somehow he pulls this off

The real MVP of the Homestuck update

You may think just by looking at the image that this is supposed to be a joke or something. But no. As impressive as Dave killing Lord Jack and Roxy killing Condesce is, this motherfucker right here. Karkat Vantas outshone everyone in the update by taking down Clover.

Because lest you forget, Clover’s whole deal is probability manipulation. And not just some weeny baby level either. His luck is so absurd that he literally takes any chance of you hurting him and turns it to 0. You literally have a 0% chance of ever harming him. So much so that even a gun at point blank won’t do it. While he’s harmless in every other aspct, the little guy was literally made to be unbeatable.

And Karkat BEAT him. With a 0% chance of winning the fight, Karkat SOMEHOW caught Clover. He pulled off a feat that is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. He essentially said fuck you to the rules of reality and spat in the face of fate.


Tattoo Artist!Taehyung

And now to finish the series is the second half of the Daegu line, the love of my life, a total squishy bub who is so fucking cute like how is it possible for one person to be so damn cute I have no clue but he somehow pulls it off and I just wanna squish his lil face, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • Tattoo artist more like taetoo artist
  • I’m also gonna throw in a bit of father!Tae just bc I love it so much (all of the father related posts are here)
  • So for this series, Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin and Jungkook’s parts have all been done so I’ll just be finishing the series off with the remaining hyung line and Tae, I did Jin and hobi’s posts so now we only have Tae left!!!
  • Visuals are up first bc I love me some visuals
  • It is always so hard to pick a hair color for Tae bc there are so many options and they’re all amazing options it’s like trying to pick just one chocolate bar out of a hundred different choices
  • But for the post, I think I’m gonna do some black hair!Tae bc I feel like that look is so underappreciated but it’s kinda rare to see it, he normally has brown or blonde hair and during comebacks it’s normally an unnatural color but I can’t forget about the black hair bc it’s such a good look
  • One of my favorite (if not t h e favorite) airport!Tae looks featured black hair every photo from that day is so beautiful I love black hair!Tae so much
  • Of course, tattoo artist!Tae has a shit ton of different colors, he goes red for a while then orange then pink then green then gray and it’s just never ending and he pulls off every single one and that’s so !!!! bc how the hell does someone pull off every color in the rainbow
  • Onto the tattoos, I have this lowkey head canon that he’s kinda covered in tattoos, like he’s got sleeves on both arms type of shit and some chest tattoos and some on his legs and a few small ones on his sides and back
  • He most definitely has like twenty tattoos dedicated to the family, he’s got this lil drawing that bby girl drew on his arm (he goes out once she’s taking her nap and gets Jimin to tattoo it for him) it’s of a lil house and there are six stick figures in front of it plus a lil “dog” that represents your family and she lights up once she realizes it’s permanent
  • But then that makes all the other bbys wanna do it too so he lets them draw one thing each on him and then he gets one of the boys to come tattoo it once they’re asleep 
  • Bby #1 draws a smiley face on Tae’s shoulder, bby #3 writes “I love you” on his wrist in her messy lil bby handwriting (you do have to come help her out a bit bc she’s still working on that whole writing thing) and bby #4 draws a smol heart on his chest, over the area he thinks the heart is at (he thinks it’s super high up on the right side like closer to his shoulder rather than his chest bc he’s only a bub and he knows the heart is somewhere in the upper torso area so he assumes it’s there bc that makes sense and Tae’s too busy cracking up to correct him)
