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Baby Bear

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Yongguk was greeting his members as they arrived with gifts in their hands. He was so excited to see them there and among the rest of the important people in your life and his. They were all there for one reason…to find out if he would be the father of a baby girl or boy. Himchan was the only one without a gift but Yongguk already knew why. “Yongguk so can you just tell me already? I don’t like this buying something neutral. If it’s a girl I want to buy her cute bows and dresses.” 

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We All Fall Down - Five

You spent the next thirty minutes after Spencer’s outburst in the shower, water running over your body as you repeatedly told yourself that it wasn’t your fault.

Or at least, not all of it was your fault. Spencer Reid knew what he was getting into that night at the bar, a bar you really shouldn’t have been in as you weren’t legally able to drink. He knew how heartbroken you were over… ugh, you couldn’t even think his name without tears of both anger and sadness filling your eyes. But he had still pursued you, just like you now suspected he had been doing for weeks. Complimentary notes on your essays, handwritten feedback on your stories, requests for you to stay behind after class so he could go over some ideas with you. You’d secretly enjoyed the attention from him at first, after all being the professor’s favourite couldn’t do any harm to your grades, and the novels Spencer had published had been interesting. You enjoyed chatting with him about your work in the way that any 19 year student who is having her work complimented would enjoy it. And he was cute, in a geeky kinda of way. Not ‘I’d totally bang him for extra credit cute’ like the way he would be probably be perceived as now though. Just cute. And sweet. And you really didn’t think too much of it at the time. You’d been naive. And look where it had gotten you. If only you’d just stayed home that night….


The vodka burned your throat, making your eyes water and your head hum as you tossed another one back. You’d been in this particular bar for around two hours now, sat propping up the bar. The bartender didn’t ID you, they rarely did anyway but they knew you in here now, you’d visited every night this week. The wad of your hard earned waitressing money that was quickly being depleted probably helped things along too, but right now you didn’t care. You weren’t sure if you’d ever care about anything again. Because right now it felt as if your whole entire being had been shattered into a thousand tiny pieces. And all because of a boy.

No, not just a boy though. He was the boy. The boy that you had known since you were five years old. The boy that had been there when your mom left, when your dad had died and you’d been shipped to your aunt’s house. The boy that at just fourteen years of age you’d given your virginity to, and had spent the next four years loving more deeper than you ever thought you could love anyone. You’d even applied for a scholarship at the same college as him, you both proclaiming that you couldn’t bear to be apart from each for so long.

This was the same boy that five days ago had told you that he had found somebody else. That he loved you but not in the way you loved him. He was so very sorry but he’d never felt this way before. He didn’t want to hurt you, could you still be friends?

No. The answer to that was a resounding no. How could you be friends with someone who you had once thought you would marry but who it turned out had been seeing a girl from the same English class as you, behind your back for six weeks? How could you be friends with someone who had driven a spike into your chest and twisted it so roughly? How could you be friends with someone you would have done anything for who you now know wouldn’t do the same for you?

How could you be friends with someone who had broken your heart?

You couldn’t.

Over the last five days you’d fallen apart. Your apartment was still full of his things so you couldn’t handle being there right now. Part of you wanted to tear his clothes to shreds, the other part wanted to wear them and never take them off. After he told you he was endings things you didn’t know what to do with yourself. You’d never been dumped before because despite all the rumours in high school, he had been your only boyfriend. He had been the only boy you’d ever wanted and you were so very sure he’d be the only boy you’d ever want. You’d left your apartment and wandered the streets, completely blowing off your classes and ignoring concerned messages from your “friends”. Eventually you found yourself in a bar, drinking yourself senseless. Somehow you made it back to your apartment each night, the taste of bile in your mouth the day morning indicating that your binging had resulted in your stomach being emptied. Then when you woke up the next day you repeated the cycle. Walk the streets, occasionally find a child’s playground to sit in, then find a bar and get trashed.

This night was different though.


You squinted, pushing the hair that had fallen over your face back.

“Heeeey, it’s Professor Reid!” you tried to be upbeat, thinking that if you acted happy he wouldn’t initiate further conversation. You were wrong.

“Y/N, is everything okay? You’ve not been to class all week. Are you…. are you alright?”

You glanced at your professor again. Your very sweet professor. One of your friends Kate had joked that he had a crush on you. He was always asking you to stay behind to go over some of your work, and he would always use examples from your own stories in class. You’d always laughed her off but now you couldn’t help but wonder if she was right. Maybe you wanted her to be right. Because at least then it meant that someone wanted you.

Just thinking that last sentence bought another sob to your chest and your professor moved closer to you, placing his hand on your arm lightly.

“Y/N…. Has something happened? You can talk to me if you want to.”

Your drink was empty but you suddenly felt the need to spill everything out.

“Buy me another drink, please. I’ll tell you everything.”

He shouldn’t have. He was 29 to your 19 and he knew exactly how old you were. But he did. You weren’t drunk and the three drinks he bought you that night did not push you over the edge into doing something that you weren’t consensual of. But it did make you do something you came to regret.

You spilled the whole sorry story out to him, stopping calling him professor and calling him Spencer as he begged you to after the first drink. You told him how Derek Morgan had broken your heart, and how you couldn’t bear to come to class because Jordan Todd was there. She was who he had left you for, a beautiful girl who was obviously so much better than you in every single way. She must have been.

“Don’t say that Y/N, that’s not true,” Spencer had told you, looking deeply into your tear stained eyes.

“It has to be!”

“It’s not. Y/N, you’re beautiful. You’re the reason I look forward to our classes so much. Your writing is incredible and only someone with such a beautiful soul could write words as breathtaking as what you do.”

“My soul isn’t beautiful,” you spat out.

“It is. And your are. You’re so beautiful Y/N. How he could do this to you I don’t understand. How anyone could hurt someone as beautiful as you is beyond me.”

Except, everyone hurt me. Everyone leaves me, you thought. Your mom left, your dad died. Derek had left you. Everyone leaves one way or another. Right now you needed to hear something.

“If you were him, would have left me?” you stared at Spencer, noticing for the first time how intense his brown eyes were. They never left your face as his breathed out his response.


So from there you ended up in Spencer Reid’s apartment, somewhere you were both very much aware that you shouldn’t have been. Somewhere else you shouldn’t have been was his bed but that was where you awoke the next morning, his arm locked tightly around your waist. The immediate thought of “What have I done?” flooded your mind. You knew exactly what you had done. You had slept with your professor. It hadn’t even been particularly good sex either. What you had wanted, no…. what you had needed was a furious fuck, something to rid your mind of Derek Morgan momentarily. What you had gotten was Spencer staring deeply into your eyes, telling you how beautiful you were over and over again. He was slow, taking his time. Whenever you tried to do some thing to him he’d push your hand awake, telling you he just wanted to make you feel good. You hadn’t even finished, suddenly becoming so tired of it all that you just wanted to sleep. So you acted your way through an orgasm and then passed out.

The next four weeks at school were awkward. Spencer… Professor Reid, no longer called on you in classroom once you’d returned, he no longer asked you to stay behind. But you could still feel his eyes on you, watching you. You avoided Jordan Todd at all costs, moving to a seat the other side of the room and close to the exit. And you avoided Derek as much as possible, finally packing up his things and leaving them outside your apartment for him to collect.

After five weeks you realised you hadn’t had your period. You hadn’t slept with Derek in weeks on the run up to your break up, something that should have screamed out to you that something was wrong. And despite you being on the pill, Derek always used condoms. Begrudgingly, you took a test, not even reacting when a plus sign showed up on the stick. It didn’t surprise you, not really. This was just another thing you’d fucked up.

You showed up at Spencer’s apartment, intending on asking him for half the money it would cost for you to visit a clinic. Instead though, he was happy. He begged you to keep it, you could be a family together he told you. Not here, you’d have to leave the state and you’d have to leave college. He could get another teaching job easily though and it was nearly the end of the school year. You could go back to school in a few years, get a nanny.

He loved you, he told you. He had done since the first day he’d seen you, since the first time he’d read your words. “Let me love you, let me take care of you. Let me marry you.”

And not feeling like you had anything else going for you, you let him.

You stared at the mirror, wiping off the steam which clouded it with your hands. A pale woman with sunken, almost dead eyes stared back at you.

You needed to pull yourself together.

At least for today.

