someday i will be able to do this


OKAY, THIS WAS REALLY HARD.  But it was also fun and really great practice.  ^^ 

I wasn’t able to get the likenesses just right either, which was frustrating, but I think most are, at the very least, recognizable.  

I started this a few days ago and tried to do artists I hadn’t seen in the style meme yet.  There’s at least like 15 more artists that I wanted to try for the style meme, but it’s a lot of work!  O_o;;  Maybe someday.

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to the boy i will marry someday,

thank you for your patience & endless amount of support. thank you for being around as i go through the journey that is self love. no amount of words could ever do you justice. what i feel for you is so much more than that; it’s strong, it’s empowering, it’s real. i don’t think i’ll ever be able to express it the way that i want to, but maybe that’s the magic of it all. i think i find comfort in knowing that i have something that cannot even be put down on paper perfectly accurate. thank you for helping me learn how to help myself. thank you for all the nights you’ve stayed up comforting me when the thoughts running through my mind weren’t so pretty. i cannot even fathom how amazing you are and how lucky i am to have such an incredible life partner. you are the one i want to spend all of my days with - and even that alone excites me, i never thought i would be able to say that about anyone. thank you for your constant reassurance and being one hell of a listener. there’s nothing sweeter than consistency. i can assure you there’s no one else i’d rather share every detail of my life with. all of my favorite things become so much more enthralling once shared with you. i have never felt more safe and at peace in my entire life than i have with you. your words are gentle enough to stick with me. when i lack the motivation to get up some mornings, i think of the way you would encourage me. i think of the way you would kiss my forehead and smile at me and tell me how you’re proud that i’m still here. you would tell me that my feelings are valid & how you’ll be around no matter what. those words alone would be more than enough to make all the pessimism fade away. i’ve never really felt emotionally stable - it’s always been something i’ve had to work on, but that’s definitely improved since you’ve been around. thank you for loving me enough to allow me to embrace my independence yet love you more than anything at the same time. you have impacted my life in more ways than you’ll ever realize and i am endlessly grateful. i have learned so much from you in what seems like such a short period of time and i am so eager to continue. sometimes i struggle with writers block but you’re always right there to inspire me and get me back on my feet. thank you for being you. i am so lucky to love you and have the opportunity to grow with you. there’s not a day that goes by where i don’t recognize all the wonders that you are. i cannot wait for everything that life has in store for us. i love you.

Learning to read was hard for Cass.  Interpreting the written word is far different from interpreting body language, and Cass’s brain is wired differently as a result of her abusive childhood.  But after Cass had to ask Steph to read a ransom note aloud in order to continue chasing down criminals (Batgirl vol. 2), she realized that knowing how to read would be useful.

[Batgirl #67]

Because of Cass’s learning disability, it takes her a long time to make significant progress.  Babs coaches her and explores different methods of learning, and eventually Cass is able to read full length novels (albeit slowly).  When Cass did learn how to read, she fell in love with books.  A well-written book is far less predictable than a person, and Cass loved how words seemed to make places and characters come alive in her head.  She would read anything from historical fiction to high fantasy, but quickly became able to tell when a story was poorly written.  The characters would seem less real, and the words wouldn’t flow as easily.  Cass began to spend a lot of free time in the library, and Babs would point out good books that she remembered from her time as a librarian.  Tim also had quite a repertoire of books from his childhood, since he needed something to entertain himself with when his parents were away.  He let Cass have free reign of his collection and gave her recommendations.  The rest of the batfamily also began to gift her books that they enjoyed when they learned about her new passion.

Cass never grew tired of how written words could somehow transform into people as though personalities were interwoven into pages.  She marveled at how she could spend hours completely immersed in a story, oblivious to the world around her (or as oblivious as she can get with her skills).  Books had opened up entire worlds for her.  She secretly hoped that someday she would be able to create worlds of her own.    

Okay, so I’ve never been able to draw any Critical Role characters without first seeing official or “fandom deemed official” art, and I really really wanted to try and do that someday, and Tary was right there.

A bit of Nigel Thornberry, some Hugh Laurie, and that whole rich European 17th century-ish man child who decided he’d like to go on a safari and try and kill a lion or something. I love him.


Does anyone else ever just think about how we’ve kinda just watched Dan and Phil grow up so much and we’ve grown with them and how they’ve become such a huge part of our lives that we’re happy when they’re happy or we’re sad when they’re sad? And someday they’ll be gone and all I can do is thank them so much because they’ve helped me more than they’ll ever know. They’ve stopped me from doing so many stupid things and I’ll never be able to give them a proper thank you. They’ve done so many great things for this world. They’ve become so mature and important. They’re doing great things in life. I believe they’re truly happy. I think about this a lot.

