One more sneak peek at ‘somebody else’ - I’m going to consider this story RUBBISH but I’m still going to post it when I’m done cos I need to get it out of my brain once and for all! 

Song that inspired this - here (song starts at 3:00)

“Yeh alright, love?” he hesitantly stepped towards you, half of his body out the door, pushing at the screen, leaving it against his fingers, just in case he had to retreat back inside quickly. Even through the haze of smoke and cannabis you both had your fair share of, you were angry, and he picked up on it very quickly. Even if you didn’t say it, he could feel it radiating through his bones.
           Normally he wasn’t this put back. Normally, when you were pissed at him, it was because he had played a prank on you, or called you a name that was out of bounds… but you took it too seriously, and ended up punching him and forgetting about it. This – was different. This was a new territory, a brand new feeling that he was getting. His stomach was in knots as he watched you lean up against the side of the house, shivering in the November air.
           One of your legs was bent at the knee, your boot covered foot on the structure behind you. Your head lulled back and you let the tears fall, hot and angry tears – angry because you felt this way, and angry because he didn’t seem to care. Shoving your hands in your pockets, you saw him out of the corner of your eye and you swore you could take his head off. You swore, at that exact moment, the adrenaline from the anger rushing through your bones was enough for you to seriously cause damage to his jaw. So you rolled your head to the side, opposite of his direction, staring blankly into the dark back yard.
           “Get. Away. From. Me”, you clenched through your teeth as you heard him fully step outside, screen door snapping behind him.  
           “Fookin’ freezin’ out here” he shivered and you pressed your eyes closed tightly, taking a sharp breath in through your teeth.
           “Harry…” you said angrily, your voice trembling, your entire body started to as well. Not because of the cold, or because of the cannabis – but from the sheer anger that was searing through your body, all the way to your core.
           “Would yeh… jus’… tell…me?” He was bold. He reached for your elbow and gripped it lightly. Your entire body snapped in his direction – eyes wild as you stood in front of him, teeth grit and feet firm on the ground.

           “Fuck you. Fuck. YOU”, you smacked him. Hard. Across the face, one solid motion.

           He rubbed his cheek with his palm, jaw clenching, rounding slowly to look at you. You were still angry, and still wanted to hit him. So you raised your arm in aggression once again, your hand flying to his face – but he stopped you. His big hand grabbed your wrist before you could make contact with his skin, his other hand flew to your free hand and grabbed that, as well. You pushed against him, struggling, and failing, under his strong hold.

“Let me go”, you screamed at him, hot tears of now anger and failure falling down your face.

           “Not til yeh tell me wha’s wrong”, he struggled against your flailing hands, sobs leaving your mouth and your hair fell out of its bun. He was worried more than upset now, and pulled you quickly into his arms, pinning your hands in to your chest, wrapping his strong hold around your biceps so you had a harder time picking them up and hitting him, again.

           “No, harry… No” you sobbed into his chest, the warm chest that felt like home. You wanted to bite him, wanted it to bleed, but your lips only made it halfway to his shirt and you fell into his arms like jello. He jumped when you slipped, pulling at your waist and keeping you straight, your limp body lying against his.

           “Let’s get yeh inside”, he breathed into your hair, giving you all the time you needed to regain your legs.

           “Get off of me”, you said weakly and he let go, holding his hands up in surrender when he caught your eyes. All anger had left your body, and now you were just sad. Sad that he had broken you when you were your angriest, sad that you had fallen apart in front of him, and sad that things from now on between the two of you would never be the same.

           “Don’t touch me”, you brushed past him quickly, your shoulder clipping his on your way back inside. He didn’t move an inch – just held his hands up and watched you move inside. The screen door snapped quickly behind you, huffing down the hallway, the feeling of your cheeks coming back as you hit the warm air. Rounding the corner, you had made it back to the party. Niall was busy strumming on a guitar in his oversized bean bag chair that was more of a bed, Liam humming some notes along to the tune and fiddling with a slinky, a girl perched on the side of the chair next to him.

           There were a few more people there, and you remembered why you came back in when you heard the screen door snap again. Your eyes searched for anything, anything that would make you forget it, and they landed on someone firing up another blunt. Shedding of your coat, you found your way to the couch and crossed your legs, waiting patiently for it to be passed. Once it was at you, you inhaled sharply, a full, long, deep intake of breath – looking up at harry through lashes while you leaned up against the back of the couch.

           You closed your eyes and held the smoke in your lungs for as long as you could, your entire body went numb for a moment and you realized you had to exhale. Smoke drifted through your nose and slightly parted lips, glaring back up at harry who had not moved, just looked down at you, his hands still in his coat pockets.
           You took another long drag, some people praising you for another attempt at an obviously harder brand of cannabis – but you didn’t care. You wanted to be numb. You wanted to focus on something that wasn’t Harry. You wanted to drown in the feeling you get when you were high – nothing. Your arms started to tingle and your body started to relax, heart fluttering just a bit before you were finally able to pass the blunt back, having enough, exhaling one last time through your nose.
           What happened next was all a blur. You remember someone sitting next to you, vaguely seeing that it was Harry – ignoring all of your desperate pleas for him to get the fuck out of your space, and for right now, out of your life completely. But you were frozen on the couch, your hands on your knees as you stared at the ceiling, counting the number of popcorn bits that were dotting the ceiling. The numbers started to blur and twist, your mind going blank and you closed your eyes. The familiar tune of bells rang in your ears, something you were used to when you were this gone – making you smile.
           “There’s m’ favorite face”, you heard a slurring voice next to you, deep and sensual, your head rolling over to the noise. Your entire throat was dry, gulping when you locked eyes with his. He was in the same position as you, his eyes bright red against the brilliant green.
           “Fuck”, you started, sighing breathlessly, but couldn’t move on when his big hand wrapped around the back of your neck. Mouthing the word ‘you’, he leaned in and pressed a hot, lingering kiss to your neck.

Somebody Else (3D Audio)
  • Somebody Else (3D Audio)
  • the 1975
  • I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

somebody else (live in studio) - the 1975

to listen properly:

put on headphones

close your eyes

what is 3D audio?

3D audio effects are a group of sound effects that manipulate the sound produced by stereo speakers, surround-sound speakers, speaker-arrays, or headphones. This frequently involves the virtual placement of sound sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including behind, above or below the listener.