someday i will figure out who to draw doing this

Taking a break from gifts to do something personal. So have a sketch of some Grenoll girls.

There are those who discount the nation’s army on the basis of poor equipment and lack of resources. But those people have never seen Bruvael. Head of the military, she eclipses all of her subordinates in terms of height and weight, and is considered the most powerful commander in Grenoll’s recent history. 

Despite her formidable stature and battle prowess, Bruvael laughs loudly and easily–always making light of even the most pressing matters. However, her disposition takes a more serious turn with matters concerning Eletha. 

The youngest of the Moon Council’s members, Eletha the Radiant is nonetheless influential. Her inseparability from Bruvael’s side also gives her an uncommon edge over her fellow council members. Few want to make rash moves against the military’s head or those she protects.