I just don’t get why everyone’s such in a hurry to find a guy to love them. Maybe it’s an insecurity. Maybe it’s an unfillable void. Maybe it’s a need rather than a want. Or maybe, we all just want someone to appreciate our flaws and to understand our inisghts about life. But if you would ask me, I am not in a hurry to find a man. I’ve never had a boyfriend but that fact doesn’t make me a loser. Although sometimes, I admit, I had those moments that I was craving for love from someone else besides my friends and family but now as I grow older everyday, I realized that I don’t really need a guy to make me feel complete. My life is incomplete for a reason. I lack some things that others have because God has a reason why. I don’t have a boyfriend, yes, but I have friends who love me as much as a boyfriend’s love can give. I have a lot of guy friends who’ll be there for me in my downfall. I have guy friends who’ll tell me I’m pretty even though sometimes they don’t mean it. And I have guy friends who’ll cheer me on until they run out of voices. Indeed, I lack a boyfriend but I don’t lack guy attention. Yes, when we speak of intimacy like kisses and cuddles and hugs. Ofcourse I don’t get that but if that’s just the reason why you want a boyfriend, well that’s not love anymore, but lust. So if you were really going to ask me, I am contented with what I have right now. I am not going to find a guy because if it’s meant to be, he’ll be the one to find me. Not the other way around. And when the time comes that I do have whoever he is in my life, I hope I won’t regret it. And I hope I will feel happy and just… infinite.