Aravis Tarkheena. Queen of Archenland. 

Seriously though don’t talk trash about homeschoolers. It’s stupid but I actually get really angry when people do that. I can barely even type right now.

Like, homeschoolers get so much crap, and not even deserved most of the time. Just for being homeschooled. ‘Cause that’s an easy group to pick on. And of course, a lot of us are Christians, and nobody shoots their own like we Christians do (which is the opposite of what we’re told to do by God) since everyone in our religion (or the world in general) seems to be under the impression that they themselves are the beginning and end of all knowledge and need to shove their small-minded opinions in everyone’s face and sorry I’m rambling now I’ve just had it. I’ve freaking had it. 

Just… if you have “concerns” about the merits of homeschooling, either keep it to yourself or actually LISTEN to what the opposing party has to say instead of parading your own ignorance. 

(And yes, I do get that a lot of homeschoolers are too sheltered and end up unbalanced and unprepared for life. I get that, I really do. But every method of schooling is flawed. EVERY. FREAKING. ONE. You pick your poison. I’m trying to get across that homeschooling is so varied and different from case to case that you just can’t generalize it. You don’t get to; you don’t get that privilege.)

Seriously guys. Don’t be jerks.

Her magic sent him sprawling, and it then hurled into Rhysand again—so hard that his head cracked against the stones and the knife dropped from his splayed fingers. No one made a move to help him, and she struck him once more with her power. The red marble splintered where he hit it, spiderwebbing toward me.

This is the part where I first felt something shift in one of the supposed ‘antagonists’; Rhysand, the silent protector of the entirety of Prythian, and nobody helps him. Everything he does, he does to allow the people of his court to keep their freedom, and to rid Prythian of Amarantha’s reign so that they can live. 

I like - okay, like isn’t the right word choice here - how the role usually pinned onto a female has been reversed onto Rhys. He is the one willing to give up his rights, sexually, for the things he loves most. He is the one that is ridiculed for it. He is the one that is called a whore, because he doesn’t have the arrogance of maintaining his pride to tell them all the truth behind his scheme. No, because that would be handing them over to be putty in her hands. 

But no one knows that. No one can know that. So nobody helps him. 

Then in the last line, I can’t help but notice the incredibly subtle reaching out to Feyre - whether it is a hint from SJM, or whether it is a reflection of something rooted in their realm that links Rhys and Feyre together. That makes him cry out to her when he is suffering. That makes Feyre feel some sort of desire to save him, or that fate knows that she is only one that can. 


Normalize stimming 2k16.

This is not pathology or an indication of brokenness. This is me doing what is natural for my brain and body.

Telling me that I should stop stimming is no more different than me telling you that you should stop blinking your eyes. Try to read the rest of this post without blinking your eyes. 

It’s painful! 

Blinking is something you do every day without thinking about it. 

Now imagine somebody says you cannot blink any more and punishes you by taking away the things you love and enjoy the most if you do. You lose access to your phone, your TV, your MP3 player, your computer, your TV, your favorite books…anything you take comfort in is removed from you because you blinked. 

Your eyes dry out and burn. You have to focus on not blinking so much that you are probably having a hard time reading right now because you’re so focused on not blinking. Maybe you’re grabbing your eyelids to hold them open because the desire to blink is so strong. Is your vision getting blurry yet?

Oh! You blinked! Bad! No TV for a week and you get to miss the series premiere you waited a year for! Bad! No internet until tomorrow, say goodbye to that livestream you were planning for six months! 

Start over! I don’t care how uncomfortable you are, you have to do this over and over until you don’t blink. 

Now keep reading…oh! 

You didn’t blink that time! Good job! Have a Skittle. 

Now let’s do it again one hundred more times and you don’t get to blink at all in between or you’ll get punished!

Are you still praising ABA therapy that forces indistinguishability from peers? I hope not, because that’s what it feels like. It is abuse and it is wrong.

Autism Speaks promotes ABA as the best thing and uses scary language like developmental window. They want you to think you will “lose” your child to autism unless you get them into ABA as soon as possible. You won’t, I promise, but you will lose them if you force them to be something they’re not.

Autistic kids are not neurotypical kids buried under autism symptoms. Autism is part of us. We grow up into autistic adults. ABA does not break us out of a shell, it stuffs us into one. 

Ask yourself this: If ABA therapy is meant to be helpful, why does it leave autistic people with PTSD?