someday in neverland


Secondly… something Hook says… sounds REALLY familiar… “ a man that is unwilling to fight for what he wants, gets what he deserves…”

Bloody hell… i need to see this someday…

Peter Pan Imagine- Pixie Dust

The night will hold some of your favorite memories. For as long as you remember, Peter Pan would stop by every now and then to see you. Your nights are filled with wonder and amazement as you watch peter zip around the star filled sky. You stare longingly out your window awaiting your exuberant friend to show up. The sky is cluttered with stars and they sparkle like pixie dust in the moonlight. You see a swift movement from the corner of your eye which causes you to push open your window out of excitement.

“Peter!” you call out into the dark.

To your disappointment there was no answer, only a figment of your overactive imagination. You rest your head on your folded arms which are set on the wooden window sill. The cold night’s breeze gusts which sends a shiver down your spine. Just as you are about to close your window you take one last look at the second star from the right dreaming of going there.

“Boo!” Peter pops out from the top of your roof.

You smile at the boy as he hangs upside down peeking into your bedroom. Rushing over to him you feel your heart swell at the thought of Peter. He hasn’t stopped by in a while, and a little part of you wondered if he was bored with you.

“Hi Peter.” you blush tucking your hair behind your ear.

“I’ve missed you.” he grins innocently.

Peter floats through the air so he is now upright. His delightful crooked grin peering at you as the moon floats in the distance.

“I’ve missed you too. Where have you been?” you ask.

“oh ya know. Adventure awaits!” he giggles.

He places his foot on your window sill about to enter the toasty room. He’s only been in there a handful of times, but these memories are your favorites. He ducks into your room and takes your hand in his. His touch is soft and inviting, youthful in every way. He spins you around swiftly watching as your hair twirls along with you. You beam up at him with alluring eyes as he giggles, his jovial voice echoing in your room.

“What’s it like? To fly?” you ask peering out into the night sky.

“It’s so much fun! Nothing beats the feeling of the wind in your hair.” he cheers.

“Sounds amazing.” you sigh.

“Wanna try?” he grabs both of your hands.

Peter removes the necklace from around his neck and clutches the small satchel in his hand. He cocks an eyebrow at you waiting for you to answer. Little did you know that Peter has always wanted to take you flying but he was always too afraid to ask. Without hesitation you nod your head and Peter reaches into the bag. He smirks down at his hand, beckoning you closer with the other.

“Watch this.” he whispers in your ear.

He sprinkles the glittering pixie dust on you and before you know it your body is weightlessly lifted off of the ground. Peter once again is standing on your window sill, his hand outstretched waiting for you to join him.

“You ready? Here we go!” the two of you jump.

Peter was right, the wind in your hair is liberating. The weightless sensation makes you feel angelic. Peter watches you as you soar through the blustery night sky. Your radiant eyes sparkle in the moonlight. Never in your entire life have you felt so free, no wonder Peter loves to fly.

“Well?” he stops.

“I FEEL SO ALIVE! Thank you so much Peter!” you call out.

The two of you continue to zip around the sky. The sound of the clock tower strikes midnight signaling his time to go. Heading back to your house, you linger on the thought of going to Neverland with him. He motions for you to enter your room first and he follows. You land on the fuzzy carpet and realize you were still holding Peter’s hand.

“Peter.” you gulp.

“(y/n) there is something I have to tell you.” he runs a hand through his hair.

“I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I want you to come with me to Neverland someday. Not today, but someday.”



“I would love that.”

“Well I suppose I should be going. Until next time my love.”

“Second star to the right.”

“Straight on ‘till morning.” you smile.

He places a small kiss on your rosy cheek. He turns and sails off into the sky. Wishing tonight was the night, you watch as he trails off to the second start to the right as it glints brightly. Far off in the distance you see his outline turn around and waive back to you. Swiftly you waive back.

“Goodnight Peter.”

Becoming the Queen

Requested by: Anonymous

Words: 737

Prompt: What about a pan x reader where reader is convinced she’ll be queen of neverland one day and is always reminding peter of this.

I know it’s short and I apologize, but I didn’t have to go from and I was a bit rusty, so yeah there isn’t much detail. I really enjoyed writing it after my short break though, so I hope you enjoy it too!


Everyone in the mortal world thought it only existed within a fairytale, but you knew better. In fact, since young, you were convinced you would one day live there. And as you grew, and a peculiar shadow appeared at your window, taking you to this land, you came to the conclusion that someday you would rule it and control. To your past disappointment, all part of the fairytale were true, even the part of Peter Pan.

