do you ever wish a canon had come out nowadays because then you’d get 2348904845 fics as opposed to the 5 you can find on ao3

what i’m saying is y’all should watch/read ccs and then write me all of yukito’s existential crises ok


so I wasn’t able to get a whole bunch of pictures because my phone was overheating, but these are some of the bands I got to see! I was barrier for Set it Off (Cody held my hand at one point omg) and New Years Day! I did get to meet New Years Day, which was really awesome, although I was very nervous and wasn’t able to say more than a few words.
I also got to see a little bit of Never Shout Never, Hands Like Houses, Pierce The Veil, and Man Overboard.
It started to storm pretty bad after I met New Years Day so we all had to huddle inside this stadium thing. I waited for about half an hour and the storm looked pretty bad on the weather radar, so I decided to leave. Which is alright, because the panda weren’t able to start playing again for another hour and a half, and the bands I wanted to see had to cancel.

and I loved you. oh fuck how I loved you. but this was just the first love right? I will remember you forever, but one day, I will love someone more than I loved you. and he will love me, he will love me and I’ll be happy.
—  my personal diary, feb 2015