AU where niall is the rich student of a prep school whose parents own a country club with a golf field or smth and zayn is the broke skater badboy kid using the walls of nialls giant house for his graffiti bc he hates rich people but one night niall stays up bc he wanna meet the one doing this amazing art so zayn arrives and niall comes out and just covers him in genuinely impressed compliments with his big bright blue eyes and niall is everything zayn didnt think he would be and it makes him fall in love a lil bit and when a few months later niall pays for his art school he would refuse but he cant say no to those eyes he never could (cuddlingziall)

voltron avatar au headcanons:
  • shiro and keith are fire benders and pseudo brothers
  • haggar and her druids are blood(water)benders
  • shiro’s arm was created by metal(earth)benders and fused to him via blood bending
  • this makes him hella rad at lightning redirection
  • lance is a  water bender living in an earth kingdom village
  • hunk is an earth bender with an affinity for seismic sense (sensing vibrations through the ground)
  • pidge is a swamp earthbender with skills in mud bending (later on she  and hunk learn how to metal bend)
  • allura is an airbender (avatar)
  • coran is the nonbending friend™ who is their much needed moral support
  • zarkon is the mcfreaking fire lord
  • shiro was captured by zarkon and his posse™ because he opposed the fire nation
  • keith rescues him after the whole arm fiasco and, fleeing the fire nation, they run into hunk, lance and pidge who are travelling together to find a water bending teacher for lance
  • after reaching the northern water tribe, they find allura and coran in a mystical cave preserved in the ice 
  • klance with water bending vs fire bending shenanigans
  • shiro helping allura learn about the changes that have happened when she was frozen
  • the lions are eagle-lions (thas how they fly, my guy) from the spirit world who chose the five as their partners to help take down zarkon
  • keith: lance said i never cradled him in my arms!
  • pidge: that’s rough, buddy

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Headcanon that Izuku never stopped taking notes and filling notebook after notebook with information about the heroes he encounters. Even though he may be an aspiring hero now, it’s a habit, born out of his natural curiosity and his life-long longing to become like his heroes.

His classmates notice how Izuku can often be seen bent over his notes, scribbling away furiously while muttering to himself. But when they ask him what he’s doing, Izuku just blushes, covers his notes with both hands or stuffs them into his bag, mumbling a hasty excuse and changes the subject.

Since they live together at the dorms now, its inevitable that the children learn more about each other. Little secrets, habits… Like Kouda owning a pet bunny, Iida keeping spare glasses and Tokoyami’s true edginess.

And one day, Izuku leaves one of his notebooks lying around where the others find it.

Of course, a few of the children are far too curious for their own good. Finally, they have the chance to learn a bit more about Midoriya - because even though Izuku is a great friend and a little sunshine, he doesn’t talk much about himself.


Even though a few - like Uraraka and Yayorozu - protest, the others decide to read through the notebook.

Their initial excitement vanishes as they skim through the first pages. A few pages later, all of class 1-A have gathered around the notebook, looking over each other’s shoulders to see.

Izuku had taken notes about them. Detailed notes about each of his classmates and his teachers.


The children are speechless about it. Normally, it would be strange or unsettling when someone takes detailed notes about a person without that person knowing. But this notebook… There is so much work and love put into it. The sketches tell of love for the detail and great observation skills, while the notes next to those sketches speak about the adoration and admiration Izuku holds for his classmates and his teacher.


The children are not unsettled or angry because of the notebook.

They are touched by it.

It is Tsuyu who points out that there is one hero that is not to be found in the notebook.

And the class 1-A decides that they have to finish the notebook.

It takes them a few days. They are not as used or skilled at this as Izuku, and they are twenty people who first have to agree on what they do before they actually do it.

Eventually, after discussing about it, the children let their teacher in on it, too.

All Might spits blood and almost cries at the sight of the notebook, while Aizawa just stares at it, trying not to show any emotion.

Both of them agree to help.


(Izuku, all the while, is distressed because he can’t find his precious notes. The other try to calm him down, promising to help him look for it before they distract him.)