After School Special Part 3

SummaryIn an alternate universe where Jughead greases his hair more than Danny Zuko and Betty Cooper gives Sandy Olsson a run for her money at being the nicest girl in town. (No Danny Zuko and Sandy do make an appearance in this fic). Set in the early 1960s at Riverdale High. Slow burn leads to rapid fire (all the bughead smut you can imagine)

Part One     Part Two

Tags: @thejugheadshow @xobughead @de6ressive

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of faults and fissures, part one

Find it on Ao3 here:

In the aftermath of the Daxamite Invasion, Lena Luthor thinks it’s time she came clean to her best friend about her role in it.

Some changes to canon- Kara did date Mon-el, but there was no huge declaration of love or anything like that when she put him in the pod. She took him back but wasn’t really into the relationship, slowly coming to the realization that she’d simply gone along with it because she felt like she owed it to him to not leave him alone the way she’d been abandoned by Kal-El. Basically, it was a pity-dating thing she was planning to break off before the untimely Daxamite invasion. And, oh yeah- she definitely does not give him her mother’s necklace. Lena’s under the impression Kara was genuinely dating him, though, so three cheers for the angst up ahead.

The first time Kara Danvers really sees Lena Luthor, she’s taken aback by just how small the other woman actually is.

Outside of work, stripped of her impeccable updos, perfect makeup, and six-inch heels, Lena Luthor is downright tiny.

She’s standing right on the Dr. Who-themed doormat that Winn had purchased for her last Christmas, dressed in a loose, oversized sweater, well-worn jeans, and honest-to-goodness scuffed sneakers.

To her credit, Kara manages to keep the gaping and stuttering to a minimum as she ushers her unexpected houseguest into the living room. Lena perches carefully on the couch, tucking her dark hair behind her ear as she smiles hesitantly up at her, and Kara instantly decides that she likes this look best for the typically designer-dressed C.E.O.

With her hair down and her face free of makeup, Lena looks younger than she ever has, appearing more like the untroubled twenty-something year old she should be and less like a woman carrying the weight of her entire family’s sins the way Atlas had shouldered the weight of the sky.

It’s still there, the invisible weight that never seems to allow Lena to sit perfectly straight for more than a few minutes at a time- she always retreats into herself ever so often, hunches inwards like she’s afraid to take up any space at all- but here, now, it’s less.

Like the burden has eased, somehow, or she’s found the strength to actually push back instead of simply allowing it crush her completely.

Kara knows a thing or two about guilt- surviving an entire planet’s destruction is bound to leave some scars, no matter how well the wounds may have healed over time- and Lena all but wears hers like a noose.

Lena virtually encourages the people of National City and beyond to treat her as their own personal whipping boy in Lex’s stead, and it’s something that’s disturbed Kara since their very first meeting, when she’d peered into her green eyes, emerald pools of desperation flickering with the barest hints of hope in their depths, and recognized a bit of herself shining back.

She’d been lost like that too, once.

The Phantom Zone had kept her trapped in the endlessly repeating memory of Krypton’s death for close to a quarter of a decade.

If it hadn’t been for the Danvers, if it hadn’t been for Alex

She shudders at the thought and silently offers thanks to Rao for those blessings.

“Can I get you something to drink?” She asks, already moving towards the kitchen on autopilot. “I’ve got tea, coffee, juice… Though, mind, the tea is bottled and store-bought…”

“Really?” Lena teases, and Kara falls a little bit in love with the faint, little laugh she hears behind her.

Kara tosses a sheepish grin in Lena’s direction as she pulls open the fridge. “It’s raspberry Snapple. Don’t judge me- I know it’s 90% sugar, but their slogan doesn’t lie, it really is the best stuff on Earth.”

Lena’s eyes widen comically at the sight of the large plastic bottle Kara sets down on the coffee table along with a pair of mugs. “I didn’t realize Snapple came in quart-sized bottles.”

“Neither did I, until I stopped by the convenience store down the road from my sister’s apartment in search of ibuprofen and ice packs after she went and got her ribs bruised,” Kara says, fondness fairly oozing from her voice as she pours a liberal helping into both glasses. “It’s the only place that I’ve ever seen stock bottles this size, but hey, I’m not complaining.”

A cautious sip brings a bright smile to the brunette’s face. “Neither am I. This is great!”

Kara’s jaw drops open in horror as she clutches her chest, clearly affronted. “Don’t tell me you haven’t tried Snapple before! It’s literally in almost every vending machine in National City!”

Lena ducks her head in shame, a weak chuckle issuing from the back of her throat. “I’ve seen it around, of course, but… We-e-ell,“ she says, drawing out the ‘e’ for several seconds as a blush begins to spread across her cheeks, “I just… I never…”

Her face clouds over as the silence between them goes from teasing to strained, something Kara notes as tendrils of apprehension begin to wrap around her heart and squeeze.

Lena can barely bring herself to finish the sentence.

“Lillian was always very conscious about my eating habits,” she finally mumbles, tongue nearly tripping over the words in her haste to get them out.

The slack-jawed expression on Kara’s face is burned away by a look of pure anger and fierce protectiveness as the implications behind Lena’s words sink in.

For a moment, Lena thinks, Kara looks very much like the Kryptonian whose presence she has found herself entertaining more and more on her office balcony. She pulls herself free from that particular train of thought with a vehement shake of her head.

No, Kara couldn’t possibly be Supergirl. Kara would never keep something as big as that a secret from her, would she?

The tiniest trickle of doubt bleeds into her veins as a tiny voice in her head snidely reminds her of her last name.

You’re a Luthor, the voice sing-songs almost triumphantly, sounding far too much like her brother for her to not be unsettled, why wouldn’t she?


She looks up and shoots the other woman a practiced, apologetic smile. “Sorry about that. It’s just so easy to get lost in my own head sometimes. I just came over to see how you were doing, after… Everything.”

God, she can’t even bring herself to say it.

The Daxamite Invasion.

The one she had ultimately kickstarted.

The one she had helped managed to avert- at the cost of her best friend’s boyfriend, not to mention the innocent lives already lost in the first few waves of attack.

And it was all because Lena was too stupid to see past the façade that Rhea had so easily manipulated her into believing.

The price of Lena Luthor’s loyalty always had been and likely always would be love.

Love that she’d never had the time to get from her birth mother, love that had been wrenched away by her brother’s madness and the shame of being his sister, love that she’d never received from the woman she’d called family for over two decades…

Rhea had seen that easily, seen past Lena’s hardened shield of capable businesswoman right down to the unwanted orphan girl she was underneath.

Rhea had seen that easily, and just like everyone else in her life except for her secretary and the woman sitting in front of her, she’d used it against her.

“I’m fine, Lena, really. You didn’t have to come all the way here just to check up on me.” Kara actually laughs, then, and the sound of it pulls the breath from Lena’s lungs in a way that isn’t tingly, or endearing, or any of the other adjectives she’d come to associate with the feelings that Kara’s laughter usually induced.

How could she be so happy sitting across from the woman who had robbed her of someone she’d cared about?

“I-I…” Lena’s fingers tighten around the glass in her hand as she struggles to keep her tears at bay.

Spit it out, she rages, mentally shouting at herself. Tell her the fucking truth already. You came here for a reason.

“It was my fault.”

She closes her eyes before she continues, unable to maintain Kara’s unwavering gaze. “I built the portal the Daxamites used to get to Earth. I helped their queen transport her armies here. I built the device that irradiated the atmosphere with lead and poisoned all the Daxamites, including Mike- I mean, Mon-El. I did this.”

The words fall flat between them, landing somewhere in the invisible, gaping chasm that now somehow clearly splits the room apart.

“It was my fault,” she repeats, a little louder this time, as though an increase in volume could help her words make the leap over the miles stretched out between them, miles she hates but knows she’ll never make a move to cross.

Because she deserves this.

She deserves whatever look of hatred or betrayal or accusation that’s surely filling Kara Danvers’ eyes right now at her confession.

She deserves whatever words are going to come spilling out of Kara Danvers’ mouth at any second, probably laced with anger and disgust, all of which will be justified.

But again, for the umpteenth time in the past seventy-two hours, Lena Luthor finds herself mistaken about the people she thought she knew best.

She gets only silence.

Pure, pin-drop silence.

Lena doesn’t dare open her eyes to look at the woman sitting on the couch across from hers- and even if she wanted to, at this point, she’s not sure she even can.

Everything seems to be catching up to her now, at the worst possible time for the shock of it all to wear off and finally let her feel something other than the numbness that she’d managed to reach with surprisingly little aid from alcohol.

