someday they will all be mine


i’m still not over dan’s camo shirt…


Happy 50th Birthday, Lauren Helen Graham! (March 16th, 1967) ✨

Life doesn’t often spell things out for you or give you what you want exactly when you want it, otherwise it wouldn’t be called life, it would be called vending machine. It’s hard to say exactly when it will happen, and it’s true that whatever you’re after may not drop down the moment you spend all your quarters, but someday soon a train is coming. In fact, it may already be on the way. You just don’t know it yet.


It’s no easy task being an ordinary parent to an extraordinary child. I failed in that task. And because of my prejudices, I failed you. I am haunted by how things might have turned out differently if I had been more willing to hear your side of things. For me, it’s the end. For you, a chance to grow old and someday do better with your own child than I did with mine. It’s for that child that I give you my ring. I don’t ask for your forgiveness or for you to forget. I ask only that you believe this: whether you are now reading this as a human or as a vampire, I love you all the same, as I’ve always loved you and always will. 

hamilton ( cut songs/workshop versions ) sentence starters !!

the reality is not a pretty picture.
tell him to stay home!
you have invented a new kind of stupid.
i begged you to take a break, you refused to.
you’re the only enemy you ever seem to lose to!
i look at you and think ‘god what have we done with our lives, and what did it get us?’
i’m not here for you.
 i will choose her happiness over mine every time. 
she died. she’s gone. ❞
 she changed my life. she made my life worthwhile. 
 sometimes it seems that’s all we do. 
 you and i will build a strong foundation. 
 you’ll blow us all away, someday. 
 just apologize, we have worthier pursuits! 
that’s when i realized this was not a game. 
 i want the world to know what i intended to do. 
 he must have been so scared. 
 i never had his instinct for self preservation. 
 it’s not in his political interest to kill me. 
 god, i can’t wait to see her again. 
 bitch, please! you wouldn’t know what i’m doing! 
 the line’s behind me, i crossed it again. 
 you fat mother f– ! 
 we in the shit now, somebody’s gotta shovel it. 
 if you knock me down i get the fuck back up again. 
 you swing at my family, you better not miss. you better have another punch to throw. 
 you could let it go. 
 people will always be critical. 
 let other people be cynical. 
 you’re smiling because you know i’m right. 
 you didn’t kill him, did you? 
 were you here this whole time? 
 you don’t have to bring a gun to a knife fight. 
 you know you really ought to listen to your wife, right? 
i hope you’re happy. 
 you could have given me a word of warning. 
 shhh. haven’t you talked enough? 
 i need you by my side. 
 i have a plan, but it’s risky. 
 but i couldn’t turn my back on a nation in need. 
 teach them how to say goodbye. 
the enemies i’ve made won’t have anything on me now. 


“Elena, it’s no easy task being an ordinary parent to an extraordinary child. I failed in that task. And because of my prejudices, I failed you. I’m haunted by how things might have played out differently if I’d been more willing to hear your side of things. For me, it’s the end. For you, a chance to grow old and someday do better with your own child than I did with mine. It’s for that child that I give you my ring. I don’t ask for your forgiveness or for you to forget. I ask only that you believe this. Whether you are now reading this as a human or as a vampire, I love you all the same. As I’ve always loved you, and always will.” - John

It’s easy to get caught up in the mindset of just living from deadline to deadline, and then time slips away before you know it. So, how do you make the most of your time and actually accomplish all those things you’ve been saving for ‘someday’? It’s all about living intentionally. 

set goals

For each month, each week, and each day. Reminder yourself of them often. Make them your mantra. Wake up each day and know that one thing you want to accomplish. Whether it’s a literal task (keeping the house tidy) or a mindset (be positive) the first step to being intentional is deciding what you’re going to be intentional about. 