After their work is done, the whole class gathers in the living room one morning. They drag Toshinori - who insists that they did the most work and he did next to nothing so they should do this without him - and Aizawa with them. Izuku is out, doing his laps around the house like he does every morning.

When he comes back, he startles at the sight of twenty-two people waiting in the living room. He greets them with a crooked smile, intending to walk past them and to the bathroom to take a shower, but his friends call him back because they want to show him something.

As Izuku shuffles into the room, his friends instantly push the long-missed notebook into his hands, grinning excitedly at him.

Izuku blinks in confusion, then realization. In quick succession, he goes from embarrassment that his notebook had been seen by them all over to confusion as to why they had hidden it from him the last few days.

His classmates grin at each other, before Kirishima explains, “We had to add something in there.”

“You… you added something to my notes?!” Izuku doesn’t know if he should be shocked or even a bit angry. He skims through the pages, trying to find the changes his friends had made.

When he reaches the last few pages of the book, all breath leaves him. He stares, and stares, unable to understand what he sees there in front of him.


In big, bold letters, the title of the pages reads Midoriya Izuku.

Underneath and continuing on the next pages, there are crooked sketches – not as good as his, but done with love – of Izuku in different positions and outfits. A few photo had been added – Izuku recognizes the ones All Might had taken of him during their ten months of training.

And there are notes, notes over notes, observations they others had made while with him, comments of what they think about him. All of it is detailed and entirely positive, telling stories of how high their meaning of Izuku is.

Izuku is still staring silently, his brain had shut down at some point, screeched to an abrupt halt.

There is some shuffling, whispering and nudging, and finally, Toshinori speaks up – pressured by the children and Aizawa to do so. He clears his throat and explains, “Your friends… no, we figured that your notes were, in fact, incomplete.”


Izuku looks up at him, eyes wide and unbelieving.

Toshinori smiles at him, a beaming smile that even surpasses that of his All Might-persona. “You forgot one of the greatest heroes. We couldn’t just leave it like that, no?”

That’s the moment where Izuku breaks down and starts crying. Tears of happiness stream down his face as he clutches the notebook to his chest and says “Thank you, thank you so much” over and over, not knowing at whom he should address his thanks first out of all of them.

There is some shouting and then laughter as his friends surge forward to try and calm Izuku down, patting him on the back, hanging onto his arms and pulling him into tight hugs. Ruffling his hair and telling him that it’s okay, they had fun doing it.


“Don’t cry,” they tell him, soothingly.

“Yeah, smile for us, Izuku.”

And Izuku does, still sniffling and teary-eyed and the notebook almost crumpling in his tight grip, but he beams at them in that unique way that makes everyone smile back.

It’s most likely the best present they could have ever given him.


Silence. Darkness. A vast underground cavern. Prince Rin watches from the side as a young man with dark hair and a serene face steps forward out of a small group of people clad in white. The light of a few candles is illuminating his figure, black bangs of hair falling over his face, a huge scarf wrapped around his neck and shoulders covering his nose and mouth. His slight frame moves gracefully towards the center of the cavern, looking young and delicate but at the same time there is a strange air of power about him. Kneeling at the sandy ground he puts his hands down, closes his eyes and time seems to stand still.

Rin can’t take his eyes away. He’s never seen anything like that before, so this is what a water ritual looks like. Energy seems to flow through the lithe body of the dark haired foreigner, through his fingers and out into the sand. His eyes are still closed and his brows narrow in concentration. Rin watches in complete and utter awe as the sound of water rising from the ground breaks the silence. The sound is distant but grows louder every moment until droplets of clear water begin to form on the ground. Water is being brought forth from the depths of the earth by the astonishing power of the young mage. A few more seconds and the water is already shooting from the ground full force forming a fountain. The dark-haired boy finally opens his eyes and their gazes meet for a few moments. Rin feels as though an electric current runs though his body as he finds himself staring into clear blue eyes. He’s not sure anymore about the reality of what’s happening, it might be just a beautiful illusion, it might as well be a dream.

