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Hi. I really have no way of watching the play. I live far away and I'm still a student. So it's impossible. Do you think there is really no way for it to have a bootleg someday? Is the security real tight in there? Thank you!

i’m sure down the track they will release a video, like sometimes they show plays in cinemas and stuff but i do also hold out hope every day that someone will take one for the team but it’ll be difficult, not to mention we’d be breaking about fifty school rules, and it’ll be dangerous. very dangerous


Drawing Red vs Blue characters without their helments is the only thing i seem to be able to do right now.

This show has given me so many feels it’s not even funny. It has everything you want in a show :super awesome fight scenes, brilliant characters, hilarious lines and HEART WRENCHING PAIN YAAAAY!!
10/10 would recommend! (seriously this show is gold)

also Caboose is a massive idiot and completely insane and i love him.

Do you have this moment when you scroll down on your dash and see all these lil blogs you follow and get so happy about it like “damn I’m so glad I follow you” and smile tenderly to their lil icons and urls ? Because I do. 

Ok so I watched the RGU movie..

and i noticed this on the picture frame in utena’s room:

and i just..



This week’s set are my current favorite Disney shows. The newest, Star vs the Forces of Evil is super fun, and I hope it does well. 

I’m really enjoying the second season of Gravity Falls. Fun fact: at CTNx last year I had the chance to show the concepts to Alex Hirsh, Rob Renzetti (producer/director), and Matt Braly (director), and they LOVED them. I really hope we end up doing this series at Funko someday.

The last is Wander Over Yonder which is just buckets of fun to watch.

As I look at these it’s weird to see how much I’ve gotten better at drawing Pops, Gravity Falls was one of the first sets I drew up, and Star vs. was done today.

Reminder: These aren’t official designs, I just did these for fun in my spare time

taylorswift Hi tay my name is Deanna and I am a HUGE fan, you honestly have no idea! I have been a fan since the very beginning ever since I heard our song on the radio I made my dad go buy me the album.. I have been to 4 shows so far and I make posters for every one of them. I have been a fan for sooo long and all I’ve ever wanted is to meet you.. I am coming to your show show on July 24 and it would mean soo much to me if I could meet you (and my mom too, she has brought me to all the shows so far and I can’t thank her enough).. I remember her and I driving for hours just to come to your shows when you were only the opening act and I love watching how far you’ve come and it gives me hope that someday I can be something. You’re music has influenced my life and personality so much and I’ve learned not to care what others think of me.. I could go on forever about everything that I love about you but I just wanted to let you know you’re AMAZING!!! It would literally been the world to me if I could meet you during this tour but I know not to get my hopes up. I know you probably won’t read this but if you do you’re AMAZING and thanks for all you do for your fans.. I don’t know what I’d do if I net you because I’m sitting here crying just writing you this note that you probably won’t see.. Love, Deanna 💕 P.S.– our seats our in section A6 row 5 seats 9 and 10 P.P.S– I’ve never been this close before and the anticipation is killing me

PLEASE REBLOG!! I know I don’t have many followers it would mean so much taylorswift taylorswift
Alec Lightwood facing Camille's existence and Magnus' immortality
  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Book Alec:</b> I didn't know about her. Why you didn't tell me about her. And besides her, how many people were in your life before me? And how many people will be after I die? You're immortal, you will forget about me and find someone else quickly. I'm nothing more than an instant in your life. I'm trivial.<p/><b>Show Alec:</b> What she said about you being immortal, she's right. You watch the people you care about age and die. And no matter how much I want to stay, I will die anyway. No matter how much you want me to stay, you will have to watch me die and then you will be left behind, like so many times in your past. And you will be lonely again, and suffer again, because loving me will cause you pain someday and I want so much you to love me but I don't want you to suffer for it, Magnus.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
So you know how people try to act as though representation isn’t important?

So as a preteen/young teenager I remember veeeerryy seldom ever seeing or hearing of fat girls in an even remotely positive light.

I remember watching Degrassi, which had Terry in it.