The world is shaking- or maybe she’s the one shaking- but either way, she can’t bring her limbs to move or her eyes to open or her lungs to breathe.

She can’t bring herself to do anything at all but sit there and silently beg the universe to simply let her disappear.

to be continued…

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Domestic Habits of BTS (Living with the men of BTS)

@lyrahamato Can you make BTS list of little things in their everyday live with s/o they like the most, please? Maybe some cute habits or smth like that?:))) Thanks:* Love your blog!  *sends lots of hugs^_^

If anyone would like to request an extended version for their bias, then please send a request for it! I’d be more than happy to make longer ones for specific members! ^.^

Kim Seokjin (Jin):

Originally posted by gotjimin

  • He’d always let you know how attractive he finds you whenever he watches you get ready for wherever you’re going
  • he watches you get ready often (he thinks it’s so cool watching you craftily put on makeup and choose your clothing)
  • He always says things like “I know” and “Well duh” when you call him handsome
  • He helps you pick out clothes whenever you ask him to, and sometimes when you don’t
  • You would wake up to the smell of coffee/tea every morning
  • By this I mean he makes you coffee/tea the exact way you like it and set it on a cup warmer on the bedside table each morning for the moment you wake up
  • He’d always wake up before you
  • He spoils you rotten, making you breakfast, packing you lunches, taking you out to dinner whenever he could
  • He hand-delivers the lunches he makes you to your job every day so he can see you two can spend ever meal time together
  • “meal time is family time jagiya~”
  • he’d leave his slippers everywhere for you to accidentally trip over
  • he’d complain to you whenever you left anything anywhere for too long
  • he always cleans the house when you leave so you never have the chance to help him (he’s a little anal about how things get cleaned tbh)

Min Yoongi (Suga):

Originally posted by yoongbeans

  • you have the same conversation every morning
  • “Yoongi, get out of bed.”
  • “Why don’t you get out of bed?”
  • “Sweetie…I am out of bed…”
  • “Wait, no come back. It’s cold and I want to cuddle!”
  • *sigh*
  • He would still be half-asleep as you made breakfast every morning, so he’d back-hug you and you’d have to shuffle around the kitchen with him attached to you like a koala
  • he won’t let go no matter what (until the food is done anyway)
  • He’d be oddly strict about no shoes, only slippers, in the house
  • you’d find random paintings hung up on the wall that weren’t there before with a sticky note on them saying “This made me think of you…so I bought it. -Yoongi”
  • you’d confront him about it to thank him and he’d act like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about
  • this goes for everything else he buys for you too
  • you’d have tv shows taped on your TV or saved on Hulu and you’d watch them together every night when you both got home from work while you ate your tv dinners or takeout
  • he’d try to cook once in a while, but he’d get distracted and it’d end up burnt or too salty half the time
  • he forgets where he puts things because he’s either too sleepy or too lost in thought to fully realize what he’s doing
  •  you always find his phone in the most random places
  • “Babe, where’s my phone??”
  • “I don’t know hun, I’ll help you look for it.”
  • *you find it in the fridge* “Um…? Why in here though…?”

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope):

Originally posted by bwipsul

  • you’d come home and he’d leave you a note saying that he’s hiding and you have to come find him to win a prize
  • or you’d come home and he’d be waiting with a nerf gun and start nerf dart wars
  • the prize is always that he’d hug you tightly and kiss your face all over, screaming at you telling you how much he loves you
  • You’d always cook together
  • he’d be so groggy when he first gets up that you may have to help him so he doesn’t end up accidentally pouring coffee in his cereal instead of milk
  • He would most definitely not fall asleep with his legs flung over you and him softly snoring in your ear, but he’d end up that way anyway
  • he’d always leave really fluffy notes in your lunches telling you how much he loved you
  • he’d write notes on the mirror in the steam after showers for you to find when you take a shower next
  • he’d be so freaking festive like no matter the holiday, you’d come home one day and BAM!!! DECORATIONS EVERYWHERE!!!
  • He’d insist on having both your families over for dinner at least twice a month when you’re able to
  • family means everything to this guy so he’d work really hard to build a strong domestic relationship with you

Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster):

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

  • Leaves coffee cups everywhere
  • he forgets where he sets the cups and puts hoodies or papers over them and ends up breaking them when he goes to pick up the hoodies or papers
  • you’ll always find lyrics scribbled on scraps of paper in random places
  • he’d be surprisingly organized and clean except in his office where everything looks like a disaster (but he swears that it’s organized somehow)
  • He would always help you clean the house because he f*cking lives there too and wants to share all responsibilities
  • He’d have a weird habit of re-arranging the furniture whenever he had writers block
  • “Babe…where did our bed go?”
  • “Oh I moved it to the other room.”
  • “Okay?? Why??”
  • “Because moving furniture helps me break down the crippling walls of my lyrical oppression"
  • “Writers block. You can just say that you have writer’s block Namjoon…”
  • You two would have at least one cat at all times (unless you’re allergic)
  • and probably a snake or something too
  • he would always want your legs to lay over his whenever you sit on the couch together
  • even if your legs weren’t over his, he’d always have his hand resting on the top of your thighs (as a comforting touch mostly, not always sensual)

Park Jimin:

Originally posted by bwiseoks

  • Will sit right beside you/cuddle you no matter where you’re sitting
  • you could be sitting on an office chair and he’d just plop down on your lap or pick you up so you sit on his
  • Eating well is a priority for him so you’d end up taking cooking classes together once or twice a week
  • He’d love cooking both for you and with you
  • he’d always has to be near you, even if you’re just reading and not paying attention to each other
  • when he wants attention he’d nudge your shoulder with his nose and lay his head on your shoulder, looking up at you as cutely as possible
  • if that didn’t work he’d wait until you sat down then he’d flop over you and say something like “Y/n~ I need attention and love!”
  • if you’re running around doing stuff he’d probably follow you room-to-room like a little puppy so you could talk to him (only if you wanted him there though)
  • he’d really respect your privacy and if you needed time to be alone he’d be okay with that (he’d just cuddle you even more whenever you wanted him there again)
  • he’d leave mini-sizes of your favorite candy in random places that you see everyday for you to find
  • He’d wrap his arms around your shoulders whenever you’re standing in the kitchen, burying his face in your neck and humming to you softly
  • He’d sing softly to you to help you fall asleep as he plays with your hair
  • He would always play with your hair…ALWAYS
  • He’d always make you take breaks when you’re working at home/studying/working on anything really hard, then he’d make you a snack and give you water, kissing your temple and telling you not to overwork yourself

Kim Taehyung:

Originally posted by booptae

    • He’d leave you notes to remind him to do things all the time
    • “jagiya, please remind me to make that dentist appointment”
    • he’d forget that he left you the note and he’d thank you for reminding him without him telling you to do so
    • He’d always come home with stray animals, dogs, cats, gerbils, anything really
    • You’d have a house that everyone would be welcomed in no matter what time it is or how busy you guys were
    • I picture him having the kind of house with his s/o that is a little hectic with all the movement everywhere from the animals, people, and children running around
    • It’s a beautiful kind of organized hectic though
    • And he always makes it fun and never stressful
    • He’d wake you up by softly kissing you all over your face every morning
    • if one of you had to get up really early for something, the other would wake up with them and make breakfast before they left so their morning “always startes off and ends with the one they love the most”
    • when he’s away on tour, he’d factime you every night as you both lied in your beds until one of you fell asleep
    • lots of random, bear-hug types of hugs that come out of literally nowhere
    • he’d always buy you little stuffed animals and when he gave them to you he’d always say “I got this because it reminded me of your cuteness and of how much I love you!”
    • He always has names, back stories, relationships, and even families made up for each new stuffed animal he gives you
    • he’d be so fun and silly to live with, your life would never be dull

    Jeon Jungkook:

    Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

    • he’d be a child at heart still no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship
    • you’d be married and still have random pillow/stuffed animal fights with him
    • it could be your 50th wedding anniversary and you’d be making funny faces at each other across the room to make each other laugh
    • video game tournaments probably at least once a week
    • he’d be so salty when he lost though and you’d always tickle him to get him to smile again
    • He’d always leave the toilet seat up…always.
    • he’d always wrap his arms around your waist and you’d rest your head against his chest as he rocked you back and forth when you had a rough day
    • he’d never pressure you to talk about anything, but would always let you know that he’s there for you if you ever need to/want to talk about literally anything
    • he’d always hug-cuddle you when you go to sleep. one of your legs draped on top of his legs, your arms wrapped around each other tightly
    • You’d designate certain rooms that ‘belonged’ to each other when it comes to cleaning the house so you never fight over who cleans what
    • if he got a ‘man cave’ he’d insist that you’d get a room strictly designated to you as well for you to go and relax in when you need it
    • you’d end up cooking together and always end up throwing things at each other and making faces, causing constant laughter
    • you two would always be laughing with each other, and he’d always know how to make you feel better/make you happy regardless of what else is happening in your life

