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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Promise

Absolutely beautiful. Without a doubt one of the best tracks from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Live, situated perfectly in a sanctuary of gentle songs (Mercy + Dirty Old Town + Promise) among the rest of their heavier set.

Even when I’m not watching the DVD, I can still “see” Peter’s silhouette swaying in time to the music, his trombone glinting every now and then when struck by the soft stage lights which struggle through the haze. Occasionally he moves towards the mic to sing backup for Robert, who leans earnestly over the piano and cranes his neck gently towards the mic to profess his lyrics and bear his soul through his aching voice. Playing the song live, Robert’s taking on the role of his father, the late Michael Been, who played the piano on the album (Howl) version of the track.

I am waiting for the day when I have the time (and the house to myself)  to watch BRMC Live in its entirety again, special features and all. I was bordering on tears last time. 

All lines have broken but we need you to hold on
Your eyes have opened, but you’ve got to go on
I’ll comfort you
I’ll sing to you
It’s a promise not forgotten