put away technology 

The biggest enemy of intention? Mindless use of your phone. Technology can be great, but it can also seperate you from the world around you. Set aside phone-free zones: time with friends, meal times, and just before bed are my top suggestions. You’ll be amazed by how much better you feel after starting your day by enjoying a cup of coffee, sans mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, or spending an evening with friends without documenting it on Snapchat. 

create routines

Not the routines that you get caught up in (like working on projects for hours on end each day) but routines that create a more calming environment and make you slow down and really think about your day. Make tidying up into an event – put on a great podcast and enjoy it, and enjoy the feeling of living in a clean space. Set aside time each day for something that you enjoy – whether it’s going for a run, reading a book, or fixing a nice cup of tea.

feel your best

For me, my day feels 100% more productive as soon as I get dressed. Make a point to change clothes everyday, even if it’s just into different sweat pants if that’s all you want to wear. The simple act of showering and changing clothes can work wonders. 

use what you have

I have this thing: I will buy or be gifted some beautiful, everyday item and then I’ll save it for a special occasion. But, what exactly is a special occasion for soap? There isn’t one. So burn that candle, use that soap, eat off that plate and actually use what you have. It will make everyday feel that much more special.

take time to be grateful 

Taking the time to think grateful and positive thoughts throughout the day can completely change your mindset. Make a habit of being grateful for the little things – waking up in the morning, food to eat, clothes to wear – as well as the things that may be ordinarily seen as annoyances, like the rain that the plants so desperately need, or the homework that means you’re receiving an education. 

With a little intention and kindness you can change the world, so get out there and do it, babes!

How Pan Shows His Love For You

Because we all know he isn’t the most openly affectionate or emotional.

  • Always making sure you’re okay when things get intimate between you two.
  • Bringing you handfuls of flowers as an apology after a fight.
  • Making sure that you’re the first to eat at every meal.
  • Wrapping you in extra blankets on particularly chilly nights.
  • Mumbling ‘mine’ between kisses to reassure himself (and you) that you truly do only belong to him.
  • Teaching you protection and healing spells, because he worries that someday he won’t be there to help.
  • Memorizing every little thing about yourself that you tell him, such as your favorite flower and favorite color.
  • Shyly whispering that he loves you. He doesn’t do it often, and it means the world to you when he does.
  • ”I don’t want you going alone, I’m coming with you.”
  • Knowing every single one of your emotions and giveaways to know how you’re feeling inside, from facial expressions to the tone of your voice.
  • Worrying about you constantly, though he may not always vocalize it.
  • Being really overprotective.
  • ”I care about you, princess. I promise I do.”
  • Getting jealous really easily.
  • Becoming restless when he isn’t sure where you are.
  • Telling you every secret of his and never being dishonest with you.
  • Tracing ‘I love you’ on your skin as you fall asleep at night.
  • Threatening to hurt anybody who hurts you.
  • Having Felix watch over you when he isn’t around.
  • Showing you his favorite scenic areas on the island and exploring with you.
  • Trusting you with all his heart.


Okay. So imagine this:

  • Jack and the Providence Falconers have just won the Stanley Cup. The families of the players are starting to swarm the ice. Among them is Bitty.
  • He steps out onto the ice very tentatively, not sure how Jack is gonna want to play this with all of the cameras around
  • but as soon as Jack sees him he tosses his helmet and stick to the ground and rushes toward Bitty and lifts him up off the ground into a crushing hug and Bitty just automatically wraps his arms around Jack’s neck and starts whispering about how proud he is and Jack just holds him tight and buries his neck in his boyfriend’s shoulder.
  • And all around them people are screaming and confetti is falling and his teammates are celebrating, but Jack and Bitty are calm and safe in their own little world like the eye of a hurricane.
  • Of course cameras are zooming in on them, but George is standing nearby to make sure the press is respectful at least until the actual scheduled postgame interviews start and she’s ready to bash in some heads if she has to. 
  • Then, a few seconds later Bob and Alicia make it out to them and they don’t even wait for the hug to be over. They just throw their arms around Jack and Bitty in a big ol’ fashioned group hug. 
  • Jack sheds a tear into the crook of Bitty’s neck 
  • Because like?? hes never been this happy?? 
  • and when they break away they both have huge manic watery grins and they can’t look away from each other. 
  • Jack opens his mouth and he’s about to say ‘I love you Bits’ or something else super sappy but then Tater is tackling him and the crowd is chanting ‘Zimmerman’ and the cup is being thrust into his arms and he’s swept up into the celebration with his teammates 
  • and Alicia and Bitty just lean against each other, hands pressed to their hearts and Mr. Bad Bob Sir pats Bitty’s shoulder affectionately and smiles at his wife and everything is so beautiful. 