    A/N: LOTS OF HUGS TO YOU AS WELL!! Thank you so much for your request dear

    SasuNaru and the pin hole

    (semi anti ending but not tagged as such as its mainly pro, so beware..vv semi tho)


    Okay, so I’d reblog your post with a reply but my computer always freezes up when I do that and try to add pictures and I can barely use the tumblr app as it is so gaaaah. Plus, I’ve always wanted to make this post debunking everything SNS claim anyways. So here you go. sorry about the wait, i was so lazy..sorry about some shakey images i have GAD

    First off, I’d like to say that when I say I am a Naruto fan, I don’t mean the character. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love Naruto too, but I am referring  to the series. I genuinely love this series despite all of it’s inconsistencies, I am late on the band wagon but I prefer that since it allows me to think objectively.  SNS tends to view the series with what I like to call pin hole vision where the entire series is naruto  x sasuke, they are the center bond because they represent everything the series itself stands for. They are not together all the time, they haven’t had the healthiest relationship but they’re the centre  bond because as proven by the first and final battles in the VOE, both at the end of part 1 and part 2 respectively it’s a ‘it boils down to this’ type of thing. However, when I say I am anti romantic SNS it does not mean I am anti their friendship. Do I think its unhealthy? Some aspects of it, yes. Problematic, yes tbh.

    These are good examples  I think. Narutos worst fears early shippuuden were disappointing his comrades, and this. Why is is problematic on Narutos side? I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it

    I’d like to mention what naruto as a series stands for, and always consistently stood for.


    ‘Onagi dakara’


    ‘because we are the same.’

    -Narutos first bond, Iruka

    ‘Konoha o mamoroto tsuyui ishi’

    ‘strong will to protect the hidden leaf village.’


    ‘sato wa nanda?’

    ‘what is a village?’

    -sasuke, ill get to it

    ‘Kono hi no ishi mote oru kagiri kono sato no mono wa subete kazoku sono mono nanja’

    ‘as long as one has this will of fire everyone in this village is family.’

    ‘Iruka sensei? Nande hito wa hito no tameni inochi o kake- ah fuck this translation takes too long im sorry omg

    ‘Iruka sensei why do people risk their lives for other people?’

    ‘When one person dies, their past , their present and their future disappears along with them—-those people who die have dreams and ambitions, but everyone else has something just as important. Parents, siblings, friends, lovers..those who are dear to them. They trust each other and help each other—that string gets which connects those people gets stronger and thicker by time. It’s impossible to explain why, those who hold those strings just do it, because it’s important to them.’

    ‘yeah. Somehow it’s clear even to me.’

    -Iruka and Naruto when Hiruzen died protecting the village

    ‘When someone has something they want to protect, their true power comes along’


    It’s because we help out when they’re in trouble that we can count on them to come running when we need it.

    -Shikamaru, about Suna

    ‘If comrades that you trust gather around you, hope can take physical form and become visible. That`s what I believe…’

    -kakashi, to obito

    I won’t allow my comrades to die. I’ll protect you with my life. Trust me.


    The next generation will always surpass the previous one. It’s one of the never-ending cycles in life.


    If you don’t share someone’s pain. You can never understand them.


    ‘A long cycle of hatred humans have come to call history’

    Just by living, people hurt others without even realizing it. So long as humanity exists, hate will also exist. There is no peace in this cursed world. War is just a crime paid for by the pain of the defeated…


    Now there’s something I understand a little better. Hate, sadness, even joy. To be able to share it with another person… Naruto Uzumaki. From fighting him I learned that. He knew pain like I did and then he taught me that you can change your path. I wish that one day I can be needed by someone. Not as a frightening weapon… But as the sand’s Kazekage.



    People’s lives don’t end when they die. It ends when they lose faith.


    ‘ill never let my comrades die, those words and the conviction behind them are not lies, because neji was able to store those words in his heart. Brother Neji died! It’s not just you Naruto, we all hold those words and feelings in our heart.That is what binds our lives together and makes us comrades. If we all give up those thoughts and feelings Nejis final act would have been for nothing. And that is when your comrades truly die.’


    The pain of being alone is completely out of this world, isn’t it? I don’t know why, but I understand your feelings so much, it actually hurts.


    That void is something that everyone helps you fill. Just because you face adversity and hardships, is no reason to give up on this world. A person willing to throw away all those memories… of their friends and comrades, will never find peace of mind. Resorting to something like that isn’t going to bury that hole. If you persevere and endure, someone will be there to support you!

    -Kakashi, to obito

    I love sasuke. I love all of his bonds, and despite the shit he dealt with in the series he really does represent the message of the series really well…an atypical antagonist, an incredibly well written character who fills not only his shoes in the story, but the shoes of many other characters.

    You say Sasuke offered his food to Naruto because he cares about him and I agree, empathy stems from care. But going by your argument.

    Despite this

    He did wait for her to wake up, also risking elimination and a halting of his revenge plans.

    It’s important noting that before any of this, their goals were very self centered and none of them were playing by teamwork..except sasuke, who boasted that he was better than them to Kakashi, but was still the only one who linked them together, by feeding naruto and by saying the whole ‘we are a 3 man cell aren’t we?’

    That’s another thing I love about this guy, he really brings people together despite the fact that does not talk for 98% of the series. Taka developed because of him and so did 7.

    A constantly relevant theme.

    the first mission bought light to what their relationships would be like very early on, and also imprints these guys as personal bonds based on friendship and affection that sasuke shares, a feat that no one else in the series was able to do aside from his family.

    From the tree climbing exercise that combined their rivalry and their friendship to this moment that made a grown ass man cry


    「それまで恋や友情に見向きもしなかったサスケは、ナルトやサクラと出会い、少しずつではあるが、仲間を受 け 入れ始める。サスケにとってナルトは、いつの間にか互いの能力を高め合う良きライバルとなり、 また大蛇丸の 邪悪な呪印にのみ込まれんとするその心を、サクラに救われたことも...  」

    Though until then he had taken no notice of either love or friendship, after meeting with Naruto and Sakura Sasuke begins to accept them as nakama, even if only little by little. In Sasuke’s eyes, before he even noticed it, he and Naruto became mutual good rivals capable of boosting up each other’s skills - and also, when his heart was about to be swallowed by Orochimaru’s wicked cursed seal again, he was rescued by Sakura…

    ‘as they go on countless missions together, he sees her strengths and weaknesses and views her as someone he needs to protect’

    「呪印の影響で暴走するサスケを身を挺して鎮めるサクラ。サクラのサスケを想う心が、邪な力を 包 み込む。  

    ↳ Sakura willingly and bravely calms the rampaging Sasuke under the influence of the cursed seal. Sakura’s heart, thinking of Sasuke, devours the wicked power.

     For Naruto who was considered a failure, Sasuke was more than an annoying
    guy who got the best grades: he was also the rival that won Sakura’s heart, for whom Naruto is in love …! That’s why he always gets annoyed with Sasuke

    Sasuke, who only had power for revenge, becomes stronger because of his companions. His true place would have been a future among them.

    Growing distant, towards darkness. The one to appear before him as he began leave was Sakura. To the back of a Sasuke that tried to avert from what was being left behind, Sakura desperately conveys her feelings. Bright and earnest feelings - feelings that did not want to lose Sasuke.
    The one who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love was Sakura. But, as expected, Sasuke cannot respond to those feelings. Sasuke was only able to leave a single word of thanks as word of parting. 

    Friendship and love, a future filled with warmth. But as long as he is there, he cannot make his dream come true. This is why he throws away a future with his friends. To make dreams of revenge a reality…

    As is confirmed by the databook.