The blue-eyed mage stands up slightly staggering. The ritual must have been extremely exhausting, he looks very tired. The water is now completely drenching his clothes. The prince sees a look of pure bliss pass the other’s features as he watches the water droplets run down his face. Ethereal. That’s the only word that Rin can think of to define the boy in front of him who now seems to be in a world of his own, completely ignoring his surroundings. Rin breathes out, he realizes only now that he’s been holding his breath. The sight is sending shivers down his spine. And for the first time in his life he finds himself completely captivated. Nothing else matters, only the marvelous being in front of him. Thoughts are racing through his head, ‘Want him. I want him. I want. Him.’ Like rain on thirsty land. Dive into him like the sea. Drink him like water.


I know you think that this is what’s best for me. That I’m better off without you when you’re like this, but you’re wrong. You’re wrong. I need you here with me, Quinn.


Stay. Please.

I can’t. It’s not fair to either of us if I stay here like this.

We didn’t get enough time together, that’s what’s not fair!

↳ When Quinn dies her spirt still lingers in the places where her and Rachel fell in love. Someone from the other side tells Quinn she has one week to go to Heaven or she’ll stay like this forever. She is forced to choose between staying with the girl who made her life worth living, or letting her go so they both can move on.


“Stand down, Agent Ward. I’m not here to kill you.” God, she’s going to be in so much trouble for this. “I just want to talk.”

She’s not surprised when he doesn’t lower his gun. But he doesn’t shoot her yet, either.

“I don’t even know who you are,” he scowls. “Why should I listen to you?”

“Because you’re a better person than this, and I can help,” she continues, her tone becoming more steady as they lock eyes. “I’ve read your file and I’ve gone over every bit of intel we have on you. This is not the person you want to be, Ward. I know you better than you even know yourself.”

He takes a step closer to her, but she doesn’t back down. “Then you should also know that it’s too late for me to change,” he says harshly, his fingers tightening on the trigger.

She stares down the barrel of the gun, alone and defenseless and also unafraid. Is this who she would gamble for? Is this the man she would put her life on the line for, just to show him the light?

The answer, she thinks, was most definitely ‘yes’.

“Grant,” she tries again, and an unrecognizable expression flashes in his eyes. “Give me a chance. I can bring you to my agency, and you can start over. Become someone new.”

“Your agency. Which one is that?”

“I’m a part of SHIELD. And we protect people, save them–from the unknown, the extra-terrestrial, and even themselves. They sent me here today to cross you off.

But I’m going to make a difference choice. I’m going to try to save you, too.”

“Save me?” he whispers. If Skye hadn’t known better, she would have mistaken his grimace for a smile. But then his expression falters, just for a second, and she can see the lost and broken boy hiding behind the mask of a man. “Now, why would anyone want to do that?”

“Love is for children. I owe her a debt.”

Agent Skye is the highest ranked specialist at SHIELD ever since Romanoff. Never having failed a mission, she is the pride and joy of her father, legendary Phil Coulson, from whom she has also inherited flawless people skills and a high degree of compassion. So when the agency sends her to eliminate a major threat–rogue assassin Grant Ward–Skye sees the good in him and makes a different call.

She gives him a chance at redemption.

Over time, the two grow closer and become an inseparable pair, despite a rough start. They slowly gain each other’s trust, and soon there is no one else that Skye would prefer watching her six on an op than Grant Ward. And the man himself starts to see the light, something that she is overjoyed about.

She had always found Ward attractive, and she almost fell for him once. But now–

They are partners, Skye has to remind herself. Professionals. There is no need for a romantic relationship between them.

But she doesn’t really believe it. And neither does Grant.

  • Derek falling asleep in his loft at 7 am after running all night under the full moon in wolf form
  • Derek curling up in a patch of sunlight on the floor because it’s warm
  • Derek shifting back to human from in his sleep and mumbling incoherent things about beards, bunnies and big teeth
  • Dere waking up at noon covered with a blanket and a pillow half tucked under his head
  • Derek trudging groggily to the kitchen to find hot coffee on the counter and Stiles reading some online article on another supernatural creature
  • Derek kissing Stiles on the nose and sipping his coffee blissfully
  • Derek being dragged to the couch for cuddles because it’s Sunday and Stiles is lazy and they have all the time in the world
  • Derek falling asleep again with no nightmares to haunt him because this, this is home and it’s warm and it’s safe and it’s Stiles
Gym/Workout AUs

~ The quiet noises you make as you lift are very distracting.