So for one, she wasn’t even really what I consider fat (now), but hell..I identified as her because her entire plot line revolved around her being fat and being really insecure about it and she was relatively bigger than the rest of the girls on the show.  Fast forward a couple seasons and in comes Rick - the guy who is standing behind her.  I remember thinking to myself that it was absolutely amazing that Terry actually have a love interest and it gave me hope that maybe someday I could have one, too!  You want to know what this was in spite of?  Rick was known for being physically abusive and not only hitting Terry on numerous occasions, but actually putting her in a coma!  Despite that - I was still so glad to see a fat girl with SOMEONE because god knows that never happens.

The other instance I remember in reference to fat girls and it being ‘positive’ - was from Captain Spaulding! 

If you don’t recognize him - he’s one of the serial killers in House of 1000 Corpses and the Devil’s Rejects.  He immediately had my adoration and attention when he said, “You know, I like ‘em with a little more meat on 'em. Ha ha. The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’.”  What a wonderful catch he is!  I found this line so inspiring that I actually quoted it on my Myspace for quite some time.

I am so angry and grossed out that there was so little representation for fat women being treated like other women that I actually had fondness for a physically abusive asshole and a misogynistic serial killer clown.  You know that there is SOMETHING wrong when this is the kind of thing a young girl is looking forward to because she thinks she deserves no better because of what she looks like.

Edit: this post is specifically about my experiences as a person who grew up as a fat cis white women - I know that the experiences and representation for those who are PoC, LGBQT+, poor, non able bodied, and otherwise marginalized is even worse.  It needs to get better on ALL ends, not just this one.  


It can be like “Vloggers vs. Gamers” “Prankers vs. Bakers” “Teachers vs. Musicians” and so on. All money can go to charity and everything!! Anyone else want something like this to happen someday? I personally think it would be a helluva show to watch, good fun for a good cause :)


The tumblr ask video I promised from a bit ago. :)

A few things before you watch this video:

1. I tried to pick a different screenshot to be the first image you see of this (maybe one where I don’t look mad or argumentative) but, alas, tumblr won’t use the one I picked. Hopefully the smiling one I uploaded to youtube will appear someday. 

2. I am aware I have a lisp, I ramble, I talk with my hands, and am completely goofy. This probably more than any other video shows my personality the best and I did it in one quick take without editing…. and because of that, I am really nervous to hit post. I’m not wearing make up and I did not cut, edit, or think through the things I said before saying them. Be kind. Be gentle. Cut me slack please. I am in the process of unlearning my perfectionism. :)

3. Darling is wearing an easy walk harness (in case you are wondering or were going to ask) and we just came back from a walk. :)

4. This video is long. I talk a lot. If you watched the whole thing, I am blown away and honored and woah, you are cool

4.5. If you go through this video really fast, my facial expressions and hand motions are really funny.

5. I love you all and it is because of that, I am hitting post and being okay with non-perfection…..eek!


RWBY is now my number 1 reference point for the kind of fictional world I want to create someday. It has clear examples of some of the ideas I had already written concepts for before watching the show. It executes those ideas well, and it gives me a lot more confidence in my own abilities to see it having such a big effect on people, including myself. The depressing side of it however, is that I may have to scrap/change some things with my own grand-scale epic, just to make sure it stays original and not like a cheap knockoff. But I think even Monty had to deal with something like that from the things that inspired him at some point in the show’s early stages.

On the bad days, it’s really hard to shake the feeling of “Someone has already done this/made this character/created this world, and has done it better than you would ever hope to.

On the good days, I find something to take note of.

I’ve seen a lot of good days with this show.


i’m not sure if this was the episode we say goodbye to betty draper, if we’ll get a last glimpse in the series finale, but this episode was clearly to be her swan song. if you’ve kept up with me and my blog over the years you’ll know that betty has a very distinct yet indescribable effect on me/place in my heart. i could write an essay on her and maybe someday i will - watching her character and her story helped me figure out a lot about myself and the other women in my family and in my life. she helped make sense of the ugly parts inside me and also of the things i was afraid to want, to admit that i want. the treatment of her within the show and outside of it gave me a clearer vision and a dose of courage to stand up for her without directly standing up for myself in the eyes of people who have their reasons to dislike her. i’ve loved a lot of characters in my life but its possible that none of them informed, aided, and grew into my own consciousness as much as her. betty, my next gimlet is for you. thank you for making me feel less alone.