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BTS reaction to their S/O always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit

‘’Hello, can you do nct 127+bts reaction to their gf always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit 😇 thank you in advance’’ ~ @sinerwhoisasin

A/N: Thank you so much for your request! I hope you like it!

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I also do not own BTS.

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Jin would be surprised every time it happened at first, but be completely cool with it later on. He is pretty confident over his looks, so if his girlfriend would touch his body too he would only get more confident about himself.

He wouldn’t really like it if you’d put your hand underneath his shirt in public, though. He’d probably quickly push your hands away and make up an excuse why you couldn’t do that. You would understand, though, and feel a little guilty since it was just a habit and you couldn’t really help yourself, either.

If you would up his sleeve, he’d be cool with that, though. And that is what you probably did most of the time. Especially if the two of you went shopping, at some random moment you’d up his sleeve and clung onto his arm, making him laugh out loud.

‘’Ah, Y/N. I don’t wear long sleeves for nothing! It’s cold like this,’’

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Wouldn’t mind it at all. Heck, he’d probably love it. Not exactly in a perverted way, though. He would just love it that you liked touching him, even if it was just a weird habit. It was cute in his eyes and there is no way he would ever tease you about it. Maybe in his head a little.

The two of you were just chilling on the couch as you both had a day off for the first time in forever, and you made sure you would spend it in the best way ever - exactly, do nothing. Nothing than just cuddling every now and then as you watched a movie, or a random episode from a random series, and so on.

An action movie was next thing on the list, and the both of you were so into it. All the explosions, gunshots, everything just got you two hooked. You’d snuggle closer against him, and the next thing Namjoon knew was having your hand underneath his shirt which caused him to frown.

‘’Ahh you could’ve just said so, Jagi.’’ He laughed as he pulled up his shirt so you could touch his skin better.

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Two things could happen - he could get incredibly shy, or confident. No in between. It would depend on the situation, though. When the other guys were around, he would react shy as the guys would be yelling stuff like: ‘’His abs will get their comeback someday, no need to check everyday.’’ or anything in that line. So he would just laugh it off a bit and try to distract the guys soon after.

However, when the two of you would be alone, it would probably ‘’awaken the beast inside of him’’. You had been bored for a while, but didn’t really want to disturb Jimin, who was reading through a notebook from one of the members which he needed for their next practice.

Yet, after half an hour, the boredom would really start killing you. You’d walk up to Jimin, wrap your arms around his waist and move your hands towards his front. Your hands would quickly make their way to Jimin’s ‘abs’, smiling a little. Jimin put the notebook down as he looked at you,

‘’Aish, Jagi. You know what that does to me, right?’’

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And then, there’s Taehyung. He would laugh it off and tease you a little bit, just being playful as heck. Of course he’d still be shy about the fact that you were touching his skin just like that, I mean you could also just touch his cheeks, so why either his arm or belly? Was it more special?

Anyhow, he would still think it was the cutest thing in the world since sometimes you didn’t even notice your habit was showing up and casually touched him like that. Yeah, it could really make this smol baby smile.

You were hanging out with Taehyung and the other guys, having a normal conversation. Nothing special, really. Until you’d suddenly up Taehyung’s sleeve and poke his arm, all focused on that, and that only. Taehyung would laugh and hug you tightly in front of the others.

‘’Ahh see how cute Y/N is? She can’t even take her hands off of me!’’

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Shook. End of story. Bye.

No, seriously. Jungkook would be really shook, and have no idea what to do or what to say. Push your hand away? Just smile it off? Say something about it, for example he didn’t like it or that he didn’t mind? That he’d prefer it if you were alone? No idea, he would simply have no idea and just stand there and wait until you’re finished.

So every time, once you were done touching either his arm or his abs, he’d just look at you with a slight grin on his face.

‘’Your habit was showing off again, Y/N. How did it even come to this?’’ he’d tease you a bit in the end, before pulling you into a tight hug.

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Okay, I think we all know that Hoseok wouldn’t mind this at all, either. He’d smile brightly and fanboy about you touching him all over just because you felt like it. It was a sign of affection to him, so no way that it would get Hoseok either shocked or surprised. He would really be happy about it.

