somedays i want to meet noah more than you

Number 97- William Nylander


Anon:  i saw you were doing the writing prompts thing and i love you’re writing so much!! do you think you could do number 97 with William Nylander or literally any of the leafs?? thanks!

I pick William as I said he’s my fav and thank you it means a lot that people enjoy my writing 

“You’ve been drinking… haven’t you?”

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Y/N sat with some of the other girlfriend and WAGS of the Toronto maple leafs some of the guys went out and the girls wanted to spend sometime together and Molly didn’t want to leave Kanon alone or with a sitting being he had not been feeling well lately. But still wanted Tyler to go out with the guys so all the girls where at the Bozak’s house just drinking some wine and talking.

“So Y/N how things with William?” asked Sidney Matt Martin Wife 

“really good he can be a pain when it comes to keeping things clean sometimes but besides that everything is great.”

everyone laughed

“get used to it sweetie I don’t think any of the guys know what clean is.” said Molly with a laugh 

“I still don’t know how Steph deals with Mitch all the time.” Steph laughed at my comment

“It takes a bit but you get used to him and plus I love him.”

“Awee Steph turning in to a softy.” Y/N teased taking a sip of her wine 

when they heard little footsteps they all turned their head to see Tyler and Molly son walk out of a hall way

“Mommy I can’t sleep.”

“Buddy you got to try it’s way pasted your bed time come on I’ll but you back to bed.”

“Can Aunt Y/N come.”

“Of course bud.” Y/N said putting her glass down and got up

ever since Y/N first time sitting with the girls Kanon had taken a liking to her and would sit with her any chance he got Y/N never minded it at all she loved Kanon and she loved when she babysat him. Some times she would drag William along but the three of them always had fun she would tease Auston on how Kanon loved her and didn’t like him but it was ll in good fun.

When Y/N had gotten Kanon to his room she made sure he sat in his bed and tucked him in 

“Their you go bud now get some sleep.”

“Aunt Y/N can you tell me a story.”

“:Okay what do you want it to be about.”

The knight one.”

Y/N smiled as she started the short story for the little boy who didn’t get any where near the ending before fallowing asleep when she got up Molly was in the door way and gave her smile 

“I have no idea how you do it Y/N.”

“Two little brothers year of practice that’s all Moll.”

just as Molly was going to talk Y/N phone went off and a picture of William smiling face showed up so she answered it

“Hey Will , whats up?

“I love you so so so much Y/N/N.”

“I love you too Will.”

“No you don’t understand how much I love you Y/N.”


But he cut her off before she could keep talking

“No I love you so much i want to marry you someday and I want to have kids i want two boys and a little girl the first boy can be called Noah because you love that name than the second can be Asher than the little girl can be Lillian.”

“You’ve been drinking… haven’t you?”  Y/N asked with a little laugh

“Just a little tiny bit.”

“Okay how about you hang up the phone will and I know Matt said he wasn’t drinking tonight and you find him and get him to drive you home and I will meet you there okay.”

“and we can talk more about Noah Asher and Lillian?”

“Yes William we can talk more about them.”