~ I have a favorite bike/elliptical/treadmill, and every time I come to the gym, YOU’RE ON IT, no matter what time of day or night it is.

~ My spotter/workout buddy is too busy ogling someone across the gym and you notice that I’m kind of in distress here.

~ Your workout shirts are always bands/tv shows/movies/comic books I like, and would it be weird if I just came over and told you that?

~ You and your idiot friends are always goofing around on the racquetball court, and I have a serious league tournament to practice for, can you all please GTFO?

~ I was so busy watching you do yoga that I fell off the treadmill and I think I might have seriously injured myself, ow.

~ I don’t care what your personal trainer says, if you keep doing it like that, you’re going to fuck yourself up, here let me show you how it’s done.

~ I know it’s rude to stare in the locker room, but you walk around totally naked far more than necessary, and godDAMN.

~ We’re the only two people in the sauna and it’s a little awkward and you keep rolling your shoulder and grimacing, and I’m a certified massage therapist and would it be weird if I offered to help you with that?

This is all @robespierrre‘s fault. I am now officially Kylo Amidala trash. (God, I’m a trekkie what am I thinking. *cries*)

General Brendol Hux III had been debriefed extensively on Senator Amidala, the Resistance’s most powerful ally in the senate and son to General Organa. Supreme Leader Snoke seemed to think he was the missing piece to finally get the Republic to fall under their power and ensure the First Order’s rule over the galaxy.

The reports talked about a powerful personality and cunning intellect hidden under layers of silk, gold and deceit. Much like the late Senator Amidala, his grandmother, he wielded his appearance like a sharp sword, always ten steps ahead and never willing to back down. What the reports didn’t mention, and Supreme Leader Snoke was quick to warn him against, was that Kylo Amidala was a powerful force user and the only one allied to the Resistance who knew how to use the dark side. With the strenght of both light and dark, he could be the key to change the galaxy’s future.

/Nobody told me he was beautiful./

From behind a pillar of stone in the first level of the Senate, he observed Senator Amidala, his pale skin almost glowing in dim light, dressed in a blood red robe that matched the colour of his lipstick. No wonder other politicians seemed to stop at the physical part of him, he was truly stunning and Hux was sure, if he were to smile, he could probably obtain anything he asked for.

Then the man stopped in his tracks and raised his head, his brow furrowed, as if listening to something. And then he moved his gaze and pinned the red haired man with a cold stare.

“You seem to know a lot about me, I do believe it’s time you returned the favour, General.”

But then what about in ain’t no grave when the instant Bucky meets Sam he starts hitting on him and Steve’s like omg! And Bucky’s like chill bro I can look and Steve’s like I LOOK TOO BUT-OH WAIT. And then later on Bucky’s like FINE I’ll take care of myself but you gotta make out with me Sam

Role reversal AU with Rhys as the human, who taught himself how to hunt and fight to feed himself and his brothers Cassian and Az. Feyre is high lady of night , her sisters are Second and third in command. She had to sacrifice her freedom to Tamlin under the mountain to Save her court and discovers rhys in the spring court , in love with its high lady Amarantha!

Olicity AU • Great Gatsby

Felicity Smoak, a debutante socialite, falls for, young military officer, Oliver Queen. As the years pass and Oliver’s war duties are extended, Felicity is forced to conform to social norms, eventually marrying millionaire Ray Palmer.

Oliver Queen has spent the last five years building a mysterious and lavish lifestyle for himself. He is wealthy and the talk of the town. The only thing missing for him is the girl he fell in love with years ago.

At one of his extravagant parties, Oliver has a not so chance encounter with Felicity’s cousin Tommy, who helps set in motion the reunion with Felicity that Oliver has been longing for.