After a new concept was released, he would take a look at it together with you. This time, instead of fangirling like you usually would, you took a good look at Hoseok’s photoshoot, then to Hoseok himself, his photoshoot and then him again; you decided that after seeing the photos you really just wanted to touch Hoseok’s beautiful skin.

A smile appeared on your face, and you knew that it was just a stupid habit of yours, but you went along with it anyway - Hoseok didn’t seem to mind it, after all. You sat closer to him and quickly slipped both of your hands under his shirt as you smiled brightly.

‘’Hehe, the real thing is the best, yes.’’ You’d saying jokingly.

‘’Jagi, why are you so adorable?’’ Hoseok responded, smooching your whole face affectionately.

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He didn’t exactly mind it, as long as you didn’t disturb him while he was resting/sleeping(no one would survive that). Yoongi wouldn’t really feel uncomfortable, but if you did it he would prefer you touched his arms instead of other parts of his body.

So sometimes you’d randomly up his sleeve and stroke his upper arm all the way down to the tip of his middle finger and back, probably smiling like an idiot since Yoongi had an incredibly soft and fair looking skin. Which is also how it felt like - soft.

‘’Y/N. That really tickles, you know? You’re really smiling like an idiot right now. This habit of yours is so weird… ‘’ Yoongi nodded his head a little, trying to hide a smile. ‘’That makes you… you, I guess.’’

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Hey @taylorswift you probably remember those faces. Yes Cody (@c_bone19) and Julie (@juliehajost) Hajosts from your first LA 1989 Secret Sessions. Thanks to you for that event, because you are the reason we met by online. We have been close like family since 2014. And they have done literaly everything for me, like u do for fans. Julie is my Clause, my Valentine, my UPS, FedEx and everything. She has sent me bunch of boxes of stuff literally on each holiday and she enjoys seeing me happy. I can’t describe the feeling that I have for the Hajosts family. They are my second fam. Julie completed my collection of your discography(NOT ONLY). Its impossible to get those merch and stuff in my country tho. I went on 1989 Tour in LA just only virtually. Julie skyped me on tour and I got to see you live, even tho it was not clear but that doesn’t matter. This family has done everything anyone could ask for. And I’ve never dreamed about it. I asked her to get some paper airplines for me and she remembered it. Imagine how awkward it would have been for her to pick up those pieces of paper from the floor but she did. Just for me. I love you with all my heart Mommy #2!!! I almost visited them in California this summer but couldn’t make it to there, because of our visa system but I just hope someday soon we’ll meet and we’ll do our best to see you around!!! Thats all I wanted to tell,probably there is still a lot to say but I don’t want you make feel bored and lazy while reading it. THANK YOU TAYLOR FOR THIS AWESOME RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THOUSANDS OF MILES - from California to Georgia (country) 🇬🇪!
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Movie Time

Gabriel x Reader

This prompt is requested by @captainemwinchester From the drabble prompt request. #107:  “You, me, popcorn, two liter Dr. Pepper, and a movie. You in?” 

Author’s Note: I picked Gabriel because I miss the guy, and haven’t written him for a while. 

If you want, send me a drabble request from this LIST!! Give me a character, or let me pick, I don’t care. They’ve been fun so far, keep sending them in!!

Waving by to your best friends as they left on their yearly trip to Vegas, you couldn’t help the small squeal of excitement that left your lips. Waving once again as Sam looked back, you rushed back into the Bunker, ready for a couple of days of excitement. 

“Are you sure you don’t want us to come back and get you?” Sam texted. “Aren’t you going to be bored in the bunker by yourself?”

Little did they know that you weren’t going to be by yourself. As soon as you had heard them finalizing their plans to head down to Vegas, you had quickly made plans of your own. Plans that included your secret boyfriend. Maybe someday he wouldn’t be quite so secret, but you knew how your brothers were. If they were to find out you were dating this man, they would not be happy at all.

As you made sure your room was put together, you began ticking off the list of items you wanted to finish before he arrived. Which included heading to the store and getting snack supplies.

“Hey sweets, miss me?” Gabriel asked as his hands wrapped around your waist, surprising you. 

