someday i will learn to photoshop


The Joker gets wak whacked

I was doing something better t but then Photoshop crashed on me, and I hadn’t saved anything at all, so you get this dumb thing instead


//got bored… so I edited these two. I was going to put texts but meh I felt that they were bad that I just stopped. :/ My photoshop skills are bad and I should feel bad xD I’m going to properly learn how to use it someday… hopefully.

anonymous asked:

I wish I could do amazing graphics like you...

I’m pretty sure you have the potential! If you have a computer that can run Photoshop, you can try it. It’s not hard (it takes some time, though) and with time you learn how to do it very easily!

I still have a lot to learn, tho. There are so many amazing graphic makers here on Tumblr that I admire, I wanna be like them someday!  

youre-a-warrior  asked:

Hi, sorry to bother you but I've just started drawing again after like two years of stopping. I just started drawing electronically and tbh I'm not very good at all. I'm alright but I have lots of areas I hope to improve. Do you maybe have any tips, especially for like colouring and what kind of brushes and stuff to use? You're just such an incredible artist and I really look up to your art work. I hope I can someday be a fraction of as good as you! Keep up the incredible work! Thanks :)

oh man, ok this is like a month late, i apologize greatly for the wait!! im not the best person for advice but here’s some things i’ve learned throughout the years

  • if you use photoshop, please love yourself & dont use the burn/dodge tool…ever ( i made this mistakes yrs ago…)
  • experiment with colours & shades; for example if you have red shade it with purples & use highlights such as yellows/oranges (never in your life use black/white for shading it looks dull af)
  • don’t be shy to download brushes; the person made them so you can use them, so use them!
  • experiment with brush techniques & settings; there are so many possibilities! 
  • tutorials are your absolute best friend, i cannot stress this enough
  • this tutorial is helpful with colouring! 
  • this tutorial is also helpful with colouring skin!
  • always use references, if youre still unsure abt colouring look up some that have different light sources or shades of colours
  • there are many colouring videos/speedpaints on youtube that really help you understand how ppl colour; it gives you ideas & new ways to shade which is A++

hope that helps, thank you very much!! 


Hellppppp I ca’t stop. This is what happens when you on Tumblr. You get sucked into doing weird edits and you don’t even know why. Ahhh. I have wayyyy to much free time. Anyhow, um yeah, I’ve been learning the ways of photoshop and really really wanna be a cool gif maker someday (but that wont happen.)