someday they find each other again

Maybe someday we’ll find our way back to each other.
In the right moment.
In the right place.
With the right feelings.
Maybe someday we will find again
and finally be right for each other.
—  I.A.
In another life, we could be everything for each other. But until then, I’m gonna find my own way and do what’s right for me at this exact moment. And I’m gonna live my life, until we meet again someday in another life or in other bodies,- and if we dont:
Know that I tried hard to make it through.
But sometimes, it’s only almost right.
And that almost, right there, that’s what makes all the difference.
—  F.F. // Thoughts after you left #7
I don’t ever expect to be reunited with Carl. But, the great thing is that when we were together, for nearly twenty years, we lived with a vivid appreciation of how brief and precious life is. We never trivialized the meaning of death by pretending it was anything other than a final parting. Every single moment that we were alive and we were together was miraculous-not miraculous in the sense of inexplicable or supernatural. We knew we were beneficiaries of chance…That pure chance could be so generous and so kind…That we could find each other, as Carl wrote so beautifully in Cosmos, you know, in the vastness of space and the immensity of time…That we could be together for twenty years. That is something which sustains me and it’s much more meaningful…The way he treated me and the way I treated him, the way we took care of each other and our family, while he lived. That is so much more important than the idea I will see him someday. I don’t think I’ll ever see Carl again. But I saw him. We saw each other. We found each other in the cosmos, and that was wonderful.

Ann Druyan

Analysis on the ending of Kimi no na wa (Your name)


Makoto Shinkai did it again. Kimi no na wa is a very heartwarming, tear-jerker, cheesy, and romantic movie. Unlike the other Makoto Films, Kimi no na wa has a “happy ending.” Yes, you will not feel any regret or pain after watching this movie. But still, it is a roller-coaster ride. The movie will make you laugh hard, cry like a bitch, and scream like a kid. It is one of those movies that will leave a mark to your heart.

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Per Manum Flashback #2

She goes to the transfer appointment alone, telling him she appreciates his support but that this is something she needs to do by herself. He’s waiting at her apartment afterward though, with dinner on the stove and a cheesy sci-fi movie on the counter. They eat spaghetti in front of the TV, and when she falls asleep on the couch, he gently wakes her and gets her tucked in bed. In the morning, she sees that he cleaned up the kitchen before he left.

They both have months of unused leave saved up, so she takes the next week off work. He calls her periodically from the office, somehow intuiting when she needs distraction, and he makes her laugh with his claims that he’s getting so much done without her there.

She’s back at work the next week, and he does an admirable job of pretending nothing is different. He shows his panic face only once, when a case comes across his desk that will undoubtedly require a lengthy trek into the woods. Asking her to sit this one out will disrupt the carefully constructed facade of normalcy they are both trying to maintain, but even she has to agree it’s not a great idea for her to be out in the field if she’s trying to give the IVF every possible chance for success. She rescues him by saying she’s already booked reservations to take her mom out of town for the weekend, and could he maybe handle this one on his own.

The relief on his face only slightly counteracts her guilt over the fact that now this means he’s going out alone without backup. What good is she to him as a partner if she can’t physically have his back? She reminds herself that if the pregnancy does take, she should be able to get back to a regular workload soon after.

(It’s just as well she didn’t come along, he tells her after they’re both back on Monday; the supposed cryptid sighting just turned out to be a bear with a really bad case of mange.)


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anonymous asked:

29 for ss :)

29 - going away to war au


A/N: yep, I’m picking these back up again!! I had like 20 left to do ;A; forgive me for the wait!!



When a knock resounds at his door at two in the morning, Sasuke doesn’t expect it to be her.

“Sakura,” he acknowledges, trying to keep the surprise from seeping into his tone. He frowns. “It’s late. What are you doing here?”

But she doesn’t seem to hear him. “Is it true?” she asks instead, her tone particularly challenging, like she is trying to demand him. Her eyes seem glossy, he can’t help but to note then, like she is trying not to cry. “Is it true, Sasuke-kun?” she asks again, holding a harder edge.