“Gabe, you aren’t supposed to be here yet!” You exclaimed, but you still turned yourself in his embrace, smiling up widely at him. “What if Sam and Dean had taken off late?”

“I stayed in the shadows, invisible. I knew the second that cheeseball Dean pulled his car out of the garage.” Gabe whispered in your ear as his hands roamed lower, over your back, squeezing your butt.

“Wow, someone’s impatient.” You said, leaning back to stare up at him. “But I thought we had other things planned too.”

“Of course we do! But doesn’t mean I can’t have my hands on you at the same time.” He argued. “With you living with those two goofballs, I hardly ever get to see my girlfriend. And an Archangel has needs. Like this!” He laughed, holding up a huge bag of gummy bears.

“What do I even see in you?” You teased, watching as he pretended to pout. “But you’re here earlier. I wasn’t able to get anything ready.”

You, me, popcorn, two liter Dr. Pepper, and a movie. You in?” He asked, snapping his fingers and making everything appear on your bed, including a DVD of the movie you had been wanting to see. A new, huge TV sat on your dresser, already plugged in and ready to go.

“That sounds amazing.” You answered him, leaning forward and pressing your lips to his. “Three days of uninterrupted time with my sweetest boyfriend in the world.”

“You mean like candy sweet, right? Because I don’t want my badass reputation getting ruined.” He asked, winking at you.

With a groan, you pushed him down on the bed, before laying down next to him, taking a handful of the popcorn as he pressed play on the movie.

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but in between there’s you and me

‘captain andor - ’,the tinny, jarring voice of the med-droid cut through jyn’s thoughts, pulling her from her mental picture of just how she and cassian were going to properly reunite after a month and a half apart, both having been pulled to different sides of the galaxy entirely. they kept in contact via comlink when they could, but that was hardly the same thing as actually having time and opportunity to spend with each other, tangled up in a mess of limbs in their shared bunk, boneless and satisfied, panting and laughing, littered in marks made by overeager mouths and hands alike, and -

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I Am Not Jealous (Reader x Bucky Barnes x Sam Wilson)

Word Count: 1488

Summary: Bucky Barnes, Reader’s former Hydra partner, has been brought back to Avengers HQ with fond memories of the reader. 

A/N: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO BUCKY! No this has nothing to do with anyone’s birthday. But it does have something to do with bucky!

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Bianca: “Stop it, Zoey. I’m not mad at you. Not at all. I’m glad I could see you again, I’m glad I could remember you again. I’m glad to know you’re safe and sound, that’s all that matters. Life makes more sense now. As for that…I always loved science more than people. Even before this happened. Can you believe there are worlds where none of this…where we were happy, always happy, and it was supposed to stay that way?”

Zoey: “Good for them…but wait, you’ve never even dated anyone?”

Bianca: “For a long time, I didn’t want to at all. Then I once did…but it was strange. That guy couldn’t understand that I don’t want to f…that I don’t want to have sex with him, or anyone actually, because I just don’t. He broke up with me after a few weeks, saying I was boring and prude.”

Zoey: “Idiot. That asshole, not you.”

Bianca: “That happened ages ago, don’t worry about it. It’s seeing all my siblings have children that makes me wonder what to do with my life. I’ve reached my goal, I’m leaving Sunset Valley science facility soon. Time is running fast and I’m wondering…what now? It’s about damn time I become a mother.”

Zoey: “It’s not something you have to be, Bianca.”

Bianca: “The truth is, I want to be. I’ve always wanted to be one someday, somehow.”

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Enjonine? The one where they work in the same office but I jam the printer on purpouse?

This is not where she thought she’d end up - with a respectable office job at a fancy law firm, having money in her savings account and actual health insurance. She’s a mature adult (ew, gross) who doesn’t even have to raise her siblings. 

Zelma is an adult, and Gavroche lives with her now - closer to his school and his many, many idiot teenage boy friends. He’s looking at colleges while Zelma works her way up to manager at a four star hotel. 

That leaves her, Eponine Thenardier, with a life that is less than exciting. It’s respectable, and it pays the bills, but… It’s actually kind of boring. Or, it can be. 

