someday comes eventually


“We had a plan, Shiro, what the Hell were you thinking-”

“I told him not to follow me-”

“Why, so you could get yourself killed instead? You shouldn’t have run off on your own at all!” 

“I was trying to protect you all-”

Were you?” 

The question made Shiro’s blood run cold. He wanted to say ‘of course I was’, but Lance’s glare pushed the words back down his throat and made them taste like a lie. Shiro had never seen Lance like this, fists clenched, teeth bared, overflowing with rage. He could never have imagined the blue paladin’s voice so sharp and cold. The room was heavy with silence, and Shiro wanted to defend himself to them. But he knew he couldn’t. 

When Lance stepped forward, Shiro felt like he had made an enemy, “Because if I learned anything from today’s mission, it’s that Keith is willing to die for you. And you would rather let him than admit you need help.”

hey so there’s been a few asks sent in recently which is great!!  keep ‘em coming.  but just so you guys know, there’s like… six or seven in front of them.  and i’m still working four days a week and schooling four days a week.  so they’re gonna be suuuper slow.  also i’m trying, not that it’s working, to slowly chip away at updates on my existing multi chapter fics.  so like… just.. slow updates.  but they will come.  eventually.  someday.