    Sasuke risked his life for them both, and he would have done it again no thinking what so ever, partly because he is a selfless person and also because they already imprinted on his mind. Sasukes relationship with Naruto is given a rivalry mixed with friendship context early on and my friend who had 0 to do with naruto burrowed volume one from me and in school while she was reading asked me if sasuke and sakura end up together, because authorial context is clear

    In fact this scene builds up a very good argument I have for this ship that I will get to, where we first learn of his entire stance in the story and sakura is like? Mind you, this was at a time before sasuke ever spoke about these things to anyone…he made me cry is not something he ever told anyone other than sakura. She was intuitive to he him, even during the war when she had a feeling he’d start shit up early on.

    You could argue he is blushing bc he is embarrassed… but he has had girls thirsting after him since he was fresh out the womb. ‘he came off stand offish’ well, yes naturally when a person is suffering from trauma and survivors guilt they tend to isolate themselves and become reclusive and irritable. Now, add the fact that the trauma happened at such a young age and you have a sasuke. But he still, took out the time to say he’s emo (a joke ofc)

    The only ‘romantic context’ ever given to Naruto and Sasuke was the ‘accidental kiss’ which ended up like this

    Over the course of the series we see Sasukes attachment to team 7, in the same context given before. Best friend and rival, girl he feels protective affection for.

    however, the context between sasusaku was always romanticized

    Part 2 :

    Part 3 :

    Finding my way Home

    The second of my @mores2sl contributions. This story is a modern AU and is rated M for mature subject matter, sexual situations and coarse language. Reader discretion is advised. Also available on AO3 and FFnet.

    Originally posted by stupidteletubbie

    It’s past eight when I finally make it to the Hob. The gang is crowded around our usual table, and already it’s littered with bottles and glasses. We have a standing date, drinks and pool every Friday night at six-thirty, but I seldom make it on time. I love my job, but my boss is kind of an asshole and I end up staying late more often than not.

    Even from the door I can see that Annie is perched in Finnick’s lap. I thought that when they got married last year the PDAs would stop, but marriage seems to have intensified their need to touch each other. Johanna is beside Finn, and probably stealing swigs of his beer when his attention is diverted. Cressida, Jo’s girlfriend, and Thresh, my neighbour, have their heads bent in serious conversation. And, saving me a seat on the aisle, is my best friend in the world. Peeta.

    Every time I see him my chest tightens, just a little. I’m so damned lucky to have him in my life.

    Keep reading

    Kiss me cause you can

    Fandom: Haikyuu!!

    Pairing: Iwaoi

    Summary: “What did you just say?,” Iwaizumi asked, his eyes widening as the fear grew and turned cold and heavy in his chest.

    “I just dared you,” Yahaba said offhandedly, like he was commenting on the weather, “to kiss Oikawa-san, Iwaizumi-san.”

    A/N: I was surprised by the number of people that wanted an iwaoi continuation of that one kyouhaba kissing booth fic so here it is! Iwaoi is a pairing I’m not too confident about, but I hope you enjoy! *nervous sweating*

    EDIT: Part 3 (matsuhana)   

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    “one moment i was tearing off your blouse, now you’re living in my house” the 1975

    i was listening to girls by the 1975 and i thought of this mess. 

    It was just a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of thing. Except they were not friends, they were merely acquaintances. Anytime one of them were in 'the mood’ they would call up the other and voila, problem solved. Soon enough though, she was staying the night. Staying the night led to leaving her toothbrush there. Leaving her toothbrush there lead to leaving spare clothes. Leaving spare clothes lead to spending days on end. Spending days on end lead to having a spare key. Having a spare key lead to practically moving in.

    What happened to just messing around?” Sirius asked and James shrugged thinking the same thing himself. He had met Lily in a party months before and they had somehow ended up in bed, tangled in the sheets. They came to an agreement to just have a casual relationship and he did not think casual sex was going to lead to this, they might as well be in a committed relationship with each other. However, they weren’t and neither of them had ever brought it up and it was all fine the way it was.

    Everything drastically changed one day when Lily jumped out of bed early in the morning and rushed to the toilet with James trailing behind hesitantly. She was threw up into the toilet, her fiery red hair stuck to her face. James pulled it off her neck and rubbed her back as she heaved until eventually there was nothing left and James sat on the bathroom floor confused as Lily brushed her teeth. When she was done she walked out of the bathroom without a word and James stayed on the floor until he heard the front door slam behind her. He hoped it wasn’t what he thought it was.

    But it was and he nearly passed out when she showed him the test in her shaky hands. Sirius laughed so hard he fell out of his chair. Remus stared ahead in shock. Peter spat the water out he was drinking all over Sirius but he was too busy hysterically laughing to care. “Only you, Prongs.” Sirius managed to get out. James hadn’t said a word since Lily had exited the bathroom and now she was staring up at him with big green eyes and she looked so lost that he could only mutter an “It’s going to be fine” before pulling her into a hug as she cried into his chest and he had to try his best not to do the same.

    After that Lily officially moved into the house of four boys and God only knows how she coped. Life was full of hospital appointments and sorting money and buying kiwis by the ton because Lily had a really weird crave for them that made Sirius uncomfortable and driving Lily around when she couldn’t sleep and silently crying because maybe we are too young for this. Sirius and Peter painted the baby room, Remus bought them a brand new crib which made Lily cry, Sirius sang to the bump every single day without fail and James swore the first thing the baby was going to say is ’please no more Kelly Clarkson’. James found Lily crying into her pillow because she hated how fast her life was moving. James decided there and then that he never wanted to be the one who was responsible for making Lily cry like this. Lily was forced to drop out of university and James soon followed getting a job at the local coffee shop because who on earth has time to get a law degree at a time like this?

    Before anyone knew it Lily was practically bursting and everyone was so excited but nervous and James had a permanent swarm in his stomach anytime the red head was close and James this is not the time for those feelings. Peter accidentally ate Lily’s last kiwi causing a huge uproar at three o'clock in the morning ending in Remus running to the nearest store that was open all night in nothing but his pajamas and star wars slippers. Lily did not speak to Peter for two days. James was forced to call a family meeting and Peter apologised profusely for eating the last 'sacred fruit’ and Lily forgave him after staring him down with a look that made Sirius squirm.

    One day Sirius asked the question that was on everybody’s mind when they were watching re-runs of an old sitcom and the soon-to-be parents were cuddling together on the arm chair. “So are you two like a thing or-” He had stopped speaking after James shot him a look and then everyone fell silent. James and Lily looked at each other for about five seconds, having a silent conversation, and then just nodded simultaneously at each other with a satisfied look on both of their faces before going back to watching the television. “Yes, Black. We are a 'thing’.” Lily spoke without moving her eyes away from the characters on the screen. Peter high-fived James discreetly and Remus shared a relieved grin with Sirius over his mug.

    It happened at seven o'clock in the morning. Lily woke up thinking she had wet the bed and when she quickly realised what had happened she screamed so loud James fell into his bedside table. Sirius and Remus ran into the bedroom. Peter was a very heavy sleeper and didn’t wake up until they were all halfway out of the house. James and Sirius were frantically running around worried in case they forgot something whilst Lily stood rather calm by the door. “We are going to be parents James fuck can you believe this?” “Sirius this is not your child.” Sirius full on stared at Lily for at least five minutes with an ’are you kidding me?’ look on his face until Remus reminded everyone that Lily was in labour and WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW FOR GOODNESS SAKE I MAY BE RESPONSIBLE BUT I CANNOT DELIVER A BABY.

    Two hours later the three boys waited anxiously outside listening to not only Lily’s screams but James’ until the brand new father exited the room with tears streaming down his face. The boys all expected the worst. “It’s a boy.” Was all he said before they all burst into tears. They didn’t stop crying until they heard Lily’s voice, “Are any of you idiots going to actually meet the baby?” And then Sirius, Remus and Peter just charged for the door arguing furiously on who was going to hold the baby first.

    Meanwhile James sat on one of the plastic chairs in the waiting room with the biggest smile on his face because even though him and Lily were so young and neither of them had a stable job, they were going to be the best goddamn parents in the world and that little boy was going to be so, so loved.

    Para que sepan mi posición ante las copias de BJDs o ‘Recast’:

    Yo soy “pro-recast” abiertamente, lo cual significa que estoy a favor de que te compres el muñeco que quieras, que puedas pagar y que te haga feliz. Significa que no me importa la marca de tu muñeco ni su precio, porque todos escuchamos MP3s y vemos películas bajadas de torrents, consumimos productos genéricos, vestimos ropa imitación de marcas famosas que jamás podríamos comprarle a los diseñadotes originales, y nunca nadie dijo que éramos malas personas por hacer esto. Así que yo soy pro-recast, estoy a favor de lo que sea que tengas, soy una persona “pro-doll”, no me importa si tu BJD es de plástico como un HUJOO o si es de vinilo, resina, porcelana, arcilla, si lo has realizado tú o si lo has comprado en la casa mas cara. Si a ti te hace feliz y no es algo que me incumba me parece %100 perfecto. Ahora pueden ir por ahí y odiarme cuanto quieran.