The highlight of her day is when Mr. Enjolras bends over the copy machine and curses in several different languages. Because the cursing is adorable - and the man really knows how to work those slacks. 

Since this only happens when the copier is broken, she’s started to… give the damn machine a little nudge from time to time. Her desk has the perfect view of Mr. Enjolras’ perfect ass - how ‘bout them apples - as he bends over the once again broken copier. 

Once again she is shamelessly objectifying him. She knows he’s smart and passionate and he works harder than anyone else in this building (and he refuses to make any of the secretaries or assistants do stupid sexist chores like get him coffee or bring him his dry cleaning). She just, she’s never really talked to him - he wouldn’t be interested. 

That’s not some stupid self-deprecating platitude - it’s just the kind of guy he is. Mr. Enjolras (geez, she’s lusting over him something fierce and she doesn’t even know his first name) is kind to everyone when he crosses paths with them, but he hardly ever seeks anyone out. He never singles anyone out - he hardly even talks to his college buddy Mr. Pontmercy (Marius, her boss and crush from way back when). So why would he care what Eponine has to say? 

“Ta ma de,” the hissed curses draw her back into the real world. “Gos se. Yu bun duh piece of crap.” 

She’d tried to look all this up - apparently Mr. Enjolras liked to cuss in Mandarin. And French, German and Dutch. She has even heard a few words of Italian once or twice. 

“Merde,” he seamlessly switches to French when he bangs his knee on the machine. “Scheisse.” 

German. Looks like it’s gonna be a good one. 

The pen in her mouth has some distinct teeth marks. She literally cannot stop doing that when she gets so distracted by his… assets. Maybe someday soon she’ll get the front view instead of the back. 

To distract herself - and to make it way less obvious that she’s staring - she checks Marius’ schedule for the week. Meetings, meetings, date with his girlfriend, more meetings. Ugh, boring. Why did she ever think Marius was interesting? 

And…. Back to the view. Such a good view. 

Bless that man’s tailor, because there is no reason those pants need to be that tight on that perfect…

“Admiring the view?” the man himself got up while she was… distracted. 

“Best view in the building,” she shrugs, painfully honest as usual. 

What, she’s supposed to act like a shy teenager and blush and stammer until he moves on? Honesty is the best policy. 

Especially because now he is the one blushing and stammering. The big bad lawyer who’s made many a businessman wet himself is flustered because she complimented his ass. 

He’s just so darn cute. 

“I beg to differ,” he finally says. “Maybe next time I’ll break the damn thing and you can fix it.” 

Oh dear. Well, honesty is the best policy. 

“I’m all for equal opportunity ogling,” she pretends to be ever so casual about this. “Just warn me in time. I’ll make sure to wear a skirt.” 

Mr. Enjolras grins - that smile is lethal - and returns to his desk, triumphantly holding his copies. 

She gets an e-mail that very night. 

Ms. Thenardier,

I am concerned about the state of the copier. I fear it might act up again tomorrow. 


Gabriel Enjolras

silver gray (ash/tyra)

( @paladinsheadcanons cause they gave me some ideas. )

I had some free time. I might write more idk  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I apologize in advance for some errors, I haven’t written anything in a long time.

“Nice pelt.”

Tyra looks over herself, like she did not remember wearing said item. Upon her shoulders is a wolf pelt, brown and grey. It looks way more eye-catching compared to her usual bear pelt, and to be honest, Ash thinks it looks better on her than her old one, but she can’t tell that, can she?

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Losing followers - What happened?!

I have been on Tumblr for soon 3 years and I have gotten used to losing followers. You gain some, you lose some - That´s how it is. 

But someday since the weekend I noticed that I had all of a sudden lost hundreds of followers. I had only posted very -typical me- posts, so it would not make sense that it would have been because of something I posted. So here I am, wondering what the frick happened. 

Has this happened to anybody else? Was there a system glitch or something? Or did hundreds of people suddenly realise that I am super boring and smell like fish?! (No but really; salmon soup is my jam!) 

EDIT 1: If it is porn blogs that are getting banned… Dang. Porn blogs apparently like Disney edits.