His frown deepens at that, and Sasuke simply looks at her for a moment, puzzlement weighing in; what exactly is she talking about, and why does it make her so upset? Growing evermore concerned, he tries to reach out with a comforting touch, only to flinch near instantly when she moves to slap his hand away, a broken grimace slipping to her lips. She is devastated by this, he realizes with a painful thudding of his heart.

The sensation worsens when she presses, her voice so small, so tight, desperate to be wrong, “Did you really get drafted for the war?”

Sasuke falters, gaze dropping. The news can’t have traveled so quickly, he knows, exhaling a slow sigh. That meant Naruto was the one who told her.

Tch, that idiot, he thought, jaw and fist both clenching. He should have waited before telling her—he should have let me do it.

Still, Sasuke can’t bring himself to lie to her—never could, never wanted to—and so he says nothing in return, only managing a small nod. 

The sound she makes tears his heart to shreds, compelling him to look at her again, throat growing tight at the sight of her tightened fists and anguished, misty eyes. She looks like she’s watching her world fall apart, and he can hardly bear to see it.

Unable to muster words of comfort, he simply ushers her inside instead, drawing her away from the cold to at the very least preserve her health if he couldn’t preserve her heart. And, as he turns and closes the door, he feels a pair of too-familiar arms wrap around him tightly, the softest sound of heartbreak sagged against his back. He doesn’t waste a moment to relent, turning in the tight embrace to wrap his own arms around her smaller form, pulling her firmly against him. 

He knows Sakura appreciates this by the way she hugs him closer, face burying closely against his chest. The movement alone has his eyes slipping shut, fighting against the tight knot forming thickly in his throat.

“Have you told your parents yet?” he hears her ask, after a moment, her wistful voice muffled in his shirt.

Sasuke sighs, so quietly. “No, not yet,” he answers. “I wanted to wait a while. Itachi’s death is still fresh on them… and I know they wouldn’t handle the news well. Especially my mother.”

She hugs him even closer at that, and he sighs again, arms tightening around her just as well. For a while, they simply hold each other, and he relishes in her warmth, her scent. It occurs to him that someday—sooner than he’ll want—he might not be able to feel her like this ever again.

No, he whispers to himself, eyes darkening. His fingers clench her clothes. He can’t allow himself to have such thoughts.

(but, he soon finds, he isn’t the only one who does)

“Sasuke-kun… I’m scared,” Sakura whimpers, shaking lightly as she holds him. The dampness of his shirt tells him she’s crying. “I don’t want you to go…”

“I know,” he whispers back, moving to slip a hand into her hair. He strokes the locks gently. “I know.”

She takes him by surprise by breaking from him in the next moment, nimble fingers gripping at his collar tightly, pulling him down to her level. He almost makes a sound of surprise before he feels her lips on his, moving with warm, fervid affection, causing his brows to furrow from the intensity of it all; but he doesn’t waste a moment to respond, tangling his fingers in her soft pink locks, the arm around her waist pulling her tightly against him.

(a bit heated, for a first kiss, but he doesn’t wonder why—at a time like this, spent in possible borrowed time, passion was never one easy to be controlled.)

They don’t allow themselves to break too far apart as they pull away, foreheads pressing gently as their puffing heated breaths mingled together gracefully.

“Tomorrow,” Sakura says, when she’s finally caught enough of herself to think, “Tomorrow—I’m gonna sign up. If you’re out there, I need to be there too. They need doctors and—”

He pushes her away before he even knows what he’s doing, hands gripping her shoulders in tight hold. “Are you out of your mind?” he hisses, wide dark eyes settling on her harshly. He doesn’t want to think about what it would be like going out there, knowing she was fighting for her life too. Knowing she could be killed at any moment, and he would never even be aware. He grits his teeth fiercely. “You can’t throw your life away like that, Sakura, you know the chances of coming back aren’t—”

“I am not sitting here waiting for you to come back!” she yells in retort, shoving him backwards. Her eyes well up again, and Sasuke swallows at the sight, coming apart at her apparent grief. “I won’t do it. I can’t.”

