someday we may see a woman king

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A Game Of Thrones playlist

“Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail, and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but refuse. They cling to the realm, or love, or the gods…illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is”

1. Castle - Halsey // i’m headed straight for the castle, they wanna make me their queen
2. Bones - MS MR // dark twisted fantasy turned to reality, kissing death and losing my breath
3. Warrior - AURORA // i hold a sword to guide me, i’m fighting my way
4. Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine // i don’t want your money, i don’t want your crown, see i’ve come to burn your kingdom down
5. bad_news - Bastille & MNEK // don’t turn your back on me, don’t bury your head deep, just cause you don’t know what to say
6. Home - Ellie Goulding // no poison in my bones, on my own this is where i build my home
7. Glory and Gore - Lorde // delicate in every way but one (the swordplay), god knows we like archaic kinds of fun (the old way)
8. Demons - Imagine Dragons // and the ones we hail are the worst of all
9. Running With The Wolves - AURORA // but don’t you know we’re stronger now? my heart still beats, my skin still feels
10. Become The Beast - Karliene // to capture a predator you can’t remain the prey, you have to become an equal in every way
11. Battle Cry - Imagine Dragons // the king is crowned, it’s do or die, nobody can save me now
12. Biting Down - Lorde // breathed so deep i thought i’d drown
13. Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey // your soul is haunting me, and telling me everything is fine, but i wish i was dead
14. Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men // the bees had declared a war, the sky wasn’t big enough for them all, the birds they got help from below from dirty paws and the creatures of snow
15. Storms - Wolf Alice // i’m a slave to my demons, and my demons are dead
16. Torn Apart - Bastille & GRADES // i could only be myself with you around
17. The Wolves (Act I and II) - Bon Iver // someday my pain will mark you, harness your blame
18. Renegades - X Ambassadors // long live the pioneers, rebels and mutineers, go forth and have no fear
19. King And Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men // taking over this town they should worry, but those problems aside i think i taught you well
20. By The Throat - CHVRCHES // bad blood and no holds barred, a warning shot, a sacrifice that we made
21. Childhood’s End - Majical Cloudz // our fate it is sealed, at birth we made a deal
22. Moaning Lisa Smile - Wolf Alice // you wait for something to undo these feelings, waiting and waiting but it’s out of control
23. Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde // this is the start of how it all ends, they used to shout my name now they whisper it
24. Woman King - Iron & Wine // someday we may see a woman king, sword in hand, swing at some evil and bleed
25. Youth - Daughter // destroy the middle it’s a waste of time, from the perfect start to the finish line
26. Warriors - Imagine Dragons // you’d lay awake at night and scheme of all the things that you would change, but it was just a dream
27. Broken Crown - Mumford & Sons // but in this twilight our choices seal our fate
28. Hercules - Sara Bareilles // the issue i have now begun to see, i am the only lonely casualty
29. Daniel In The Den - Bastille // and for every king that died, oh they would crown another
30. Leave A Trace - CHVRCHES // you think i’ll apologize for things i’ve left behind, but you got it wrong, i’m as sane as i ever was
31. Navigate - Band Of Skulls // the heart and breath stops death, cheats death
32. I Followed Fires - Matthew And The Atlas // there’s a devil at your door and he grows, he grows
33. Run Boy Run - Woodkid // they’re dying to stop you, this race is a prophecy
34. Wolves - Coasts // just skin and bones in the end, two worlds collide
35. Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Lorde // it’s my own desire, it’s my own remorse, help me to decide

QUEEN OF SCOTS, a mix for mary stuart, the doomed queen of scotland who didn’t only wind up losing her crown, but also her head. this mix has been sitting in my 8tracks drafts for over a year now (i made it after the s1 finale) and i’m only posting it now because salma (francisvaloising​) is making me. i’ve made minor edits (like the inclusion of a more recent song, as you’ll see below). it loosely follows mary’s actual life, but still includes some tracks that fit with the reign storyline as well. enjoy!