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Every time I see u postin cool concept art I just sit back and think bout how you're gonna make a super big movie someday and I'm gonna be able to tell everyone "You know that movie 'Rockin' It"? Yeah, I followed the creator on tumblr. I saw the concept art" and I know ur gonna be famous for this stuff and I'm happy I can follow you to see a soon-to-be box office hit in the making!! Good luck with it!! You'll do great!! :)


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eh i kinda see why they dont want to do serious games the phandom takes everything seriously and out of context if people just grow tf up maybe someday they'll be able to put out better content honestly we are holding them back

it doesnt even have to be serious i just want more long play videos that aren’t about horse dating! like donkey kong? undertale? perfectly fine and not serious. i just want good longer plays i don’t even play video games 

they tell me that someday i’ll stop hurting.
that one day, your name won’t leave a sour taste in my mouth.
eventually, seeing your face won’t send senses of panic and adoration and disgust throughout my body.
soon, i’ll be able to settle down with someone new, and not compare everything they do to you. because god damnit i pick apart any person who shows the slightest interest in me, and if they don’t make me feel how i did with you then i want nothing to do with them.
trouble is, i will never feel like i did with you again.
you were my one. not the one i’ll spend the rest of my life with, but the one who destroys my naiveness, my glass half full outlook on life. you were my extravagant love story.
how do you ever stop hurting from your failed Disney happily ever after?
—  when did liquor bottles and blunts start to be my best friends?

I’ve gotten so much amazing feedback from the other covers I have been doing so I have decided to continue! I hope to actually do this as a career someday so the feedback has boosted my confidence that I might be able to do it!

If you have any books you think I should do let me know! I will be doing a Glass Sword one as soon as I finish the book! 😄

I have this terrible feeling that this will be like RID2015 Starscream where I draw it really well for one day and then never be able to draw it again but hEY more Bayverse Megastar. Someday I’ll inevitably draw them with lil hatchlings because that one scene in ROTF fucked me up

“#justcosplaythings” :

  • no motivation
  • 2 weeks before the con: horrible stress induced drive to finish the costume thats been sitting in the closet for months
  • week of the con: when did I last sleep
  • €O$P£A¥
  • “fuck when did I last change my contact lense solution”
  • hoarding all sorts of shit bc you might be able to use it for a costume someday
  • “it’s for cosplay”
  • cosplay > eyebrows
  • how the fuck do u zipper
  • 2 days after the convention: “nah what about netflix”
  • cosplayers complaining about cosplay
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here’s a gift for 2 of my favorite people in the world!
Mya (keiid who made this lineart) is my favorite when it comes to linearts like she’s the best and someday i wish i could draw well like that!
Sarah (unisonraidd who made the idea of the lineart) inspired me with her techniques and motivated me to make my own technique! Honestly i thought i wouldn’t be able to do it but i tried and tried until i keep progressing.
Thank you both so much! Also thank you for allowing me to color this lineart! You guys are really the otp❤️
IDEA BY @unisonraidd

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I just wanted to say I love your art and I think you're awesome. You've brought joy to so many people. Don't forget that. We want the best for you and support you!

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Thank you SO much, I really appreciate it!! TAT;;;;;;

I really means a lot to me, just, little messages like this are so encouraging and!!I don’t want to let you down ;3; I’ll do my best ◝( ′ㅂ`)و ̑̑

“I am not not able to work or take further education,” I say. “Don’t ever say that,” they say. “Don’t give up (on someday becoming a valuable member of society)”

“My goal is to have an everyday life that I can manage and enjoy,” I tell them. “No,” they answer. “What is your dream job? What are you going to do with your life? Don’t you ever give up (on someday becoming a valuable member of society)”

“I just want to be happy,” I say. “No,” they answer. With this therapy, with these meds, with more effort, you could become more. Don’t you give up (on someday becoming a valuable member of society)”

“I’m not able to work or take further education,” I say, and people react as if I’m giving up on my life, on my humanity - cause to them, I am.

Saw this framed in a disability services office, and wanted to share, because, actually.

(Photo of framed poem.)


By Elaine Popovich

I am a resident. You reside.

I am admitted. You move in.

I am aggressive. You are assertive.

I have behavior problems. You are rude.

I am noncompliant. You don’t like being told what to do.

When I ask you out for dinner, it is an outing. When you ask someone out, it is a date.

I made mistakes during my check-writing program. Someday I might get a bank account. You forgot to record some withdrawals from your account… the bank called to remind you.

I wanted to talk with the nice-looking person behind us at the grocery store. I was told that it is inappropriate to talk to strangers.

You met your spouse in the produce department… neither of you could find the bean sprouts.

I celebrated my birthday yesterday with five other residents and two staff members. I hope my family sends a card. Your family threw you a surprise party. Your brother couldn’t make it from out-of-state. It sounded wonderful.

My case manager sends a report every month to my guardian. It says everything I did wrong and some things I did right. You are still mad at your sister for calling your Mom after you got that speeding ticket.

I am on a special diet because I am five pounds over my ideal body weight. Your doctor gave up telling you.

I am learning household skills. You hate housework.

I am learning leisure skills. Your shirt says you are a “Couch Potato.”

After I do my budget program tonight, I might get to go to McDonald’s if I have enough money. You were glad the new French restaurant took your charge card.

My case manager, psychologist, R. N., occupational and physical therapist, nutritionist and house staff set goals for me for the next year. You haven’t decided what you want out of life.

Someday I will be discharged … maybe. You will move onward and upward.