EDIT 2: So there is already talk about a potential glitch. Well poop. Does that mean that I have lost people that I was following too?! DANG IT!! DX

Thank you guys for the help!! Good info!! :D

I am your morning cigarette.
You crave me,
you need me,
but someday soon you’ll realize
how toxic I am.
Someday soon
you will leave me.
Don’t you worry, darling.
I’ve already stained your lungs black
and I know you’ll feel
the ghost of me
on your fingers
In the mornings
before you fully wake
you’ll crave me
because old habits die hard
and you’ll never quite be able to
kill the desire for me.
When the gentle lips of your wife
bore you,
you will think of my
bitterness that somehow always
tastes sweeter than honey.
That one time you give in
and indulge
she will cry when
she smells me on you,
and never again
will you feel me
on your lips,
but I know you will always
feel me in
the darkness inside you.
Right now
I am your morning cigarette.
Soon I will be
the cancer in your lungs.
I wish I was sorry.
—  Alexis DanaePernicious
Watching The Sunrise with Jack Barakat

Could you make one with Jack Barakat?? When y/n is on holidays with besties but their boyfriends showed up and y/n is sitting alone in the bar and there’s Jack and maybe they end up watching sunrise? Fluffy pls


Finally. A night with the girls where they’re not hanging all over their boyfriends.

Tessa, Leila, and Olivia were all over each other, complimenting outfits and taking selfies. “Tess, that dress makes your ass look amazing.”

I groaned and put my head in my hands. It was nice to see the girls, but I don’t ever remember them acting like this.

“Chase!” Leila squealed. “What are you doing here?”

I looked up and groaned loudly. The girl’s fucking boyfriends were here, God damn it. Tessa and Olivia immediately jumped up and left with them.

“I’ll be back in a minute, babe.” Chase kissed her cheek and headed off towards the bathrooms.

“Olivia, I like Chase, I really do. But he’s a dick! A dirty dumb dick who likes to steal my friends!”

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I know this was supposed to be a girls night but I love Chase. You’ll understand someday.” She said hugging me.

“You sound like your mother.”

“…shit, do I really? I promise we’ll hang out soon. Just the two of us, ‘kay? No boyfriends.”


“I promise.” She nodded, then turned around and left with Chase.

I shook my head and watched them leave. Of course I was left behind. I kind I expected it at this point.

Every single time we plan something, one of the boys shows up and ruins it.

Fuck my life.

I sat there at the bar for a while, barely sipping my drink. I got bored after a while and started spinning on the stool.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice sounded. I stopped spinning and looked up. It was Jack. We went to highschool together. We even dated for a while, but nothing too serious. I will admit, I’m quite impressed. He looked incredibly handsome in with his spiked up skunk hair, black skinny jeans and a t-shirt with BONER written across the front in bold red letters.

“Hi Jack.”

He sat down next to me. “It’s been what? Fucking…two years?”

“Four actually. But you were close.”

“Really? It’s been that long?” He raised his eyebrows, giving me a once over.


“You look different.”


“No! I mean…you were okay before, but now…fuck.”

I laughed. He hasn’t changed a bit. “Thanks Jack.”

“Hey, do you maybe want to go wall somewhere?”


“Boner Land.” He said very seriously.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll go to Boner Land with you.” I smiled as he took my hand.

We walked for a while. There were quite a few people outside, especially since it was near the holidays. There were young couples running around and lauging and old couples watching from the benches wearing broad smiles.

I was surprised, not that there were old people out, just how late it was. It was almost midnight and there they sat.

“So how are Alex, Zach, and Rian?” I asked, looking up at Jack, pulling my jacket closer to my body.

“Good. Our band’s gotten pretty big, we’re in town for a few days.”

A few days.

“Only a few days?”

“Yeah. It fucking sucks though, I kinda miss it here. Wish we were here longer.”

Jack pulled me over to one of the very few empty benches. We talked about anything and everything. The band, highschool, whether or not there were sharks in outerspace and aliens in the ocean, argued over how many cats we thought Alan Ashby had…everything.

It only felt like a few minutes but when I looked up, the sky was slowly getting lighter. “Jack!”


“It’s morning!”

“Oh.” He said sadly, staring up at the sky.

“It’s pretty isn’t it?”