“You guys make me feel so alive!” 

It’s never too late to celebrate, yohohoho! Also, thank you to Usopp’s makeup/artist skills.

It's Not Wrong to Dream About Prince Charming

You know what I hate in society? People telling girls it’s wrong to fantasize about a perfect guy. That it’s wrong to have these unattainable standards that men have to live up to. I understand, every human has their flaws and men are included in that. But my Prince Charming is out there and you can’t tell me what I can or cannot expect in my future husband. Maybe he will have flaws, a lot of them. But they won’t be anger, stubbornness, or pride. My true love will not call me names, tear me down, or make me feel less than he is. My future love will be only love and only kindness and only gentleness and loyalty and patience. He will not raise his voice at me for no reason and he will not wrongfully punish or abuse our children. Maybe this man doesn’t exist in the modern world. Nobody is perfect. But I will hold every man I ever meet to this standard of what a man should be. And if they don’t measure up, that’s their loss, not mine. Not all men are monsters, but I’m done kissing frogs hoping they turn into a prince.

-Searching for You

Writing is an art. Writing hurts you. Writing makes you cry and keeps you up at night and makes you grit your teeth in frustration at not finding the right words. It makes you take mental note of words you’ve never seen before in order to use them someday in your own stories. Writing is a passion that when a story takes you somewhere, that’s all you wanna do, that the characters are the only people you wanna spend time with. Writing is hard. And people need to learn to appreciate that.


Caejose Week 2016
Day 7 - Growing Old

you guys remember that Howl’s Moving Castle au i did last september? well its back

I hope someday you’ll find someone that has a better playlist than mine - songs that will never let you miss him. A sweeter version of me, I hope. Someone who will never forget to remind you that among all these beautiful roses, you don’t have to be one. If you choose to be a lily or a sunflower, he will wholeheartedly support you and will always appreciate you for who you are. Someone who will love you more than you could ever love yourself. I want you to be happier. I hope you could find someone who never shouts on arguments. A midnight talker, an all day companion, a dreamer, a dog or a cat person, an admirer of sunsets and waking up next to you. All the things you wished I should be but couldn’t be. I hope he sends you voice memos just so you wouldn’t forget his voice. Someone who will sing you to sleep and will give you a morning forehead kiss. a better version of what you used to love.
—  12:05 AM // excerpt from the letter i’ll never write

“Maybe it’s unhealthy.. maybe it’s unhealthy obsession with you”

Yes it’s AKA love.

Also for all the lesbians who have a crushing fear that they’re faking it for attention, that it really is just a phase, or that they might actually someday fall for a man and then realize they’d been “wrong” about being a lesbian this whole time?

I’m really proud of you. Self-doubt is so incredibly difficult to navigate, especially when combined with homophobia both from others and from within yourself. I promise you that you aren’t faking, that you are a real lesbian, and that no matter what happens, what you feel now is valid. Who you are is valid. The way you label yourself is valid and real. You aren’t a liar, and having those fears doesn’t make you a bad lesbian or a fake lesbian or anything like that.

You are a real lesbian, no matter what happens in your future. I promise you that you are real, that your love of women is real, and that the effects of heteronormativity are no small mountain to climb.

You are not faking. You are real and you are welcome in the lesbian community, and we are so excited to have you :) <3