15 more to a giant weekend promptfest. This is, as you stalwart patient people who’ve been following me for a while will recall, an event where I turn myself to a coffee-drinking prompt-writing machine for most of a weekend. If past results predict future performance, the results are worth it. Where “it” is my somewhat attention-seeking suffering. 

Let us face it: we write because we are driven to do so by the worlds and people inhabiting our somewhat overcrowded heads, but we post what we write in order to interact with other people. I need to hear what you think and feel about my writing. If I didn’t, it would all stay as drawerfic. You don’t want to see how much drawerfic I have written anyway. You think you want to read it, but it redefines “self-indulgent”.

But I digress.

Here’s the deal. If it doesn’t happen this weekend, it will not happen until June 27 because I am more or less traveling for conferences until the end of the month. (Upside: I get to go to Barcelona for the first time! And I’m delivering a talk I have done already, so I don’t need to write something new for this one.) So! Either I cheat & celebrate my multiple-of-a-power-of-ten milestone early, or meh, I let this one slide.


and I loved you. oh fuck how I loved you. but this was just the first love right? I will remember you forever, but one day, I will love someone more than I loved you. and he will love me, he will love me and I’ll be happy.
—  my personal diary, feb 2015