He can see it in her eyes that she’s made up her mind, that he has no choice in the matter anymore; he can see that nothing he will say will ever make a difference, that she is sure of her decision. Sakura is coming with him.

His jaw tightens, and his eyes slip shut for a moment. He hates the idea, hates the thought, but there is nothing he can do—so he accepts, if grudgingly, and relents the fight.

“You and I—we’re coming back alive, you hear me?” Sasuke says, reaching back for her. His voice is rough, bidding, leaving no room for an alternative. He presses his forehead firmly against her own, and cups her face. “We’re coming back.”

Sakura’s only response is a fervent nod, before she kisses him again, crying. “Yes,” she breathes against his mouth, gripping him harder. “Yes.”

Dear You,

It’s almost been 7 months since I last told you that I loved you, but it’s not been 7 months since I last felt it. I still feel it every day. I still feel you in my bones, igniting the flames I could never light on my own. You rush into my veins like oxygen and I exhale you as much times as my heart pumps out the very being of your existence inside of me. There’s only so much of you that I can take, and it’s to the extent where I forget to bring myself too. I still love you. But I hope you know that I don’t always think about you. I don’t sit around looking at our old photos or reading our old texts. I don’t always dream about us and what could have been; or count stars and pretend that’s still how much you love me. I don’t always remember you. But sometimes, I do. And when I do, man do I miss you. You found me in a maze I lost myself in, building. You lit me though I had no wick. You burnt my bridges and melted my walls. Your presence made up for the absence that was in my heart. You had meant nothing to me but one day, I woke up and suddenly a world without you felt unsafe and unbearable. And I knew then it would never end. I used to think about you all the time. Constantly debating on asking how you were or if you were happy. But why would I ask you something I already know? You were fine, I was not. The simplicity in that is more complex than words could tell. And with you gone, I stumbled back to square one. So now, I know not to ask about you anymore or write sad, sappy poems about what sucked. Instead, all I do now is miss you, and remember all things good. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn’t. Bittersweet. Still, your mark in my heart remains, the words you engraved “I hope we find each other again someday.” And every so often I think about that, and it makes me despondent. Because I wish we didn’t have to find each other later on, I wish we had never lost each other in the first place. But we did, and it sucks. Nonetheless, there you are living your life without me, and here I am trying to live mine without you. I tell myself that life goes on and time will mend the broken souls, but before I left, you had told me, “I just hope I can move on,” and I had assured you that you would. And 7 months later, I was right. There you are with someone new carrying your heart and keeping it intact, and still here I am trying to superglue the broken “I love you’s.” I convinced myself that if I had gone and you had stayed happy, that was that. And even though you did, I have not yet allowed myself to move on. Because I still love you. I don’t think I will ever not love you. And I apologize if you didn’t want to hear this: or if you did and I didn’t tell you sooner. But my love, I could never intrude or invade you of your happiness. So for now, I am sorry I have not let you go, and I’m sorry you do not know. But I will always love you as much as you don’t love me. I will no longer wait for another 7 months, for this is me, now, setting you free to let you be. Thank you for making me happy.


—  Lois Obrero (@vousliberer) // 7 months

idleleaves  asked:

For the drabble meme, how about #1 with Otabek/Yuri (or #42 for Emil/Mickey if you want something different...)

1:  “Come over here and make me.”

Come over here and make me. 

Yuri re-reads the sent message and barely stops himself from hurling his phone at the wall. Stupid, stupid, STUPID. He’s well and truly fucked this time; there’s no way Otabek will miss this clue. It’s not exactly like he’s been subtle in the first place–late-night phone conversations, showing up at Four Continents to cheer him on, and that thing in the hotel room after he drank a little too much at this year’s Worlds banquet–yeah. At some point in the past three years, he’s crossed out of “let’s become friends” territory and into the sad realms of “hopelessly crushing on my best friend”. And he’s basically just shouted it from the rooftops.

