someday i will figure out who to draw doing this

Ahh, look what I decided to do! And boy was it ever fun!, I can’t wait to do Frisk and Asriel with this as well! (I couldn’t possibly leave them out guys)

Here’s Frisk for those interested:

and Asriel: I haven’t started him yet, but he’ll be here when I’m done!




So yeah, long post ahead (I swear I’ll try and figure out how to do the read more feature someday!……Aaaannd, it’s actually incredibly easy……wow…..great job me…..great job -_-

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yo-its-matt  asked:

How exactly does one procure a job as an art director or a job somewhat like yours? What do you go to college for to get qualified for your type of job?

I’ve never really been art director, haven’t got the chops yet.  Maybe someday.

I did go to college for animation, but I don’t think there is one correct path to getting work.  I know people who started straight out of high school, and some who changed careers later in life to enter animation.  One thing all these people have in common though is they worked hard for it.  

Keep a sketchbook, practice everyday.  Draw from life, see if there are local figure drawing classes held anywhere.  The internet also opens up opportunities, even making little films at home and putting them online to be seen by others.  I’ve found work from having my own youtube channel, it was actually how I made the jump from character design to storyboarding.  

It feels a lot like playing the lottery, the more chances you take, the higher the possibility of it leading to new opportunities.

Animation is a ton of work, so it helps if you really enjoy it.  


One quick note:

I was lucky and went to CSSSA for two summers.  I loved it and couldn’t recommend it enough.  It’s for high schoolers, and they have different departments you can apply for: Film/video, Animation, Theater, Visual Arts, Music, etc.

If you live in California, I think there is financial aid.  They just opened up applications, you have to prepare a mini portfolio.