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Creavan Espane aep Caomhan Macha.

You know how people say that you never forget the person you lose your virginity to? Or that you’ll always feel “attached” to them, anyway? Well, I think it’s the same with fictional characters, because we can grow so attached to them. This lil ‘sassass’ was my first love in a series. Yeah, I originally joined Tumblr for Regis, but this boy is special. Such an excellent, multi-layered character. I love it when people both hate and love him in equal measure.

All hail Sapkowski.



Soulmates aren’t rare, they aren’t, you’ll meet a thousand soulmates, just as you’ll live a thousand lives.

North Stars though, they are. By chance you’ll meet someone who encompass the way home. Someone who is home. And knowing them is like being found with never knowing you were lost.

And you will love them. God, you will love them as they are because they are yours. They exist beneath your skin, in your veins, to your bones. They were written in some far off past life.

There is no force that is more than they are.

You are born half in love with them, and to have them, to be theirs, is like nothing else. Nothing would dare to be.


JCW - Healer Fanmeeting in Beijing [2015.04.30]