    Mi posición es simple y no va a cambiar. A los verdaderos escultores de los BJDs que venden en las fábricas originales les pagan solo UNA vez cuando entregan el prototipo terminado del muñeco en cuestión o de la nueva cabeza/etc. a la fábrica o tienda que los reproducirá para su venta usando un molde. Las copias JAMAS han destruido NADA, ‘Gucci’ o ‘paco rabanne’ no dejaron de fabricar cosas porque sus productos fueron reproducidos, y ‘las copias no mataron las industrias de perfumes/carteras/calzado/etc.’ (los cuales también son artículos “de lujo” como un BJD y “puedes vivir sin ellos”).

    Siempre hay un mercado para los originales de todo, y los que no pueden o no consiguen el original por cualquiera sea la razón también tienen derecho, así sea “un gusto” y “no se vayan a morir si no lo tienen, de adquirir una reproducción. Porque esa gente no le compraría a la casa original de cualquier forma, así que esa plata no es que “iría a las fabricas originales si no estuviese yendo a los chinos que hacen copias”. No, esa plata no iría a ningún lado, así que tengan bien en claro que NADIE le esta ‘sacando el plato de comida’ a ningún artista cuando compra un BJD recast mas de lo que le sacaron el plato de alimento a ese músico que están escuchando en sus MP3s sin ninguna pena.

    Los recast no perjudican a los artistas porque ellos ya cobraron cuando entregaron la escultura, entiendan esto, la cantidad de odio en Internet/‘la-comunidad-bjd’ es porque los recast perjudican casi de modo exclusivo al mercado de 2da mano (compuesto de personas que suelen valorar a los seres humanos no como gente sino ‘por el precio de sus pertenencias’ como si aun estuviesen en la secundaria), quienes ya no puede poner precios en los MP de unas cinco u siete veces mas por un BJD usado porque “ya no se vende mas en la fabrica original y si lo quieres lo pagas o te jodes”. Sabrán entender entonces mi postura (o no) pero no esta en discusión. Yo amo lo que los dueños hacen con  sus BJDs, de donde provengan honestamente no me importa ni me interesa y mucho menos me molesta.


    *** English / Ingles ***


    “I swear if Luo gets Celine and Rin in the Feeple60 moe, I will seriously flip the fuck off. I don’t care if you can’t afford the legits I just fucking went through 3 months of no school lunch money and a part time job to get my grail. I don’t want to have to worry about people thinking my Feeple60 is a recasts when I clearly spent $602. Someone fucking stop this nonsense!!!!


    #3062 (via recastconfessions)

    And THIS is the main reason why antis are antis

    It’s not about artists or defending their rights… but most antis feel “less special” (and somehow “stupid”) if someone paid less than half for the same product. - Sure there are exceptions (I know some anti recast community members that are actually really nice people and I personally admire them), but mostly all anti recast people I’ve knew on the community is either -like this- or an artist… (and not even ALL artists are anti, given the good quality of some recast makers production). - It’s sad to say but I think most antis can’t really enjoy their dolls, they spent more time and energy worrying about what other people might do or not to focus on the actual hobby and enjoy their legit dolls. It’s all a charade, the “#proBJDartists” day or whatever thing they come up with. In the end it’s all about “not being that unique snowflake anymore because now everyone has access to that rare limited”.

    Why I’m writing this up on my own Spanish tumblr?, simple, because somebody has to. - Now they (anti-recast) pray and ask for you to buy a “Bobobie”, “MiroDoll”, a “ResinSoul”, a “Hujoo”, an “Obitsu”, a “Pullip” or even a “Monster-High” because “at least they are legit” (blahblahblah). But lets remember… not so long ago, the same people where trashing other community members because “they had a cheap chinese doll” or “that doll they had was not considered a BJD according to them” (because it was not made of resin or whatever excuse they could come up with). - Not to mention ‘sock dresses’ and every other thing that they can find to look down on you even when you love your doll to the bits…

    To be honest, most of my dolls are legit, sure, I have some recast and I would buy other recasts without any shame or regret, but I’ve bought many times from legit websites or places like MoC and all they gave me was shit (*specially MoC, thank god they don’t ship to my country anymore!*). - But when bought recast, Steven/Luo made me feel really like a valued costumer, and sent me extra goodies that real/legit factories never sent. For both sides it’s a business, but recast sellers seem to care a lot more about it than legit companies.

    Having said this, I will add, I was never against recast, because they’re dolls and people spent a lot of money (even when cheaper), time and love to make them their own OCs or give them a home, to say “go burn your recast doll“ it’s NOT the same as saying ”Please don’t buy recast anymore.”, and there is where I see the true nature of antis. - There are idiots and assholes worldwide (and everywhere), but here it’s when it became more evident. You can really tell who is the thinking human being who has a different point of view, and who is just butthurt and wants to keep their “unique snowflake” status using others as a stair to build up their ‘fame and glory’…

    So, “What’s my stance?”, I must admit I was neutral at first, I had only legits and I didn’t care about other people morality (specially people I will only see online, as long as they where happy with their dolls I was cool with it). - But after my last purchase to Mint-On-Card (they treat me like trash, even on a thousand dollars transaction, just because I was from South America…and they were pretty clear on their motives so…), I started to wonder if I deserved to be treat like such a trash by people I was giving not only my money but “pretty much ALL my money”. Then, recast came around and it was more easy to get limited editions no longer sold on the legit webs and rare hybrids on perfect match skin colors…not only that, the sellers where extremely friendly and made you feel like an important and cherish costumer.

    But even then, I was still a “neutral” and had no recasts, …until I saw the way anti recast community members where bullying and mistreating other people who owned recast and how they were making their life impossible like if they where trash, mass murders, rapists and all those stupid comparisons completely out of proportion antis use to defend their ‘white knight’ stance.

    Think that was the turn-out moment, far as that moment I made my own doll heads and yes, I knew how to recast things at home but from that point on..?, I became a pro (a proud pro) and I gave two shits for people who was almost always aggressive, hypocrites and stupid (—don’t get me wrong, like I’ve said, there are stupid people everywhere, some pro members are also assholes… but they’re far more less than the anti-assholes out there—).

    I just stop caring about people who was telling me a lie to my face without a blink, that people is the “anti” crowd. I get it, you’re mad because you paid a lot more for the same doll often on worst quality (let’s be honest, most SOOM recast and FL recast I’ve see are better quality than legits), but I did it too!, I have the legits of most recast dolls and it’s not a constant reminder of “how much money I’ve spent”, it’s just something I’ve paid long ago and I don’t care if someone else buys it as recast!, in fact I’m happy we can share opinions and compare recast/legit dolls! - ((You antis need to let go of the fucking hate spread everywhere!!!))

    So they are NOT “”pro-artist”” they are just against recast, thus, ANTI-recast. - And please don’t give the shit speech about how much you care about the artist feelings because I don’t buy it anymore (**if the artist or company cares so much about it they will stop the cry and get their stuff in place or take a legal action, they don’t need YOU defending and standing for them, you are NOT the artist, nor his/her friend or family, so cut the crap, most times you only meet the artist or company online and only for him/her to sell you something so “dah!”, sure they will be nice to you!, you are buoying a couple thousand dollar product!, you don’t need to be thankful to them because they reply or make your order in time, it’s just a purchase and that’s what’s fair!**)… besides, pro recast are also humans, and they also cry and suffer when you tell them they are trash, when you tell them ‘to burn they beloved dolls’, or when you tell them they’re “just stupid kids” (although many are teens who had to make huge sacrifices to afford even a recast). So you could say I’m a Pro-recast now because of all the shit Anti-recast trow to other community members…

    And yes, now I make my own home-recast for fun, not only cast my own sculpts but make some recast from well known companies because I own the legit and I want to try out new resin colors or do ‘destructive’ and rare modifications. I don’t even sell them, I gave one way as a present here and there to people who could not afford a legit or any sort of doll for that matter, and no, I don’t feel “bad” about it. I gave presents to people I care about and I’m the only one who needs to worry about my own morals. And I sleep just fine every night so why should anyone tell me what to do with my money and my time..?, recast dolls are also very hard to make, it takes a long time to get them right and you get burn and bruises and cuts in your body just like any other manual labor, I don’t ever complain about it, but just wanted to point out recast are not “just magical reproductions who come out of molds just perfect and ready to sell”, home-recast it’s a complex process, and my wounds worth just the same than the ones from any other human being (like that “small and poor artist” you defend so eagerly because it didn’t had dinner yesterday but sells US$ 900 dolls on their store).

