someday she will be loved

you know who we don’t deserve

Jenna fuckin Joseph

she actively goes out and talks to fans in line
she’s always happy to chat to any of us if we ever are lucky enough to meet her
she dotes on Tyler, adores him, loves him to pieces and is the dime piece wife he always wanted
she’s friends with josh and makes him happy too
she doesn’t try and steal the spotlight from the boys, yet she has her own and she rocks it
she isn’t just known as “Tyler’s wife”, she’s Jenna Joseph and nobody can fuck with her
she is going to be an incredible mother someday
she is the reason Tyler wrote his first ever love song
she absolutely knows about all the smut and theories and shit the clique has, and she just takes it all in stride
she’s. a. fuckin. queen.

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I think you've mentioned that Rosie looks about 18 months old in the final montage and this got me thinking about the time line of S4 and I realized something about the pregnancy theory. Let's start with the time line. Sherlock kills Mangunsen on Christmas and is send to his exile around New Year's Eve. From TST we know it took at least a couple of months before Rosie was born. I'd say the birth took place at the end of March, which would fit the time line of Warstan wedding in August. (1/5?)

Thanks for trying to work out the timeline and Rosie’s age and fitting the “Molly is pregnant” theory/HC into it all! I love it!

He calls me Pineapple Princess 

All day

As he plays his ukulele on a hill above the bay

here’s a soft cartoony doodle for a soft cartoony song !! c:

Learning to read was hard for Cass.  Interpreting the written word is far different from interpreting body language, and Cass’s brain is wired differently as a result of her abusive childhood.  But after Cass had to ask Steph to read a ransom note aloud in order to continue chasing down criminals (Batgirl vol. 2), she realized that knowing how to read would be useful.

[Batgirl #67]

Because of Cass’s learning disability, it takes her a long time to make significant progress.  Babs coaches her and explores different methods of learning, and eventually Cass is able to read full length novels (albeit slowly).  When Cass did learn how to read, she fell in love with books.  A well-written book is far less predictable than a person, and Cass loved how words seemed to make places and characters come alive in her head.  She would read anything from historical fiction to high fantasy, but quickly became able to tell when a story was poorly written.  The characters would seem less real, and the words wouldn’t flow as easily.  Cass began to spend a lot of free time in the library, and Babs would point out good books that she remembered from her time as a librarian.  Tim also had quite a repertoire of books from his childhood, since he needed something to entertain himself with when his parents were away.  He let Cass have free reign of his collection and gave her recommendations.  The rest of the batfamily also began to gift her books that they enjoyed when they learned about her new passion.

Cass never grew tired of how written words could somehow transform into people as though personalities were interwoven into pages.  She marveled at how she could spend hours completely immersed in a story, oblivious to the world around her (or as oblivious as she can get with her skills).  Books had opened up entire worlds for her.  She secretly hoped that someday she would be able to create worlds of her own.    


“Maybe it’s unhealthy.. maybe it’s unhealthy obsession with you”

Yes it’s AKA love.

I cried when Lillie left for Kanto. I hope we get to see her return to Alola someday. I’d love to see what Pokemon she caught in Kanto.

Magnus Bane Appreciation Post

Magnus Bane is the confirmed mom friend, always taking in the people who have gone through so much, because he knows what it’s like. He took in Raphael and Simon because they lost their families because of what they became, and he never had a loving family because of how he was born. He has dealt with so much and has overcome so much. He deserves all the love and affection in the world. Which is why it’s a good thing he has Alec. Because I believe, that the reason Alec is so closed off is because when he loves, he loves fiercely. Izzy had to reassure young Alec that someday, someone would love him heart and soul because she knows that’s how he loves. I feel so bad that Magnus had to rely on someone so toxic for him to be his rock, just by hearing these background stories about Camille you can tell that she was emotionally abusive. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond glad that she stopped him from committing, but I truly believe that she has damaged him too. I hope that as the series goes on, Alec will become his new rock and replace all those bad memories and all of his misconceptions about what love is like. I just really love Magnus Bane and I just really want him to know how loved he is, by his little family that he has created for himself and by Alec. 

in light of that one interview i just want this scene
  • corrupted jasper writhing on the ground or s/t: we all get what we deserve, I deserved for this to happen
  • garnet, sitting placidly cross-legged on her shoulder: the hilarious thing is that's completely true but not for any of the reasons you think
  When my best friend was a child,
  her mother used The Game of Life
  as a metaphor to explain sexuality.
  “You can have two pink guys
  or two blue guys, you know,”
she explained.
  My best friend is so straight,
  she doesn’t even masturbate.
  Still, she always knew that even
  if she wasn’t, even if someday she ended up
  shotgun to another pink piece,
  she would remain loved and supported.
  She wouldn’t have to ask for forgiveness.
  Of all the things she was taught to apologize for,
  love has never been one of them.
  My mother doesn’t bring up my sexuality
  anymore. I think she is tired of arguing.
  She is sick of reading about her faults
  in my poetry. She hates my selective memory;
  how I only remember the sharp things,
  the slammed doors, the heavy whiskey.
  “I used to sing to you before bed
  every night,”
she reminds me icily.
  “but you must’ve forgotten that story.”
  Last week, she silently folded up her old flannels
  and placed them at the foot of my bed.
  I know this is probably just a coincidence,
  not a peace treaty or an attempt to understand me.
  But for my own well-being,
  I have to take this as a sign she is trying,
  even if it isn’t.

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your art style is so beautiful <3! can you draw Rika someday? She gets so much hate it's time to give her some love

Hm maybe someday who knows, I don’t really hate her since I understand she had a mental illness but I dont particularly like her either :)

i’m going to be really pissed if we don’t get to see the dinner raphael has been invited to because??? simons sister will be there too and she’s going to stare at both of them, smirking and giving simon kicks under the table because she’s like “dude dude i see what’s going on” and raphael being all polite and just! sitting! there! talking to simons mom and simon can tell she already loves him and someday she’ll try to talk to simon alone and is like “monkey, you do know you can tell me everything? it’s totally okay. i figured when i met your band manager he seems nice but there’s something else.” and then he starts to panic because he things she notices they’re vampires but then she’s like “you too are such a cute couple :) i support you no matter what” and because he’s still scared and terrified by the thought of telling his mom that he basically died he just says “i’m so glad he told you so i didn’t have to but wait what” and i just gdfgsajhdfsakfhdgs