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mozimov  asked:

Is the Neon Saltwater Hotel a real place?? It looks absolutely gorgeous and I'd love to mark it down as a destination someday to admire it, but when I look it up, all I'm finding is realistic mock-ups for it, but you generally post real rooms/places. Would you be willing to share the location or website?

Neon Saltwater Hotel is an art installation at Glass Box in Seattle! Neon Saltwater is a visual artist/interior designer and her exhibit will be up until August 12th, it’s open on the weekends only I think.

Prayer to St. Maria Goretti Before a Date

Dear Little Saint Maria Goretti! Teach me that God must be my first love and that all other love is based on Him and Him alone. Obtain for me the grace to cease toying with the occasions of sin and to remember that my body and the bodies of all in grace are temples of the Holy Spirit, destined someday for a glorious resurrection.

Through your beautiful example, teach me the value and dignity of Christian modesty. Grant that I may never be the occasion of dragging others into Hell, by suggestive words or evil deeds of any kind. Through the merits of your Martyrdom, obtain for me the grace to turn aside from sin, no matter what the cost, so that one day I may enjoy Heaven with you and all the other saints. Amen.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

St. Maria Goretti, pray for us!


We’re always thinking that someday we’ll be happy; we’ll get that car or that job or that person in our lives that’ll fix everything. But happiness is a mood, and it’s a condition, not a destination. It’s like being tired or hungry, it’s not permanent. It comes and goes and that’s okay. And I feel like if people thought of it that way, they’d find happiness a lot more often.
—  Julian Baker

im hella cursed by the book 1q84 from haruki murakami just because a teacher of mine wanted me to be in a project, and i accepted but got too lazy to read the 3 books so i just read resumes on internet and end up writting a 36 page essay about it even though i disliked mostly/find booring/didn’t actually read it, and after that for some reason my college see me as a specialist and super dedicated fan of the author and the book by itself (half of the project was to draw the cast of the book and places where the book happen) , and now 2 years late still my teacher ask me if i want a authographed book by haruki murakami and how i should send my essay to him somehow and get that as a project to ask him to come to my college, see kids, that why you don’t lie about reading books, I’m destined to someday maybe look haruki murakami in the eyes and say how much i loved his books, goddamit hell my teacher even asked why i don’t base my masters in haruki murakami, ill never escape de curse from 1q84 because just now i been payed to draw it once more to use as cover from my teacher magazine, im gonna die

i fucking love the “hey fuckface” game like you never know when it’s gonna pop up again and once it spreads to a member of a big online fandom/community it just snowballs and explodes with interaction and people make friends and get asks and messages and it’s beautiful

i swear someday it’s destined to be as old and legendary of a relic as “i like your shoelaces”

People get lost when they think of happiness as a destination. Someday we’ll be happy. We’ll get that car or that job or that person in our lives that will fix everything, but happiness is a mood and its a condition, not a destination. Its like being tired or hungry, its not permanent. It comes and goes and thats okay. And I feel like if people thought of it that way, they’d find happiness alot more often.
—  Julian Baker(One Tree Hill)