  • He’s also got a few references to you, some inside knowledge type of shit, the most upfront one is the one tattoo behind his ear bc it’s just the first letter of your name and that one’s pretty obvious but the rest are more private like people that don’t know you and Tae really well and know the smaller things about your relationships wouldn’t get the tattoos but he thinks that’s kinda really cute bc it’s something for just the two of you to truly understand
  • His tattooing style would be cartoons and more animation type of tattoos bc Tae is a lil kid at heart but it would be way more than just simple cartoons, he lo v e s to add in lil personality accents to it based off of whoever he’s tattooing like he’ll take a classic image and then kinda twist it around to fit that person specifically
  • But he also does more than just cartoons, he does a lot of colored tattoos, a l o t of animals like whether you want a realistic animal or a cartoon animal, go to Tae bc he’s a ma z ing at it
  • His tattoo shop would be so cute, his whole theme is blue, the walls are a lighter shade of blue and then there are some silver accents everywhere, silver doorknobs, silver frames stuff like that but he also lets his workers design their work area however they want to so the front of the shop is just the blues and silver and then the rooms have all of the artists’ personalities and he actually really really loves that, it’s his favorite part of the shop
  • He’s super chatty before, during and after tattoos (of course during the tattoo he slows down a bit bc he’s gotta concentrate) he loves getting to know people and he always asks what made them wanna get a tattoo, what made them go for that particular tattoo
  • Tae is a complete and total sweetheart, we’ve seen it countless times there are too many moments to even begin to list, but he is really really sweet with the customers, he makes sure every customer that comes in, whether he tattoos them or someone else does, leaves happy and he never ever starts a tattoo if he can feel the tiniest bit of hesitation from the customer
  • He talks a lot of customers through it, he explains the typical pain levels, he explains how everything works, he makes sure they know everything is sanitary and he tells them all about aftercare and all of that and he’s just really informative and he has zero issues spending an hour just explaining things to customers bc he would rather they know every lil thing than have them have no idea about it and freak out later on
  • He also always has water bottles and coffee and tea at the ready, he has cookies and pastries and he gives the customer as much time as they need to calm their nerves down like he’s just such a sweetie pie
  • The bbys are at the tattoo shop all the time, Tae can’t stay away from his munchkins for too long, he always makes sure to keep 12-2 open so he can go have lunch with you guys and maybe go to the store or take a quick trip to the park and just spend time with his goofballs before he goes back to work
  • “Okay everyone!!! Goodbye kiss line up, oldest to youngest gO”
When Draco won't shut up about Potter
  • Draco: He thinks that he's so perfect, saving everyone all the time. It makes me sick
  • Draco: How'd he even make the Qudditch team in first year anyway? Who does he think he is?
  • Draco: And his hair's always a mess but somehow he manages to pull it off, like how does he do that. Stupid Potter.
  • Pansy: Honestly, you won't stop talking about Potter. Potter this, Potter that. Anyone who heard you would say you have a crush on him or something.
  • Draco: A crush?? On P-Potter?! You're mad! As if I would ever have a crush on Scar-head! Sure he's a not a bad looking bloke and all that, and he has nice eyes I suppose...And his smile...
  • Draco's thoughts: Well, fuck.
Secret (JensenxReader)