Beka: Do they really bother you that much?

Beka: I think it’s kind of sweet

Me: UGhhhh blah theyre so grosssss beka

Me: Just staring at each other all the time with sad puppy eyes

Me: And kissing and other gross shit

Me: Katsudon and the old man need to GET A ROOM BEFORE I PUKE

Beka: Heh

Beka: Who knows, Yura

Beka: Maybe someday you’ll be the one kissing someone and being ‘gross’

Beka: You might find you like it

Me: Oh yeah?

Me: Come over here and make me

“I can’t fuckin’ BELIEVE I said that!” Yuri gives in and throws his phone–onto the bed, though, because he can’t afford to replace it again. Shit. What is he going to do? Should he laugh it off? Pretend it was a joke? After five minutes of pacing and spitting out every foul word he knows, Yuri decides to wait and see what Otabek says in response. 

So he waits. And waits. And still hasn’t heard anything by four in the morning, when eventually his nervous energy runs out and he collapses into bed. That’s it, he thinks, as sleep claims him. He’s never gonna talk to me again. 

He’s exhausted enough to sleep until the afternoon, when he wakes up groggy and glad it’s his day off. Yakov would have yelled at him and sent him home if he’d showed up to the rink looking like this. He’s still not feeling like company when someone knocks on the door an hour later. Whoever it is won’t give up though–they just keep knocking until Yuri goes to answer it.

“Fuck off! If this is you, old man, I’m gonna kick your–oh.”

It’s not Victor. It’s Otabek. And Yuri has no idea what to say.

“Beka, what…how?”

Otabek looks tired, but he’s smiling that little smile that does things to Yuri’s heart. “You told me to come, so I came.”

The words don’t make any sense. And then, suddenly, they do, but they can’t be right. “What? Shut the fuck up.” He can’t be saying–but he’s here, and flights from Kazakhstan aren’t cheap, and–

Otabek leans against the door and smirks. “Come over here and make me.”


Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: You decide to ask Dean about how is Heaven like and share one of your biggest fears.

Words: 647

Warnings: some angst, some fluff. Flangst? 

A/N: Hope y’all like it! Feedback is very appreciated!


Originally posted by iwriteaboutdean

A couple of months ago, you were hurt on a job. A werewolf dug its claws horribly on you and you’d lost so much blood, you had thought that was it for you. Despite your condition Dean and Sam did not give up on you. You were in and out of consciousness, they stitched you up, and stayed at the bunker waiting for you to be completely healed before going on a hunt again.

Since that moment you were afraid of dying. You’ve always been afraid of the idea of dying, but now you had a close encounter with death and that scared the hell out of you. It got you thinking what is beyond the veil.

One night you were lying in bed with Dean watching a movie and you couldn’t help but ask that question that was running inside my head for a while.


“What’s up sweetheart?” he asked.

“Can I ask you a question?”

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aoi-herondale  asked:

Snowbaz 1.4 please!

there was another anon who asked for this one too so i hope they see it here :D sorry it took a few days!! thank you so much for the prompt i hope you like it bc i freaking love soulmate aus and im so happy to have an excuse to write one

soulmate au: if you write/draw on your skin it shows up on your soulmate’s skin

words: 1.6k 

warnings: lol none im an innocent

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DIVE (Part Two)

Here it is everyone! DIVE part 2!

Thank you so much to everyone who messaged and commented on part 1. It really means so much to me, and motivates me more than you know!

