, gay, bisexual characters, and i might have accidentally read it four times. since april. oops. it’s got an official playlist, y’all! oh, and the email addresses ARE REAL, you can ACTUALLY TALK TO THESE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.
goodreads / my review

Captive Prince I-II
NO HETEROSEXUAL CHARACTERS. N O N E. + asexual/demi character (the author doesn’t want to label his sexuality, though.) so complex, deals with pedophilia, slavery, rape, revenge and crap, and the second book was basically „the biggest emotional rollercoaster of my life”. my whole soul turned to jelly. re-read twice.
goodreads / my review

Made You Up
alex fights with schizophrenia every day, and sometimes she can’t figure out what’s real and what isn’t. read the freaking prologue, two pages, you’ll fall in love immediately.
goodreads / my review

All The Bright Places
i mean. i was basically sobbing for two hours before i could even finish this goddamn book. if you’re/were suicidal, it’s probably not the brightest idea, it fucking murders you.
goodreads / my review

Suicide Notes
funny » wow » WOW. i can’t even talk about this book without spoiling everything. just. wow.
goodreads / my review

Know Not Why
SO-straight dude wants to pick up chicks, goes through the freaking best character development ever. 
goodreads / my review

Never Never I-II
reaaally short novels about curses and magic and two amnesiac lovers who don’t even know each other, and the third book comes out this summer. 
goodreads / my review

Challenger Deep
there are two sides to every story. but these stories slowly melt into one after caden ends up in a mental hospital.
goodreads / my review

The Fill-In Boyfriend
i just have to put this here, because it’s probably the most predictable, cheesiest romance ever, nothing new, but somehow i really liked it. the chemistry was on top.
goodreads / my review

also my book blog is simcnspier :3

picked up a book about a girl who writes 5 letters, one for each boy she’s ever loved and somehow they end up mailed,
because I totally identify with this girl and if someone, anyone really were to read every post I’ve made about them on my blog I would want to die.

so yeah, she gets caught, but writing a letter with everything in it to each boy I loved and putting it in a memories box sounds crazy therapeutic and beautiful? like that’s be such a pretty memory to pick up and reread when you’ve forgotten all but your past lover’s name