Bar Trip (Closed RP)

Cavien had seen a lot of Zaara and Zayne playing with their father Mark. The sight brought a smile to his face. Even with Mark’s leg broken he proceeded to rough house and give them his affection. It reminded him of the days that he would roll around and tussle with Tyler and Mariah when they were little ones. He chuckled as he listened from the front porch. Once things quieted down in the house he moved back into the house for his daily glass of water. He drank quickly and sat at the isle in the kitchen with a frown and a furrowed brow as he pondered.

Thalia smiled as she quietly came into the kitchen and draped her arms around her husband’s neck. She gently pressed her forehead against the side of Cavien’s head “ What are you thinking so hard about my snow wielg?(fall)”

Cavien grunted lightly as he sat up a bit “ Mark treats his kids right..and he treats Alan right…yet i hardly know him…this is a problem if he is to become family….”

Thalia smiles softly “Well from what i know, he does like his alcohol so why not go out for a drink with him? no kissing though that’s only for me.”  she giggles softly at her own joke.

Cavien’s eyes widened as he slowly stood up and grasped her cheeks lightly and presses his lips against hers for a short time. “ You’re the brightest dragon i know love. Now please excuse me.”

Thalia squeaks out of surprise from the sudden kiss.Her scales rise to the surface and flair a bit “I know~”  

He makes his way to Alan’s room and knocks a few times.“ Uh….Mark? may i speak with you?” He took a couple steps back and waited.