somebody's sins


Was listening on “Versace on the floor - Bruno Mars” Like a several times & this happened…

Actual Drawing that i made:



What has done has been done welp… *bang*

Singapore!sans / @nekoitzer
Philippine!sans / The Creator has died Mhe

Waking up next to Hoseok on his birthday and sharing soft morning kisses until he pulls you closer and the kisses you share get more heated. He ends up pressing you to the bed and whispers in your ear that he wants to eat his birthday breakfast now.

Jesus said if somebody sins against you seventy x seven in a day, you forgive them every time. meaning, no matter how many times one sins against you, you always forgive and never hold onto their wrongs in your heart. 

theyre bonding ;)

you cant tell me that post-game after being nigh-disenfranchised with that demotion and being forced to confront past inhumane sins somebody like faba wouldnt take up stress-smoking 

at least he found a smoking buddy he can surprisingly stand for more than 30 minutes

(it also gives nanu the perfect opportunity to talk casually with the guy bc hes super-califragilistic-expiali-gay and thinks fabas pretty)

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Eat Your Heart Out, Adonis--Chapter Seven
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i haven’t forgotten about this terrible thing! thanks to everyone for putting up with me posting three one-shots completely unrelated to this ‘verse in a row before updating. anyway. there’s a new chapter that’s full of angsty pirozhki, deep life truths disguised as sports metaphors, and boners. 

“Like this,” Yuri says, wrapping his fingers around Otabek’s gently to guide him through the motions of pinching the pirozhki into a perfect dumpling.

It took a few tries, but eventually Otabek picked it up. He and Yuri assembled the pirozhki, settling into a comfortable rhythm as they work their way through the mountain of dough and fillings before Yuri breaks the silence. “There’s a show tomorrow night. At Moloko, on Konyushennaya Ploschad.”

Moloko. One of St Petersburg’s trendier punk clubs. While it wasn’t exactly gritty–they had proper security, after all–the clientele was mostly nihilists, there was graffiti in the bathrooms, and everything smelled like day-old beer and clotted blood. It was decidedly more Yuri’s kind of scene than Otabek’s own.

“C’mon. We can dress crazy and drink a lot. The next day is an easy day for you, right? No gym or dance, just the session on ice?”

Otabek considered. Much as Yuri and the other skaters tease him about being an old man, it was truer than he wanted to admit. As much as he loved music, Otabek preferred to stay far away from large and drunken crowds–he found them claustrophobic, just like planes. That was precisely the reason he preferred to work a show rather than attend it: when Otabek was in the booth, he could get close to the music, but no one could get close to him…

There are two types of people in this world…

Everybody Wants Somebody/ I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Inspired by this. Also based on a convesation @runningoutofink​, @aslan-altan​ and I had a couple of days ago.

Headcanon Adrien has a mommy kink.I’m so so so sorry.