anonymous asked:

I don’t know if you do this, but if you do; will you do a Jensen x Reader where they’re and she tells him she’s pregnant? Maybe something can happen before or after too, so they whole story isn’t just her telling him :p And please make it fluffy ;) I totally understand if you don’t do Jensen ones though :)

You shifted to a more comfortableposition in your husband’s backstage chair. The cameras were all pointed tohim, capturing the expression of the character he had been sculpting for years.Dean Winchester. A hunter in the show Supernatural, with an almost impossible personality to perfect, as said by your husband himself. Yet somehow, he was able to pull off Dean flawlessly.

You watched Jensen’s jaw clench as his face became painted with emotion. It was so entrancing, watching him act. Like he was a whole other person. It was fascinating.

“He’s like a stone.” You looked to see Genevieve walking toward you. You smiled at her and she handed you an extra sandwich she had snagged from the snack table.

“I dont know how he does it.” Gen nodded her head in agreement.

“They both blow my mind sometimes.”

“Thats for sure.” As if on cue, a tall man came up behind Genevieve, wrapping his arms around her waist, and snagging a bite from her sandwich.


“Sorry,” The man muttered through crumbs. You laughed.

“Hi Jared.”

“Hey (Y/N).” He craned his neck and tried to take another bite of the sandwich, while Gen moved it away teasingly. You turned your attention back to the scene Jensen was preforming with Mark. You sunk your teeth into your sandwich and chewed slowly.

The flavors mixed in your mouth and you stared at it. It was the sandwich you normally had right? You swallowed, a mistake. You covered your mouth, catching Jared’s attention.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” Gen looked at you curiously.

“I think… I think Im gonna be sick…” Genevieve’s eyes widened and she grabbed your arm, leading you quickly into Jared’s trailer and into the bathroom.

You bent over the toilet, your mouth burning as the sandwich, and your breakfast made a uninvited reappearance. Genevieve held your hair, rubbing your back.

Eventually, you had stopped gagging, and Gen handed you a water bottle. You drank it gratefully.

“You okay?”

“Y-Yeah… I dont know why, but around this time I throw up… Its been happening for the past couple days now.” Genevieve cocked her head to the side thoughtfully.

“Wait… Have your taste buds changed?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you having unusual cravings?” You thought for a moment before nodding.

“Last night I wanted sardines and peanut butter.” Genevieve’s face lit up and she clapped her hands.


“Wait what?!” Jared peeked into the trailer.

“You okay? What’s with the screaming?” Gen grabbed his arm, pulling him into the trailer.

“(Y/N) is pregnant!”

“Seriously? Congratulations!” You waved your hands before they could hug you.

“Wait, wait, wait. We don’t know I’m pregnant. I-I haven’t even taken a pregnancy test!” Gen snapped her fingers.

“I’ll be right back!” She ran out with Jared in tow, leaving you alone to think. You walked back out into the studio, staring at Jensen. The scene was still going on.

Thoughts raced through your mind. Would he be happy? Would he be upset? You didnt know, but you didn’t want him to know yet. Not until you were sure.

You sat back in the seat, back rigid and still enveloped in your thoughts when another man came to stand beside you.

“Hi (Y/N).”

“Hi Misha…”

“Everything okay? You seem tense.” You looked at him and tried not to giggle. The dark haired man stood in his costume, modified to be tattered and bloody, with his son perched up on his shoulders. An unlikely thing to see an innocent child on the shoulders of a character who almost had nothing to do with children.

“I’m alright.” He nodded and turned his attention to the scene again, West staring at you for a few more moments, before looking at one of the cameramen. Such a sweet kid.

About a half hour later, Genevieve and Jared returned. They had to stop filming because Jared suddenly went MIA and wouldn’t answer his cell. The duo were bombarded by the writers, producers, and director, all demanding where they were. Genevieve managed to slip away in the chaos and she snagged your arm, pulling you back to Jared’s trailer. Misha followed you both curiously, West still on his shoulders.

“What’s going on?” Genevieve looked at Misha, she hadn’t noticed him slip in after them. But she seemed too excited to care.

“(Y/N) might be pregnant!” Misha’s face lit up.

“Really?? Congratulations!!!” The man pulled you into a hug, his sons feet pinned between the two of you. The trailer door opened and Jared ducked inside.

“So you know?” Misha nodded happily. You held out your arms.

“Guys, guys. We don’t know I’m pregnant.” Gen handed you a plastic bag.

“Moment of truth then.” You sighed, taking the bag hesitantly.

“Moment of truth…” You whispered it more to yourself then to the rest of them.

Your heart sunk.

“So? Come out! What is it???” Genevieve’s voice tore you from your thoughts. You peeked out to face the three pairs of eyes fixed on you.

“Negative…” Their faces fell. Gen stepped toward you hesitantly while the stage manager peeked into the trailer.

“Jared, you’re on.” The man glanced at you, eyes filled with pity, as he turned and walked out, followed by Misha. The two of you were left alone and you slid down the wall. Genevieve kneeled next to you, rubbing your back.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N)…” You wiped your eyes, laughing.