I’m also a lil bit drunky right now, so some feedback would REALLY mean a lot! lol

But for real guys, please enjoy part 2 of DIVE. Let me know what you think, also I may be taking some drabble requests soon! ;)

Enjoy, Lovebugs. <3

Taglist: @naturalmeadows , @xfirespritex , @wrestlingbabe

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Let Her Go - Scott McCall Imagine

Requested by @calypsoathene - Hey love ! I just wanted to ask if you maybe could write a Scott imagine where they are finishing school and the reader and him are dating and at the prom she finally decides to tell him that she won’t go to college because she wants to travel and see the world etc and isn’t sure when and if she is coming back. I don’t really care how you let it end, if happy or bittersweet I’m perfectly fine with both. Thank you very much and have a nice day ! :) <3

Warning: Sadness

Word Count: 1,443

Author’s Note: Feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

Originally posted by allpeopleareincredible

The crowd calmed down when Meghan Trainor’s “About the Bass” ended and Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” started playing. Some teenagers stayed on the dance floor to continue dancing with their dates, while others walked back to their tables to catch a breath from all the dancing. There were a couple of teenagers that left their tables and made their way to the dance floor for the slow song.

“Would you like to dance with me?” Scott smiled as he offered his hand to his girlfriend, Y/N.

“I’d love too,” she took his hand in hers and let him lead the way to the middle of the dance floor underneath the silver disco ball. 

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he wrapped his hands at her waist and began swaying back and forth to the song. Y/N rested her head on his shoulder, instantly smelling the cologne she got him for Christmas just a few months ago. It’s hard to believe they’ve made it this far.

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Non-traditional Way of Living: part one

Y/N was never interested in the traditional way of living. The thought of a ring on her finger often put a sour taste in her mouth if she was being honest. She never knew what a healthy marriage looked like. Her mother had been married four times, and divorced all the same. Often times, Y/N would find her mother crying in the burrows of her bedroom and while Y/N would hold her as tight as she could, her mother would mumble something about how marriage was a waste and she didn’t want to someday find her daughter picking up shatters of her heart the same way she’s done time and time again. When Y/N decided she was never getting married, it wasn’t to honor her mother’s wishes but more so to guarantee that she would be saved the trouble.

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When my husband died, because he was so famous and known for not being a believer, many people would come up to me– it still sometimes happens– and ask me if Carl changed at the end and converted to a belief in an afterlife. They also frequently ask me if I think I will see him again. Carl faced his death with unflagging courage and never sought refuge in illusions. The tragedy was that we knew we would never see each other again. I don’t ever expect to be reunited with Carl. But, the great thing is that when we were together, for nearly twenty years, we lived with a vivid appreciation of how brief and precious life is. We never trivialized the meaning of death by pretending it was anything other than a final parting. Every single moment that we were alive and we were together was miraculous– not miraculous in the sense of inexplicable or supernatural. We knew we were beneficiaries of chance. That pure chance could be so generous and so kind. That we could find each other, as Carl wrote so beautifully in Cosmos, you know, in the vastness of space and the immensity of time. That we could be together for twenty years. That is something which sustains me and it’s much more meaningful. The way he treated me and the way I treated him, the way we took care of each other and our family, while he lived. That is so much more important than the idea I will see him someday. I don’t think I’ll ever see Carl again. But I saw him. We saw each other. We found each other in the cosmos, and that was wonderful.
—  Ann Druyan
#148 - and-we-turn-green & anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “one shot of Van coming home from tour to find Y/N asleep on the sofa,” “something like Van singing to you before bed? cute/fluffy please,” and  "Van coming home from tour to the apartment you live in together to find you’ve dyed your hair pink while he was gone? (fluffy feels)” from @and-we-turn-green

Headlights illuminated the room for a brief moment. It was not enough to wake you. Asleep on the couch you were dreaming of a baby girl in a Halloween costume. She wanted to go as an alligator. “Like Daddy’s music book,” she said. Nobody could figure out where she learnt about Halloween. The lock on the front door clicked, and you stirred. He was early; not due home until the morning. Still in a state of altered consciousness, not fully awake, you couldn’t move. Sleep was still paralysing you, but it wasn’t scary anymore. You listened as Van crept through the hallway and looked for you in the bedroom. The light in the kitchen went on and it cast a glow in the front lounge room too. Boots off, Van’s quiet footsteps approached. He dropped softly to his knees and brushed his fingers through your hair.

