fun fanfic fact

NOY Eren wears glasses. He needs them to read real up close bc he can’t see shit or make out the words unless he’s got his specs or contacts on (which he always forgets to wear, of course). Writing is challenging too, so when Mikasa makes him write his address on a little note in Ch. 2, he’s praying to Jesus that his writing is decipherable. That’s partly why the small blotch of ink the pen left on the paper due to his hesitance is mentioned when she’s having her minor freak-out in the elevator, and why the words are all jumbled up and she clings to all these tiny details, perhaps knowing how much they cost him. Perhaps. 

I am optimistic.

What this thing we have becomes, I cannot yet say. There is beauty in it. Promise, like after a long cold winter the promise of Spring seems absolutely delightful. The past will melt away like patches of snow, revealing flowers, beautiful and sweet.

It may not be what I think, or it could be more than I hoped for. I will not yet pretend to know. I am merely waiting. Trusting God and His plan.

I am optimistic.

—  Hope has anchored this worried soul

Thank you for never calling me. Thank you for helping me appreciate the one who calls and talks about my favorite books for over an hour.

Thank you for never texting me. Thank you for always having something to do and making his little texts through out the day mean more than he will ever know.

Thank you for letting me go when I asked why you don’t love me as hard as I love you. Because now I can hold on to someone I will never have to ask.

—  Thank You- RLM
someday this notebook
is going to be filled with beautiful poems
about someone who loves me back. 
they’ll be about that time we 
snuck candy into the movies
and giggled through the entire film 
and how we ordered the fanciest drinks
we could find at the classiest bar in town. 

gone will be the days of 
heartbreak over you. 
by then,
i will have forgotten your name. 
—  j.e.b. ((someday i’ll find someone who will treat me right.))