Almost a year later and your thoughts on Peter had changed. You weren’t set on ruling Neverland alone anymore. No, you wanted to be queen, and a queen needs a king to keep her company, which Peter proved to be good at. Throughout your stay, you came to know all of Peter’s sides. His kind and gentle side, his dark and sadistic side, and you had fallen in love with them all.

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The “Read more” cuts are not working on my blog, so please bear with my 10-kilometre saga~

Hello hello everyone! It’s my first fan account ever, so it may, and will contain insignificant details, huge emotions & streams of consciousness combined with streams of happy tears. However, I think you might find something interesting in it ;)

So… It was awesome!!!! It was great and wonderful and marvelous and amazing and fantastic and beautiful!!!

That said, I’ll start from the beginning. We arrived at the venue at 2-something p.m. so that we could get our queueing numbers at 3 p.m. After about 40 mins of waiting - guess what! - a big bus stopped in front of the club! The organizers appeared & asked everyone to put their cameras away and stay calm, which meant that inside that bus were U-Kiss themselves. They didn’t come out for a while, and a member of the Russian staff joked that they were putting their make-up on, which everybody laughed about. (Lol, I wonder what the boys thought… “What are those Russians laughing at???”) Aaaaand after a while they started getting out of the bus one by one. Kevin was the first. People were cheering and clapping a lot, but I don’t remember what I was doing… I think I was like a pomeranian puppy watching a beautiful sausage floating by. Kevin smiled a tired Mona Lisa smile, shattered my heart and fluttered away with a sweet impersonal wave. (His skin is very pale and he looked really thin.) I was so busy staring at his majestic back that I only caught a glimpse of Jun who was walking right behind him. He was smiling happily, and I thought he was really cute. Next was Hoon, but I totally missed him, because Eli with his rock star look distracted me. He was wearing a cool black leather jacket and sunglasses (like most of the members). Being the rock star he is, he greeted us with a languid V sign. Then there was Kiseop in his usual mask, and the last was our charming, wonderful leader, whose smile was brighter than anyone else’s. He really looked like he was glad to see us.

We got our numbers and hurried to the shop were they sell authentic Russian chocolate, bought a bit of everything and brought it back to the doors where they were collecting gifts for the band. Our present was for all the members. (I wasn’t sure if Kevin would accept my bleeding heart, so I didn'i risk ripping it out of my chest. Next time!) 

By 6 p.m. we were in the queue for the Super VIP category. The first group of people to be let in were the holders of the Privilege VIP tickets (photo op included). However, they were only let in at 7 p.m. (It was really cold, meh.) Then it was our turn. The “handshake” mentioned in the ticket was, in fact, a high five which certainly saved time. I became really scared as we were approaching the group, who were standing in line in front of the stage, all beautiful and dressed up, so I pushed my sister forwards. The first was Jun (his smile is really heartwarming, bless him), then Soohyun and Hoon. Every member looked everybody in the eye, and something peaceful and calm emanated from them (they’re true professionals, what can I say). Anyway, I walked on, bowing and saying “Anneyong haseyo? Hello? Hi?” and quietly pissing myself. Theeen there was Kiseop. DAMN he is beautiful. He stared deep into the core of my soul, everything but his Sphynx-like face went dark and I had an urge to give all of my gold to him. It’s a pity I don’t have any. His eyes are really hypnotic.

And then……….. Yeah, then there was Kevin. He had a warm and somewhat ironic expression at the same time. He’s really tall (even though I am sort of tall myself), and his aura really hit me in the head, but I’ll get back to that later. I remember the feel of his hand well. Kinda cold. I had a feeling that I spent a thousand years standing there before him. And do you know why? Because I DID spend a thousand years standing there and ogling, and detaining everyone, without even realizing it. My sis later told me that she was surprised I wasn’t following her closely, turned around and saw me screwed to that spot before Kevin, completely transfixed. Anyway, I came around and rushed away from him, and somewhere behind me Eli’s voice was like: “Er… er… eeeeeeh?” I wanted to fall through the ground, really. I almost missed Eli, who was my first bias in U-Kiss! So I let out an almost hysterical: “ELI!!!” and rushed back to him and his waiting hand. T____T Gahh, I was so ashamed.