“Darlin’,” he whispered. You made a small squeaking sound. Van leant in and kissed your cheekbone. “I’m home,” he announced quietly. You could smell him. An unfamiliar shampoo, but easily recognisable cigarette brand. Underneath that, the humanness of him. The innate scent he was born with, like all people are. “Your hair is pink,”

“Mmmhmm.” You opened your eyes. The room wasn’t bright, so it didn’t hurt. Van was mostly shadow and silhouette, but his eyes sparkled still, reflecting what little light was in the room. He was looking at your hair, still brushing it out. “Do you like it?” you asked. He nodded and smiled.

“I do. You look like candy floss,” he replied. You smiled. It was quiet in the house. You could hear the clock ticking in the kitchen, and the breeze moving the wind chime outside. A floorboard creaked under Van’s weight. Everything was still. Van leant down and kissed your face again. “Can we go to bed?” When you nodded he stood up and held out both hands. Moving slowly, you sat up and let your brain settle for a moment. He pulled you up and led you through the house. Walking down the hallway Van started to speak again. “Kitten’s nose. Strawberry milkshake. Your cheeks after a shower. And your favourite lipstick.” He was listing pink things. “Them teacup pigs we saw on the internet. Flamingos. Clefairy and Jigglypuff. Larry’s favourite donuts.”

In the bedroom, you crawled straight under the covers. You were already wearing pyjamas; one of Van’s old shirts, and underwear. Van stripped down quickly, pulling track pants on over his underwear. He never slept in shirts. Combined you wore an entire outfit. In bed too, he pulled you close and you wrapped yourself around him.

“I missed you,” you whispered.

“I missed you too, darlin’. It’s getting harder, isn’t it?” You nodded as you played with his necklace. “Maybe you start comin’ with us more. Lots of room on the bus. Yeah?” You nodded again. Wherever in the world Van was, that’s where you belonged too. “Your hair smells different,”

“It’s the dye,”

“Smells good,”

“I can do yours if you want,” you said, looking up at him. He smiled down at you.

“Don’t think I can pull it off like you can.”

Your bodies settled in, missing each other and happy at the reunited contact. Sleep started to find you again. You were more warm and comfortable than you had been in weeks, and in that your mind wanted to shut down and stay. “Van? Sing for me?”

He was quiet for a moment, thinking of a song. Not needing to wait for him to say ‘yes’ because of course he would, you waited for him to start. 

“Love of mine, someday you will die but I’ll be close behind. I’ll follow you into the dark.” A song you had cried to and loved to too many times to count. You’d be asleep before he finished. “No blinding lights or tunnels to gates of white. Just our hands clasped so tight, waiting for the hint of a spark.” Maybe you were exhausted from the poor sleep you got when Van wasn’t home. Maybe you were happy to have him back. Maybe you were so overwhelmed with love that your body needed to produce a physical manifestation of that. Whatever the reason, a tear formed and dripped down your cheek. “If Heaven and Hell decide that they both are satisfied, illuminate the nos on their vacancy signs. If there’s no one beside you when your soul embarks, then I’ll follow you into the dark.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw one of your replies to an anon about you knowing that the girls are still keeping touch. Could i know some of those in more detail? My CS heart needs its dose for today😁

Hey sure ofc! 😊 Firstly this whole narrative of them hating/shading each other is absolute bs to me!! Like I said I’ve picked up in recent interviews that this whole ‘we’re closer than ever’ is being overused to the point where it’s becoming a bit annoying and seems as if they are being pushed to say this by mngmt!!