1. linlithgow palace by paul leonard-morgan [instrumental]
2. scotland by the lumineers (you could never feel my story / it’s all you know)
3. birthright by sleeping at last ft. jon foreman (they made her their queen on the day she was born / placed on her a crown she wasn’t ready for)
4. rabbit heart (raise it up) by florence + the machine (i must become a lion-hearted girl / ready for the fight)
5. queen of scots by amazing blondel [instrumental]
6. below my feet by mumford & sons (and now i sleep / sleep the hours that i can’t weep)
7. dark paradise by lana del rey (loving you forever can’t be wrong / even though you’re not here, i won’t move on)
8. scotland by paul leonard-morgan [instrumental]
9. castle by halsey (and there’s an old man sitting on the throne that’s sayin’ / i should probably keep my pretty mouth shut)
10. woman king by iron & wine (someday we may see / a woman king, bloodshot eyes / thumb down and starting to weep)
11. fragile by delta goodrem (sometimes i feel so frail, so small / sometimes i feel vulnerable)
12. landscape by florence + the machine (’cause she’s just like the weather / can’t hold her together)
13. to france by nolwenn leroy (over you shoulder, stories unfold / you’re searching for sanctuary)
14. fotheringay by fairport convention (tomorrow, at this hour, she will be far away / much further than these islands / for the lonely fotheringay) [note: if you’re a big fan of mary, especially of rl!mary, i urge you to listen to this particular song — it is so hauntingly beautiful and sad, a reflection of her very last days on earth)
15. mary, queen of scots by paul leonard-morgan [instrumental]

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i was born when they took my name, when the world turned wicked, when i joined their game // you got a hold of me before i got to be the kind of person that i dreamed i’d be // buried deep within there’s a human, and despite everything i’m still human, but i think i’m dying here // just pull the trigger, i’ll take the pain, i’ll be the villain, just play the game, i’ve found a bitter heart // i am the dirt you created // beware the patient woman, cause this much i know, no one calls you honey when you’re sitting on a throne // there’s a reckoning a-coming and it burns beyond the grave // like a reckoning you never saw coming, i’m the reaper outside your door // i would like to find a place where the taste of blood in my mouth could evaporate // someday we may see a woman king, sword in hand



“all my life i’ve been the property of men: that ends today.”

[songs for freedom and recovery, for finding yourself, a new purpose and reclaiming the girl you once were]

↳ a santanico pandemonium/kisa mix

i’m from nowhere - neko case // the riot’s gone - santigold // a commotion - feist  // mother - florence + the machine  // scar - foxes  // to be a dancer (i’m alive) - lovers // before - wye oak // king of the world - first aid kit  // living proof - cat power // now is the start - a fine frenzy // golden age - tv on the radio // ageless beauty - stars // pearl’s dream - bat for lashes // woman king - iron & wine // wilderland - anaïs mitchell

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In the beginning was the end. Then, there was after.

A story about apocalypses, saviors, holy cities, and the angels that walk their streets. Or, a speculative mix for Syfy’s Dominion, if it were a little less Syfy and a little more HBO.

[track list and annotations under the cut]

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USS Caryl's 'Heaven, hell, and Everything in between' Quotation Inspired fanfiction/fanart Challenge
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As promised, get ready to embark on a brand new fanfiction/fanart challenge! It is our first of the season so I hope to see a lot of new faces this time around!

Last week, I asked for quotes surrounding the theme of Daryl’s angel wing vest and Carol’s cross necklace. I figured we could get a handful of quotes and people could trot off into the sunset with some little tid-bits of inspiration.

Well, hello - did we ever get quotes in spades! You guys rock

Religion has been and continues to be a major element in the show, so this should fit in nicely and hopefully provide some interesting material to work with!

How this works:

* This is a fanfiction/fanart challenge where you base your entry in some way around one of these quotation prompts provided below. How you incorporate it is up to you and explained further in the rules and regulations.

* Your first step should be to scroll through the quote list, which is chopped up into categories, choose one/or more that strike you and start brain storming.

* Your second step should be scrolling down to the bottom to read through the rules and regulations. They will tell you how to post your entry, tag appropriately, and let us know when you have completed your entry. - Please keep in mind, I know we have bunch of newbies out there, that reading the rules and regulations is mandatory. In order to be included on the masterlist, we don’t want to forget anyone so please be sure to read the rules and regs and let me know if you have any questions.

Deadline: You have until the afternoon of the mid-season finale. Sunday, November 30th 12pm noon PST. This gives you lots of time, 2+ weeks to get in your submissions. As always, the rules, regs, and quote list is under the cut. Enjoy!

- first mate thereadersmuse

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