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omg I blocked it. I found one dropped stitch a while ago and had to repair it today. I put placeholder yarn in there as soon as I found it. I looked as carefully as I could for any other dropped stitches and while there are definitely mistakes–hopefully there are no more drops I missed. I had to put a sheet in the middle and use mats around the edge to make it work. It’s not perfectly round. I did pin a tape measure and made an attempt at a circle. Euclid would not be proud, but all his circles were technically imaginary so whatev. There is one pink mat in the very middle, which is why it looks darker. This yarn (blue moon silk thread) is dark red and when I soaked it turned the water pink. The color is so deep I figured that was inevitable. I’m slightly worried that this thing will bleed if it gets wet, but I just wasn’t brave enough to steam it with vinegar. I don’t have a stainless steel pot for that either.

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My goodness whenever you have free time to draw again PLEASE consider some more fluffy/angsty underlust, it's such a wonderful AU and awesome to see it in your perspective!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy my take on it!

If I had more time I would draw so much more of the main AUs. I have a ton of ideas in my head and I love drawing them. I know I could just trim the fat off and probably write them out, but too many of them I know will be a lot more effective VISUALLY.  Just…AH!! The struggle is real!

But school comes first, so patience is a virtue I must uphold.

  • Tyler: I wish I could tell 18-year-old me that it gets all better, that I'll meet you someday.
  • Jenna: Awww. I love you too.
  • Tyler: *smiles*
  • Jenna: Wait! Were you talking about me or Josh?
  • Tyler: Uh... both?
  • Josh: Awww. I love you too.

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I've been watching D&P for 5 years, and they've slipped into my self care routine without me really realizing. When I've had a really hard day with my anxiety or OCD, or when my depression is worse than usual, the first thing I do is make myself a nice hot cup of tea, curl up under a blanket, and watch a couple of their videos. They make me smile and give me hope that someday things will get better and I'll hopefully be as happy as they are, and that I'll have someone to love like they do :)

this is so lovely!!!!! and i can’t believe you’ve been watching them for five years!!! that’s such a long time and it makes total sense that at this point they have become a reliable way for you to ease your mind. i love that it’s not just the escape of it that helps you, but that their story itself has been able to brighten your outlook a bit. ahhh thank you for sharing your experience :) wishing you all the best!

(it’s mental health awareness month! this week we’re talking about self care/treatment <3 send me thoughts if you have them!!) 

Always snuggle your human when she sleeps ;) I tried to make this a gif, where it was dark until lightning shone through the blinds? But every time I tried the quality went to total shit. If anyone knows how to do that and keep the quality up could you shoot me some quick tips? I’d be very grateful! Characters belong to the wildly talented @orange-plum, and you can read the comic Satan and Me at @thisiskindagross

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Someday you're going to have to write something on Will's characterization in S2, in which you defend his likability and elaborate on his emotional transparency, plus (if you're doing a criticism of Hannibal criticism) you might discuss the adverse fan reaction and the reasons behind it. My ulterior motive in requesting this is I'll probably disagree with you! (At least in part.) But I'd love to read your take, and I think it could be a very productive conversation.

(Putting under a cut because—HAHA, IT’S US—and I might as well plan ahead.)

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