“Why am I crying? I shouldn’t be upset. I can’t be upset over something I never had to begin with…” You trailed off and Gen pulled you into a hug.

It had been about a half hour since either of you spoke.



“I… I have another test. Sometimes it doesn’t read right.” You sighed.

“Sure… May as well right?” She smiled softly, pressing the little stick into your hand. A little piece of plastic filled with dreams, or heartbreak.

“Jensen?! What are you doing in here??” Gen’s voice sounded from outside the door and you froze, the test still processing.

“Have you seen (Y/N)? I haven’t seen her for like an hour now…” Genevieve cleared her throat and shuffled closer to the door.

“N-No I can’t say I have…” You could almost envision your husband’s doubtful expression.

“Gen… Where’s (Y/N)?” You heard the door open and more voices echoed inside.

“What’s going on?”

“Where’s (Y/N)?”

“Last I saw her she was-” The voice was muffled by someone else’s hand.

“Where??? Jared get your hand off Misha’s mouth!”

“Jensen calm down…”

“No! Why won’t you tell me where she is?”

“Uh… See, the thing is… (Y/N)… is…”

“I’m pregnant.” Everyone turned to look at you. You held up the stick, grinning as tears started down your face. Jensen stared at you.

“You… You’re…” You nodded. His face lit up, brighter than you had ever seen and he walked to you, pulling you into a hug. You laughed as he twirled you around and pulled away, kissing you. Everyone clapped, hugging each other while other’s peeked into the trailer curiously.

“What’s going on?” Jensen grabbed your hand, leading you out to face the crowd.

“Everyone? We have an announcement.” He looked at you, the smile never leaving his face. “(Y/N) is pregnant.” The studio erupted in cheers and you smiled, Jensen hugging you again. Everyone started to shift and you looked closer.

The majority of the people were passing money back and forth. You frowned and looked at Misha, who was receiving most of the money. You shot him a look and he shrugged.

“What? I was bored.”

I’m really happy about the way this one turned out :) Its so fun doing it from the perspectve of the actors bacuse they’re all so fun in real life and get along so well! Hope you enjoyed it!


My Weak Love Crumbles (By possible admin)

Summary: Working at a nightclub for the supernatural you knew how dangerous their world could be but that didn’t matter once Jimin caught your eye. Mentions of alcohol~ 
Member: Jimin x Reader
Type: Angst/ Fluff/ Supernatural! AU
Length: 1,584

This possible admin will be called P.A. Meg

-Admin Kat

All possible admin work will be completely unedited

Originally posted by ounew

Your eyes involuntarily followed his retreating form, it becoming somewhat of an instinct by now that your eyes draw to him whenever he’s nearby. Even through the flash of the strobe lights and dry ice that twirled around the crowd of sweating and gyrating bodies you could still make out his fluff of sunset orange hair. From the moment you saw him, all leather pants and loose white shirt that still somehow showed off his tight muscles underneath, he pulled you in. The dark gazes, outlined with a smoky eyeliner, he casted from where he was perched on a bar stool made your heart skip a beat and your stomach do flips as you quickly adverted your gaze. You stuck out like a sore thumb at your bartending job in this slinky club. Everyone was dressed in their worst and tightest outfits, whereas you were serving drinks in a short flowy white dress that did little for your curves, making you a sort of pure angel in a sea of demons. 

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What does drarry look like to you?

In my head they’re both tall and lanky, Draco’s an inch or two taller but it’s not a dramatic difference. They’re muscular but very thin. Harry has broad shoulders and Draco has nice hands with long fingers. Draco has fair skin that’s a few shades lighter than his near-white hair. Harry has a similar complexion but more golden that contrasts shockingly to his jet black hair. Draco’s grey eyes are almost blue depending on the lighting and Harry’s green ones are striking.