Now this leads me on to why I personally believe that the girls are still friends (maybe they don’t talk as much but I don’t believe that they hate each other). So if you rewatch the end of the 7/27 tour you’ll see that the girls looked genuinely happy together, they were interacting a lot more in the sound checks and we even got a couple of ot5 moments! Specifically when Dinah was crying and they all sing to her and that emotional hug that they shared says a lot to me! It was almost as if they knew that this was a final goodbye like they knew what was going to play out in the future eg. This whole narrative!! It just doesn’t make sense that the girls could go from this to hating each other. Also I feel like Dinah prepared us for this. The whole supporting C on her snapchat and posting that ig post with the caption “no matter what they say, no matter what they do” in a matter of days before she left was like a warning. Now your telling me that this isn’t a coincidence, the caption is telling enough! Also the snapchat of Normani crying before their last show together. Your telling me that they didn’t know she was leaving, I mean c'mon we’re not stupid! So yeah basically there were a lot of things leading up to the break up that showed me that the girls did not end on bad terms I refuse to believe this bs being played out to us!! Anyway again it’s up to us what we choose to believe! As for camren I don’t think they’re together rn but hopefully someday they’ll find their way back to each other 😊

How the group would react to you being reunited with the love of your life:


Originally posted by omgkcjade

• Rick would tell you there is a newcomer at the gates and you not believing your eyes when you see that this newcomer is the love of your life you thought you lost after a walker attack shortly after the outbreak started

• They all would be surprised and bewildered as they would see you running towards the one who is just a stranger for them before you and the love of your life would hug each other while they would realize that this person was the lost one you once told them about

• Glenn would come over to you shortly after you have reunited and would tell you that he always hoped that you would find them someday just like he found Maggie again after they got split up knowing how important it is to have that one person

• Rosita would be warily and tell you to not be naive and think that the one is still the person they were before everything started while making sure you know that you shouldn’t trust them

• Rick would ask them the three questions while Carl and you would sit next to him and hear your partner answering the questions while you hear what they’ve been through even though they still stayed the person you love

• Daryl would be reserved and warily towards them at first but seeing you that happy and their caring and loving behavior towards you would change his mind realizing that he doesnt have to fear them doing something to you

• Tara would just be glad that you’re that happy and found a person again you thought you’d lost and would try to convince Rosita to think the same

• Abraham would be happy for you but a few days after their arrival he would sneak up to them and telling them he’s gonna kick their ass if they would hurting you

• Father Gabriel would tell you that it might sound cheesy, but he believes in things that are meant to be and that you and them finding back together strengthens that belief

• Carol would be delighted for you but would watch them for some time until she’s sure that they just want the best for you like she does and would even bring some cookies over to the house you’re sharing now with them

• Maggie would have to smile widely seeing you that happy and would hug you telling you that she knows how to miss a loved one that much, while not knowing if they’re dead or alive and how great it is to find them back

• Michonne would see how much you both missed each other and would take over your shifts at the guarding tower or other tasks so you could both have some time for each other because she would know how precious that is

• After some time every single doubt would be gone after seeing how much you mean to each other and how happy you make the other one and they would just be happy that you got the chance to have that luck and joy in this world


  • April 1, 2017
  • I don't always love you, you know?
  • Sometimes I come to the conclusion that you're just a boy. Granted, the most beautiful boy I ever met. But so what? It's over now. I should be thankful for the good... and for the bad because I learned from them. You were a chapter in my life, and it's done. On to the next.
  • But other times I come to the conclusion that Fate made us for each other. That no one can replace me in your heart as no one can replace you in mine. That I'm not with you because we still have lessons to learn... grow on our own. But someday, we'll be together again, and this time, forever.
  • Whichever one is true, here I am, living. I have just one life, as far as I know. So I'm gonna see as much of the world as I can, laugh as hard and as often as possible, take really good care of myself, and just carpe the hell out of this diem.
  • Maybe one day we'll find ourselves back in and at the center of each other's lives. Or maybe you've already found your actual true love, and mine is on his way to me.
  • Either way, I'm glad that at some point in my life, I kissed the most beautiful boy in the world, and he kissed me back.