We went up to the balcony, where there was a nice view, and were joined by our friend (there were three of us, both my sis and our friend are noona fans). The club was small and cozy, and I really prefer it to bigger places. No matter where you stand, the view will be nice, and there is a really homey atmosphere. There were only a couple fanboys there. One of them made me think of SHINee because he had a white military-style jacket on. The other guy was 30-something and fanboyed hard. ^^ There were also two noonas from Japan, very glamorous and charming. In any case, it was my first concert where 99% of people were girls, because I mostly go to indie and rock concerts. It felt really nice. There were no unpleasant incidents at all, everybody was pretty nice and adequate.

They started with “Stop Girl”, then there was “She’s mine” (Kevin really put on his best sassy attitude for that song, aarrrgh, how I wished was down below), and then “Standing Still”. After that I don’t really remember the order. There was “Someday”, “0330”, “Hana”, “Forbidden Love”, “Neverland”, “Love On U”, “Mysterious Lady” and maybe something else. For the encore they sang “Man Man Ha Ni”, “Without You” and “KISSME Forever”. But they didn’t sing “Quit Playing”! I wonder why. Maybe it’s because they had no girl dancers with them? I’m clueless.

They also talked to the audience. The guys were kinda reserved at first, although Soohyun was being his usual wonderful self all the time. I could see that Eli was pretty nervous, because he had to be the first one to greet us. (They all used Russian phrases to do that.) He shouted: “Privet! Ya Eli!”, which obviously means, “Hi! I’m Eli!”, and when the crowd cheered he looked relieved. I think Hoon repeated, “Ya Hoon!” a few times throughout the concert, amusing everyone like he always does. Kevin said a lot of Russian phrases. I wasn’t surprised, it seems to be a thing he would do. But it was very nice to hear, and he had a really cute accent, chewing the words a bit :) I think he did a great job. Soohyun even asked him jokingly to translate Korean into Russian, because he’d become such an expert in Russian, lol. They said “Gromche!”, which means “Louder!”, and “Spasibo”, which is “Thanks”, a lot. They even said “Ya lyublyu vas!” (“I love you!”), which isn’t the easiest phrase to pronounce for foreigners. I also think I remember someone saying  "Vi krasivyie" (“You are pretty”), with “v” changed into “b”.

The first translator that came out didn’t seem to understand them well. Maybe she was nervous. Anyways, Kevin translated Korean into English for her, which was very nice of him. I think a large part of the audience understood English well. Of course, there was a lot of obligatory compliments. We were called “areumdapta” a lot. They also complimented the city and Eli praised our architecture (I still remember your IG posts though! “Mission Impossible”? Seriously??? Lol.). It was interesting to hear him say, “We were surprised that everybody here is so tall.” I don’t think Russian people are any taller than other people of Europe, though. Kiseop tried to say something in Russian, but he only got to “Eto…” (“It’s…”) and then got all bashful. Everyone shouted “Lee Kiseop! Lee Kiseop!” and he looked really pleased. Then there was a second translator, who was good at Korean and English, and things got easier. I still wanted to hear more of Elvin’s English. (I can’t say that I ship Elvin much these days, but they really look impressive when they stand next to each other. There is some kind of chemistry between them, and it’s noticeable.)

They didn’t do any sexy dances or additional fan service. Hoon, however, did sexy dances of his own, treating the ladies with the best moves he’s got, haha. His hips always speak the truth. ;)

A Russian fan, the creator of the main Russian U-Kiss page, was on stage with them during “Myserious Lady”. You know what happened ;) She was wearing a mini dress, and Hoon, the knight in shining armour, covered her legs with his jacket. She confessed to be Soohyun-biased, so he gave her a few rib-crushing hugs. The other boys pretended to be offended and walked off the stage. Kiseop, Kevin and Hoon looked like total divas as they marched away. :D Everyone screamed a lot during the song. In pain, I think~~

Somehow a very small blue balloon ended up floating in the middle of the stage, right between Hoon and Eli, and they were so startled when it brushed their shoulders, it was hilarious. :) I almost missed that, though, because I was too busy staring at Ke… Well, I was busy.

I am actually proud of the Russian fans. The audience was very responsive, as I saw from the balcony, and “0330”, “Forbidden Love” and “Neverland” were especially explosive. It was amazing! And so many people seemed to know the Korean lyrics, rap parts and all! There were a few nice fan chants too. During “Hana” every member of the audience lifted a pink sheet of paper saying “WE LOVE U-KISS”. The boys looked really touched, and Soohyun even shed a tear. (The sound wasn’t that great, unfortunately. My head’s still aching so much, argh.)