    And YES, I am happy about new molds and dolls getting recasted (I don’t care if they are ‘artist dolls’ or ‘company dolls’, all dolls are made by some artist at some point, so cut the crap about that “this is a small artist so it’s different”, you either acknowledge ALL artist need to be recognized for their work, or, you don’t really care at all, and yes, most things come in shades of gray, but this particular thing it’s just black/or/white, so made up you’re mind already), and I get happy for new recast releases because it means more people will have the chance to get the dolls they want and love for a price they can afford or from someone who will sent the doll to their location and gave them many more options than legit webs. - I don’t impose my views to anyone, If you come politely to me and tell me you’re against recast I will agree that we disagree and you have just as much right as me to have your opinion. This doesn’t mean we can’t get along or we can’t be friends, as long as you don’t insult me or degrade me for my choices then we’re cool… but that’s the catch, almost no anti recast community members are able to just respect other people, “pro recast” people, different people (that think -or are- different)… maybe the other side is right, or maybe they’re wrong, truth is, it’s not the antis place to decide “who is right or wrong”.

    And that’s my stance on recasts. If you don’t like me then feel free to block me of unfollow me, I’ll still be me after you’re gone and to be honest, I care more for people being treated like trash by others who think they’re superior based on the quality of a doll than on your crazy white knight crusade. Cos’ at the end of the day, I’m happy with my dolls, recast or not…


    P.S. - Now you antis can all examine my post looking for misspelling and grammar (since my first language it’s Spanish) that according to you “will give me away on anon blogs” (even when %70 percent of the times you guys are hilariously wrong, it’s still fun as hell to watch you all chase your tails, lol).


    Request: “#20 & #33 with Theo Raeken!”: “ You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you” and “It’s not what it looks like.”

    Pairing: Theo x Reader

    A/N: WOW I AM SO SORRY I HAVENT POSTED AN IMAGINE IN A WEEK. I had finals this week and it was madness. But I’m back to bless you all with a (very long) Theo Raeken imagine! I tried to set up a bit of a backstory with the pack. I hope you guys like it! Requests are currently closed but will be back open within the next two days. Be on the lookout for a Liam and Issac (and possible stiles) imagine tomorrow. Thank you for all your love and support! Love you guys! -Rose

    Originally posted by infernal-banshee


    “We aren’t going to hurt you!” the redhead called out at you.

    “Please just stop running from us!” the boy holding a wooden bat panted your way, clearly out of breath.

    You glanced around and snarled with a slight growl from your chest. They had trapped you. Even if you wanted to run, you couldn’t. They had surrounded you. You took in the scene around you. You saw only 3 in front of you, but you could smell two more perched in the trees behind you. You could take the human, the banshee, and probably the kitsune. But there was no way you could take on a true alpha and the angry beta you had shoved into a tree a few miles back. You were officially outnumbered.

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    A pretty fucking long text about white men wrecking havoc on Brazilian politics

    NOW NOW MY FRIENDS, MY COMRADES, WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING IN BRAZIL AND WHY ARE WE FREAKING OUT (at least, some of us, who are actually interested in politcs in this god damn country).

    it’s kind of hard to imagine, but i’ll give it a go: Brazil’s a pretty fucking big country, stretching over almost the entire south area of the American continent. SO yeah, it’s hard to get everyone to agree and converge to one single political opinion.

    more under READ MORE

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    If Sirius Became A Single Dad AU: A Toddler

    Also, Sirius, James, Lily/Rory, Remus

    • Remus and Lily wanted Harry and her to go to a Muggle Kindergarten. James and Sirius agreed on the condition that they go to the same school. (It was a given already so Remus and Lily didn’t mind.) 
    • Sirius was 100% the type of Dad‭ to wait outside the classroom for hours while Harry and Rory were having classes. He would sometimes peek through the windows. 
    •  She would always wear princess gowns to class. (SIRIUS WHY Because, Remus, she is my little princess and she always will be and everyone has to know okay all of those children except maybe Harry are just peasants compared to her
    • Once Remus, Sirius, James and Lily came to a parent-teacher conference and a teacher commented on why she has two fathers and that’s the story of how Harry and Rory left that school after the end of the school year. (Sirius look at the news Why A stag and a dog ruined a teacher’s car and trashed her house How interesting Yes, I do agree James Yeah A stag and a dog destroyed a teacher’s house So It’s amazing how wildlife has evolved these days I know right) 
    • One time a small boy kissed her cheek, and Sirius freaked out. He talked to the boy after classes (Can you feed my daughter what can you assure me that she’s going to live a happy long life um how many children do you want huh SIRIUS WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THAT POOR BOY Remus he violated her *sigh* What did he do He kissed her cheek, Remus, her cheek THEY’RE CHILDREN Doesn’t change the fact that he kissed her I’m so sorry about him, boy Watch it, son, I’m only allowing you this once *furious head nod* DADDY I WANT ICE CREAM Okay, my little princess, we shall get you your ice cream *sigh*
    • He spoiled her rotten, but Lily and Remus tried their best to tame her so she grew up okay. To Sirius’ defense, she was and still is his princess and she deserved all she wanted in the world. 
    • Not a single night went by that Sirius was not there to tuck her in. 
    • Remus and Sirius took turns reading to her at night. 
    • No matter what anyone ever said about her parents, she always, always believed that her fathers were the greatest in all the world.   
    • One time a student in her school made one of her friends cry and she punched them in the face. Remus scolded her. Sirius bought her a tub of her favorite ice cream. (SIRIUS I WAS TRYING TO TEACH HER A LESSON So was I WHAT LESSON IS THAT? PUNCH PEOPLE IN THE FACE? Well it’s actually punch people in the face when they deserve it SIRIUS YOU CAN SOLVE PROBLEMS BY TALKING THEM THROUGH Yeah, but you can punch them in the face too I’M DONE)
    • Remus didn’t talk to Sirius for two days. Sirius bought him a pack of his favorite chocolates. Though Remus assured her protecting her friends isn’t bad, but it was better to use her brain instead of her brawn. She promised him she would, next time. 
    • Remus, who didn’t have many friends as a child, encouraged Rory to always be social. He was always happy when she had friends over and somehow convinced Sirius to allow her to sleep overs. (Sirius would apparate to said person’s house to kiss her good night though). 
    • Sirius’ boggart became the image of her lifeless body, tortured, and he was unable to save her. 
    • Remus’ boggart was similar to Sirius’ except that her death was his doing. 
    • Her boggart, at that age, had been that her Dad and Daddy was away from her. 
    • After seeing her boggart, she demanded that they sleep in her room, right beside her. 
    • Harry and Rory would often engage in play wrestling. 
    • Sirius and James would play along, always beaten by the kids. (OH NO HARRY HAS BEATEN ME AGAIN HOW TRAGIC Why would you do this to your Daddy, sweetheart, why have you forsaken me SIRUS YOUR DAUGHTER HAS SUPER STRENGTH I CAN’T BEAT HER Harry, I am your godfather and you have hurt me. Why, Harry, why
    • Play wrestlings would often turn into tickle fights. 
    • Once she wanted to be a unicorn. It took Remus an entire month to sew three unicorn costumes for them.
    • Incidentally, the Potters were all dressed as foxes because Harry, too, wanted to be a fox and they are so in for family unity. 
    • Harry and Rory still cringe at the pictures. 
    • Every day, Sirius and Remus would always, always tell her how much they loved her, regardless if they were mad or not. 
    • Remus and Sirius were determined to give her a happy, wonderful home filled with love and stability; something both Remus and Sirius did not always have as children. 
    • They did, and every day for the rest of her life, she thanked them for it.
    The Dark Soldier

    Title: The Dark Soldier
    Author: Naty (Pichitinha).
    Rating: R / T.
    Cartoon: Young Justice.
    Category: Post endgame. Winter Solder AU. Angst. Present tense. Wally-centric. Birdflash if you squint your eyes and turn your head a little bit?
    Words: 4.460.
    Summary: Seventy years. He’d been running and running and running for seventy years.
    A/N: Hey. So, I’m aware this is terrible and all, but I thought I’d give it a try and publish it on tumblr. A few warnings about why it may be bad: English is not my first language, so there’s that. And also, I don’t ship birdflash, but I love Wally, and I love Dick, and I love notagoodplace4gods and she ships it, so yeah. And most important of all, the idea of Wally coming back seventy years in the future like Captain America was based on a post I saw on tumblr!!! I’m looking for it and AS SOON AS I FIND IT I’m gonna link it here! Therefore, the main idea is NOT MINE, Enjoy. Or not. Idk.