“Beautiful.” Jack answered quietly. When I turned to face him, he was already staring.


“Yeah?” He asked softly, moving closer.

“I missed you.”

“Me too.”

Jack placed on hand on my cheek, the other held my hand, lacing our fingers together. He slowly leaned foward and pressed his lips against mine. Yeah, we’ve kissed before but this was different. This wasn’t flirty and meaningless, this…this was real.

Maybe it’s a good thing my friends ditched me.


*This was written by a new writer! Let us know what you think and send in requests please!*

Angel Eyes

Hey could you please write a fic where Gabe and the reader have been friends for a while, with him popping into the bunker at least everyday, and now he basically lives there with Cas usually there too, and one night she is in the shower and she starts singing the song ‘little bit of devil in her angel eyes’ (it’s by love and theft, it’s country) and Gabe heard and walks in, and there is confession and a bit of fluff/smut? If you want to change the song you can, thanks :) xx

Warnings: Fluff, Smut, Little language

Word Count: 1585

Author: Gwen

Thanks for the request!


Sam sits across from you as you continue to flip through some ancient book, trying to find something that would help with a recent case. Dean and Cas are busy in the kitchen making dinner with Cas learning how to cook. At times you hear Dean yell something or dishes clang around in there. A smirk plays on Sam’s lips as the commotion starts up again.

Your so concentrated that you don’t notice Gabriel walk up to the table. He closes the book and snatches it away, before giving you a chance to bookmark the page.

“Hey! Gabe, come on.”

“Uh, uh. You’ve had enough research for today.”

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I am your morning cigarette.
You crave me,
you need me,
but someday soon you’ll realize
how toxic I am.
Someday soon
you will leave me.
Don’t you worry, darling.
I’ve already stained your lungs black
and I know you’ll feel
the ghost of me
on your fingers
In the mornings
before you fully wake
you’ll crave me
because old habits die hard
and you’ll never quite be able to
kill the desire for me.
When the gentle lips of your wife
bore you,
you will think of my
bitterness that somehow always
tastes sweeter than honey.
That one time you give in
and indulge
she will cry when
she smells me on you,
and never again
will you feel me
on your lips,
but I know you will always
feel me in
the darkness inside you.
Right now
I am your morning cigarette.
Soon I will be
the cancer in your lungs.
I wish I was sorry.
—  Pernicious // Alexis Danae

dragonarchaeologist  asked:

If you're still taking fic requests, I'd love something about young Elrond and young Elros, with Maedhros and Maglor. Thanks!

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Gil Galad had not sent anyone to pursue them.

“He probably doesn’t have too many men volunteering to become Kinslayers,” Maglor said.

“It would surprise me if he does not,” said his brother. 

“He might not know the children are alive.”

“Were there enough other children slaughtered that their bodies could plausibly have gone unnoticed?”

This was the pattern they’d fallen into - strategic observation, self-loathing rejoinder, and each of them could take either part. It was a gutted, hollow parody of the eager late-night conversations of happier years. 

It was still better than silence. 