Then we got down and to the left side of the stage. Eli was right above me. HE IS SO HANDSOME. My god… He’s got Cleopatra eyes. The boys left and came back, no more dressed in suits, but wearing the tour tees. They said they’d had no idea they had so many fans in Russia (which really explains their nervousness at the beginning), and that they were overwhelmed by the support we showed them. Soohyun, looking very serious, said that neither in Korea, nor in Japan, nor in other countries they’d got such big reaction from fans. He might have exaggerated, of course, but I think he really felt that way in that moment. And that is precious.  

There was a lot of warmth and support for Jun, and my sis told me she saw that there were tears in his eyes at some point. He himself said that he had never seen anything like that. They also mentioned AJ, and I was happy to hear that they weren’t speaking of him as of a deceased great-great-uncle anymore. They said he says hi :) 

A few times during AJ’s and Dongho’s parts my heart really ached. I still miss them so much… I hope you won’t blame me for that, and for wanting to see Dongho even now, when it’s not possible anymore.

Before MMHN they made us say, “HEY!” three times. At first Kevin said, “If you keep going that way, we’re gonna go back to our hotel”, but he was only teasing, because I deifinitely need an earcheck after those"HEY"s :) Hoon sprinkled water on us, and about a ton of drops fell right behind my glasses and in my eye OTL. Thank you very much, Bunny!

Then we ran to the right side of the stage, where Kevin had spent the whole concert. Of course, soon after that he ran to the left, and Eli was above me again, haha. He took posters from fans and signed them right on stage. Among them was a picture of his face, he took it from a fan of his. Lucky girl! They leaned down and touched people’s hands a lot, my sis even touched Kiseop. His hand was dry and soft, she says :“)

The translator warned the fans to not take vids or pictures during the concert a few times, and I think it spoilt the atmosphere at those moments a little. Especially in the end, when there was that final envigorating moment, I think it was completely out of place… She kinda cut off their goodbye speeches, so they ran away, and the last thing I saw was Kevin making a heart above his head before disappearing behind the curtains T___T

Then people started leaving. Those SuperVIPs who hadn’t got their high fives the first time (the group had had to leave earlier before the concert) were asked to stay, and they met the guys after the concert to get their high fives. Among them was our friend.

At the exit, we were given our signed posters. After that we decided to wait for the boys to come out. In an hour or so their bus arrived and they came out. Everyone was chanting "U-KISSeu! U-KISSeu!”, and the band looked really happy. Especially Soohyun, who was waving his hands like a conductor. A curtain was open in the bus, and Kevin and Eli sat right next to the window. They waved and smiled. I made a heart sign with my fingers and stood like that for a long time (I was taking the last long look at Kevin’s beautiful face…. OTL), Kevin saw me and did the same thing. Then he sent me a kiss, and I really wanted to cry. It was so bittersweet. I sent him a series of violent air kisses, lol. :) Then they got tired of us and closed the curtains. But one muscular arm was still waving at us, I think it belonged to our sweet leadernim <3

Talking of Kevin… He’s amazingly beautiful. He is both feminine and masculine in equal measures. It was hard to take my eyes off him, even though I tried to look at every member. His body is amazing (I couldn’t help staring at the veins on his arms when he was wearing a T-shirt), and his movements are so artistic and flowing. What struck me the strongest was his powerful aura. He is soft… like a marble statue. The lines are delicate, but the core is stone-hard. I mean, Kevin is really nice, and his warm and cute side is there, but there’s so much more to him than that. I don’t think that sweetness is his prevailing quality. Those bright smiles of his look genuine, but they disappear from his face really fast. I think his natural expression is the serious one. He gives a sense of a solid, formed personality. The contrast between his youthful beauty and that silent power is overwhelming. Both my sister and my friend were awestruck because of him, so it’s not just me. I remember reading one fan account in the past, and I was surprised to read that the author had found Kevin to be somewhat intimidating. Now I understand that fully. And on ASC, too, an idol (I don’t remember the group, sorry!) said that he was scared of Kevin. It’s there, I tell you. It is. U-Kiss haters sometimes present Kevin as a harebrained creature full of ageyo, well, I think one look of those eyes would’ve killed their illusions.

Woah… That was really long! And I’m pretty sure I’m gonna remember something else! I really hope some of you read this through. Thank you guys so much. I wish lots of fun to people who are seeing the boys in London, Paris, Manila and other places! I’m so happy for you all!

And thanks to U-Kiss for being so awesome, talented and hardworking! In our hearts, you’re always number one! Please come back to us when you’re ready! <3

*cries out loud*