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    dgms at the state fair!!

    • alma and allen insist on trying all the weird food at the fair and alma drags kanda with them and tries to make him try everything. his patience runs out after the like eight minutes when allen tries to shove something-on-a-stick in his mouth. allen eats at least fifteen deep-fried oreos. alma is partial to spam curds with mayo, which sounds disgusting to me.

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    anonymous asked:

    ok but has anyone talked about the angst in the accidental fahc au?? bc like. jack's boutique going out of business bc she's not there to run it. ryan's parents turn on the tv and see his face with the words "psychotic maniac loose in los santos" across the screen. ray panicking with the thought that his mom lives in los santos, she's RIGHT HERE, and there are so, so many people who wouldn't hesitate to hurt her to get to him. just. the possibilities.

    ah yes the angst with the families. ahem;

    • Geoff: His mom just stopped asking questions. Geoff just makes up that he has a steady job now as a well placed business man or something but of course that’s bullshit so she asks Jack who just outright tells her. She pretends she doesn’t knows but as long as the boy is happy then she’ll let him live his life. His step dad is mighty proud of him.
    • Jack: Probably has the most angst because of the boutique issues. She tries so hard to figure out ways to run it from Los Santos “yes Allen, I’ve just um, gotten stuck in LS. Those terrible gang wars make it too unsafe to try to leave the city.” and tries for months and months to run it but of course can’t so Geoff suggests she moves it to Los Santos which Jack is at first vehemently against. but after Allen has to quit because “sorry Jack there isn’t enough business and well, mr. pickles needs to eat.” Jack and Geoff somehow gets her stuff all moved to LS where she starts a boutique but quickly reorganizes it to sell regular clothes and costumes and masks and so that’s how the gang gets costume fundage (also Jack’s stuff sometimes is REALLY out there and no one buys the pieces so to make her feel better the gang will wear them for a heist or something hey at least they are all matching)
    • Ryan: Ryan is from a really really small farming town. like the kind where only 3 neighbors have a barely working TV and the locals like swapping stories in the diner and just use the set to watch baseball games or whatever. Ryan’s family is not one of the tv owning houses and believe that if it’s important enough then it will make it in the newspaper. Ryan manages to make it back home after the incident before hear at the local gossip swap shop about what vaguely sounds like what happened to him which gets him all in a tizzy. at first Ryan is desperate to hide all evidence of him being connected to a gang from his family (which is ridiculously hard seeing has his pa wakes up way before anyone else and always manages to grab the paper first) but the cameras were (and always seem to be) the shittiest things in the world so his face just always is a dark blur (some other time we can talk about the face paint and the skull mask) and he just fidgets at the table waiting for ma’s pancakes and his dad just goes “huh. this strange feller carting around body bags. you watch out for them son.” and that’s the end of that (Ryan got the IT job btw.)
    • Gavin: Gavin just has the dumbest luck of them all like he can disappear for months at a time and come back totally fine and won’t really say anything about where he’s gone or been or anything and isn’t secretive about it just assumes people know were he was like “where the fuck were you?” “Bolivia” and that’s that. The only person Gavin ever talks about is this guy named “Dan” who he calls every once in a while and talks for hours, like 12 hours straight once but aside from that it doesn’t seem anyone worries about Gavin.
    • Michael: Michael’s mom is the worrier. She can’t stand to watch LS news, never has been able to even before they moved out of san andreas. So Michael’s little brother does and gives a very very very abridged versions on what the news reports on. Then Mama Jones calls Michael and gives him an earful. and for hours the two will just be swearing at each other at the top of their lungs, Michael saying he’s fine goddamnit and Mama Jones making sure he’s done his laundry this week. Sometimes Michael calls his brother ahead of time and tells him what to say to de-rage his mom like “okay so just tell her that like my phone died and then we took a wrong turn on the highway and got lost and that’s why I haven’t called all day yeah.”
    • Ray: I would like to imagine that Ray is always worried about his mom but she’s a tough bird she grew up as a single mother in LS her whole life and knows 52 ways to disarm an attacker and keeps telling Ray she’s fine but Ray just constantly worries about her and uses any excuse to visit her like “hey mom I bought the milk you wanted” “Ray. this is the 6th time today you’ve bought me milk. there is no more room in the fridge son.” and when the cash starts rolling in he starts moving her into another apartment or constantly moving and she just gets really fed up with the whole thing and eventually has to wrestle him into leaving her alone enough to let her breathe (they compromise by him visiting once a day and she moves apartments once every 2 or 3 months). Honestly Ray is the only one that’s super worried about her the crew think it’s hilarious.

    Basically everyone is stressed out about it except Gavin.

    Christmas Alpha

    @annoyinglycuteMerry Stereky Christmas!!! from @vyxynheartssterek

    The Pack’s first Christmas in the new Hale house. So many feels! 

    It’s Christmas Eve, and Derek is nervous. He’s sitting on his brand new sofa, in front of his brand new coffee table, in the brand new lounge room in the rebuilt Hale house.

    His betas are scattered across the country for college, and this Christmas is the first time that everyone will be back in Beacon Hills at the same time. It’s also the first time the entire pack will see the completed house.

    The house is completely furnished, each room filled with carefully chosen furniture and decor. Each bedroom personalised for each pack member or couple in the pack. The fridge is fully stocked with food and drink, oven cooking roasted meats, one of the counter tops holds wolfsbane laced alcohol for those of the fuzzy persuasion, another covered in side dishes waiting to be filled with whatever’s bubbling on the stove.

    While he’d invited the entire pack around on Christmas Eve, he hasn’t told anyone just how far he’s gone with the Christmas spirit. The fireplace is adorned with a Christmas stocking for each pack member. There are Christmas lights draped over each window, above a myriad of squishy pillows with reindeer and snowflakes emblazoned on them that have been scattered over the bay window seats.There are little Christmas ornaments everywhere. Clusters of toy soldiers or reindeers, snowmen, and elves, a Santa here and there, and bowls of candy canes. There are also four dozen gingerbread men cooling on racks in the kitchen, and a perfectly decorated gingerbread house sits in the middle of the kitchen island.

    Outside there are myriads of lights, some tumbling from the roof to look like icicles. At the bottom of the stairs at the end of the path is a “Santa Stop Here” sign, and glowing candy canes line either side of the pathway. There are plastic snowmen, reindeer, and various elves scattered through the yard.

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    Mt Weather’s Corruption

    I did some estimating and came to the staggering conclusion that the mountain men have likely killed over 25,000 people.

    That was a shock to me, but now I want to discuss what exactly having all that blood on their hands means for the mountain people, what that does to their psychology, and how it led to their downfall.

    Cage and his followers could only see one way for them to live: by killing people.

    Thousands of grounders have been killed by the mountain people in Cage’s lifetime. It’s not surprising that Cage came to the same conclusion with the sky people. It wasn’t just for survival but so they could live even better on the ground.

    However, here’s the catch: no one needed to die. I’ve read many statement defending Cage and Mt Weather as “doing right for their people,” but killing the sky people wasn’t some last ditch act of desperation of survival. People don’t need to die for blood or bone marrow, so I have trouble saying they were “right” in any capacity (except within their own rationale).

    Yet… the idea of not killing at all was never even discussed in any serious capacity. The two options on the table were kill the grounders or kill the sky people. Killing the sky people is actually less deaths, but they didn’t have to kill at all (although if they took bone marrow without killing, they would have to wait before they could opperate again, which would delay everyone getting everyone to the ground). They might run into other issues (such as corporation), but this doesn’t change that Cage and his followers NEVER considered this as an option.

    Only Kane brought up the idea of donating marrow, and they were in so deep at that point there was turning back. Then again, even at that point, Cage would have been wise to at least consider it for a moment. Clarke was in the control room, so bargaining would have bought him time if nothing else…. but Cage was actually unable to entertain the idea of NOT killing. Something in his mind just couldn’t go there.

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