Harry wears clothes that he’s been given and doesn’t really notice them. He’ll mismatch whatever he picks up first and though his outfits are usually a complete train-wreck he somehow manages to pull them off. Draco is the complete opposite. He takes a lot of pride in his appearance and loves to buy expensive clothing. He leans more toward monochrome but will occasionally add in a splash of colour -usually green which he says is for Slytherin even though it’s not Slytherin green at all. It’s Harry’s eyes.

Harry’s hair is always a mess. Most of the time it takes on the sex-hair/just-out-of-bed look but sometimes it’s just a mess. It spikes up in a way that almost defies gravity no matter how many times he tries to flatten it. Draco has finally cast away the excessive product and his hair falls neat and flat just past his ears. It’s parted in the middle of his head but Harry runs his fingers through it often enough that it rarely stays that way, much to Draco’s chagrin.

That’s just my mental picture though, what’s yours?

The man they call...

I kind of want a story where Lin Chen is out in the wherever, doing whatever, and ends up impersonating a Xuanjing Bureau officer. When he gets asked for a name, he gives them “夏夏” and when he’s met with sceptical silence, he’s like, “你未听过夏春这个人?”





And he’s so self-assured about it that he somehow pulls it off, and thus begins the legend of 夏夏。。。

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” A voice makes you look up from the book on your lap.

“No, it’s free” you glance up, briefly, then do a double take.

Half of his hair is blue.

Somehow he pulls it off, you think, as he sits down opposite you.

His blue hair is forgotten, as you remember the book in your hand, and you quickly become absorbed in the world within the pages again. Through the corner of your eye, you can see him searching through his pockets, frowning as he does so. Sighing heavily, he gives up on whatever he was trying to find and that’s when he fully notices the girl sat across from him.
“Is your book good?” He asks, after a few minutes of him alternating between looking at you and looking out of the window.
“Yeah” you glance up, quickly, to let him know that you don’t want to make small talk. You’re sure this very attractive boy is lovely (despite looking like someone your mother probably wouldn’t approve of), but you weren’t in the mood.
“What’s it about?” He didn’t take the hint.
You fight the urge to sigh loudly at him. Be polite and friendly, you hear your mother’s voice in your head.
“Sherlock Holmes” you look directly at him as you speak and see the slight smirk on his face. He knew he was annoying you. Arse.
“I’d be great as a consulting detective” he muses, still smirking. You don’t bother holding in your sigh this time.
“I’m not going to stop, so you might as well talk to me” he had a grin on his face now. Damn, he has a nice smile, you unwillingly admit to yourself.
“I am trying to read” You knew you were whining at this stranger, but you just wanted to read your book.
“I forgot my earphones” he shrugged, as if that was an explanation.
“You can borrow mine”
“There’s not much point now, I’m talking to you”
You sigh, yet again, to make your point.
“What’s your name?” He asks, “I can’t keep referring to you as ‘pretty girl’ in my head”
You feel your cheeks heat up.
“I’m Michael” he grins, and you know there’s no way you’re going to get to read your book in peace.

Yes, but what if this was from Legends and it wasn’t a romantic Len and Ray moment, instead Len had organised to meet up with someone who just knows him via reputation instead of in person. And before the meeting goes down, Len is knocked out or something, and Ray has to step in and pretend to be Captain Cold? 

And he’s such a ridiculous OTT parody of Len. It’s actually embarrassing, Ray’s sleazy drawl comes across as a nervous sex pest. It’s horrendous, but somehow he pulls it off. 

And he tells Len what he’s had to do, and Len decides he needs to go along on the mission, just to make sure Ray doesn’t screw it up anymore. 

And as payback? He introduces himself as Ray Palmer, and does the WORST Ray impersonation ever. He announces that he’s there because “Gee golly, I LOVE to help!” 

And by the end of the mission, it’s just devolved into them doing more and more ridiculous impersonations of each other.