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All the times Karma Ashcroft was gay as fuck for Amy Raudenfeld and didn't even realize it
  • 1x01: "If the price of that is losing you, then it's not worth it. You're the Fey to my Poehler. The Rihanna to my Katy Perry. The Lucy to my Ethel."
  • 1x02: Looking at Amy like she is the single pure thing left on this planet after she came out to her mom.
  • 1x03: Sings a song she thinks she wrote about Liam but all the lyrics were about Amy.
  • 1x04: "I can't stand not talking. I'm in physical pain."
  • 1x05: "We'll grow old together." "Who cares what your mom thinks? I'm your family."
  • 1x06: The way she looked at Amy after they kissed like she finally woke up from her bisexual slumber and her soulmate was standing right in front of her.
  • 1x07: Pushes Amy away after the threesome kiss™ because she's scared to acknowledge her feelings.
  • 1x08: Literally cries herself to sleep because she hurt Amy and goes to her the next morning completely forgetting Liam even exists until she runs into him at a drugstore.
  • 2x02: Asks to sleep in the same bed with Amy even after Amy admitted she's in love with Karma. "How do you feel about back rubs?"
  • 2x03: Karma subconsciously sabotaging Amy's dates and also her face after she sees Amy kissing another girl.
  • 2x04: The way she looks at Amy after Amy tells her how special she is.
  • 2x05: After she finally starts dating Liam after weeks of not talking, she ditches him after like 5 minutes to go spend the rest of her birthday with Amy.
  • 2x06: Calls Amy every 10 minutes on her date with Liam bc she will literally die if doesn't talk to her that often.
  • 2x07: The entire episode is just her marking her territory on Amy. I'm pretty sure she asked to go to the bathroom with her so she could pee on her.
  • 2x08: The way she was sitting like a sad puppy at the beginning bc Amy was mad at her and immediately looked happier when Amy sat down next to her.
  • 2x09: She literally???? Blamed Liam for the whole thing??? Amy had to throw HERSELF under the bus before Karma even thought about acknowledging the fact that *her* Amy had done something to hurt her. And she was relatively fine the whole day with Liam betraying her but she COULD NOT deal with AMY the love of her life betraying her.
  • 2x10: The fact that Karma finally forgave Amy only after Amy gave a big romantic speech bc she is in love. Also, lol the dream where she fingers Amy. so str8
  • 2x11: The way Karma looks at Amy after she gives Karma her half of the friendship necklace, like her princess sarcasm in shining armor came through for her again.
  • 2x12: literally the only episode where Karma didn't do something gay af for Amy. maybe that's why it was so boring
  • 2x13: "But you know, maybe someday soon, you'll be in that place and she'll be in that place and it'll finally be right." the script actually said "who is karma talking about? she isn't sure." lol gay
  • 2x14: ... the face ... she makes... right before she wakes up spooning with amy. That couldn't... possibly be another rated R dream... not possibly... not for heterosexual Karma Ashcroft...
  • 2x15: Karma taking care of Amy when she's carsick oh my fckuckingg god idk if that's really gay or not but it's cute as fuck when will they date
  • 2x16: "We're not only best friends, we're soulmates" and her face after she says it oh my god. "I wish it could always be like this" as she's slow dancing with Amy. ok
  • 2x17: Karma REALLY wanting to go to prom with Amy DESPITE KARMA ALWAYS HAVING A PRINCE CHARMING FANTASY OF PROM. SHE'S GIVING THAT UP JUST TO SPEND TIME WITH AMY. and getting v sad and offended when Amy doesn't want to go with her. obviously. bc she loves her.
  • 2x18: getting SO JEALOUS that Amy kisses Felix that she goes to try to have a threesome to forget about it... because that always works.
  • 2x19: Kissing Amy in the pool bc Amy tells Karma how great she is. Karma could not resist. Her guard was down bc alcohol and the love of her life is saying nice things to her. How could she not??
  • 2x20: Crying v hard because Amy is leaving her for an entire summer. I think she was crying harder than Amy even.
  • nah but karma ashcroft is 100% heterosexual

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how many people do you follow on tumblr?

I need to follow more because half the accounts I follow are inactive since I’ve been on here for so long! When I’m bored someday soon I’ll do a follow thing!

You know what I think about on nights like these? Nights where I’m home and making dinner alone, doing laundry alone, getting my things ready for work the next day alone, watching tv alone and soon going to bed alone?

I think about the fact that one day that won’t be the case. That there will be a companion to do the monotonous, boring things together.
I really look forward to making you meals, folding laundry while watching our favorite show and then going to bed side by side. Can’t wait to do those mundane, day-to-day sort of things with you.

Naughty List » Calum Hood


Ship: Calum & Y/N

Word count: 4000+

Rating: NC-17

A/N: ok this sucks so bad i’m sorry i just wanted to get it out and i’ve been so uninspired to actually write detailed stuff lately but here is the first out of my 4 xmas one shots it doesn’t even have smut i’m sorry i couldn’t figure out how to put it in but it’s super fluffy towards the end!!! and 2/4 will have smut i promise anyway like i said the other day all the xmas one shots will link together like a love actually kind of thing and so ashton is next as you can tell he’s in this one so yeah anyway i hope you enjoy despite the fact i have not proofread this i’m sorry again bye!!

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